Braves Open To Trading Jurrjens, Prado

The Braves have told some teams they would be willing to move Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado in a trade, a Major League source tells's Mark Bowman.  Atlanta is known to be looking for a power-hitting outfielder and possibly a new shortstop, so either could be acquired in a Jurrjens/Prado trade, or at the very least the Braves could pick up some salary relief — both Jurrjens and Prado are arbitration-eligible for the second time this winter.

The Braves and Royals have already discussed a Jurrjens trade, and the Braves have an interest in minor league outfielders Lorenzo Cain and Wil Myers, amongst several other prospects in K.C.'s deep farm system.  The Royals are known to be targeting veteran starting pitching on the trade market this winter so the two sides would seem like a fit as trading partners.  As Bowman notes, Cain could be seen by the Braves as a future center field option if Michael Bourn isn't signed to an extension.

Jurrjens was an All-Star in 2011, though the right-hander struggled badly (a 5.88 ERA) in the second half of the season and spent time on the DL with a knee injury.  While Jurrjens' health is a question mark, Myers also took a minor step back (a .745 OPS in Double-A) in 2011 after being ranked as the 10th-best prospect in the sport in Baseball America's preseason rankings.  Myers is still just 20, however, and was converted to the outfield this year after spending his first two pro seasons as a catcher.

After an impressive 2010 season that saw him finish ninth in NL MVP voting, Prado took a step back in 2011, hitting .260/.302/.385 as Atlanta's everyday left fielder.  Prado's ability to play left, third, first and second base would make him an intriguing trade possibility for a number of teams, especially since he could be available at a somewhat buy-low price.

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  1. Triple Hawpes Brewed 4 years ago

    In return: Alex Gordon

    • Matt Moore 4 years ago


    • Christian camlin 4 years ago

      you must be high we aren’t trading Alex Gordon . Oh and we want no part of Martin Prado . Where would he play in KC pinch runner ?

  2. Triple Hawpes Brewed 4 years ago

    [duplicate post]

  3. BraveCrowe 4 years ago

    I would Love to get Alex Gordon, but that will not happen, I feel that we as Braves fans are over valuing JJ to a certain extent.

  4. philliesfan136 4 years ago

    Very interesting. The possible Jurrjens trade could be another trade that helps both sides. I wish the Phillies could get Prado, but there’s no way that could happen.

    • your right. there is no way the phillies will get Prado or Jurrjens.  Your team is getting old and our team is young so you have much to worry about between the braves and nationals. hope howard will be ok next season

  5. Braves also open to not making the playoffs again

  6. i say keeping both is a must…do not trade both…if push comes to one not both…both pieces are very valuable to the braves in their own right..

  7. andrew hamer 4 years ago

    this trade is gonna happen…. i dont like it because i would much rather have hanson

  8. So braves wanna trade 2 people who are coming off disappointing seasons…..selling low eh?

    • RiverKKiller999 4 years ago

      Regardless of Jurrjens injury that left him with 153 innings pitched, he did put up a 2.96 ERA in this past season, so I don’t know how you make mark that as a “disappointing season”.

      They should have traded him at the deadline when he had an ERA under 2, I believe it was. His value as sky high at the time until he regressed like most people thought he would.

      They would be selling low on Prado, though. I’m not sure if I would want him gone. A lot of people in the Braves line up had an off year, if you wanna call it that. I’d be willing to give him another chance as a starting OF if I was the Braves. They’d definitely be selling low on him.

  9. Derek Sandblom 4 years ago

    lowrie for jurrjens? would that even be considered?

    • Triple Hawpes Brewed 4 years ago

       No way

    • RiverKKiller999 4 years ago

      Damn, I thought you said Lawrie, as in Brett Lawrie. *sad face*

    • StanleyHudson 4 years ago

      More realistic: Reddick and Lowrie or Kalish and Lowrie for Jurrjens.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        So two guys who can’t secure major league jobs at two positions their own team needs to fill and you expect a young mid rotation starter? Great.

        • StanleyHudson 4 years ago

          How do the Sox need Lowrie? All the infield spots are taken. Lowrie becomes expendable with Aviles being on the team. Reddick and Kalish couldn’t “secure major league jobs” in the past because their were no openings available or they weren’t ready to play in the MLB. Both are solid prospects and both have since proved they are ready to make it in the majors. Also, if you trade one of Kalish/Reddick, you have the other to play RF, if Cherington doesn’t sign/trade for an right fielder.

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            The Red Sox want/need a SS. I guarantee you that if the Sox felt he was capable of being a everyday SS then he would be there in 2012 instead of Scutaro. My point is, the Braves would want more than Lowrie and Reddick.

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            huh? the red sox have 2 shortstops other than lowrie. don’t know what you’re on about there

            moreover, lowrie did take the job away from scutaro last year. scutaro only got it back when lowrie got injured. scutaro will start with the job because he hit like pujols in september, but it’s lowrie’s injury history that limits his value, not his talent

          • Christian camlin 4 years ago

            Red sox have 3 capable shortstops . If I were them I would try Mike Aviles. He would post pinball numbers in fenway. Making the other 2 look like little girls .

        • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

          1) that’s not what jurrjens is
          2) reddick secured the starting job most of the year
          3) lowrie…ok yea lowrie doesn’t have much going for him anymore

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            Jurrjens isn’t a mid-rotation caliber starter? Really? 

            Are you suggesting that Lowrie and Reddick are enough to get Jurrjens? 

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            did you stop reading at #1? =P

            no, i don’t think those two get jurrjens. but that’s mostly because of all the better offers that would be made; it’s not that far from equal value. i don’t buy 5.3 K/9 flyball boy as a #3 or better in the AL East. don’t let the ERA fool you

          • Yankees420 4 years ago

            Is a 36 FB% high?  What’s league average?

          • notsureifsrs 4 years ago

            43ish was the league average GB% this year iirc, so i suppose ‘flyball pitcher’ isn’t an appropriate label. but his batted ball profiles aren’t pretty. his gb/fb ratio was in the bottom third of qualified starters in 2011

          • Yankees420 4 years ago

            Gotcha, plus if you look at his FB% by year you see that his 2008 26.5% seems like an outlier that brings his career average down a bit.  Either way I wouldn’t want him on the Yankees, maybe the Red Sox though, :/

  10. commenter3346 4 years ago

    The Braves should have traded Jurrjens a lot earlier, when his value was at an all time high — when he had a 1.98 ERA & was pitching really well. Instead they kept him & he did what he does quite often, go on the DL. They had the depth to do it.

    • If only they were psychics… They were arguably the second best team in the NL by a long margin when Jurrjens was healthy and dealing.  Why would they have traded him when they were pushing for a playoff spot?

      • Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

        They have a ton of pitching depth and would have been strengthening another part of the ball club or the farm system by trading him when his value was highest.

        Jurrjens was going to fall to Earth at some point… he isn’t a pitcher capable of sustaining a 1.98 ERA with his terrible k/9 rates.

    • why would you trade someone when his ERA is that low. that was the top 5 in the NL possibly the entire MLB and i don’t think anyone would trade their pitcher doing that at all

  11. disgustedcubfan 4 years ago

    How about Alfonso Soriano and a boatload cash?

    • RiverKKiller999 4 years ago

      How about Starlon Castro? Ha.

      • EarlyMorningBoxscore 4 years ago

        I’ve never heard of Starlon Castro…is he as good as his brother Starlin?

        • RiverKKiller999 4 years ago

          God, I hate annoying replies like this above me ^. Correcting me doesn’t make you look smart. Sorry. Seems like some people just don’t know what a typo is.

          • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

            Seriously replying to a joke comment makes you look like an internet tough guy.

    • kevb197731 4 years ago

      I would love for the Cubs to send Soriano packing and maybe a prospect. Jurrijens would be a great pick up and prado could play 3rd since ARam won’t be there.

      • Guest 4 years ago

        I’d love for the braves to do a live-action rambo stunt show after every friday home game, but it aint happenin

      • the braves will not take soriano. i will bet all of my money on that

  12. true2lablue 4 years ago

    Jurrjens & Prado to the Dodgers for Ethier & Ivan DeJesus……Make it happen Ned =)

    • quadbravesfan 4 years ago

      No dice. Ethier is LH and only has 1 yr left

    • mikk402 4 years ago

      ha well then why don’t we get the dodgers to throw in Dee Gordon while their at it

    • Joe Sheehan already said yesterday that the Braves should trade Teheran and Minor for Ethier…not sure which of this is more laughable.

