Verducci On Weaver, Lester, Pujols, Young

Here's the latest from Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci….

  • Though the Angels won their arbitration hearing with Jered Weaver, Verducci thinks the fact that the case went all the way to a hearing is "a bad sign" for Weaver's future with the Halos.  It certainly doesn't help refute the purported hard feelings between the Angels and Weaver's agent Scott Boras.
  • Verducci compares the contracts and basic performance stats of Weaver, Chad Billingsley, Jon Lester and Cole Hamels.  Verducci guesses Boston saved at least $15MM by signing Lester to a multiyear deal before the 2009 season.
  • Just three players (Todd Helton, Raul Ibanez, and Ichiro) aged 36 years old or older managed to play 100 games in the field last season and reach the league average OPS of .728, Verducci writes.  This pronounced decline rate for older players is the reason the Cardinals are hesitant to pay Albert Pujols a $30MM annual salary into his late thirties.
  • The Rangers are still "the best fit" for Michael Young.  Verducci points out that Young should still be able to find lots of playing time with Texas, if not necessarily an everyday spot in the lineup.  Given how thin the trade market for Young appears to be, Young also may not have a choice but to remain in Texas.

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  1. Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

    Lesters deal was great for the sox, but i have doubts they will be able to get that kind of steal with Buchholz.

  2. NomarGarciaparra 4 years ago

    Lester’s deal is one of the most team friendly deals in baseball…a top notch ace for $5M. Hopefully they can do the same with Buchholz, although Buchholz still needs to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke.

    • Green_Monster 4 years ago

      I doubt Buchholz will put up those numbers again next year, but he won’t just fall of a cliff and have a 5 era

  3. baseball52 4 years ago

    I would rather pay Pujols more like 36 per to cut years put than let him walk. Although. Seeing him walk would make me happy as a non-Cardinal fan.

    • vonhayesdays 4 years ago

      careful what you wish for he could end up dodger

  4. Karkat 4 years ago

    Boras has hard feelings? What a shame. His commission on Weaver’s contract is still more than I’ll make this whole year, I’d wager.

    • You’re point? That people around MLB make a lot of money? That is so childish to complain about.
      Not to mention Boras earns his money doing a job that takes a ton of intelligence and school- so its even worse criticizing him, as a guy who worked hard to get where he is, than a guy who makes a ton of money off his God-given talents.

      • Karkat 4 years ago

        My point was that it’s silly to be bickering over the difference between 7.3 million and 8.8 millions. I’m not complaining about how much they make so much as how they can get all huffy about making a slightly smaller absurd amount of money.

        • elclashcombo 4 years ago

          So it’s OK for the owner’s to get huffy over the difference between 7.3M and 8.8M? Look, you need to come to terms with the fact that MLB players AND owners make millions of dollars. It just so happens that the owners make FAR MORE than the players.

          • Karkat 4 years ago

            The “they” in my last reply was intended to be all-inclusive (players, owners, agents, whatever). Boras always just seems to be the loudest about it, and is therefore the most fun to make fun of.

    • Someone should tell Boras to dust off his skirt and get back in the game. There’s no crying in baseball.

    • flickadave 4 years ago

      Elite people, doing elite jobs make elite money. Your point?

    • quintjs 4 years ago

      Neither the article nor anyone has suggested Boras has hard feelings about it. I would bet my life he doesn’t care that much personally. He doesn’t hate the Angels, in fact they are basically the team he supports, the Angels absolutely hate Boras.

      Weaver isn’t going to leave the Angels because of Boras, he is going to leave the Angels because he wants top dollar, the angels won’t pay top dollar. Because he wants top dollar is the reason he hired Boras. Boras didn’t force him into anything. The money hungry players hire Boras. He doesn’t turn any player into seeking every last dollar. And when one of his clients wanted to sign a extension against he wishes, he advised against it, and then talked with the Rockies and got the best deal he could and CarGo a long term deal.

      I don’t like Boras, I hate his public comments and the infamous mystsery team upon mystery team, but he isn’t evil nor is he the one complaining about deals in public most often (see: team owners)

  5. flickadave 4 years ago

    Following Verducci’s logic, the Card’s shouldn’t resign AP because there is only one active player that has performed as well as AP has at this point in his career.

    When you have a guy as singularly talented as Pujols, I don’t think you can compare him to everyone else in the league at all.

    • slider32 4 years ago

      Pujols like A-Rod has become too big for the sport. The money that it will take to sign him will be more than what he will be worth. The Cards are paying for more than performance with Albert, they are paying for one of the best players of all time. With Pujols the Cards have been in the playoffs 6 out of 10 years, and won the world series. That’s about all you can ask for!

  6. Alex Gomez 4 years ago

    Bills should be getting locked up by the Dodgers asap

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      Agreed. I vehemently disagree with Colletti/McCourt’s philosophy around no long-term deals.

