Quick Hits: Sizemore, Ponson, Braves

Wednesday afternoon linkage as the news continues to fly in from the Milwaukee meetings..

  • A number of teams remain in play for Grady Sizemore including the Giants, Rockies, Cubs, Red Sox, Rangers, Mariners, and Nationals, according to Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports (via Twitter).
  • The Athletics met with Sidney Ponson's agent today, a source tells Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times (via Twitter).
  • Braves GM Frank Wren and agent Adam Katz are now meeting in Milwaukee, tweets MLBTR's Ben Nicholson-Smith.  Katz is a part of Wasserman Media Group and represents a number of players, including Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes.  To view WMG's client list, check out MLBTR's Agency Database.

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  1. vinniemiller 4 years ago

    Sid the kid! Judges better watch out.

  2. Andy_B 4 years ago

    Lol the A’s met with Sidney Ponson to do what?  Have lunch?  Drink?  Punch a judge?  I can’t imagine they met with him to talk about him playing professional baseball.

    • Patrick Beliveau 4 years ago

      Or Oakland… not the Angels…  guess 6 hours apart isnt THAT great of a difference.

      • Andy_B 4 years ago

        Lol yah was thinking A’s but typed Angels not sure how I did that.

    • twenty1thirteen 4 years ago

      Thanks for making me almost spit out the drink of water I had in my mouth. Now that was funny!

    • I would talk to him cause its not everyday you can meet a knighted man of a country of little relevance.

  3. Tyler Jedrzejak 4 years ago

    Atlanta talkin bout Cespedes…BUT….HOW WILL THEY EVER WOO HIM OUT OF FLORIDA….after all its the gateway for Hispanics…

    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      Jurrjens , Teheran , Prado , Vazquez , Delgado , Bethancourt . There’s ties on both teams . And there are other teams that have the Hispanic ties as well that in the mix . Florida is not a NO DOUBTER .

  4. Supposing Braves get Cespedes, is Bourn 2012 trade bait or is it a Cespedes/JHey platoon until Bourn leaves after the season? Also if Bourn gets traded Prado would surely be retained.

    Either way this would be a sweet sign! Though I’m sure about 15 other teams fans are having similar fantasies…

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      Cespedes won’t be playing in 2012 at the major league so he would not affect Bourn or Heyward.

    • bigdawg68 4 years ago

      if the braves sign the cuban(not even gonna try to spell his name) he would play in left field and if he isnt major league read why bother throwing stupid money at him….ieal wish they would go ahead and just give bourn a 3 or 4 year deal…i love they guy give him cf and your set…but then again the braves dont like guys who steal bases…lol…also i think if they can get rollns for 10 mill the sign him,but i wouldnt pay more… just sign gonzo back or give the job to the rookie…having a great hitting ss isnt a must we won for years with pac-man(belliard) and bud-man(blauser)

      • GreenCustom24 4 years ago

        They don’t just sign him to a 3 or 4 year deal because he’s a Scott Boras client (meaning he’s basically a lock to test free agency after 2012) and will probably get 5-7 years. I’m with you. I’d love to see Bourn leading off and playing Center for a long time. Just a matter of being able to throw more money at him than any other interested team after 2012. 

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        I really liked that combo of Belliard and Blauser . I can still remember the once or twice times Rafael hit a home run and seeing the team so suprised by the little guy hitting out .

      • Cory Taylor 4 years ago

        I would be leary of paying someone with a career .694 OPS 10 mil a year no matter how much the braves need a leadoff hitter and his CF defense

        • Yankees420 4 years ago

          But why would you use OPS to judge a guy that has basically no power?  Bourn gets on base at a .350 clip, steals 50-60 bases, plays a good CF, while putting up respectable numbers in the wOBA and wRC+ categories (in comparison to other CF).  I think that guy is definitely worth 10MM per for another 4-5 years. 

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            I agree . He is .

          • Cory Taylor 4 years ago

            the fact he has no power is why i would be leary of giving him 10 mil a year. If he loses any kind of speed whatsoever over the course of that 4-5 year contract we are stuck with chone figgins

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            There are several things that a player will struggle with over a span of several years . But speed is not one of them . Speed can turn a single or walk into a double or even a triple . And since 2009 , his OBP has been .341 or better . He has been a GG winner . His WAR the last two years has been 4.9 and 5.0 . Oh yeah , and he has also led the NL in steals the last three years .

            I would say that he is worth it .

          • Yankees420 4 years ago

            Bourn turns 29 in December (same birthday as my dad), so a 5 year contract would take up his 29-33 seasons or 30-34 if signed next year, so unless he puts on a bunch of weight in that time he’s unlikely to lose even a full step during the life of the contract. 