      At least yours was in jest rather than printed in Sports Illustrated…which editor fell asleep at the wheel??


  13. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    if the royals give up myers in a deal for jurrjens … good lord

    • andrew hamer 4 years ago

      as long as dayton moore is gm in kc…. then any brave is a trade target….. jurrjens will be a royal in 2012

      • The Royals need to wait until they’re competitive in the Central to see who what they really need to sure up through trade. They shouldn’t throw around all of their prospects looking for guys that won’t help them single-handedly win the Central.

        • Christian camlin 4 years ago

          The Royals are closer than you think . Starting pitchers are all they need .

    • quadbravesfan 4 years ago

      Jurrjens, Prado for Gordon, Myers, and a spec

      • oct27 4 years ago

        Ha.  Surely you jest.  Gordon AND Myers?

      • theROYALSguy 4 years ago

        no way they let go of gordon. keep dreamin braves fans

      • wowwwwwww

      • good luck with that. the braves will only go for a top tier short stop if they dont want to resign alex gonzo and prado could take that role over

        • Yankees420 4 years ago

          Are you suggesting the Braves would turn down that deal?

        • Christian camlin 4 years ago

          Alex Gordon not Dee Gordon .Alex is a gold glove outfielder .

      • Christian camlin 4 years ago

        what are you smoking .Royals will not trade Gordon &don’t need  Prado . Maybe Wil Myers &Mitch Maier for Jurrjens straight .

      • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

        It’s funny how people are taking this comment seriously.

        • quadbravesfan 4 years ago

          I somehow left out Bethancourt. 

          • setupunchtag 4 years ago

            With Gordon and Myer in the deal you somehow left out Tommy Hanson, Beachy, Minor or Julio Terehan. Very funny, though.

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      Simply put, KC’s window is open next year, if they can get some good SP.  JJ is good SP.  He’s worth a guy who is blocked somewhat.

  14. arock1234 4 years ago

    Jurrjens seems like an Anthopolous type of pitcher. Lowered valued because of injuries over last 2 years… only 2nd time through arbritration so he is under team control for a while. I’m sure Atlanta would have to be blown away by an offer mind you.

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      Not “blown away”. “Bowled over”, maybe. If KC gave up a legitimate LF, SS, or 3B option, I wouldn’t be surprised to see JJ in KC.

      • Guest 4 years ago

        JJ plus a guided tour of Turner Field complete with a chance to meet Homer would probably talk Moore into giving us all of those things.

      • Christian camlin 4 years ago

        The Royals have 3 Extra centerfielders And 2 prospects who play short and third . We have outfielders by the dozen & scads of unestabished starting pitching prospects . A possible deal might be Wil Myers and Wil Smith for Jurjens. But we don’t have A spot for  Prado with outfield covered and with Giavotella at second . If Giavotella played third we might have a deal .

        • No way myers is included in that deal.  Cain for jerrjens straight up is the most i would do.  Unless they want to talk beachy

    • I disagree.  Jurrjens doesn’t have top of the rotation (especially in the AL East) potential, and that’s the only type of guy they’re looking to add.

      • Andy Mc 4 years ago

        And he’s a fly-ball pitcher. Not good in Toronto, not to mention many of the other parks we play in (esp. BOS/NYY).

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      2 more years isn’t exactly “a while” is it? 

  15. If Kelly Johnson walks, Thames+something for Prado, stick Prado at 2b.

    • Triple Hawpes Brewed 4 years ago

      Layoff the crackpipe

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

        After trading Wells to the Angels, I’ll stay on the crackpipe, thank you very much.

        -Alex Anthopoulos

    • thames and prado will be involved in nothing

  16. BCRNC 4 years ago

    You don’t trade your best pitcher mid season.  JJ was our best pitcher at the time.  He was due to regress, but nobody predicted how bad his second half would be. 

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Jurrjens isn’t the best pitcher.  Hudson is the best followed by Hanson and then Beachy.

      • BCRNC 4 years ago

        Once again, JJ WAS our best guy around the break.  Hudson was the best for the whole season. 

        • Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

          ERA wise maybe. He had an awful k/9 ratio and it was pretty much an guarantee he was going to come back down to Earth ERA wise.

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            Ok what are ppl missing here. Twice he said “best at the time”. That times was prior to the July trade deadline.

            FIP is best used to analyze results and to decipher how/good bad a pitcher really was but in terms of “results” and limiting the runs on the field you can absolutely say that up until July 31st he was their best pitcher.

            Mar/Apr- best ERA and a 3.03 FIP which was w/in 0.15 of the best FIP of 2.88
            May- best ERA and best FIP of any starter that pitched more than 11 innings.
            June- Bested by Beachy, Hanson and Hudson
            July- 2nd best ERA despite a higher FIP of 4.03.

            All in all, in terms of results, he was their best pitcher up until July 31st, and if you can make an arguement for Hudson it wouldn’t be a hands down victory (Hudson had a horrible May).

          • Jeff 4 years ago

            I think just like BABIP is a “skill”, ERA can be a “skill” just as much.  I think JJ has that “skill”

  17. not_brooks 4 years ago

    Prado can still play second base, right? The Orioles could use a second baseman. And maybe the Braves will feel sorry for the O’s since they don’t have a GM.

    Felix Pie for Prado!

    • MB923 4 years ago

      And what would they do with Roberts?

    • philliesfan136 4 years ago

      Not only is that a stupid trade, but Pie isn’t even on the Orioles anymore.

    • wow. go ahead and never post again

      • not_brooks 4 years ago

        Wow. I know sarcasm generally doesn’t translate well to the internet, but come on…

  18. BCRNC 4 years ago

    If Prado and JJ are traded, don’t expect a lot of Major League talent in return.  The trades will be done to save money, and rebuild the farm system.  The money saved will go to SS and an OF (Sizemore?).

    • bravos16 4 years ago

      I like Sizemore, but injuries are always a problem when signing players. Maybe on a one year incentive laden deal if he is about the only one left, but other than that I expect for the Braves to go after Willingham or Cuddyer right now and if the trade happens maybe Beltran. I like the JJ and Prado for Wil Myers idea to save money to spend on LF, SS (if Pastornicky isn’t given a shot), and UT IF. The trade would open up about another $6MM+ for signing players and it would replenish the offensive aspect of the farm system at the same time. It would also open up rotation spots for both Teheran and Minor should Medlen be kept in the pen next year. If the Braves trust their young talent like they did with Freeman this year then the trade could be a very good idea. The only reason I would want to keep Prado is because he could be converted back to a super-utility role, but a rather expensive one. 

      • BCRNC 4 years ago

        That’s what I was thinking with Sizemore.  Low risk contract so he can show the Yankees, or whoever, that he’s still got it.

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      I don’t see why they won’t be able to get something good in return for JJ. He is only owed $3.2 mil. Health is an obvious concern but we aren’t talking about a Derek Lowe contract here.

      • Yankees420 4 years ago

        3.25MM was his ’11 salary in his 1st arb year.  He’ll likely see a bump up to the 5-6MM range for what it’s worth.  

  19. Twins would be a great target..

    Aaron Hicks?
    Sign and trade for Cuddy? 

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      Why weren’t not in the mix for Cuddyer or Jason Kubel, I don’t know. Both could be affordable with some depth and power. Knowing they’re from MIN, they’d be good clubhouse guys, too.

      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        Kubel is a DH and Cuddyer will likely command more $$$ than the Braves are willing to pay.

  20. Here’s the problem I have with Prado—-an OBP that is only 40-50 points higher than batting average consistently year after year. I look for a top flight bat to have OBP 80-100 points higher than batting average, this guy was subpar in that category even in his best year, which tells me that the best year is the outlier, not this years dropping back to more typical results. So not a high value guy as a bat, and when I here either 2B or left field I hear no particular defensive skills present. 

    • DK8 4 years ago

      Yes, but you’re assuming he’s not a legit high BA guy, which he is.  His BABIPs over the last 4 years were .357, .331, .335, and .266.  To me, that looks like 2011 is the outlier.  Given the injuries he dealt with in 2011, it would make sense that 2011 is not representative of his true talent.  He is probably a true talent .300/.350/.450, which is pretty valuable if you put him at 2B or 3B, but not as much in LF.

