Quick Hits: Carlos Guillen, Dennys Reyes, Mets

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  1. Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

    It’s shaping up that Dennys Reyes’ is going to make the team, Okajima has’nt looked to good and Miller looked awful yesterday, and i think Hills got the other lefty spot locked up.

    • BoSoXaddict 4 years ago

      I would agree that Reyes seems likely to make the opening-day pen but Re: Hill… 1) there is no certainty that there are going to be two lefties in the pen and 2) Hill has options left so I really doubt he will start the season with the big league team. Albers is more likely considering he is also out of options and has pitched well. The real question now is whether Wakefield has a guaranteed spot in the pen or not..

      • Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

        Wakefield will get it out of respect, i wonder how short of a leash he will be on. As for hill and albers they have had good springs and if wakefield was’nt on the roster they would both stand a good chance of makeing the team. Hills AAA stats from last season look promising, im rooting for the home town guy though.

        • BoSoXaddict 4 years ago

          Well, what’s interesting about the “respect” issue is that Wakefield has previously expressed his displeasure with being in the pen and his desire to start. For that reason, one could imagine a possible scenario of Wakefield being stashed away in AAA (or put on the DL for something) until his services are needed as a starter – something that is all but guaranteed to happen at some point during the season. In other words, giving him a guaranteed spot in the pen isn’t necessarily the most “respectful” move for the team to make. Though, to be honest, I am purely speculating and have no idea how Wakefield would feel starting the season in AAA or the DL.

  2. The Tigers and White Sox have better pitching staffs than the Twins. In other news the grass is green, the sky…….

    • MSUcorner 4 years ago

      …is blue, and the Twins will win the central. Was that where you were going?

      • Motor_City_Bombshell 4 years ago

        Don’t be so sure…a lot rides on Nathan and Morneau coming back strong…they’re not in as good a place as the Tigers or White Sox, who seem to be pretty solid.

        • $1742854 4 years ago

          Great season to shape up in the AL Central this year–time to get back to having the Wild Card come out of the Central this year…which would require someone to beat an East team!

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            Lets not get carried away…

        • MSUcorner 4 years ago

          Yeah, that is a good point. We were absolutely terrible without those two last year.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            But the Tigers and White Sox kind of sucked a little bit last year. Now both of us are good teams. So….

          • TwinsVet 4 years ago

            Remind me again how the Tigers improved?

            Vic? Fangraphs projects him at a 3.2 WAR player. Congrats, you’ll win 84 games this year.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            WAR doesn’t accuratley predict a teams outcome. We also added Benoit and Penny. Not to mention that WAR is very flawed. I’ll tell you right now, the Tigers would have been a lot worse off without Miguel Cabrera than just the 5.9 games fangraphs has. Cabrera is a lot more valuable to his team than Kevin Youkilis is to the Sox even though he is listed with a higher WAR.

          • TwinsVet 4 years ago

            I agree regarding WAR. I share your skepticism of it.

            I’m just pointing out that Vic is really your “impact signing”, and he’s not much of an impact. He’s a very good hitting catcher… except he isn’t catching much anymore, and is an average DH. Miggy was a one-man offense once Magglio went down, and Vic is going to be pressed into hitting #5, when he’d be hitting dang-near 7th for the Twins or Sox.

            A back-of-the-rotation starter and bullpen arm weren’t the missing parts last year. Bats were. Dombrowski failed to get the complimentary bat he needed when he missed on Beltre/Werth/Crawford.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            You’ve got to show me the Twins and White Sox order and who would be that far ahead of V-Mart. You honestly think he would be batting 7th for the Twins? He would be batting 5th for both teams.

          • TwinsVet 4 years ago

            He had an OPS of .844. In Fenway. That’s not terribly impressive. And it’s right around his career average.

            Twins DH, Thome, hasn’t had an OPS that low since, quite literally, 1995. He’d have therefore hit 6th for the Twins last year, quite possibly 7th behind Young, or even 8th behind Cuddyer too (depending on L/R pitching matchup).

            As for the Sox, I’ll let one of their fans speak for them.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Ok. Let’s compare him to one of the greatest hitters of the last 30 years. That seem’s fair.