  5. craigkimbrelfan 4 years ago

    Cespedes?  Yeah like we’re gonna win those sweepstakes…

    • actually, we have proven we’ll sign International Free Agents while competing with the big names (Teheran and Salcedo come to mind).  I could see him starting in Center in 2013.

      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        Teheran cost less than 1M to sign and Salcedo cost less than 2M to sign.  Cespedes is expected to cost around 35M to 40M.  But, they can give him a major league contract and spread the cost of the dollars over 6 years.

        • bravesdude 4 years ago

          I’m sure if he wants to come to the Braves , Wren will work it out .

  6. $1742854 4 years ago

    Sidney Ponson? Man, I didn’t think Oakland was that ghetto.

  7. comish4lif 4 years ago

    MLB ought to pay half of Sizemore’s salary if he signs with the Nats after the shaft job Omar Minaya put on the Expos under MLB’s direction.

  8. Sidney Ponson?!?!?!!?!?!?!  Just how big of smoke signals does Billy Beane have to send Bud before they get official approval to move to San Jose?

  9. Texas abruptly designated Ponson for assignment for what general manager Jon Daniels called “disrespectful and adverse reactions to situations unbecoming of a teammate.
    Either Billy Beane has lost his mind or fame has gone to his head from that “Silly” Movie of his. Either way, why are they doing this?

  10. Go get the local kid M’s. Put him in left field.

  11. 55saveslives 4 years ago

    Sizemore High Risk / High Reward??

    • bblh 4 years ago

      no hitter is going to come to AT&T park for a one year contract with the purpose of upping their value…walk away Sabes, the only way that was going to happen is if other clubs weren’t interested in him

  12. 14 Rocks 4 years ago

    I would LOVE to see the Braves do something totally out of character and sign Cespedes.  He would be their long-term answer at CF and he would not cost any prospects.

    • comish4lif 4 years ago

      Or he could be a massive flop….

      • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

        Even if he is, it’s not like the Braves don’t waste about 5M a year on junk anyway (Alex gonzalez, Troy Glaus, Julio Lugo, Jack Wilson, Scott Linebrink, etc.).

        • Muggi 4 years ago

          They may be junk, but they fill spots at the ML level. Cespedes isn’t a ML player, and probably won’t be for at least a year or two.

      • roberty 4 years ago

        If the Braves can afford massive flops like Mike Hampton and Derek Lowe they can afford a much cheaper flop in centerfield.

        • Gah, you just had to bring up Mike Hampton didn’t you?  And here I was just starting to forget about him.  I’ll agree, both flopped, but atleast Lowe went out there and “competed” instead of riding the pine with injuries and robbing the organization blind of money like Hampton did (although towards the end of this year I’m sure everyone was wishing he was on the DL).

          • bravesdude 4 years ago

            Hampton is still famous back down where I moved from recently in Crystal River FL . And yes , I was wishing Lowe was on the DL with about 20 games to go .

        • In fairness to the Braves, they afforded Hampton with a whole lotta help from Colorado and Florida, and State Farm.

          • roberty 4 years ago

            The Braves still paid Hampton $43 million to pitch 78 innings between 2006 and 2008. 

  13. MetsMagic 4 years ago

    Sidney Ponson is a year removed from playing pro ball with the Long Island Ducks. That stadium situation is really dire, isn’t it? 

  14. jack 4 years ago

    so the Indians are done in the hunt for Grady, must be getting someone better

  15. James DeMott 4 years ago

    The only thing that worries me about the Braves inking Cespedes is …Kawakami. That’s going to haunt the Braves forever. 

    • That can be chalked up to the terrible scouting report done on him.  Whoever it was grossly overestimated his ability to cut it over here in the states.

  16. bravesdude 4 years ago

    Looks as though Wren is doing his doing his best to keep the team competitve . But can we really afford Cespedes ? I’ve heard some good things about the kid . Sounds a lot like another former Braves player from out of country . Remember Andruw Jones ?

    • 14 Rocks 4 years ago

      He also sounds a lot like Josh Hamilton.

      • bravesdude 4 years ago

        Just read some of his stats from 2004 to the 2010-11 season . He sounds like he can do a little of everything .

  17. Madman2TX 4 years ago

    Ponson the clubhouse cancer? Guess the A’s don’t care who they sign. Maybe they can sign Oil Can Boyd, Milton Bradley and John Rooker while they are on this shopping spree?