    • DK8 4 years ago

      He’s also been roughly league average defensively in the aggregate over the last 4 years, spending significant time at 2B, 3B, and OF.  You could make a “jack of all trades/master of none argument,” but I’d say that being able to play those 3 positions at an average MLB level is pretty valuable.

  21. Braves aren’t going to get Myers unless somebody like Teheran or Hanson was coming back that would expand the deal. The Royals would be willing to deal Cain and some other pieces, but not any top prospects.

    • bravos16 4 years ago

      When it comes to the Braves-Royals just about anyone can be traded. And if the Braves were to even think about trading Teheran the Royals would have to send Myers, Gordon, Moustakas, and a pitcher to the Braves. Teheran is the top rated pitching prospect in all of baseball for most people and second to a few people behind Matt Moore. The Royals can’t touch Teheran unless they give their team away. 

      • DK8 4 years ago

        Hyperbole anyone?  If we didn’t have Freeman, Teheran for Hosmer would be close to even, probably tilted in the Braves favor.

        • rundmc1981 4 years ago

          With or without Freeman, I’m a Braves fan and even I wouldn’t want KC to trade Hosmer. The man is incredible. They need a face of the franchise, especially since Greinke left. In a league that consistently overvalues top prospects, Hosmer is invaluable to the Royals, especially right now.

          • DK8 4 years ago

            Hosmer incredible?  He’s a good player, but he has a long way to go before he’s a top 1B.  I mean, he and Freeman were born a month apart, and Freeman was the slightly better hitter by wRC and wOBA.  And projecting either guy as a future all-star is difficult right now because the bar at 1B is so high.

          • Matt Talbert 4 years ago

            There are plenty of Adam Linds, Lance Berkmans, Paul Konerkos etc that quietly go about their business putting up studly numbers and the Pujols/Fielder/Howard etc get all the love…

          • Yankees420 4 years ago

            Adam Lind has had 1 good season, out of 4.  And even though that .394 wOBA back in ’09 was very nice, you can’t say he’s on the level of Berkman or Konerko. 

          • If by LONG way you mean next year than I agree 20 HR .290 Avg, excellent glove after starting  1 month after the season began is not projecting, its arrived.

          • DK8 4 years ago

            Those numbers are not that great for a 1B. 

      • Sure they would bring Myers in the deal, but they wouldn’t do that if one of your young pitchers like Teheran or Hanson were not involved. The Royals aren’t going to just give away top prospects without getting a good player in return. The way the Royals are treating this off-season is a lot different then in years past.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        I truly hope you are exaggerating to make your point. Teheran obviously isn’t going to bring back an all-star caliber 3b, two top prospects and another, albeit nondescript, “pitcher”.

      • Which would never happen.  If Grienke + Betancourt only pulls Escobar, Cain, Jeffress, Odorizi.  NO WAY, Theran is worth even close to Gordon, Moustakas, Myers.  

    • Alldaybaseball 4 years ago

      You are kidding right? Hanson could get him alone and Tehran is at the least the same level as Myers.

  22. 1Tough9 4 years ago

    Prado looks attractive as the LF / Leadoff hitter the White Sox will be searching for. Package him with Jurrjens and I’d be happy sending some players away for him. Sox / Braves have made a few deals recently so its not out of the question. 

    • quadbravesfan 4 years ago

      It would have to be built around Morel. Fits Braves needs perfectly: An almost ready RH  3B

      • DK8 4 years ago

        Go look at Morel’s stats including MiLB.  Morel’s best case scenario as a hitter is turning into Martin Prado.  Why on earth would you trade Martin Prado for a guy who might end up being as good a hitter as Martin Prado?

  23. TaillonColeandBellOhMy 4 years ago

    Can Prado play SS? Pirates?

  24. I think the Yankees could get involved in this. Yankees could take up a big part of Swisher’s salary and they could send a prosepct like Nunez or Culver.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      But that’s just it. The Yankees don’t need to take up a big part of Swisher salary. He is worth every penny of his $10mm 2012 salary. I understand the idea of it to facilitate the transaction, but the Yankees could match up elsewhere with a better scenario. If they paid $6mm-$8mm and then pay Jurrjens salary increase which would be in the neighborhood of $6mm-$7mm (or more and a hefty increase from being paid $3.5 or $4mm this season) would result in $14mm-$15mm. It’s just not how its done. The Braves have a reason to want Swisher and they can make it work without the Yanks paying salary. They’d be better throwing in Adams who is fully recovered and doing well and would fill in well as a secondary to the Braves infield. If they want to move both Prado and Jurrjens to the Yanks, we could even throw in Phelps (pitching very well) or Warren. Nonetheless, the Yanks do match up well here and we’ve seen Wren and Cashman match up well in the past.

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      Nunez I’d have real interest in.  Braves SS problem may be short-term, as they have a stellar prospect in Simmons who’ll be in AA next year. 

      Pastornicky might be capable at short also, with a solid bat.

      • Exactly when did E. Nunez become a desirable main piece in a trade?  He has utility infielder written all over him.  They may as well stick with Pastornicky.

        • Jeff 4 years ago

          I thought he was blocked by Jeter and A-Gon.  That will depress a young player- you’re not going to beat out $45mil

      • MB923 4 years ago

        Whenever a ball is hit to Nunez, you have to hold your breath each and every time. That guy is not a SS or 3B at all. They call him EEEEEEduardo Nunez for a reason.

        • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

          I disagree. At the moment, he’s not a good SS but he has all the fundamentals to be a solid SS with average range. Most of his E’s were metal ones, like rushing the throw or taking his eye off the ball. If he played everyday I think some of those issues would be fixed.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        In the deal he was referencing I’m pretty sure Swisher was the main piece.

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      Nunez doesn’t project as a “top prospect” but he has incredible value to the Yanks simply because he can play at the mlb level now and has shown he can fill in for Jeter if need be. Culver has a lot of talent and a much higher ceiling but he is soooo far away (3 years ???) from being of any use to the Braves and my guess is they would prefer a SS they can use now or in 2013 if they were going to trade away JJ.

  25. RiverKKiller999 4 years ago

    Doubt they’ll give up Gordon. The dude raked this year.

  26. JR_Tolls1 4 years ago

    Ugh….We just traded Derek Lowe away, now Frank Wern wants to follow a good move by undoing his own damage up with a bad? John Schierholtz we need a new GM.

    • BCRNC 4 years ago

      We absolutely do not need a new GM.  You don’t know what move he would make with JJ or Prado, so how can you call it a bad move?  Even if he makes a bad move, he’s still made mostly good ones.  Who would you replace Wren with?

    • bringbackandruw 4 years ago

      Would you prefer Ned Colletti? I wouldn’t. Wren is fine

      • Guest 4 years ago

        yea i actually like Wren. he’s done a helluva job building an impressive farm.  if he trades jj, i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  he earned that after the vazquez trade.  for all the people that were up in arms about trading a guy that had such a good year, how many of you are still upset over it? nobody.

      • rundmc1981 4 years ago

        Well, it’s pretty bad when (former LAA GM) Tony Reagins one-ups you, as Reagins did by trading Kotchman/Marek for Teixeira. Reagins, the same man who traded for Vernon Wells and his massive contract. But, also the same man that let Tex walk and drafting 2 studs in the draft (Mike Trout, Tyler Skaggs).

        • BCRNC 4 years ago

          That trade was a disaster that JS started.  Unfortunately, the team was stuck having to take what they could get for a two month rental.  Bourne trade, Vazquez trade, Uggla trade.  Those three moves alone trump any questionable moves he’s made.  He also seems to have learned his lesson about overpaying for pitching. 

          • DK8 4 years ago

            Yeah, I would have preferred taking the picks over Kotchman/Marek, but if they weren’t going to have money to sign high picks, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.  And unfortunately, the Braves have spent very little money in the draft over the past couple of years.