          • TwinsVet 4 years ago

            Hey bro, you’re the one who asked to see the depth chart.


            Does Vic hit 5th for the Twins? Probably not.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Fair. I might see Young in the 2 spot and Vic hitting 5th. The point is that Victor Martinez is a good offensive player and worth a little more credit than is being given by you guys.

          • twins33 4 years ago

            Sounded like a guarantee that Nishioka will be #2 and Casilla will be #9.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            And who did you add to improve your team that has MLB expirence.

          • TwinsVet 4 years ago

            We won the division without Morneau and Nathan for the lion’s share of the season. Bringing them back (and both seemingly healthy and VERY effective in camp so far) is like adding 2 All-Stars to a defending Central champ.

            We didn’t need to bring in any outside help. C’mon, son, everyone knows this.

        • They are in a much BETTER place! Are you kidding me? Twins lineup and overall talent is far superior than the white sox and tigers. Why are the Twins ALWAYS discounted before every season and at the end of every season they wind up winning the central. Twins are the team to beat, period.

        • TwinsVet 4 years ago

          Without Nathan and Morneau, this is essentially the same team that had no problem winning the Central last year.

          With Nathan OR Morneau, it should be their again.

          With both… look out.

        • We won the Central last year without Morneau and Nathan. I think we’ll be fine.

      • JacksTigers 4 years ago

        Twins will finish third. Especially with Morneau’s concussion. Has he even played a spring game yet? I remember when it happened and the headlines read, “Morneau listed day to day after hard slide vs. Blue Jays….”

        • twins33 4 years ago

          Yes. He’s played in four games plus minor league games. He’s up to 4-5 AB’s a game and has been playing every other day but they’re about ready to ramp that up. He’s made nice defensive plays. He’s slid into home plate, not head first of course, but still slid. I believe he got hit with a pitch today while batting. It didn’t seem to bother him (not sure where he was hit, but it sounded like he didn’t flinch or anything).

          I wouldn’t trust mlb articles, or any articles on predicting a brain injury. Even doctors can’t predict how a player is going to react. Morneau isn’t the only player to get a concussion and not return last year (Jason Bay “minor concussion” on July 25th, did not return for the season).

          Nevermind the fact that this is Morneau’s fifth or sixth concussion, not his first. They get worse the more you get them. Surprisingly the one he had previously in 2005, he only missed two weeks and that was from a fastball to the head.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            It’s hard to tell what will happen. I’m not sure that he will ever recover to the point of where he was before. The way it has been reported by Twin’s officials, it almost sounds like he is afraid of playing/getting hurt again. This may or not be true but it is not a good situation for him none the less.

          • twins33 4 years ago

            Where have you read that? Because that is not the case at least not as of recently. It was the case way early in spring training before he began playing, but that was a long time ago now (several weeks). For the last week or two he’s going harder and harder every day. He hasn’t been afraid to play that I’ve seen. He’s been grinning like a fool since he started playing. He loves it and he’s doing well.

            He wanted doctors clearance that he wasn’t at more risk than anyone else in MLB. He got that clearance and now he’s on a schedule of when he’s played. So far it’s been every other day, but right now they’ve got him playing in the next two games which would make it three in a row.

            He hasn’t shown any signs of being afraid since he started playing in games. He’s doing everything he’s always done. You’re probably recalling things from weeks/months ago.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Didn’t you just get done saying that he was on concussion number 5 or 6? Now your saying that he was just as at risk as anyone. Getting 5 or 6 concussions usually means that you are more vulnerable in some way, shape, or form.

          • twins33 4 years ago

            I was quoting Morneau who was quoting his doctor. “The doctor said that I’m not at risk more than anyone else that’s out there,” Morneau said. “So that’s kind of what it came down to.”

            Sure, if he actually gets hit…it will be bad, because of prior injuries. But just going out there every day it’s not like the ball has some kind of missile guidance system that finds where Morneau’s head is and attacks.

            I was saying, he can do everything like normal without fear of making the injury worse. Meaning the fogginess and everything he was experiencing many weeks in the past will not be worse and he can go full blown. He can train and act like any other MLB player. He’s way past having to worry about it.

