Mets Notes: Reyes, Dickey, Beimel

Adam Rubin of has the latest on the Amazins…

  • Jose Reyes doesn't want to discuss his impending free agent status during the season.  It may be a moot point, since Sandy Alderson wasn't planning to pursue extension talks with players before Spring Training, though the Mets GM recently hinted he could be open to negotiating with Reyes during the season.  Reyes will earn $11MM in 2011 after the Mets picked up the option year on the four-year, $23.25MM contract signed by the shortstop in 2006.
  • R.A. Dickey and the Mets have exchanged arbitration figures, but the knuckleballer still hopes the two sides can work out a multi-year contract.  Both Dickey and the club were interested in the prospect of a long-term deal back in October.
  • The Mets have had "discussions" with free agent reliever Joe Beimel, but a source tells Rubin that these talks aren't "active." (Twitter link)  It's possible the Mets were one of several teams that made Beimel an offer last month, though we haven't heard much news about Beimel since.  Rubin reported earlier today that the Mets are still looking to add another left-handed reliever to their bullpen before Spring Training.

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  1. BK 4 years ago

    I’d be surprised if Jose Reyes wasnt playing for the Angels opening day 2012. With Aybar moving to 2nd and Kendrick moved over to 3rd.

  2. death, taxes and bad news from Rubin. Reyes ain’t going anywhere as long as he’s healthy in 2011

  3. The Mets should absolutely trade Reyes by the dealine, given what he can still yield through a trade, and the likely contract he will be getting that exceeds his worth.

  4. RA Dickey has had one very good season in the major leagues, 2010, and he’s 36! He’s a knuckle-ball pitcher, who before 2010, hasn’t pitched more than 115 innings and never had more than 15 starts in a season.

    Brandon Webb, who has 2 CY Youngs and many more starts agreed to 3MM with the Rangers, and RA Dickey wants 4.7 MM from the Mets?!? I know New York is an expensive place to live, but is RA Dickey worth 4.7MM in 2011. I hope Alderson lets this go to arbitration!!

  5. Slopeboy 4 years ago

    Actually you seem to make the case for Dickey. Webb received his contract on the basis of his resume and not performance. He has not pitched in almost two years and Texas has agreed to pay him because of his name and because they need a body. Dickey became the Mets’ best pitcher and kept the Mets somewhat relevent.

    • ok, so here are the two possible explanations for RA Dickey’s very good 2010 season:

      A) After 8 seasons of below average knuckle-ball throwing (all in the AL), he suddenly found his pitching groove at the age of 35…


      B) Being new to the National League, he had a huge advantage (as most pitchers who are new to a league–ask Colby Lewis about that!) Everything points to scouting and batter’s and hitting coaches memories catching up to Dickey in 2011 as he reverts to his 5. ERA, 1.45 WHIP, -.4 WAR self….

      Hmmmm, wonder which it is 😉

      • MShowerhead 4 years ago

        Those aren’t two possible explanations… A was clearly designed to make B seem like the best response. You must have learned that from Fox News.

        Dickey is the first knuckleballer I’ve heard of (disclaimer – I could be wrong), who has two different knuckleballs. It’s an erradic pitch that’s hard to master, however the National League hasn’t had an overpowering knuckleballer since Charlie Hough. If he keeps pitching and adjusting, there’s no reason to believe that he can’t do it. And since knuckleballers can pitch well into their 40s, if in fact he has mastered the pitch, in the NL, in a pitcher-friendly park, there’s no reason to believe he can’t keep up the success over the span of a 3 year contract. Besides, he seems great for the locker room and hell… I love what the guy stands for.

        He’s a fighter and if the Mets want to compete with Philadelphia, Florida, Atlanta, and even Washington, they need the fighter mentality to drive them.

        The moral of the story, none of us have crystal balls, so save your cynicism.

        • You make some excellent points about knuckle-ball pitchers and their durability. Not being a Mets fan, I wasn’t aware of his locker room presence. I would hope for the Mets sake, that Dickey can continue from his successful 2010 season and be one of the bright spots of 2011 and beyond. I wasn’t aware that they were trying to work out a 3 yr extension with Dickey either.

          My main point is that I just don’t see how Dickey can ask for so much $$ after only one solid season, especially with the 60MM of bad contracts that will mercifully come off the books after this season. Sandy Alderson inherited a mess, however he has proven he is more than capable of rebuilding an organization and has three former general managers working underneath him in the Mets front office

  6. MR1213 4 years ago

    Joe beimal better sign with him the mets will destroy the phillies. The phillies better be trembling with fear now. Here comes the mets. We don’t need cliff lee or halladay. Beimal will be cy young and go undefeated. NOT!!!!!!

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