    • mikk402 4 years ago

      i vaguely remember FW being such a monster that last year the marlins came to him and said “hey give us this control issue relief pitcher and the guy to play where the guy your getting plays, for our second best player”

    • rundmc1981 4 years ago

      There’s nothing wrong with testing the waters. Prado and JJ are pros. My only complaint for Prado is that I felt like he got the wrong end of the stick in 2011 between the new position and the injuries. I’d like to see what a year at mainly 1 position would get him. How many different lineups Fredi put out there became laughable. In my mind, he’s a prototypical #2 hitter, but not the 2011 version. I don’t know if psychologically he thinks he has to hit for power playing LF (as most do), but he wasn’t getting on base or doing anything he was known for. Throw in his terrible arm and exceptionally bad base-running and I would hate for ATL to sell him now knowing we’d only be getting back a small portion of the player he truly is. I don’t want Prado being another case of someone who was good as a Brave and great as a non-Brave.

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Wren has done an outstanding job as the GM.  His only real mistake was trading Yunel for the worthless Alex gonzalez.  However, I have a feeling that trade was dictated by the team president and Bobby Cox.  Also, Pastornicky could end up making that trade look not so bad in the future.

      If the Braves could get a really good young centerfield prospect like Cain for Jurrjens they should do it.  Who knows if Bourn will stay and the Braves need a 4th OF who can play CF next year anyway.

      Too many Braves fans grossly overrate Jurrjens. 

      All of that being said, I would not be in favor of trading Prado unless they got a ton back in return.

  27. Would love Jurrjens, but I’m sure the asking price for an NL East rival would be astronomical.

  28. trumbo for jurrjens. straight up.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      I wouldnt even trade you my jurrjens bobble head for trumbo

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

        Beat me to it. Trumbo is slightly overrated, and by slightly I of course mean highly.

  29. quadbravesfan 4 years ago

    love to do Span for JJ. If you could get Hicks you have to do it

  30. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    Can someone tell me how Prado got MVP votes in 2010? He had a decent season, but 9th in votes? Must’ve been a really weak year in the NL, minus the whole Giants WS thing.

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      He was the league’s batting leader or close to it for much of the season until he got hurt.  He was doing it at 2B to boot.

      • Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

        Fair enough. I just don’t see how a low .ISO, .350 OBP, below average defense, and a low walk rate gets you voted 9th in MVP votes, but I digress.

        • Jeff 4 years ago

          MVP voters love BA, and his ISO wasn’t that low in 2010, especially for a middle infielder.  I do suspect that’s his career year though.

          If he hadn’t gotten hurt, he would have finished higher.  Also the Braves slumped in Sept after he got hurt (Chipper was hurt also)

  31. corey23 4 years ago

    Mccarthy or Outman for prado, har har.  plug him in at 3b

  32. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    Oh, the Royals? Wow, who saw that coming?

  33. Travis White 4 years ago

    I think the Cardinals could match up well for Prado. They need a second baseman and have some prospects to spare. I think one of their 3rd base prospects makes sense (Matt Carpenter and Zack Cox) plus another (Oscar Tavares, Jordan Swaggerty, Joe Kelly). I’d really like for them to hold on to Miller and Martinez. Guess I could handle trading Allen Craig, unless Pujols walks

    • mondaymorninggm 4 years ago

      prados numbers arent any better than descalsos and neither is his defense so i doubt they take on 6+ mil on that upgrade. cant they teach cox to play 2nd or complete everyones dream of making craig the 2b?? they need to dump westbrooks 8 mil and let shelby be their 5. he killed it at AA.

      • Travis White 4 years ago

        Yeah, but Prado had his worst offensive year ever and his average was only four points under Descalsos, plus Prado hit 12 more homeruns. Plus I don’t think he’ll get 6+ in arbitration after his year. Prado will bounce back to his old form, which is all star caliber. Under McGwire, Prado could thrive. Also, the thought of Cox playing second base makes my stomach turn. Prado makes considerably more sense if Pujols walks, because Craig would take over in right, Prado could play second, and they could sign Reyes for short. That would be a pretty friggin hard lineup to get out.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      cant allen craig play 2nd? Or did i make that up?

      • 1Tough9 4 years ago

        Craig has played 2nd but not very much. The time spent there was a product of LaRussa getting the extra bat in the lineup. He even saw sometime in CF this – doesn’t mean he can do that everyday though. He is much better fit as a corner OF.  

  34. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    i dedicate this thread to anyone who suggests ny & boston fans are the only ones that overrate the trade value of their players

    • Travis White 4 years ago

      True, but Swisher and a prospect for Jurrjens is the dumbest

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      really like who for example?

  35. Guest 4 years ago

    Man, I like Cain and Myers.  I’m not gonna lie, though, the success of our season will be hugely effected by how talented Chipper’s back-up is.  While I don’t think the lineup depends on Hoss like it did a few years ago, I do think we’re going to have to have a very competent back-up.  Brandon Hicks won’t cut it.  Prado is probably more valuable to the Braves than almost any other team, so I don’t think they’d get equal value in return.

    Can’t say I didn’t see rumors like this coming, though.  If we can get Cain +more, then I’d probably be ok with trading Jurrjens.  Gotta love the pitching depth we presently have, though.  Especially with Hanson’s status not 100% certain.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      also, i’m not sure what the royals are planning on doing with cain.  didnt they just re-sign melky? wouldnt be surprised if they traded Cain for pitching. He’d be a nice insurance plan in the event bourn leaves as a FA. If he can get a nice return on JJ, then go for it, i guess. Hang on to Prado, though.

      • setupunchtag 4 years ago

        Melky is under team control for one more year. They signed Francouer to a two-year.

    • nictonjr 4 years ago

      If I’m KC no chance I give up Gordon, who also won a GG, for JJ.  Jurrjens missed 21,  assuming 32 starts a year, starts over the last 2 seasons.  I don’t trade Myers either.  If the Braves are interested Cain, I’d listen…

      • Jeff 4 years ago

        JJ+ a pitching prospect for Gordon (Zeke Spruill perhaps)

      • Guest 4 years ago

        yea, i assumed they wouldn’t be trading gordon.  the braves had interest in cain before kc got a hold of him.  wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to get a deal put together for him.

        if they do trade prado then they absolutely have to sign a guy like hairston.  maybe even one more solid bench guy.  with chipper and heyward on the team we absolutely need the depth.

    • DK8 4 years ago

      Why would the braves want Cain?  Of course he had a good year in AAA–he was 25!

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        OMG he’s 25?!!!! He ancient and you would only have him under control for 6 years!!! 

        • DK8 4 years ago

          It’s simply not about the fact that he’s 25. It’s that as a guy gets older, he is less likely to have continued skills growth. Most baseball players peak around 27, and the growth curve of baseball skill decreases as players approach that age. So trading for an older prospect gives a team less upside, but a more secure floor.

          So trading an established 3+ WAR pitcher in Jurrjens for a prospect of the same age who has played than 50 games in the majors seems like a bad move.

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            Most players reach their peak years in their ages 28-32 so, no I don’t agree with you. I’m not saying that Cain = Jurrjens, I’m just disagreeing with your stances that 25 at AAA is a bad thing. Also, you made the comment that he hasn’t proven he can hit mlb pitching as if he was given a chance and failed, when in fact it’s the opposite.

          • He hit MLB pitchers for the brewers…..

      • Why WOULDN’T the Braves want Cain?  The organization has absolutely 0 depth at the CF position if Bourn walks after next season.  It looks like they’re trying to convert Lipka from SS to CF, but if he does switch positions he’s atleast 3 years away from even a call up. 

        • CF market has a ton of FAs next season right along with Bourn. It’s not a tough fix in 2013.


      • Cain is also good enough to start for at least half the MLB teams in CF.  He’s blocked in KC.  

        • DK8 4 years ago

          That’s just silly–it’s questionable whether Melky could start for half the teams in MLB, an he’s the one blocking Cain.

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      I’d be fine with Brooks Conrad as a 1-yr stopgap option at 3B.  Another option is re-sign A-Gon and have Pastornicky make the roster as a backup SS, and play them both when Chipper’s not playing.

      Also, doesn’t Hinske have some 3B experience?  I suspect that would go about as well as Troy Glaus at 3B though (which worked for one miracle play in 2010)

  36. quadbravesfan 4 years ago

    WSox need pitching. We need a 3B prospect.  Build a deal around JJ for Brett Morel.

    • DK8 4 years ago

      Yes because what the Braves need is another old prospect with limited power who doesn’t get on base.

      • quadbravesfan 4 years ago

        Career .350 obp and was 23 in AAA…Huh?