    • Madman2TX 4 years ago

      Oops…John Rocker even…

    • Matt Talbert 4 years ago

      Here is the team of cancers:

      C: Michael Barrett, AJP
      OF:  Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Gary Sheffield
      RES OF: Milton Bradley, Nyjer Morgan, Delmon Young
      2b: Roberto Alomar
      SS Jose Offerman
      3b:  George Brett
      1b:  Juan Marichal
      DH: Chuck Knoblauch
      UTL Lenny Dykstra
      SP:  Roger Clemens, Rob Dibble, Carlos Zambrano, Kenny Rogers, Julian Tavarez
      LRP:  Vincente Padilla
      MRP:  Kyle Farnsworth, Julian Tavarez, Carlos Perez, Shawn Chacon, Frank Francisco SU: John Rocker Closer: Krod,
      Co-Managers:  Jim Leyland, Earl Weaver
      Bench Coach:  Lou Pinella,
      1b Coach:  Lloyd McClendon
      3b Coach:  Leo Durocher
      Team President:  Bobby Cox
      Director of Player Personnel:  Billy Martin 

      • roberty 4 years ago

        This team would have won multiple championships.  It might have been the greatest dynasty in the history of sports.

        • Yankees420 4 years ago

          If you could solve the whole time travel thing…..

      • iheartyourfart 4 years ago

        CEO: steve jobs

        too soon?

    • I also heard that Jose Canseco is available is a coach/player 😉

  18. roberty 4 years ago

    Exactly.  I would be willing to gamble $25-$30 million spread out over five or six years on a high reward player like Cespedes.

  19. CrustyJuggler 4 years ago

    Sizemore with the Mariners is great fit. He can split time in LF and center with Gutierrez and Wells. Hopefully keep him somewhat healthy. Then Carp and Smoak can rotate at 1B/DH.

    Forget Fielder. Most focus should be on a deal for a legit 3B.(Wright or maybe Headley). A Fielder sign would pull the plug on Smoak and it’s way too soon for that.

    • I’d guess Sizemore would avoid Seattle like the plague, since he’s going to sign a one-year deal to restore his value with a good offensive year. I’d guess he’s going to a very hitter-friendly ballpark.


      • Edgar4evar 4 years ago

        I don’t like the deal from Seattle’s perspective either. Sizemore is very likely to be washed up given the kinds of injuries he’s had (microfractures in the knee). And given his former talent level he’ll be pricier than the risk should dictate.

        Please pass on this one, Jack.

      • livingpaint 4 years ago

        i posted these stats on another sizemore rumor, but he’s a career .320 hitter here at safeco (obp: 493, slg: 560, ops: 1.053. he’s a native, he’s a piece seattle is looking for, he wants to prove himself, and he’d probably sign cheap so we could pick up a decent 3B, SP/RP.

    • roberty 4 years ago

      I think Sizemore would be a good fit for Seattle, but Sizemore would be a great fit anywhere as a fourth outfielder.  Unfortunately Seattle is not a good fit for Sizemore.  He is looking to reestablish his value as a starting center fielder, so he will be looking for a starting center field job, preferably in a lineup and ballpark that can help inflate his stats a bit.  Definitely not Seattle.

  20. AaronTV 4 years ago

    I think you all missed the “joke” on the Ponson thing. Ponson’s agent is Barry Praver, who represents Carlos Zambrano. Wittenmyer said a similar thing last night, about the Cubs meeting with Ponson’s agent. 

    • so are you saying they meet with the agent but not about ponson if thats the case thats a funny joke

    • philliesfan136 4 years ago

      Why wouldn’t they just say they met with Zambrano’s agent then?

      • AaronTV 4 years ago

        Cause he’s trying to be cute. I think it’s safe to say that neither team was actually discussing Sidney Ponson in their meetings with Praver 😉

      • Yankees420 4 years ago

        How else are they going to drop Ponson’s name???

  21. $21002046 4 years ago

    Is this the same Sidney Pond Scum who was 45 lbs overweight when last seen 2 1/2 years ago in KC? The same Fat Sid with a 5-plus career mlb ERA? The guy who posted a 5.64 ERA in Indy ball in 2010? The 35 year old guy who didn’t pitch in organized baseball in 2011? OK, just making sure.

  22. sunking1056 4 years ago

    Much more likely Wren is talking to Katz about Peter Moylan who may be non tendered.

    • bravesdude 4 years ago

      Are there any other Braves that Katz represents ?

  23. FamousGrouse 4 years ago

    If Ponson’s agent is still Barry Praver, Praver also represents Carlos Zambrano, Livan Hernandez, Juan Uribe.

  24. Would be pretty cool if the mariners made a run at Sizemore. Homegrown, fairly cheap, and has pretty good ability shown few years ago!  I feel like a minority in saying that Prince Fielder would

    a.) Not happen in Seattle     and
    b.) Not be a good thing for Seattle.

    I will you spare you the many reasons why.

  25. OK, now I get the inside joke, but is anyone else as surprised as me that Sidney Ponson still has an agent? Do teams have to go through his parole officer first to set up a meeting?

  26. Geaux_Braves 4 years ago

    Finally some news around Cespedes and the Braves. I think he is MLB ready right now. Just food for thought, but if the Braves felt as though they needed to move J.J, would the Yankees do a Nunez+ deal?!

    Imagine 2012 lineup of:


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