Quick Hits: Draft, Papelbon, Indians, D’Backs, Pirates

Some links as Tuesday turns into Wednesday…

  • The new Collective Bargaining Agreement will implement some major changes to the draft, but Baseball America's Jim Callis says the spending limitations won't be as drastic as initially thought.
  • Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports reports (on Twitter) that slots for the first four picks for the draft will be $7.2MM, $6.2MM, $5.2MM, and $4.2MM. Teams are not required to spend that much, however.
  • In an Insider-only breakdown, ESPN's Keith Law analyzed the new CBA point-by-point. "The net result here is a big negative for the sport," he says. Click here for some more CBA reactions.
  • The Rangers were not in on Jonathan Papelbon before he signed with the Phillies, reports WEEI.com's Rob Bradford (on Twitter). Texas signed Joe Nathan to close yesterday.
  • MLB.com's Jordan Bastian says (on Twitter) that the Indians will give Lonnie Chisenhall every chance to win their third base job in Spring Training, so don't expect their search for offense to result in an upgrade at the hot corner.
  • In a second tweet, Bastian says the one-year deal between the Indians and Grady Sizemore should be announced soon, perhaps on Wednesday.
  • The Diamondbacks announced their minor league coaching staffs in a press release. Former D'Backs Jay Bell and Robby Hammock have joined the club's player development staff.
  • Rob Biertempfel of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review passes along some changes the Pirates have made to their scouting department.

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  1. myname_989 4 years ago

    Keith Law would do a point-by-point analysis on why the sky isn’t blue if you gave him a chance.

    • I know we say we get tired of the same old, same old, but the dude never agrees with anything.

    • Chris Whitby 4 years ago

      True – but I think his breakdown of the new CBA is actually very good. One of the better articles I’ve read on ESPN Insider. He goes through each major point – good and bad – and offer honest and informed (yet debatable) analysis. Keith Law fan or not, it’s a good piece.

    • The_BiRDS 4 years ago

      Why didnt the Rangers go after Madson?

      • 0bsessions 4 years ago

        Probably prohibitively expensive right now. It would be unwise to go too aggressively after him now when there are options on the market that are liable to do almost as well at a fraction of the cost.

      • 0bsessions 4 years ago

        Probably prohibitively expensive right now. It would be unwise to go too aggressively after him now when there are options on the market that are liable to do almost as well at a fraction of the cost.

  2. Chipper_is_GOD 4 years ago

    So how long have we known Sizemore is going to resign with the Indians? Over a week now? Can they just go ahead and announce it?

    • MetsMagic 4 years ago

      They want to build suspense. 

    • A possible explanation: The Indians 40 man roster is filled.. upon announcing the signing, the Indians would have to drop someone from the 40 man. How could the Indians survive without having Corey Kluber on the roster !! 

      but, if you must.. anxiety meds are over there=================> take two, they’re small…

  3. johnsilver 4 years ago

    If indeed it is a brutal piece of work (CBA.. Wouldn’t it be grand if the owners voted it down when Selig brought it to a vote?

    The ultimate slap to his face and maybe scoot him on his way out for good.

  4. Welcome back to Arizona, Jay Bell!

  5. “The net result here is a big negative for the sport,”

    With Bud Selig and the Players Union calling the shots, what other result could there be?

  6. This new CBA is a travesty, they’ve screwed over the party not represented at all in the CBA negotiations, the players union clearly doesn’t care about its future members, just its current ones. Instead of slowing down the insane free agency spending, they’re trying to quell the highly immaterial (comparatively) amateur spending. They don’t like teams like the rays building playoff teams on the cheap, you gotta spend money to win! Well this is fine and dandy as we’re going to see fewer and fewer quality players as a result.

  7. $3081341 4 years ago

    Why Texas didn’t go after the best FA closer on the market baffles me to this day. I know it might be overspending slightly, but your getting quality. Honestly, how many games has he blown in his career? Hell, even Rivera’s not perfect. They still had K-Rod & Bell on the market too who probably would’ve gone for less. Why Jon Why?

    • Zuidvogels 4 years ago

      He’s put together back to back AL Champions. i’m sure he has his reasons for doing whatever he does. And he’s obviously good at what he does or he would be an arm chair GM like the rest of us.

    • 0bsessions 4 years ago

      “Why Jon Why?”

      Because Daniels knows better than to offer $50MM guaranteed to a reliever.

  8. CaseyBlakeDeWitt 4 years ago

    HOLY @$*&! 

    Guys! The people who put null, are people trying to post from their iPods! It’s not some stupid joke! I just tried to comment from there, and it just posts “(null).” Wow…

    Anyways, my point I wanted to make was that couldn’t teams just guarantee more money year-to-year on players they drafted, since the cap is on the signing bonus?

    • East Coast Bias 4 years ago

      Is that what it is? We’ll look into it. I had no idea what that was for…

  9. MB923 4 years ago

    I have to agree with what Jim Callis wrote. Now allow me to say I think the tax penalties and losing of draft picks DO suck and I find it unfair, but I think teams that have excellent scouting will know what Draft it would be good to go over a limit for and what draft would good not to exceed the limit on. The only draft that will be hurt each team is next year’s draft in which you lose 1 or 2 picks and get taxed. And as I said, a good scouting team will know when a great draft and an average draft will take place. And I suppose 1 other bright side is the added extra lottery picks each team gets, it’s basically a free first rounder again.

    So again, do I think it sucks? Yes. But I do not think it hurts teams as much as you all are making it out to be. The tax money sucks but it’s not like they are paying $20 million in taxes. Losing next years pick(s) sucks too but a good scouting team will know when to spend up to the amount and when to spend more.

    I have a question though, as it says if you spend over the limits by 10-15% you lose a first round pick. What if your club was a part of the 6 club lottery for the draft the next year. Do you lose that pick as well?

    Hopefully I understood all these new CBA rules right and what I put makes sense.

  10. I’ve always said Robby Hammock would coach someday – he’s already on his way!

  11. I’ve always said Robby Hammock would coach someday – he’s already on his way!

  12. They don’t want to bring Sizemore to Progressive Field for a press conference until the Indians’ Snow Days event is over. They’re afraid the artificial weather will bother his ailing bones.

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