        • quadbravesfan 4 years ago

          I screwed up. I thought his 2010 season was his 2011.  He had killer numbers in AAA in 2010. Baseballref blows

          • DK8 4 years ago

            I was more focusing on Morel’s abysmal walk rate.  He would have to have a very low K-rate and a very high BABIP to be an asset offensively given his lack of big-time power.  In other words, if everything breaks right for him, he ends up as the same hitter Prado was before this year.

  37. I could see Prado fitting nicely with the Padres. However, I am not sure they can match up well.

    I can’t see Bartlett or Cabrera being enticing. 

  38. … Chiper Jones is out and the Braves need a 3B, and outfielder
    … Red Sox need pitching and a RF

    … RSox can offer to Braves, Youkilis and 2 Prospect’s and Josh Reddick for Jair Jurrjens and Martin Prado .. Why not?  Jurrjens was 13-6 with 2.96 and is 25 years-old.. Perfect fit for the Red Sox rotation .. Lester Beckett Jurrjens Buchholz and ACEVES or BARD ..And Martin Prado, who is right-handed hiiter and also throwing.. can play in RF, adding a right handed for the outfield .. The lineup can see

    Ellsbury CF Pedroia 2B Ortiz DH Gonzalez 1B Prado RF Crawford LF Will Middlebrooks 3B Saltalamacchia C Scutaro SS

    Lester – Beckett – Jurrjens – Buchholz and Aceves..

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      Braves won’t take $13mil of Youk.

      Now, if you give Scutaro or Lowrie+ a prospect, you might get something.

      JJ for prospects you might get, but Prado will require something that can play in Short or Left.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        Dude…he did say Youkils right? And you had the nerve to ask for 2 prospects as well. Ugg. Notsureifsrs was right, Braves fans might just out shadow Yanks and Sox fans as to how they value their own players.

        • Jeff 4 years ago

          Not saying Youkilis is a bad player.  He has value, and would be a good fit on the Braves, but they won’t take on $13mil.  The Braves can’t really add much salary right now.

          JJ is undervalued, not overvalued.  There’s a lot of debates on JJ’s value, he’s a hard player to quantify.  That said I don’t think he’s a good fit for Boston.  I value JJ as a #2 starter personally.  (same as I value Hanson and Hudson)

          Prado had one somewhat bad year with an injury excuse that won’t affect him long term (staph infection) , and one very good one.  He’s also one of the most versatile players in the majors.  He’s just getting a tad expensive for a super utility.  I’d have to problem keeping him.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        Ok…it’s been 2 hrs…how does this not have a gazillion likes?

        Dude, you’ve said a lot of funny things but the best reply ever was the one where you said absolutely nothing! Splendid. If we were in Miami I’d take you down to one of the local strip clubs and buy you at least 10 lap dances and maybe even a happy ending. Awesome. 

  39. tomymogo 4 years ago

    Prado and JJ to KC. Get all the prospect you can get (Lorenzo Cain included), around 5 prospects. Use the money saved to sign or trade for a right handed power hitting outfielder like Josh Willingham or Carlos Quentin for instance, and sign or trade for a cheap SS.

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      Hahaha….5 prospects? That’s it? You don’t want stadium merchandising sales too? 

  40. cole 4 years ago

    I wonder if the Jays would make a move on Jurjjens, or both he and Prado (for 2B) in the unlikely event Kelly Johnson declines arbitration. Not sure if there’s a fit with the Jays position prospects, as I doubt they’d move Hechavarria, but who knows.

    While I don’t expect any of this, if they landed Darvish, a rotation of Romero, Darvish, Morrow, Jurjjens and Alvarez would be pretty strong.

  41. Guest 4 years ago

    Yea none of his previous season were good… oh wait. nevermind i just took 3 seconds to look at them.  can’t blame a prospect for being blocked.

  42. stovin 4 years ago

    How about Nolan Reimold and Chris Tillman of the Orioles for JJ?

  43. optionn 4 years ago

    Atlanta never makes any significant moves.  They play things by the book and never think outside the box.

    • your statement make COMPLETE sense considering in 2010 they traded for Dan Uggla and recently they traded for Micheal Bourn…. Real good argument man

    • BCRNC 4 years ago

      If that statement is based on anything, it is certainly not knowledge of the Braves or baseball in general.

    • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

      Did you know that if you rearranged all the letters in your name it would conveinetly read “no point”? Was that by design? 

    • Guest 4 years ago

      Yea, good call.  They weren’t thinking outside the box when they moved Glaus to first, or when they moved Chipper to Left Field, or when they moved Prado to Left.  They didn’t make any significant moves, either, especially when they traded for Tex, acquired JD Drew, traded for Uggla, or signed Uggla to an extension.  If only they had done SOMETHING significant or outside of the box. I wish they weren’t so content with just sitting around all day twiddling their thumbs.

  44. oct27 4 years ago

    The Royals don’t have any use for Prado.  The article isn’t suggesting both players to the Royals.  They are just saying both are available.  And for whoever thought the Royals may trade Gordon AND Myers for JJ……Please.

    • DK8 4 years ago

      Yeah, Gordon is probably too much for Jurrjens. Braves would probably have to add a prospect for a guy who hits like that. Years of control match up pretty well on Gordon and JJ, though.

  45. JacksTigers 4 years ago

    This has Dombrowski written all over it.

  46. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    Couldn’t agree more. 

  47. Potrzeba 4 years ago

    I think the red sox should go after Prado. Have prado play 3B and put youkilis at DH.

  48. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    Um, probably because next year they need a 4th OF who can play CF AND hit.  He also would be needed if Bourn leaves as a free agent.  The only reason he was still at AAA last year was because Melky did so well for the Royals.

    • DK8 4 years ago

      Cain has yet to prove he can hit. He’s had 2 good years in the high minors at age 24 and 25.  At those ages he should have good years if he’s going to be a MLB OF.  He’s probably better than a 4th outfielder, but I’m not convinced he’s a starter on a playoff caliber team.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        It’s a seriously small sample size but……. .302/.343/.402 in 169 PA. Exactly what did he do to DISCOURAGE you from thinking he COULDN’T  hit major league pitching?

        • DK8 4 years ago

          You hit the nail on the head with SSS. Can we at least agree that line is incredibly unlikely to be repeated?  If the Royals thought Cain was that good, he would have been playing ahead of Melky and his crappy D.

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            I won’t argue the reason they started the season off with Melky in CF but it cetainly worked out well for them. However, it shouldn’t be a negative reflection on Cain. 2 straight years @ AA/AAA with a .850 OPS, speed and solid defense screams “give me a chance”. And nothing he’s done at the mlb level screams “I can’t hit mlb pitching”.

            Again though, never said he was enough to get JJ one on one.

          • Jeff 4 years ago

            Cain for JJ I’d do.  JJ’s a good pitcher, but we have guys are already good pitchers wasting in AAA.  Braves don’t have good OFs.

            I might make you guys take Diaz as part of it though to open up the roster spot.
            He’s $2mil/1yr so not ridiculous. 

            Maybe JJ+Prado+Diaz for Cain+Myers

          • setupunchtag 4 years ago

            No way both Cain and Myers are included in any deal with Braves that does not include one of Hanson, Terehan, Beachy, or Minor. Seriously doubt the Royals give up 11 years of CF, RF for a Braves roster cleaning.

  49. threeeds 4 years ago

    It would be interesting to see Prado to the Tigers to play 2B or 3B. Not sure what the Braves would want in return, but I’m all for the Tigers getting a Venezuelan back after losing Magglio and Guillen this year (kidding, but he is from the same town as Cabrera).

    I should note that I’m not kidding about him being an interesting trade target for the Tigers though. He would play well near the top of the order for us (thinking #2). And…oh hey look at that, that’s where he has batted for most of his career. Excellent.

    • cole 4 years ago

      Makes sense but the only name I can see the Braves having significant interest in is Nick Castellanos. I don’t know the Tigers organization too well, but I wonder if something like Castellanos and a mid level for Jurjjens, Prado and a bit of cash would make sense? Detroit would be 6 deep at that point and would likely need to deal an arm, likely Porcello, Scherzer, or Fister. Seems doubtful, but who knows. More likely might be Daniel Fields and Gaynor/Machado.

