Murphy Available; Mets Considered Street & Chavez

Mets GM Sandy Alderson says the team isn’t close to completing any deals, according to Andy Martino of the New York Daily News (Twitter link). Here are updates on some potential moves for the team…

  • Adam Rubin of hears the Mets informed other teams that Daniel Murphy is available. While many players are available in the right move at this time of year, this indicates that the Mets are willing to listen on the versatile 26-year-old.
  • The Mets and Rockies briefly discussed a deal involving Huston Street and Mike Pelfrey, but the Mets don’t seem too excited about the possibility of acquiring Street, according to Joel Sherman of the New York Post (on Twitter). Street and current Mets bench coach Bob Geren had trouble getting along when they were both with the Athletics.
  • The Mets are open to bringing Endy Chavez back to New York and they have had preliminary discussions about a deal with agent Peter Greenberg, according to Martino.

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  1. Chioakcisco 4 years ago

    The real story here is why does Bob Geren have a job?

  2. philliesfan136 4 years ago

    The Rockies should be able to get more than Pelfrey for Street IMO.

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      Either it’ll be a larger deal or they’ll simply be trying to dump Street’s salary.

    • The Phillies will sign him for batting practice

      • bleedrockiepurple 4 years ago

        Throwing 8 MM at a batting practice pitcher still looks better than that Ryan Howard extension.

  3. Blue387 4 years ago

    How about Murphy to the Mariners for some pitching? Seattle could use someone who can hit. Anyone who can hit.

  4. dusto 4 years ago

    Murphy to the Dodgers!

    • sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

      how about you sell him to japan? :)

  5. chico65 4 years ago

    I was briefly excited, then realized it was murphy, not wright. A boy can dream, can’t he?

  6. diehardmets 4 years ago

    Why would they want to trade Murphy? That’s one of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard in a while. He’s versatile and he can certainly hit. Just throw him in at 2B and see what happens, they’re not going to contend anyway. 

    • YaGottaBelieve11 4 years ago

      They have thrown him in at 2nd twice, and he has had surgery on both knees now because of it. I live Murph’s stick but we should trade him now while his value is high, I imagine we get a pretty nice piece back for him.

    • TheHotCorner 4 years ago

      My guess is because of the interest in Prado, who is similar in my opinion.  I think they should keep him as well but I guess it doesn’t hurt to throw his name out there.  For the right price I would trade anyone.  As long as that price is right.

  7. dusto 4 years ago

    Yeah, trading Murphy looks like a pretty stupid move. He can play 2b, 3b, 1b, and corner outfield spots with a pretty decent bat. He had a much better season than David Wright did last year.

    • Rick Garcia 4 years ago

      His versatility is what makes trading him easier than say someone like Duda. Moving Murphy would make sense if there’s a good return. I’d like to see him stick around though. Trading Pelfrey for Street I wouldn’t mind but that doesn’t sound like a move Sandy would make unless Colorado eats most of Street’s salary.

  8. slider32 4 years ago

    Who wants Murphy he doesn’t have a position!

    • dusto 4 years ago

      (LA) I’ll take him at 3B!

      • sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

         (someone really from LA)
        Keep him, mets fans :)

    • YaGottaBelieve11 4 years ago

      He actually plays the CI positions pretty well, Mets should trade this guy before he gets killed playing 2nd

  9. Offseason ideas:

    1- Trade Jason Bay & cash considerations to the Red Sox for RHP Weiland.

    2- Sign Joe Nathan & Jason Marquis to both; 1yr 3mill w/incentives.

    3- Forget about Jose Reyes; move Jordany Valespin from Triple A Buffalo.