        • MSUCorner 4 years ago

          I’d be upset, but I’m used to hearing that we will finish third. I think that’s been the spring prediction for a decade now.

          • JacksTigers 4 years ago

            Last year was the first year I ever heard that.

      • That’s exactly what I was gonna say. I’m a Twins fan, but I know the Tigers and White Sox have better rotations then ours.

  3. Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

    So you know you have hit rock bottom when you been traded or released by the mets who knew.

  4. Pawsdeep 4 years ago

    The Detroit pitching staff is going to surprise a lot of people this year. They are absolutely dominating this spring and appear to be much deeper in minor leaguers with legitimate talent than initially thought. They have been really impressive on all levels this spring.

    • Motor_City_Bombshell 4 years ago

      I completely agree…national media seemed to be counting the Tigers out early this year, but I see them really giving this division a run for it’s money. They look really REALLY good right now, and they seem to have a deeper pitching staff than really anyone anticipated. I’m really excited for this year.

      • Pawsdeep 4 years ago

        Even their prospects have been dominating big league hitting–they are much better than advertised.

        If verlander let’s this success roll and he can skip his dreaded month of April, the tiggy’s should come out of the gate swinging. I don’t care if it is just spring, but you start off a year with 20IP, 21k’s, and only 2 ER, he’s looking like a beast already.

        I think all if those young guys are coming out with something to prove. It sure is looking like an incredible pitching staff this early though.

      • TwinsVet 4 years ago

        You feel like the Tigers are getting shorted?

        I feel like the coverage is pretty consistently “Twins-Tigers-Chicago… toss up”. And I’d actually say the Tigers being in that conversation is VERY optimistic for the Tigers. My concern with Detroit is you really only added Vic. Is Vic the difference in that offense? Not really. His best years are probably behind him, and he’s not the caliber of protection Miggy needed. Werth or Crawford in that lineup would have put Detroit in the “Best in AL Central” conversation; as it is, I just don’t see anything in terms of offensive upgrades.

        You’re one drunken relapse away from having Cleveland put up more runs.

    • Threat_Level_RedSox 4 years ago

      Scherzer was underated, he has 200 IP 200 K potential this season. Porcello needs to take a step foward if they want to win the division.

      • Motor_City_Bombshell 4 years ago

        I actually find Scherzer to be a darkhorse Cy Young candidate. He could be scary good.

        And I think it’s evident this spring that Porcello has stepped it up a bit, whether that translates to the regular season we’ll see, but the pitching looks really really solid right now. And they just keep winning, they won again today, 9-1. I know the games don’t count, but you got to figure it counts for something towards how ready they are for the start of the season.

        • Jake Lunemann 4 years ago

          The funniest part of the article on the AL Central was when he ranked the top five pitchers in the division. Obviously Verlander was an easy choice for first but Danks and Buehrle being clear cut ahead of Liriano? You could make an argument for Scherzer being #2 but you have White Sox colored glasses on if you think Liriano isn’t a top three SP in the AL Central.

  5. Does Octagon specialize in representation for players on the DL?

    • Motor_City_Bombshell 4 years ago

      Oh, I see what you did there.

      • Oh, now I see what YOU did there. You did the “I see what you did there” joke that everyone is doing these days.

        Nothing wrong with that joke. It’s no homer, but it’s a solid single up the middle.

  6. krosnest0713 4 years ago

    Come on RedSox, you keep adding to the revamped bullpen over there. Why dont you pick up Perez as well and throw him down to single/double-A and transfer him into a batboy.
    Seriously though league minimum to pick him up try to get him and put him in double/triple-A for a month and see what happens.

  7. Minnesota Twins are the team to beat and should once again win the central division.

  8. Twins fans, consider the source, JON PAUL MOROSI, former writer for the detroit free press. Gee, I wonder if a we should get an opinion from a Minnesota sports writer??!? Wonder if his opinion would be any different? Morosi’s column is flat out biased nonsense.

    • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

      I don’t think you read the article. It wasn’t very insightful, but it wasn’t biased either. He even said whenever there is any doubt, he pick the Twins. Is it really that unreasonable to say the Twins are not the clear cut favorite to win the division this season, and that they could slip to 3rd? I wouldn’t be surprised at all at this point to see any of the 3 teams win the division.