    • If I’m the Royals I would sure ask about Beachy. That would make me consider moving Myers. Gordon is staying probably for another five years.

  50. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    I’m not sure if a deal happens unless we truly get the right package in return. This isn’t one of those, “meh, ok, we’ll take it” type of things. I feel like this is a “This is what we want, like it or go pound salt” type of deal.

  51. Tigerfan93 4 years ago

    It’s time for Dave Dombrowski to correct his mistake and get Jair back!

  52. windycitywarrior 4 years ago

    Carlos Quentin for Marin Prado straight up. And I dont want to hear about how thats a bad deal because it fits both teams needs. Hell the Sox can throw in Rios for that back up outfielder spot for a used bat if you like. You can even make it a cracked one.HA

  53. brosoxinc 4 years ago

    What do you Braves fans think of Myers for Minor straight up?

    • DK8 4 years ago

      Looking at Myers season in 2011, not a chance.  Myers is too far away from the majors with too much variability to be traded straight up for a guy who is a 3-4 starter now, with #2 upside (given the K rate).

  54. fightwookies 4 years ago

    If the Royals are going to trade for a Braves pitcher, get Hanson or Beachy. Jurrjens is worthless.

  55. MLB_in_the_Know 4 years ago

    Alright, let’s think about this realistically. 

    If we were to trade JJ, he would be more successful and therefore valuable to a team with a big ball park. This team would also need to be at/near/trying to prolong their contention because JJ is only under team control for 2 years. They would also, obviously have to have a need for SP. It would also help if they had a big payroll. 

    This leads to me to Minnesota Twins. 

    Big park, trying to contend, SP is terrible, big payroll with new stadium.

    So, let’s look at what the Twins might be able to offer that would entice the Braves. 

    1) Miguel Sano – Has to be included – RH 3B prospect – He has huge power potential, still very young, but he very well may turn into a beast. 
    2) Aaron Hicks – CF prospect who has faded a lot in the past couple years, but still has the tools, needs to develop the more, maybe a switch to a different organization, with different coaches and a fresh start would help him reach some of his potential.

    If you could get those 2 for JJ, even though they do not help the 2012 Braves, the organization as a whole would be stronger in the long run.

    Now, let’s look at Martin Prado.

    If we were to trade him, his bat makes him far more valuable in the infield than as a LF. So, we would be looking for a team in need of either a 2B or a 3B. Since the current state of affairs for MLB 3rd basemen is abysmal, lets focus there. Again, we need a team that is in/close/prolonging contention since Prado has 2 years of team control. We would need a team that has a decent offense because Prado is more of a complementary player instead of a primer player. 

    This leads me to the Milwaukee Brewers. 

    They had the 2nd worst 3B OPS in baseball last season and still won their division. They have a very solid team, but are potentially(probably) losing a major offensive force for their team in Prince Fielder and will want to replace some offense. Prado would be a great addition to their team.

    What could they offer?

    Honestly, it is kind of slim pickings over in Brew Town, but they have one very enticing player to offer: Jon Axford. He was their closer this year and has 4 more years of team control. However, he is just a relief pitcher and the relief pitching market is flush with closers this off season. They could take the route of signing a veteran closer and trading away their most valuable trade-able asset.

    Now, some of you are going to say “The Braves have the best bullpen in MLB with 2 dynamic young closers already, why would we need another?!?!” Well, simply put – we need more dependable late inning pitchers, I don’t want to have to throw Kimbrel and Venters out there everyday and ruin their arms. Having another closer quality RP would take so much pressure off our pen. Allowing everyone to stay healthy longer and pitch better because they are more rested. 

    • brosoxinc 4 years ago

      Trying to contend? The twins are currently the worst non-houston team in baseball with the maybe the worst long term contract (mauer) hanging over their heads. I think the twins are the least non-houston team likely to contend anytime over the next several years

      • MLB_in_the_Know 4 years ago

        You fail to remember the Twins won 94 games a year ago. They are in a new ball park, they have a big payroll for the first time in what seems like forever. They want to contend again this year, yes they had an abysmal season this year, but that was due to injuries and lack of pitching. If they get healthy and get some pitching their team can rebound. 

        That’s the logic being used by the Twins front office. They think they can contend and they might be right, but it doesn’t matter what we think, it matters what they think.

        Also, you gotta assume that Bill Smith’s job may be in jeopardy if the Twins have another down year, so he could attempt to use some of the prospects he has to improve the club in the short term to same his job.  

    • cole 4 years ago

      I don’t think any GM in the league would trade Sano for Jurjjens. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the value on ultra-ceiling prospects is quite a bit higher than a #3-4 starter with somewhat significant time missed the previous two seasons, let alone adding Hicks as well with Kubel/Cuddyer possibly on the way out.

      The Brewers deal seems a bit more reasonable but if the ‘Crew want to contend again I doubt they deal Axford with so much uncertainty around guys like Braddock, Loe, Saito, etc., now and in the future, unless they sign a free agent closer, most of whom are type A free agents. As with most I agree the best bet for the Brewers to fill the hole left by Prince is Barmes and others, among less likely possibilities such as Reyes or Rollins.

      • setupunchtag 4 years ago

        You are correct, sir. Sano for Jar-jar would never happen, much less for two prospects.  Jurrens has lousy peripherals, and the Twin’s are not stupid, other than their trade for Delmon Young.

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      If Kimbrel and Venters flop, they have a ton of options: Medlen, O’Flaherty, Vizcaino, even Teheran.

      They don’t need any more relievers.   Their AAA pen is going to be nasty as it is already.

    • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

      The Twins trading Sano would be roughly the same as the Braves trading Salcedo. Both teams paid them quite a lot of money as international free agents. I’m not sure if you trade away a guy that you paid so much for that hasn’t had a chance at the majors.

  56. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Angels should consider a trade here man..Angels are looking for a 3rd basemen and another pitcher that can go with Weav,Santi, and Haren… Angels do have Kole Calhoun that has plenty of pop in his bat.. Yes i see potential in this guy but they let go of Skaggs for Haren..and we have Pete and Trout so that won’t harm us…and for SS we have Aybar so Angels could trade Taylor Lindsey that plays 2nd but can be able to make a transation to short.. I mean those two guys do what Braves want and there 2 guys do what Angels want..Lets go Dipoto get into the talks!!!!!!!

    • i agree… both could work. I like Prado. He could play 3b and be an upgrade to Callaspo and have some more homerun pop.

  57. YankeeBaseball 4 years ago

    Jurrjens and Prado for Swisher and Betances with the Yankees eating a couple million of Swishers salary.

    • Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

      lol braves want to lose these guys because of money whats makes you think they want to get Swisher’s Salary

  58. levendis 4 years ago

    i like the Yankees going after Floyd or Jurjenns, I dont trust Bartolo or Freddy over these two guys. Now I’m asking Braves fans the question of what would you think is a fair trade for Jurrjens? I’m curious to see what would take to aquire him. which specific players? just dont say Montero b/c you all know thats not happening

    • cole 4 years ago

      The two don’t quite match up as a significant portion of upper echelon Yankee prospects are arms (Banuelos, Betances) and catchers (Sanchez, Romine,) neither of which the Braves need. The only other name of note is Eduardo Nunez, and with Jeter on a steep decline I imagine they would be less inclined to move him, let alone Atlanta having any real interest in someone with a poor stick and tremendously bad UZR.

      The Yankees are likely better off going the reclamation route with either the same guys who worked out quite well last year, Bedard, or others, while waiting to give Banuelos and Betances a real shot at the rotation. It’ll be interesting to see if they go after someone like Edwin Jackson though, or maybe even Hisashi Iwakuma.

      • levendis 4 years ago

        yeah i was thinking that too, all we have to offer are pitchers and catchers, and you guys are loaded with that. Eduardo Nunez is probably the dumbest defender I’ve ever seen in my life. Good utility man but nothing more. Yeah your making alot of sense, the Yankees probably will sign Freddie and call it an offseason, but you never know.

  59. DK8 4 years ago

    Twins fans are going to say it’s too much on #1, but the logic is sound.  Seems like that one could work.

    I’m skeptical on #2 because the Braves seem to like some of the young guys who could fill pen spots next year.  I’d be surprised if Prado was traded because his versatility adds  value to the Braves and his numbers were really bad last year, especially compared to his previous career.