    4- Trade RHP Pelfrey to Rockies for 2- low/mid level prospects


    1- Pagan CF
    2- Tejada SS
    3- Wright 3b
    4- I.Davis 1b
    5- Duda RF
    6- D.Murphy 2b
    7- Thole C
    8- S.Hairston LF


    J.Turner UT
    W.Harris UT
    M.Nickeas C
    N.Evans 1b/OF


    LHP Santana
    RHP Marquis
    LHP Niese
    RHP Gee
    RHP Dickey

    Rotation: Nathan(CL), Parnell, Izzy, Beato, D,Herrera, T.Byrdak, DJ Carrasco, M.Acosta

  10. tomymogo 4 years ago

    Murphy is a good player, but he should only be used as a 1B or 3B. And 3B is a bit of a stretch. Teams looking for a cheap 1B should look into it

  11. The Mets are doomed for atleast the next 5 years.  Alderson isn’t spending any money.  Their payroll will be below $100mm for the foreseable future while the NL East will continue to get stronger.  Maybe in 5 years their farm system will improve and the Wilpons will actually make some money on their Private Equity Funds and not have their Madoff profits clawed back as anticipated, because God knows they won’t make any money running this team!

    • tomymogo 4 years ago

      He is doing the right thing. It’s not his fault he entered an organization with absolutely no pitching on it. Pelfrey sucks, Santana is old making a ton of money and just had TJ surgery, and Niese/Gee are 4th or 5th starters at best that had ERA’s below 4 thanks to pitcher friendly Citi field. The only “good” pitching prospect they had was Jenry Mejia and he just got TJ surgery. You can’t just go to FA and buy an entire pitching staff, and specially this FA. 

      They do have offense, I really like Duda, Davis, Wright, Murphy, but Murphy and Duda are below average defensively. Personally, I feel like they should go full on to rebuilding mode, trade Wright for pitching and keep Murphy at 3B. I would non-tender Pelfrey, and sign low profile FA’s like Paul Maholm and Aaron Harang, and a closer like for example David Ardsma. 

      And in 2013, they should non-tender Pagan and sign a good CF like Bourn or Upton, and depending on how Tejada handles SS, they could go after Stephen Drew or Erick Aybar. Trade Murphy if Wright’s option isn’t picked up and sign Wright again. 

      2013 could be an interesting year, and the beginning of the Mets rise again if they draft well

      • There are so many errors in this post i dont know where to start. 

        -Santana is old and just had TJ surgery? WRONG 
        -Niese being at best a 4th or 5th starter. WRONG
        -How on earth are the Mets going to go after Drew, Aybar or Bourn?

        Ill stop and leave the rest for everyone else

        • tomymogo 4 years ago

          shoulder surgery for Santana? I just always assume it’s TJ.

          In 2013 they should sign a CF since 2 good CF’s(Upton and Bourn) enter the FA market. And IF Tejada doesn’t have a good year at SS, they should sign either Drew or Aybar who will enter the FA market if they don’t sign an extension.

          And Niese is a 4th starter on a good team, and a 5th starter on a very good pitching staff that’s the truth

        • slider32 4 years ago

          The Mets will finish last in the East for years to come!

  12. If Dan Uggla can play 2nd, Murphy can. We have all seen Murphy make fantastic plays at 2nd base this year. People who dont watch the Mets just assume hes an awful fielder because thats what other people say who dont watch them either. Murphy really isnt that bad. Below average? Thats fair. But not horrendous. Take the good with the bad the boy can hit! And fans love him. 

    • tomymogo 4 years ago

      Dan Uggla is a way better fielder at 2B than Murphy. The LF experiment was hard to watch. 3B and 1B are his best positions by far, and he has done some unbelievable plays at 1B and is the position he has less errors at. He isn’t gold glove caliber but an average defensive 1B IMO. 

      • The LF experiment was hard to watch because he isnt a natural outfielder. The Mets can really get by with him at 2nd. Especially with Wright and Davis at the corners with either Tejada or Reyes (im praying) at SS.

