AL Notes: Royals, Miller, Chavez, Napoli, Vizquel

Let's take a look at some items related to the Junior Circuit..

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  1. RedSoxDynasty 4 years ago

    Napolis a funny guy. “Talented catchers”, the guys a riot!

  2. What is all this talk about Andrew Miller? Seriously? He’s was a highly rated prospect that never did anything. “Resurrect his career”? Sox fans better hope he DOESN’T resurrect his career. I mean what are they hoping for the 5.63 ERA he posted a few years back? Enough about Andrew Miller.

    • The kid has a chance. May be slim, but he has a chance.
      He signed a major league deal right out of HS so the Tigers and Marlins felt they had to rush him. A minor league deal with the slick vesting option Theo gave him assures he’s not rushed again and he can take his time to properly develop as a pitcher.

      • start_wearing_purple
        start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

        That fact that he’s only 26 is reassuring. As blackcourt pointed out, it took a while for Lee to figure it out, I’m hoping the same is true about Miller. I also think his willingness to go back to the minors is telling about his own commitment.

        By the way, he didn’t sign out of high school. He spent a couple of years at North Carolina where he was a teammate of Daniel Bard. So hopefully Bard will be a factor in his development.

  3. Chuck345 4 years ago

    “Now in Texas, Mike Napoli says that he knew that the Angels would trade one of their talented catchers…”

    This has to be just a bad typo. No worries.

  4. The Francoeur and Cabrera signings are easy. They were both done before the haul from the Greinke trade came in, and both players will see some at bats and then be flipped for prospects (see Scott Podsenek, Rick Ankiel and Kyle Farnsworth), or they will be cut (see Jose Guillen). No loss.

  5. Wrek305 4 years ago

    the rangers should try to trade Napoli as well he’s never been great slightly above average at best.. he has no place with the Rangers

  6. Then talk to me when he’s turned it around. I’ve read countless updates on this guy and he hasn’t done anything. Talk about others that have “figured it out” but he’s on a minor league contract hoping to make the roster. There’s no career to resurrect. There’s loads of other once top prospects struggling to make it back to the majors but we don’t have to read about them every day.

    And while I’m flattered, I doubt my posting a comment about the guy is going to lead to a run on Andrew Miller articles on MLBTR_dot_com.

  7. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    You’re awfuly defensive and patient when it comes to Red Sox prospects. Would be nice to see that thinking applied elsewhere. :)

  8. He’s sick of them and you wonder why he’s saying so instead of ignoring it? I’ve always hated that argument. You don’t say anything about it, nothing gets done. I doubt one person’s dislike of Miller articles ends them, but it makes more sense to let people know something bugs you then to say nothing and hope they eventually stop on their own.

  9. GoAwayNow 4 years ago

    I think the hope is he plays well to gain value…

  10. GoAwayNow 4 years ago

    Do I really need to define hope?

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