  60. Salmon4Coach 4 years ago

    Angels should consider a trade here man..Angels are looking for a 3rd basemen and another pitcher that can go with Weav,Santi, and Haren… Angels do have Kole Calhoun that has plenty of pop in his bat…and we have Pete and Trout so that won’t harm us…and for SS Angels could trade Taylor Lindsey that plays 2nd but can be able to make a transation to short.. I mean those two guys do what Braves want and there 2 guys do what Angels want..Lets go Dipoto get into the talks!!!!!! and Angels love Versatile PLAYERS…THIS SOUNDS JUST TO PERFECT!!!!!!!!! BE AGGRESSIVE DIPOTO PLEASE!!!!!!!( What do you Brave fans think of this)

  61. Brad Crown 4 years ago

    Well, here go rumors of Dayton Moore making deals for current or former Braves players AGAIN! This is getting quite pathetic. I mean Jurrjens would be a great asset to the Royals pitching staff, but all Dayton Moore seems to go for are Braves players. Why not at least try for C.J. Wilson??? It couldn’t hurt, afterall we have all that money to use thanks to Gil Meche!!! And the Royals getting rid of Wil Myers is unthinkable, he’s a key asset for our future outfield and the Royals shouldn’t risk getting rid of a possible Albert Pujols caliber player.

    • Jeff 4 years ago

      It worked out last year for you guys- you got Melky and Franceour’s career years.

      JJ’s a good, underrated pitcher, and Prado’s a great utility guy who can start for extended periods.

  62. If we’re trading with the Royals, not extending Bourn for Cain is just plain stupid. He’s unproven and we have the best leadoff man in baseball now.

    If we could pry away Moustakas or Gordon or maybe one of those set-up kids of theirs that’s the only thing we really should have interest in. Moose would be such a great acquisition and with Hosmer, Butler, and Navarro maybe they’ll see him as expendable. Chipper’s on his way out and this would make us set. Give him playing time in LF if he can handle it.

    • craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

      Bourn had the best year of his career in 2011 and is a career.271/.336/.358 guy and will be due arb after 2012.  The salary will probably be a lot higher than the they want to spend on a leadoff guy.  It’s nice but it’s a luxury that they really can’t afford to spend their money on.  If you can have a guy that potentially can get the job done at minimal cost, that is going to improve the team overall. 

      Fredi doesn’t know how to use the speed anyway.

  63. missyae 4 years ago

    I think the Red Sox or Twins will try to do something with this.

    • Matt Talbert 4 years ago

      Wil Myers is unproven.   Prado is too valuable to the Braves.  Why, because behind Chipper the only 3b capable in the minors are either Brandon Drury and Edward Salcedo and both of them are years away.  Jurrjens or another SP might be traded, but not Prado.  He is needed.

  64. MrBaseball29 4 years ago

    Headed to the Yanks

  65. I havent read through alll the posts, but doesnt a Snider for JJ trade with some add on’s make sense?

    • FrankTheFunkasaurusRex 4 years ago

      not really.

    • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

      I like Snider’s intensity but I get the feeling that may turn into an attitude issue. He seems like the type of guy who would rip his entire locker out of the wall and light it on fire.

  66. quadbravesfan 4 years ago

    From a braves blog. I’d love it. Don’t think KC would.

    Funny that you mention Wil Myers. I know a friend that actually
    works for the Braves organization and he heard from someone in the
    actual front office about a potential Jurrjens and Bethancourt to the
    Royals for Alex Gordon and Wil Myers trade. It’s just a rumor floating
    though, but seems to have a lil more legs than most considering this
    same source called the Tex trade 2 days before anyone knew about it
    along with a few other things that have happened.

    Again this is just a rumor, but one that to me has some legs to it.
    So looks apparent Wren is at least already looking to make some noise.
    Not really sure how I feel about it. If this season wasn’t an aberration
    for Gordon, and he has just reached into his potential then this could
    be huge, especially getting Myers too. Just a rumor, but it does look

    • Guest 4 years ago

      dont tease me like that.

    • ChiefTomahawk 4 years ago

      Do you think Alex Gordon is the real deal? Just because he did well 1 year doesn’t guarantee he will be that productive. 

  67. Royals Fan 4 years ago

    You Braves fans are delusional.  No way we trade you Gordon.  No way we trade you Myers for Jurrjens.  No f’ing way you get both.  I don’t care what Myers did last year, the kid is a stud and is only 20 years old.  The only way you end up with Myers is in a trade for Beachy, Minor, or Teheran.  I can see Minor for Myers straight up. 

    • craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

      lol…calm down man. 

    • kcgregory 4 years ago

      this is the first reasonable post in quite some time

    • setupunchtag 4 years ago

      You are correct. And Gordon gets moved for Hanson or Teheran, but nothing less.

  68. Royals Fan 4 years ago

    By the way, go ahead and cross Moustakas off you list off ridiculous scenarios too.

    • craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

      once again….calm down.

    • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

      As much as I’d appreciate a lowering of tone I do agree with you. The Royals have taken their time and devised alot of strategy to acquire and build up guys like Hosmer, Myers, Cain, Montgomery and Moustakas. Why would they trade them?

  69. craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

    How about we throw in Fredi Gonzalez in a package deal that would return a year’s supply of baseballs and sunflower seeds.

  70. austinhb 4 years ago

    some comments from Scott Coleman that really sums up my thoughts exactly

    “I’d much rather deal Jurrjens than Prado, though I’d rather hang onto Jurrjens and try to rebuild his trade value if it’s really low.I have absolutely no interest in Cain.Alex Gordon is a very interesting player, but we shouldn’t give the farm for him. BABIP was through the roof in 2011 and it’ll regress substantially.Wil Myers would be a dream. He has to be our No. 1 target. If we somehow land him, Wren will become even more than a God.These rumors, if true, really have me believing Wren is working on something big. Not necessarily with the Royals, but he’s got something up his sleeve.””Dealing Prado would require Wren to get a hell of a utility man capable of playing 3B. That’s why I don’t think he gets dealt unless we get blown away.”

  71. Brewcrew00 4 years ago

    Corey Hart and Nyjer Morgan for Jurrjens and upper minor league ss.

    • NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

      I wonder what the exchange would be like following a Nyjer Morgan single against the Marlins…what a clothesline by Gaby Sanchez.

  72. patburn 4 years ago

    Prado is a no brainer.  If the team could get something solid for him, they should take him.  That is the outfield spot the Braves are trying to replace with a power hitter.  Jurjeans, I am hesitant on.  Although I rejoiced when Lowe got traded, I don’t know if the Braves could afford to have a starting rotation of Hudson and the young guys.  I know Jurjeans isn’t that old, but he is able to go deep into games when healthy.  Something these young guys are unproved on- same goes for Hanson. 

  73. Depending on the leash Dipoto is given, I see a fit there. If he goes for Reyes after the Angels missed on Crawford last year, then Aybar is expendable. Given how much salary they’re going to be dropping in coming seasons with the outfield being replaced by youngins, locking up a premium shortstop and bolstering their rotation a bit seems like a decent strategy.

    Jurrjens + David Ross for Aybar, with prospects filling out the deal.

    It solves the Angels’ catching crisis temporarily (with a catcher that fits Scioscia’s extreme defense-first mentality) and gives them the fourth man in the rotation they needed last year. The money balances out. Jurrjens has an extra year on Aybar and fits exceptionally well in the AL West’s cavernous ballparks, outside of Texas.

    Obviously, that deal is in conjunction with the Angels making their big acquisition first.

    That would put the ball in the Braves’ court as to whether Aybar and/or Bourn are re-signed, but they will have DLowe off the books entirely and Chipper either gone or receiving a lower dollar figure to stick around another year.


  74. is eduardo nunez from the yankees any good? maybe we can trade jurrjens for eduardo nunez + outfield prospect, and eduardo can play shortstop in 2012 than maybe take over third base when chipper retires

  75. You saw the part about getting rid of salary, right? 

  76. commenter3346 4 years ago

    Doesn’t Swisher have 1 more year on his contract? Why would they give up Jurrjens, who’s under control for some time, for a right fielder for a year when they could get a lot more than that?

  77. Jeff 4 years ago

    Swisher+ Nunez perhaps?