      • Royals, WORLD SERIES! Book it!

        • InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

          God help us all in a few years when Detroit Minnesota and Chicago are all battling for second with the Royals owning the division.

          • TwinsVet 4 years ago

            When the Royals show they can actually retain some of their talent (i.e., Grienke, Butler), I’ll start to get worried. They just lost their best pitcher while their best pitching prospect is still a year or two away. They’re about to lose their best hitter before Hosmer ever gets a callup.

          • guest_54 4 years ago

            “When the Royals show they can actually retain some of their talent (i.e., Grienke, Butler), I’ll start to get worried. They just lost their best pitcher while their best pitching prospect is still a year or two away. They’re about to lose their best hitter before Hosmer ever gets a callup.”


            Butler was signed to an extension earlier this offseason through the 2014 season.

          • Come on clown, he was talking about John Buck! Oh he is gone…that’s embarassing…

    • TwinsVet 4 years ago

      The critique of Morosi’s article isn’t “He’s a homer!”.

      The critique is that “When have the Twins EVER had the best pitching staff in the division?” Morosi is pointing out the Twins perennial flaw, and acting like it’s going to make a huge difference this year. Nobody has ever looked at the Twins rotation OR bullpen and said, “Yes, that’s why they’re favorites!” A couple years of Johan aside, the Twinks have never had flamethrowers featured in their rotation.

      • MSUCorner 4 years ago

        Exactly. Rick Reed was our wins leader in ’02 and Baker was in ’09. We have never had a feared rotation, but we keep winning.

  9. cachhubguy 4 years ago

    I think the Tigers have the best pitching. Morosi says Buehrle is the third best pitcher on the Tigers, Twins and White Sox. He’s not even the third best pitcher on the White Sox.

    • Leonard Washington 4 years ago

      Yeah Scherzer, Verlander, Danks, Peavy, Liriano, Floyd, and maybe even Baker could definitely argue with that.

  10. twins33 4 years ago

    I don’t put much stock into predictions or things on paper. It’s fun to speculate and all that, but usually the predictions are wrong. I think it was Baseball America that predicted the Tigers and Twins to tie for the division at 83 wins in 2011. Really? It’s not the tie that’s surprising (though I doubt it happens), it’s the 83 wins. I see that as being the third place team…not the first.

    • TwinsVet 4 years ago

      The only way they land at 83 games is if the Royals have a big year (70+ wins) and the Twins-Tigers-Sox beat the snot out of each other. No way they perform that poorly out of division (Tampa/Anaheim taking a step backwards, nobody else but Boston really improving from last year).

      • twins33 4 years ago

        Yeah, I didn’t think so either. I was thinking more like 90 wins for the Twins. I’m not going to predict the others because I don’t care, but 90 seems right for the Twins. Maybe more depending on Nathan/Morneau…who I believe will both be good/great.

        • TwinsVet 4 years ago

          I’m not ready to declare 90 W for our hometown boys, but I don’t see 83 games being the best in the division. SOMEBODY is going to win 90, be it us, Chicago, or Detroit.

          • twins33 4 years ago

            True, that’s just where I’d put them if I had to. But my main point was the same as yours, somebody is going to win 90. It’s not going to be this 83 crap that wins the division.

  11. baseballdude 4 years ago

    i agree with jon morosi the “twins simpl lost to many improtant relievers .” therefor they will finish in third place.

    • Jake Lunemann 4 years ago

      I can’t wait for Jesse Crain to pitch against the Twins in a tight game and implode like he does every single time there is pressure. You can probably count the number of Twins fans sad to see him go on one hand.

      • twins33 4 years ago

        I like the fact that I can now call him crainwreck and be happy about it.

  12. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    After reading a bit of an argument about who’s better in the central, can Tigers and White Sox fan’s unite to kill the Twins and then fight it out in September while we look in the rear view mirror laughing at the Twins. Thank you.

  13. Pawsdeep 4 years ago

    It was realized before I posted.

    Point being, considering it is spring, there is a lot to be optimistic about in that tiger camp.

