Free Agent Tracker

We at MLBTR are excited to announce our newest feature, a free agent tracker.  Filter and sort by team, position, contract years, contract amount, and signing status. 

We'll still be maintaining our free agent list in case you'd like to just see the unsigned players listed by position.

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  1. rockiesfan_303 5 years ago

    BRAVO guys. This tops ESPN, Sportsline,, any of them. most of those sites dont even have concise and organized free agent lists. best baseball site on the internet thanks for the tracker guys!

    go rockies!

  2. Well done, Tim. One less reason to check in at ESPN!

  3. Can we get a link to the Arbitration tracker over there ? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. FWIW- the Type A rankings, for purposes of seeing who gets the higher pick in the event that a team makes multiple Type A signings. Funny, but if the Tigers sign Werth, Boston gets bumped from the no. 19 pick to the second round, or about no. 83. If the Tigers sign Crawford, Boston keeps No. 19 and the Rays get the lower pick. If the Tigers sign Werth, Downs, and Pavano, the Twins get bumped to a fourth round pick. Plus a sandwich pick in each case, of course. Jayson Werth — 91.807Rafael Soriano — 91.799Cliff Lee — 87.500Victor Martinez — 87.054- Signed with TigersCarl Crawford — 85.128Adrian Beltre — 81.633Paul Konerko — 78.095Scott Downs — 76.352Carl Pavano — 75.568Jorge de la Rosa — 74.422- Signed with RockiesAdam Dunn — 74.167- Signed with White SoxJason Frasor — 73.383- Accepted ArbitrationFrank Francisco — 73.171- Accepted ArbitrationGrant Balfour — 72.923

  5. Its great, but I can’t seem to find the Orioles on there…… oh wait, we haven’t done sh*t yet.

  6. wickedkevin 5 years ago

    Really….? Have some self respect.

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