  78. Throw in a dead bin laden and you have yourself a deal

  79. Guest 4 years ago


  80. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    because swisher may be worth more in one season than jurrjens in two?

  81. MB923 4 years ago

    He’s a free agent next year, and you may be right, they could get more.

  82. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Stop acting like JJ is under control for another 4 years. He has two years left and is due for a raise. I’m not saying Swisher straight up is good (for either team, really) but the extra year that JJ has isn’t a big deal especially if they feel (and they do) that they can similar production from guys making $400,000.

  83. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    Can he pitch?

  84. commenter3346 4 years ago

    But the Braves want an outfielder for after Bourn leaves — Swisher isn’t that. 
    And Swisher isn’t worth to the Braves what Jurrjens would be worth to the Yankees, who really need pitching. The Braves could get a lot more from a different team than Nick Swisher.

  85. Travis White 4 years ago

    Not likely. Jurrjens had a higher WAR than Swisher at a third of the price, and that was with only 152 innings pitched. Typical Yankee fan. Overvaluing their players

  86. Guest 4 years ago

    Keep in mind the Braves could also sign/extend Swisher to a team friendly deal. Not much, but they could trade for Swisher and maybe lock him down for 3 years total and $32-$33mm. Basically match his current salary of $10.5mm for two more years. That wouldn’t be so bad at all and would give the Braves outstanding depth. A switch hitter, who has a high OBP, still youngish, been a lock to hit 25-30 homers a year, that can play RF or 1st.

  87. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    jurrjens struck out just over 5 per 9 last year and isn’t likely to fare better against AL East lineups in yankee stadium

    in point of fact, he’s been worth 2.7 WAR over the last two seasons while swisher was worth 3.8 last season alone

  88. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Did you not read the part about “power hitting OF”. That’s not Bourn. They want Bourn + a power corner. Obtaining both is ideal for them I imagine. One doesn’t block the other.

  89. Guest 4 years ago

    Does he drink? 

  90. Jeff 4 years ago

    In JJ’s case, it’s not so much salary relief but a ridiculous surplus of pitchers to where he may be the 5th best pitcher on the staff next year. 

    Prado- maybe that one is salary relief- if they view Pastornicky as a potential utility guy.

  91. Guest 4 years ago

    That guy is a Red Sox fan. And this Yankee fans says you’re wrong about overvaluing anything. Despite the handful of uber-excessive contracts on the team, we also have some of the best in the league in Cano, Swisher, Gardner, Granderson, Nova. Any team in baseball would take any one of those players on any given day base on productive and cost. As for the difference in price btw Swish and Jurrjens you do understand that will be decided shortly in arbitration and Jurrjens is going to see a pretty large increase in salary. When its all said and done, the difference in their cost will be nominal. The key thing is controlled years, but as I said above, Swisher would likely be open to an extension with the Braves. But as that other guy said, which he was right, an impact player like Swisher (and his attitude and personality) would be of immense value to a club like the Braves.

  92. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    last 2 seasons

    baseball reference

    jurrjens 3.6 WAR
    swisher 5.7 WAR


    jurrjens 2.7
    swisher 7.9


    jurrjens 3.2
    swisher 6.8

  93. MB923 4 years ago

    Seems like you’re a Braves fan overvaluing Jurrjens.

  94. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    last 4 seasons


    lowe 3.77
    jurrjens 4.37
    (randy wolf 4.38)

    FIP- (adjusted for league & park and scaled to league average)

    lowe 92
    jurrjens 94


    lowe 105
    jurrjens 83


    lowe 3.91
    jurrjens 4.12

    and lest you think the best is yet to come for young jurrjens, 2008-2011, in order:

    SIERA: 4.16 4.43 4.36 4.43
    tERA: 4.13 3.71 4.25 4.59
    FIP-: 84 88 106 105

    but i’m sure he and his declining k-rate would fare much better in yankee stadium against the lineups of the red red sox (1st) blue jays (6th) orioles (14th) and rays (15th) than he’s done in turner field against the mets (12) phillies (13th) marlins (23rd) and nationals (24th)

    after all, it’s not as if he’s been mediocre (4.21 FIP, 3.75 ERA) against winning teams in his career

    but he’s got an extra year of control! wheeeeeeeeee

  95. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Ppl get way to carried away with WAR. You shouldn’t compare WAR for a pitcher vs a position player. Apples and oranges bro.

    Besides…who uses BR’s WAR anyway? And even if you did, the difference at Baseball Reference is negligible anyway as JJ was listed at 3.7 and Swish at 3.3.

    Fangraphs, which most ppl refer to if they want WAR values has it at Swisher @ 3.8 and JJ @ 1.5.

    I’m not sure what to make of you. Let me think about it.

  96. Jeff 4 years ago

    One option- Uggla to 3B, where his range wouldn’t be an issue (I think his arm is strong enough) , and Pastornicky to 2B.

    Another option would be trying Pastornicky at 3B.  Brooks Conrad is on the roster as well if you’re desperate.

  97. MB923 4 years ago


  98. Encarnacion's Parrot 4 years ago

    Only if he plays for Boston.

  99. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    You saw the part about them wanting to add a power hitting OF right? I’m 99.9% sure the Braves know that player is going to cost them some money and if they can trade a $3.5 mil player who will probably get a raise and can be replaced with a much cheaper option (Delgado, etc) for a $10 mil player that they might feel fills their need, and does so at a reasonable cost, then my guess is they’ll be warm to that idea.

  100. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Yep. I wouldn’t mind JJ but he’s not an ideal pitcher for the Yanks to trade Swisher for, especially if that means going after Beltran or (uggg) Cuddyer.

  101. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    I’ve thought about it. You “qwasy”.

  102. ha that’s funny to me and the worst trade in history if it ever happened

  103. either way how he spelled it. starlin castro was a fantasy player of mine and he is untouchable in my opinion for the cubs he might be there franchise player next year because of how good he is. he will stay with the cubs for years solely on the fact that epstein knows it

  104. Jose_Bautista 4 years ago

    Maybe you forgot the Alex Gonzalez and Yunel Escobar swap?

  105. Bourn is not leaving. we need the speed we finally have that helped us out so much in our game. i will bet anything we will extend bourn

  106. we do not need swisher. hopefully heyward will do next year what he was supposed to this year and bourn will stay at center while prado will stay at left unless we go for reyes or gonzalez at shortstop. otherwise we will move prado to short and get one of those free agent outfielders

  107. wow dude you can say state all these stats all you want. i went to plenty of games with lowe starting where teams scored 2 or 3 runs in the first two innings. in the eyes of billy beane. jurrjens is by far a better pitcher to have and we are far better off now that lowe is gone. final answer. you know it. everyone knows it

  108. notsureifsrs 4 years ago

    oh, you went to some games? nevermind the data from all of the games (including the ones you went to) then. that changes everything

  109. Christian camlin 4 years ago

    sounds bad for both teams .

  110. Christian camlin 4 years ago

    he’s all they have .

  111. Hambone32 4 years ago

    Prado is a utility man, not super utility.  He doesn’t have the range to play short.  AGon will want a long term contract (2 Years) since he is at that age where he probably has one long term contract left in him before the “Omar Vizqual Years” kick in….
    The Braves sign a utility player who can handle the middle IF spots, in hopes they can get through the first month of the season to get Pastornicky some additional AAA at bats.

  112. I would like to see Jurrjens come home to Detroit but there is no room for him. Jacob Turner will more than likely be the 5th starter even though he could use a little more seasoning. I wouldnt mind seeing Jurrjens in a KC uniform though. Trading him for Alex Gordon isnt going to happen. Gordon is too valuable for KC but I do belive they have another hotshot 3rd base prospect ready for the bigs. So it might happen.

  113. Jeff 4 years ago

    If A-Gon wants 2 yrs I’d go with Pastornicky.  Braves may have Simmons ready in 2013.

  114. Jeff 4 years ago

    That wasn’t that bad of a swap for the Braves- and they had other concerns.

    Collins will be a solid reliever- they swapped him for Farnsworth+Ankiel though, understandable deadline deal.

    Pastornicky looks like he’ll make the majors also

    A-Gon hits like crap, but has been a great defensive SS.

    Escobar had his career year last year, I suspect reality sets in this year.

  115. Um, Alex Gordon doesn’t play 3B anymore…

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