        • I am very envious of your healthy positive attitude towards our beloved Mets.  Wished I feel the same way :)

          • Always optimistic. Cant wait for next season. Wright rebound, full season of Davis, Johan back, Harvey appearance sometime?, full season of Duda. Lots of things to look forward to. (besides winning of course)

          • MetsMagic 4 years ago

            Having good players equates to winning. These are good players, and should be entertaining to watch while this organization gains depth and gets back on track. 

  13. Van_Wilder_0812 4 years ago

    We here in Pittsburgh will take Murphy and Pelfrey for Hanrahan, Matt Hague, and maybe some change.

    That gives you a grade A closer and a young backup 1B/3B with doubles power.

    Let’s do it.

    • tomymogo 4 years ago

      I’d do that in a heart bit, if I’m the Mets

      • Ian_Smell 4 years ago

        Remember, we here in Pittsburgh are drunk a lot too.

  14. slider32 4 years ago

    You know Murphy isn’t good if the Mets want to get rid of him. Teams are not going to give the Mets much for Murphy!

    • MetsMagic 4 years ago

      You don’t know anything about Murphy or the Mets. I don’t know what team you like, but stick to them because your crusade against this team is laughable at best. You are nothing short of a buffoon who makes Mike Francesa look good. 

      • PileOfSandwich 4 years ago

        Over sensitive much? 

        • MetsMagic 4 years ago

          Not over sensitive, I am not personally offended. But I can’t stand retards who will drink the Adam Rubin kool-aid and use the “LOLMETZ ARE BROKE” mantra towards a talented player that would likely garner interest from many teams looking for a good, if not great, 1B or 3B. 

  15. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    Daniel Murphy… Guy that can hit but can’t for **** right?

  16. Vinnie White 4 years ago

    You guys can fire Guerin, trade Street and Nelson for Pelfry and Murphy.  Murphy plugs in automatically as the starting 2B and Pelfry sits at three and lets Pomeranz and White move to 4-5 to get accumulated to the majors.

  17. Chavez would likely get a 1-year deal to serve as a 4th OFer/late inning defensive replacement.

  18. diehardmets 4 years ago

    Go away. 

    Also, think more along the lines of three years. 

  19. lovebaseball74 4 years ago

    i totally agree time to throw the towel in and start over…to me everyone on the team is available i mean everyone

  20. MetsMagic 4 years ago

    I’m not sure you know anything about what you’re talking about. They will compete, at the absolute latest in 2014. 

  21. oleosmirf 4 years ago

    what kids? 

  22. Lastings 4 years ago

    You really believe the Marlins future looks bright? This whole Miami transition and Loria throwing money at the wall has doom written all over it. I see the whole thing ending badly. Loria would know, he only sold out the Montreal franchise once it didn’t pan out the way he expected. On another note, just because Washington and Atlanta have hyped prospects doesn’t mean they are going to fulfill their expectations at the major league level. I’m not saying the Mets are going to compete right now, but I do know this. That team has just as much fight as any another team in the game, and in baseball anything can happen. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a run in a few seasons. Five years? C’mon son.

  23. lovebaseball74 4 years ago

    thats my point every team in the division has talent and depth except the mets..we will finish last to a few years.. i rather watch the kids play then spend money on players that will do anything for us now and be to old when were competive again.i really dont see any hope for the mets until they trade away players and get some major league ready players..blow it up sandy u already made a mistake by not trading reyes and now hes gonna walk and we got nothing

  24. I knew that thing was on drugs!

  25. BrocNessMonster 4 years ago

    You take Pelfrey and Ike Davis’ fight, and I’ll take Strasberg, Zimmerman, and Zimmerman’s talent.

  26. MetsMagic 4 years ago

    Nats fans harp over Zimmerman without realizing the Mets have an at the very least an equally talented 3B at the same age. Don’t even bother taking shots about defense. 

  27. sherrilltradedooverexperience 4 years ago

    the dodgers are letting all of the mets calls go straight to voicemail this offseason since they know the mets are even more broke than they are.

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