Indians Interested In Jason Kubel

The Indians are interested in free agent outfielder Jason Kubel, according to Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Cleveland claimed Kubel on waivers in August and they are still considering ways of obtaining outfield depth.

Kubel, 29, posted a .273/.332/.434 line for the Twins in 2011, adding 12 homers and 21 doubles. He's a Type B free agent and it appears highly unlikely that he'll cost a draft pick, even if the free agent compensation system changes under the upcoming collective bargaining agreement.

Though Kubel would provide some offense, he's a left-handed hitter and Cleveland's offense already features a number of lefty bats. Outfielders Shin-Soo Choo and Michael Brantley bat from the left side, along with Travis Hafner, Jason Kipnis, Lonnie Chisenhall and Jack Hannahan. However, GM Chris Antonetti appears to be keeping options open in case the right deal emerges for a left-handed hitter.  The Indians, who are considering options at first base and center field, presumably have interest in Kubel as a left fielder.

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8 Comments on "Indians Interested In Jason Kubel"

3 years 9 months ago

Seeing as how the Indians were soooo nice in taking Derek Lowe off our hands I’m sure the Braves would glady take that washed up old sap Shin Soo Choo off of their hands. No really, we insist. It’s the least we can do.

Tyler Jedrzejak
3 years 9 months ago

im down lol choo in a braves uniform….sounds epic

3 years 9 months ago

Not going to happen…Choo will be in a Tribe uniform for at least 2 more seasons.

Daniel Madden
3 years 9 months ago

this is would be a terrible decision, Kubel’s not a bad hitter but he’s so injury prone. We don’t need another lefty either. We should either go for Cuddyer, which would solve all of our problems since him and santana could switch at 1B and he could play OF, or pick up Pena and then trade for BJ Upton since the rays are relatively in the same price range as us.

3 years 9 months ago

Can somebody please, oh PLEASE tell me why the Indians, who are in desperate need of a RH bat and some solid defense, would seriously target Kubel as a free agent?

3 years 9 months ago

Twins should retain Kubel rather than let him walk for zero compensation. Twins are in bad shape. Smith wrecked a perennial contender, a team that dominated its division for the last 8 or 9 years. Ryan can’t lose any more pieces worth keeping.

Steve Johnson
3 years 9 months ago

Kubel wouldnt leave for nothing as they will get a sandwich pick for his departure.  It’s probable that Ben knows something I don’t, but I would have assumed that changes to the free-agent compensation system (which is clearly broken) will likely not apply until next offseason.

I’m on the fence about trying to retain Kubel.  Certainly I would offer him arbitration, but I’m really not interested in a multiyear deal for the following reasons:

1) He should be platooned against lefties, but the Twins refuse to platoon anyone.  he doesn’t fit in with the organizational philosophy of avoiding leveraging a player’s strengths.
2) He’s not good on defense.  
3) The Twins probably need to get younger and cheaper where they can, and the outfield is the only position(s) where they have a number of credible prospects that are almost ready.  The money should be spent to cover a plethora of organizational weaknesses (like Catcher, Infield, Right handed power, bullpen)
4) He cannot stay healthy.

The biggest argument I would put forward to retain Kubel is that he’s a known quantity, but even then the Twins really ought to look towards 2013 since their three best players are not known quantities. 

3 years 9 months ago

Terrible fit…please, please no.

I’d love to see the Indians work on acquiring Logan Morrison to play 1st, however, with Carlos Pena as a backup plan.  Not sure what the price for Morrison would be, since that front has been pretty quiet.