Olney On Beltre, Adam LaRoche, Derrek Lee

The latest from ESPN's Buster Olney

  • Olney ranks the rotations, with the Phillies, Giants, and Athletics taking the top three spots.  It seems odd to see the Cardinals in an eighth-place tie, but there are a lot of good ones.  How does your top ten look?
  • The Athletics would talk to free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre again if the player is willing.  Beltre reportedly ignored Oakland's five-year, $64MM offer, which isn't much lower than the offer the Angels pulled yesterday.  Beltre appears to crave $85-90MM over five years, or a sixth year. 
  • The Orioles have been talking to Adam LaRoche's agents about a three-year deal in the $21MM range, though it was said yesterday they're at an impasse.  LaRoche had a near-miss on a multiyear deal with the Giants last offseason, though that offer came with undesirable options attached.  Olney says the Orioles are in the one-year, $8MM range with Derrek Lee, which should be close to enough.  Failing those options, Olney suggests a platoon involving Troy Glaus and Russell Branyan or Jason Giambi.    

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4 years 7 months ago

Really good points, well I guess they decided Lee for 1 was the better option. We will see how it turns out, with Buck behind the wheel I can see them suprising some people in ’11.