No Pujols Decision During Winter Meetings

The Cardinals, Angels, and a third team are still involved in the bidding for Albert Pujols, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. The third team is not the Marlins, who are out of the running for the slugger.

In today's round-up of Pujols rumors, we also learned that the Cardinals' offer may be for only nine years, rather than ten. It was also reported that Pujols still has three offers in excess of $200MM+ on the table, even with the Marlins out of the mix. It's unclear if the Angels have extended that significant an offer, but Yahoo's Tim Brown tweets that the Halos are "in strong." Here's the latest on Pujols:

  • There's "no shot" Pujols is ready to sign before the meetings are over, or perhaps anytime soon, writes Stark. He also says that there is less and less skepticism that a third team really is in the bidding, and that the team is believed to be a club with an established first baseman it would need to trade to accommodate Pujols.
  • The Angels say they can afford to sign both Pujols and Wilson, tweets USA Today's Bob Nightengale, noting that doing so would likely require $300MM.
  • A decision from Pujols isn't coming before the end of the Winter Meetings, tweets ESPN's Jayson Stark.
  • The Angels' bid for Pujols is for ten years and at least $210MM, according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today.
  • A "Pujols associate" tells Jon Heyman of MLB Network that it would probably take "$40MM more" from a team besides the Cardinals for Pujols to leave St. Louis (Twitter link).
  • C.J. Wilson is seriously considering signing with the Angels, in which case the Halos would almost certainly be out on Pujols, tweets Rosenthal.
  • Within a piece at FOX Sports, Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi write that the Angels had a "lengthy set of negotiations" with agent Dan Lozano today.

Steve Adams contributed to this post.

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  1. clydefrog13 4 years ago

    I’m an emotional wreck right now.

  2. any think the third team actually is the marlins?

  3. 3rd team is Nationals

  4. Andy_B 4 years ago

    If the cards really offered 220/10 and that doesn’t get the job done, then Mo should walk away knowing that he gave it their best effort.

    • Honestly, I doubt any team is gonna go higher. And if a team offers 215-220 mil Albert gonna accept STL’s offer. Even if a team goes around 225-230, you gotta think Albert would stay here.

    • Andy_B 4 years ago

      Nightengale just reported Angels offer is 210 over 10, nothing to see here, this is about CJ Wilson.

  5. 12DenoEbel12 4 years ago

    C.J. has decided to take his talents to south beach

  6. Dave 4 years ago

    why do I just have zero belief that the “third team” that keeps magically appearing, is actually a real team with a real offer on the table?

    • Ohhhplease 4 years ago

      Are you kidding??  I have a “mystery team’s” throwback jersey….I actually have one of their jerseys for every player they have been in on signing….A Rod, Cliff Lee all of them

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        nothing worse than a joke stealer.

        • Ohhhplease 4 years ago

          Sorry when did I steal a joke?

        • BlueJaysAD 4 years ago

          Well, a pedophile. A terrorist. An abusive spouse. A genocidal dictator. A Jay Leno fan. A holocaust denier. A racist. Quite a few things worse than a joke stealer, really.

  7. LightUptheHalo 4 years ago

    This is because Wilson came to town to sign his contract with the Marlins, so this is the Angels way of showing fans they had interest but are never going to get him and I am a hardcore Halos fan.

    We never get the big players everyone wants.

    • Crawford and Beltre last year

    • Exactly correct! New front office, same results. Angels will never over spend for Free Agents. They’ll just make horrible trades like giving up Chatwood and not having a back up plan for not signing Wilson.

      Angels’ 2012 rotation
      Bell(holy crap)

  8. I bet it’s the Phillies. Ryan Howard gets hurt so they sign Pujols just in case.

  9. ByeByeREX 4 years ago

    OMG these Pujols to the Angels rumors are like going to the strip club for HALO fans. You get really excited, but realize that your not going to get the happy ending that you wanted!

