Arbitration Eligible Extension Candidates

From Matt Moore to Chris Carpenter, extensions for players not eligible for arbitration happen all the time.  More commonly, though, arbitration eligible players are locked up to multiyear deals in January or February.  176 players are eligible for arbitration this offseason.  Of those, Matt Kemp, John Danks, Skip Schumaker, and Tony Gwynn Jr., have signed multiyear deals, 19 more have signed for 2012, and Landon Powell was designated for assignment.  Those on one-year deals can still potentially sign multiyear pacts, so the field of arbitration eligible extension candidates is large and merits narrowing to about 50 players.  My possibilities for multiyear deals:

Some of these players, such as Upton and Garza, are more likely to be traded than extended, but the Danks extension showed anything is possible.  Also, arbitration eligible clients of the Boras Corporation shy away from extensions, and Andrus, Bourn, Choo, Ellsbury, Fowler, Jurrjens, and Scherzer are part of that group.