  14. twins33 4 years ago

    Yeah, Pavano was said to be the best pitcher in Florida by multiple scouts, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be the AL CY Young winner this season.

    Spring training is spring training. It’s just to get them ready to pitch/hit for +162 after the offseason.

  15. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    So every division in baseball besides two are “weak” That makes absolutely no sense.

  16. InLeylandWeTrust 4 years ago

    Tigers clear cut favorite? I think they can squeeze it out, but there is in no way a clear cut favorite in that division. It will definitely be a dogfight until the end.

  17. stl_cards16 4 years ago

    That’s worse than your first statement. The funny thing is, half of the teams you named I wouldn’t even consider the favorite.

    A’s have a great shot in the AL West. I would consider the Brewers favorites ahead of the Reds in the NL Central. The AL Central will be a great 3 team race, and I would say the NL West is a split between the Rockies and Giants.

  18. BoSoXaddict 4 years ago

    There IS a clear-cut favorite in the AL East too – the Boston Red Sox 😉
    They’re actually the clear-cut favorite in the AL if you haven’t been paying attention this offseason..

  19. TwinsVet 4 years ago

    Dunn is a big improvement, and Chicago I’ll definitely acknowledge is looking improved. That said, I’m sick of hearing about “If not for our slump!” Any team would have a great record if they could write off their worst 6-weeks of baseball in any given year. You can’t, move on.

    Detroit, however, I’m not impressed by. They added Vic. A guy who’s not going to be playing behind the plate much, and is VERY pedestrian offensively playing anywhere else. Watch Vlad out-perform him as a DH. Besides Vic, Detroit really hasn’t done anything noteworthy. They had the money and the need for a Werth-Crawford type hitter, and they failed. Their offense now consists of one-alcohol-incident-away-from-a-lost-season Cabrera, a late-30’s guy coming off major knee injury (Magglio), and a C/DH who has his best years behind him.

    I ain’t saying the Twins are a clearcut favorite. But I’m sick of hearing about how Detroit is so greatly improved, and how “Chicago *basically* won the Central last year… if you ignore a third of the season…”

  20. TwinsVet 4 years ago

    They won the Central with Capps as their closer. He’s returning.

    They won the Central with Morneau on the 60-day DL.

    Bullpens are far-and-away the most fickle thing in baseball. They’re the easiest to build, and quickest to fall apart. They are, frankly, notoriously hard to predict or find consistency in.

    The weaknesses are being overblown. If the worst you can say about a team is “Their bullpen has question marks!”, well, those are good problems.

  21. MSUCorner 4 years ago

    As twinsvet said, bullpens are a crap shoot. Granted we only made one major move, but we have two premier players coming back and had three starters have down years offensively.

    If we want to do the slump thing… We could have won 100 games if we had full seasons from morneau, Nathan and our banged up starters.

    I keep hearing again and again that the twins have lost ground in the off season to the sox and tigers, but I can’t see it.

  22. twins33 4 years ago

    Good points and we have our own little “if this didn’t happen then….” If three out of five starters didn’t suck for an entire month the Sox would have never had the lead or been anywhere close to us ever.

  23. TwinsVet 4 years ago

    Twins33 just nailed it below. If the Twins didn’t have 3/5 starters slump for a month, the race wouldn’t have lasted into August. If Morneau/Nathan didn’t have a freak injuries, the race would have been over in July.

    That’s my point with “if’s”. Everyone can point to them. The Twins and the Sox had their share of bad breaks, and the race turned out how it did. It’s not like the Twins had everything go right and the Sox had everything go wrong.

    Look at it from our perspective – we lost our #1 offensive weapon, #1 bullpen guy, and had our SP crap the bed for a month. Things couldn’t have gone much worse, and we still won.

  24. TwinsVet 4 years ago

    I don’t really know if we’re arguing about anything here…

    I don’t think we’ll easily win it this year. I think we won it relatively easily last year, and we had ALOT go wrong. The only thing that really went RIGHT was Thome surprising people when he was forced into an everyday role.

    Assuming we don’t have ALOT go wrong again this year, even with an improved Sox team (and *barely* improved Detroit team), we’re going to be right there at the end.

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