Quick Hits: Pedro, Young, Rays, Thome

On this date nine years ago, Carlos Pena and Ryan Ludwick were traded for each other. Here are some links on a day that has featured a number of signings, but no trades…

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  1. You gotta think that Vlad is gonna land with the Rays.

  2. patsfanatic2010 4 years ago

    Now that Thome turned down Texas, don’t rule them out to go back to Vlad.

  3. kidsmoke96 4 years ago

    On Heyman’s article…of all the crappy overpays this off-season, he lists Craig Counsell’s 1-year/$1.4M contract as number two on the list?? C’mon, Jon. I know you’re not enamored with Doug Melvin or the Brewers, but this is a ridiculous assertion. And it makes the rest of the article pointless since I now have no idea what you are basing your opinions on. It can’t be based on money. Nor can it be based on the number of years. And it’s not alphabetical, either. Awful. Edit and resubmit, sir.

  4. nycardinalfan 4 years ago

    yea Heyman can be clueless at times!! lol

  5. Who doesn’t want to see Pedro be the Phillies 5th starter? He couldn’t be much worse than Blanton / Kendrick and would make for a kickass name bringing it up the rear.

    • I don’t. But I’m a mets fan..

    • I don’t. But I’m a mets fan..

    • Slopeboy 4 years ago

      I’m one that doesn’t want to see Pedro pitch anymore. As a Yankees fan I can recall many an epic battle between the Red Sox and the Yankees, with Pedro in the middle as the lightening rod. Win or lose, the games always had the feel of a fight in some alley, with only the winner emerging afterwards. I’ll always be grateful to Pedro for contributing to the greatest rivalry in all of sports.

      That’s how I want to remember him.The diminutive guy who took no prisioners. I don’t want to see him on the mound trying to get by with only heart and guile, trying to fool hitters. While I thoroughly enjoyed my team beating him in ’09, it was somewhat bittersweet, because there was no alley fight either time. The heart was willing and the fight was still there, but the body couldn’t carry it out.
      A warrior such as Pedro should not embarrass himself, he should maintain the bad-ass image we all have come to respect.

      Stay home Pedro

  6. 0bsessions 4 years ago

    Considering Heyman broke the news on Soriano’s deal last night, either he couldn’t find the time to squeeze Soriano into his over/underpaid list in the fifteen or sixteen hours before that article was posted, or he is the only person in the world who believes Soriano’s deal is not an overpay.

    • KenJr1918 4 years ago

      Really, for the Yanks is anything under 20 million per an overpay?

    • bacon_bitz 4 years ago

      And he was apparently in such a rush to add Jim Thome that he couldn’t read the sentence over to check for errors.
      “17. Jim Thome: $3 million, 1 year, Twins. Th future Hall of Famer proved last year he’s still got it, hitting 25 home runs in 276 at-bats. In a tight market for DHs he’s a real bragain.”

  7. Pseudonymus Bosch 4 years ago

    Heyman’s a joke. When he disagrees with me, it makes me feel so much better.

  8. Mark H 4 years ago

    Come On O’s Sign Vlad!

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