Free $400 Fantasy Football Contest (Sponsored Post)

Looking to show off your fantasy football genius this week?  Try DraftStreet, where you can put together a new fantasy team each week and compete against other users for real money.

Right now DraftStreet has an NFL freeroll for MLB Trade Rumors readers, meaning you can take a shot at a chunk of the $400 prize pool for free, with no strings attached.  Here's how it works.

The NFL freeroll begins Sunday at 1:00pm eastern time, so you have until then to create your team.  You're given a $100K salary cap, and each player is assigned a price by DraftStreet.  Your roster will cover these positions: 2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 2 FLEX, and 1 Defense.  You get points based on how your team performs through Monday night's game.  The teams with the most points get the prize money.  For example Cam Newton might be good value even with a $19K price tag.  Below is a screenshot of a sample roster: 

















If you're interested, sign up and create a roster prior to Sunday's games (1:00pm eastern time).  It's quick, easy, fun, and the MLBTR league gives you a free chance to win some of the $400 prize pool.  If you enjoy the competition you can try other leagues (college football, for example) for free and earn credits, or deposit real money.

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  1. Why is this on a BASEBALL site?

  2. Yankees420 4 years ago

    You 3 need to relax a little, you’re going to pop a blood vessel. 

    • I am not overly angry(heck I am registered on the site already!) I just do not see the relevance and was wondering why.

      • Yankees420 4 years ago

        “Free $400 Fantasy Football Contest (Sponsored Post)”  The point of the post is in the parentheses following the title, Tim and the other writers gotta make money, so they do things like this.  Otherwise they’d have to charge us for membership to this site (presumably).

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago


          • Yankees420 4 years ago

            Haha, that’s a great pic.  I seriously am appalled at how many people got their panties in a bunch over this. 

            I personally love fantasy football and I would be stoked to win some extra cash by simply building a 1 week fantasy team. 

  3. I AM UPSET!  What does this post have to do with Theo Epstein and the Red Sox?  I haven’t read enough about them the last week.

  4. Gee $400 for winning a fantasy football game. Now I can quit my day job and retire if I win. 

  5. ChiefTomahawk 4 years ago

    Y’all need to relax. Tim and Co. are running a business here. Running a website costs money. Remember we don’t pay anything as users so a sponsored post every now and a while doesn’t hurt. You just scroll down and ignore it. 

  6. Yankees420 4 years ago

    Because TMZ = Fantasy Football?

  7. Yankees420 4 years ago

    I think it’s way more sad that you (and many others) can’t simply skip this if fantasy football doesn’t interest you.  Tim is giving his readers a chance to make FREE MONEY and most everyone is complaining because it has to do with *gasp* football instead of baseball. 

  8. Yankees420 4 years ago

    I’m not your guy, buddy! (sorry, I’ve just never actually been called guy by someone and I had to make the South Park reference)

    Actually, I meant to make my reply to ophaq2, down below and somehow it ended up replying to you.  Also, just because some states don’t allow this (which ones?) doesn’t mean it’s a waste. I think it’s successful if just one MLBTR poster reads this and pursues it, since anyone who can’t/doesn’t want to participate can simply keep scrolling.  

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