Teams Inquiring On Alex Gordon

Other teams have asked the Royals about Alex Gordon, according to's Buster Olney (on Twitter). And although the hype around Gordon has faded and shifted to a new group of Royals prospects, the team is still invested in him and its asking price remains high. Kansas City wants a "prime prospect" in exchange for Gordon, according to Olney.

Gordon, 27, has a .244/.328/.405 line in parts of four MLB seasons as a third baseman, first baseman and left fielder. Baseball America ranked him second among all prospects before the 2007 season, two years after the Royals selected him second overall in the draft. Gordon had 50-plus extra base hits in both of his first two MLB seasons, but slowed down in 2009-10, when he missed time with hip and hand injuries and spent more time in the minor leagues.

He earns $1.4MM through arbitration this year and won't be eligible for free agency until after the 2013 season. The Blue Jays were one of the teams to express interest in Gordon this fall.

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  1. I’d love to see the Braves go after Gordon. It would be an acceptable insurance policy for Old Man Jones at 3B.

    • T Morgan 4 years ago

      I’ve been saying this for a while now.. I’d rather have him than Mather, but I guess him being a RH bat keeps him and he can play all the OF spots, but I still really like Gordon in a Braves uni. He’s a capable back-up, still relatively young/cheap, and we could catch fire in a bottle..

      • As strong as the Braves system is, the only realistic trade chips they have are pitchers. I don’t know if I would give up much for the chance of lightening in a bottle from an arbitration eligible player. Kawakami on the other hand…

  2. Rick Garcia 4 years ago

    I think out of anyone on the Royals roster it makes sense to move Gordon. I understand they are still invested, but a change of scenery may be good for him.

  3. I still think he’s one change of scenery away from being pretty good.

  4. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    I just don’t know what KC would want? I would guess maybe a young arm with mid rotation projection, but is Gordon worth it at this point?

  5. Alex’s issues aren’t talent. He’s still got plenty left. Injuries and a slow start his first season have unfortunately given him a bad reputation. However, he did had a 110 OPS+ his 2nd season and this spring he’s healthy and looking good.

    I’d much rather the Royals keep him, but if we do trade him, it should be for one or two significant prospects.

    • … significant? really? I don’t think Gordon would fetch a mid level prospect at this point. They are better off holding on to him and hoping for a turnaround

  6. bbxxj 4 years ago

    I don’t see the point in trading Gordon. I know sometimes the ‘change of scenery’ thing might work out but where else is he going to have the chance for a full season of low pressure at bats and who would also give up a good prospect for him? Contenders won’t want to wait for him to figure it out and rebuilding teams don’t want to give up prospects for a yet to catch on arb eligible player.

    The Royals need to hang onto Gordon, Cabrera and Fenchy to see if they can get one or more to bounce back and then go from there as they try and emerge as a contender.

  7. If the Jays really are interested still… and KC wants a catcher.. would it make sense from the Jays point of view to maybe go… Carlos Perez + (mid level RP or Juan Rivera) for Alex Gordon?

    Mind you, we have a version of Alex Gordon already in Travis Snider… but i think id still make this deal as Arencibia is a catcher, but we also have D’Arnaud in the system…

  8. Carlos Perez has the highest ceiling in the Jays system soo i would do the Gordon for Perez straight up

  9. piro18 4 years ago

    Any chance that the Phillies are making a play for him? With Utley in question they could always move Polanco to 2nd until Utley got healthy, if he gets healthy.

    • Jason Klinger 4 years ago

      Was thinking the same thing. If Utley is out long term, Phillies have flexibility to go after either a 2B or 3B because of Polanco’s versatility. The Phillies say they’ll be fine with Valdez at 2B, but I’d rather bring in a guy and have Valdez come off the bench to spell the whole INF. Could all be moot, though, since camp invitee Josh Barfield is 7 for 12 so far and playing good D.

      • Rollins-Valdez INF is a pretty awful MIF offensively.

      • I’d rather see the Phillies pursue Mike Aviles, for the Utley issues but also as a possible replacement for Rollins (or at least as negotiating leverage). I’m also a big Barfield fan, so not too worried.

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