      Ethier, Billingsley, et. al. need to be extended.

  7. kdub53 4 years ago

    I like everything about weaver. hes the complete opposite of his brother…in attitude and talent…
    im not saying jeff was a chump, but jered has what it takes to be a great player for many years..
    AND to add as an angels fan, I am really worried to see whats going to happen with weaver in the near future….I hope we can keep the guy, but its most definitely up in the air as far as im concerned..

  8. Interesting statistic about position players at advanced age. Werth will be making huge amounts of money at that age, and his contract is now a comparable precedent for other outfielders. Its crazy that such longgggg contracts are being handed out. I would think they could pay him for his prime years (NOW) and forget about the last 2-3 years tacked on the end. Its not good for the game for guys to be completely ripping off their teams, and their fanbase, as they age and decline. (side note: everyone rips chipper, but he wasnt making as much for the best years, and took a pay cut for the home team)

  9. I wonder why Jered sticks with Boras given that Boras is now 0 for 3 with the Weavers.

    First he tells Jeff to walk away from a 3yr/$24M deal with the Dodgers. He’ll never get that back.

    Then Boras holds Jered out for an entire year when he was drafted, even though he was offered the top dollar contract in the draft, only to sign on the last day of eligibility for the original amount offered.

    Now Boras uses bad comparables and loses in arbitration. Its not like the Angels tried to low-ball Jered, they offered the same as what other pitchers with his numbers got in their Arb2 years. Boras just got greedy, simple as that.

  10. slider32 4 years ago

    I don’t agree with Verducci on this one, too small of a sample one year. Plus alot of the older players have made alot of money and don’t need to play anymore, if they’re not starting they pack it in. I do agree that almost all of the big salaries after 36 are not worth it, but the good players in baseball have that leverage. On the other side players like Longoria, Pedroia, Lester, and others are under paid. That’s why players have agents like Boras, to get them the most money!

  11. bobmac 4 years ago

    Tom Verducci is a biased “reporter” who should not be taken seriously.

  12. northsfbay 4 years ago

    Pujols has problems with his shoulder. It is too big a gamble to give a player more than 7 years. You lose far more times than you win. He can see what he can get on the free agent market and the Cards can sign him when he is a free agent. It has happened before. It remains to be seen if he can get an ARod contract on the free agent market.

    • Albert Pujols WILL get an A-Rod type contract in the free agent market. No doubt about it. I HIGHLY doubt Pujols signs ANY contract under 7yr/$200M.

  13. BoSoxSam 4 years ago

    He’s still worthy of a nice extension though. I’m hopeful they get something done this year

  14. MaineSox 4 years ago

    So 6 years ago a minority owner of the Red Sox chartered his private jet to the CIA, and it could have, maybe, been used in renditions. Oh. Okay.

  15. MaineSox 4 years ago

    So you can’t read? I said “could have, maybe, been used in renditions.” I know he admitted to chartering it to them, what they used it for is speculation. Even assuming they did use it for renditions it’s not like he himself did anything, other than essentially rent them a jet.

  16. MaineSox 4 years ago

    You’re a joke dude. Do you know what fascism is or do you just like throwing the word around? This isn’t a fascist country, and the news media might have its biases but they are not fascist either.

    I’m against torture, and if those CIA agents tortured some one they should pay the penalty, but just because this guy chartered them a jet doesn’t mean he was involved. If he knew what they were using it for (it is highly unlikely the CIA gave out classified information just so that they could borrow a jet) then he obviously supports torture and I think that is wrong, but there is a legitimate ideology that torture, in certain instances, is acceptable. I don’t agree with it but it doesn’t make him “the devil”; it is also irrelevant to the article, and this isn’t the forum to talk about politics.

  17. johnsilver 4 years ago

    And the point? You go off baseball here.. A terrorist supporter taken off the streets and the police do there jobs and get prosecuted for it.. Liberals never learn.

  18. MaineSox 4 years ago

    I don’t know what his connections are, and neither do you. He became wealthy by founding a company that makes tubes used in heart surgery.

  19. johnsilver 4 years ago

    Fascists? Words used by liberals to attack those who defend the constitution and others who try to defend this country against Socialists and fringe far left groups.

    Also by most main stream media and by a certain ex-main stream media person who was so air headed (Olberman) that he even got booted from the ultra liberal MSNBC for using words like that.

  20. BlueCatuli 4 years ago

    I don’t think you quite understand what fascism is. Hugo Chavez is a fascist. Fidel Castro, when he was in power, was a fascist. Hitler was a fascist. The United States’ Executive Office and Legislative Branches don’t have the constitutional freedom to be fascist.

  21. johnsilver 4 years ago

    You are more than welcome to move there if you like it so much.

  22. BlueCatuli 4 years ago

    What’s scary is that the same government you claim to be fascist gives you an inalienable right to spew ignorance.

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