White Sox GM On Buehrle’s Future, Danks

White Sox GM Ken Williams sounded less-than-optimistic when addressing the possibility of Mark Buehrle's return to Chicago, writes Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune.  The GM said that he is unsure if it is the free agent ace's "time to go" but seemed prepared for the veteran to move on and play elsewhere in 2012.

“What I will miss more than that is the person he is. And you guys know what I’m talking about. When you talk about teammates, good teammates, supportive teammates, guys who have fun in the game, know when to be serious, know when to check somebody but know when to make somebody laugh, this is the guy you want. There’s much more that we’re going to miss than just every fifth day from Mark," said Williams at a hotel restaurant at the general managers’ meetings.

Last week we learned that the Marlins extended an offer to Buehrle and earlier this evening it was reported that the Diamondbacks have interest in him as well.  Last season, the 32-year-old posted a 3.59 ERA with 4.8 K/9 and 2.0 BB/9 in 31 starts.

Williams also said that a trade of John Danks doesn’t seem imminent because he doesn’t think that he could get fair value for the left-hander.

“First of all, the climate for teams giving up young pitching hasn’t been sunny in a few years,” the GM said. “Secondly, it’s seems like every year, we all sit down and people are worried about the pitching.”

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  1. EdinsonPickle 4 years ago

    Aw, man! I really want Buehrle back in Chicago for the rest of his career. He’s been there forever! I honestly can’t picture him in another uniform.

  2. I really like Buerhle, and in some ways, he fits what the Jays need. However, I think his numbers pitching in the AL east would not look nearly as good. 

  3. miamiroc 4 years ago

    Kenny Williams is horrible. If he didn’t sign and trade for all those horrible contracts, he would be able to afford Mark Buehrle right now. But hey on the bright side, the White Sox still have Alex Rios and Adam Dunn. #Sarcasm

    • Casor_Greener 4 years ago

      Yeah because you totally predicted Dunn would flop….

      • miamiroc 4 years ago

        You say that like Dunn bats for average or something, the guy is a career .243 hitter. Its not a matter of predicting Dunn would flop but why you would invest $12 million+ per year on a guy who strikes out a ton, has no glove and depends solely on power alone. Meanwhile, just about any other position on the field could have been upgraded.

        • you sign a guy who hits for power and not average with no glove to play DH. it’s called logic.

          nobody in the world could of predicted the most consistent power hitter in the game would of done that.

        • lolpods 4 years ago

          you say “average” like it matters or something.

    • If Rios came anywhere close to his potential, you’d be singing a different tune right now. Williams did wonders for “your” team.

      • miamiroc 4 years ago

        You could say that about any prospect in the minors. Thats the reason teams have prospects because it would be nice if they reached their potential. Unfortunately, Rios doesn’t get paid like a prospect. Now does he?

    • Hey, we still have Frasor too!

    • and the white sox got carlos quentin for a bag of balls, got john danks and gavin floyd for nothing, scouted and got alexie, drafted chris sale, built up sergio santos, and got matt thorton of nothing.

      he has more good trades/signings than bad ones.

      • He traded for Peavy, Both Swisher Trades, Claimed Rios, Mark Teahan trade, the Edwin Jackson trade the Griffey trade, the tony pena trade, signing of bartolo carlon, adam dunn signing, aj signing, pulling Beckham up to soon, looks like your wrong.

        • lolpods 4 years ago

          they didn’t really lose anything that important for peavy. the first swisher trade wasn’t that bad. they should have kept him.

          there was nothing wrong with the teahen trade, it was the extension that was insane. as for pena, what’s brandon allen doing these days. and colon, what, the first time, when he went on to win the cy young after they let him go? they should have kept him, obviously. the second time, they paid him nothing.

          dunn was the right move, no one knew this season would’ve happened. aj was one of their best offensive players last year, he’s overpaid, but not horribly.

          beckham would’ve been brought up by now anyway. his first year he was destroying AAA pitching as it was. he’s either going to hit in the majors or he isn’t.

        • whitesoxfan424 4 years ago

          Regardless of what you say about Griffey, he still made the throw in game 163 in 2008 that AJ held on to to tag out Cuddyer at home.  We won the division.  Granted we got dominated by the Rays in the postseason, but they went to the WS.  I’m fine with the Griffey trade.

  4. JimBaily 4 years ago

    The gap between Kenny Williams and the next worst GM in baseball is bigger than the gap between Jerry Sandusky and his next job.

  5. $3081341 4 years ago

    Arizona seems like a better fit than Chicago at this point. They’ve got power in Upton, plus a steady rotation featuring Hudson, & Kennedy. Plus its in a weaker division. 

  6. disgustedcubfan 4 years ago

    Kenny trades for insanely bloated contracts(Rios and Peavy), passes one out to Dunn, then wishes for his best pitcher over the past 10 years to come back for a sweetheart, low-ball, home town discount type of deal.  It’s not gonna happen, and the Sox will miss those 220 innings and his steady, calming influence more than they think.

  7. Bichonman53 4 years ago

    If Buerhle leaves and Danks gets traded, that leaves only an unproven Chris Sale as the lone LHP in the Sox rotation. I have a feeling Buerhle will sign somewhere else. So, Kenny hang on to Danks at least until mid-season. Then if the Sox are out of it, try trading him to a contender.

  8. sox2727 4 years ago

    can’t come soon enough

  9. JimBaily 4 years ago

    2 years ago.

  10. lolpods 4 years ago

    the power struggle between him and ozzie really ruined the last 2 maybe 3 years. now that ozzie is gone, he had this last chance to redeem himself. why a general manager would allow their manager to have a say in personnel decisions, i have no idea. so this is it.

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