    • Lol. Speak for yourself

    • The Angels are the team I’ve always worried about, unlike the Marlins and Cubs, the Angels are contenders just about every year, when Pujols’ picked 5 teams he’d allow a trade to early in his career, the Angels were one of them. They have the revenue, and they’ve been all in on free agents in the last few seasons (Teixeira, Crawford) yet at the moment it would seem pitching is their biggest need right now, and 10 years 200 million is a bit more than the Angels have thrown at anybody, I always felt after Gary Mathews Jr, they’d be a little less willing to just throw money around, but they have it to throw around, and Gary Mathews Jr. isn’t Albert Pujols.

  10. its the Yankees 0_0

  11. I hear he’s going to have a terrific final year when he’s 41…

  12. catch21_2 4 years ago

    This is getting stupid

    • Shu13 4 years ago

      it’s past stupid….no one knows shiat….everyone just tweets whatever they want…..I’m sorry but twitter etc has ruined the off season IMO….

  13. Chris Vinson 4 years ago

    Yankees the mystery team on Pujols. He signs. Yankees trade Teixeira, Burnett, Swisher and Nunez to Miami for Hanley. Ahhhhh

    • loadtimes 4 years ago

      This is either the best comment I’ve read all day or the worst comment I’ve read all day. Perhaps both.

      • Chris Vinson 4 years ago

        I will take that as a compliment either way. haha

    • and Jeter????…..

      • Chris Vinson 4 years ago

        Move Hanley to RF until Jeter retires after 2013. He can suck it up for two years. haha

        • Well, why can’t Hanley suck it up at third base for two years, because by then Reyes will be gone. Lol:NTC

  14. Adam R 4 years ago

    Hahaha I love this

  15. at this rate fielder might sign before pujols

  16. Andy_B 4 years ago

    I don’t for one second believe that the mystery team is real.  Yesterday it was reported that the Angels interest in Pujols is being used to push CJ to make his decision, I guess it could be real now but who really knows.

    • How not? In the past two years, the Mystery Team has offered huge deals to Sabathia, Burnett, Tex, Wilson, Prince, and now Pujols. They are the biggest spenders. They’re the ones ruining baseball. They’re gonna win it all next year if they sign Pujols.

    • jayrig5 4 years ago

      In fairness, the mystery team did sign Cliff Lee last year.

  17. LightUptheHalo 4 years ago

    Can he just sign with the Cardinals and then the Cubs can get Prince, this way all my the rumors will go already. The Angels are not signing either of them and now it looks like they are losing out on Wilson too.

    Just finish it already so we can all say what a loser offseason the Angels had again.

  18. It’s the Cubs. Only logical destination. No, it isn’t the Yankees, so please shut up with that. Not the Rangers, Nationals, Marlins, Mariners, or anyone else. It’s the Cubs.

  19. third team is toronto

  20. Marty 4 years ago

    LOL i just noticed there’s a link to the “mystery team” page.
    Who could it be??????

  21. Why are the Angels after Pujols anyway? They have Morales and even if he isn’t 100% they still have Trumbo.

    • 12DenoEbel12 4 years ago

      So they can move trumbo to the outfield so that they can use wells or hunter to 3rd base

      • Haha why would they move Trumbo to the outfield and place Wells and/or Hunter at 3rd?  That’s unnecessarily moving multiple players out of position.  If they really did get Pujols they’d probably try Trumbo at third and have Morales DH. 

    • mistermonkey 4 years ago

      Yeah, I don’t understand why the Angels would want Pujols (I mean, apart from the obvious). It would mean they’d have to trade two of Morales, Trumbo and Abreu — or maybe they know that Morales won’t contribute again in 2012? Seems like they’d be better off going after Aramis Ramirez and a fourth starter than Pujols, but what do I know? (Answer: nothing.)

      • All the angels’ outfielders can play center and Trumbo can play right/left.  Signing Pujols means any of those outfielders are expendable.  Package p bo with a prospect and cash for starting pitching, throw torri back in center and trumbo in right.  Still have morales as DH and abreu to back up/DH.

        • 1) packaging Bourjos + a prospect won’t net a top-flight controllable pitcher. The Angels don’t HAVE any good prospects beyond Trout, who is untouchable. And please, don’t say Richards. Just because he’s OUR top pitching prospect doesn’t translate to much.

          2) Act like the Angels are going to retain Hunter beyond this season.

          3) Why on EARTH would you want to ship out arguably the fastest center fielder in the league for more pitching? He is the perfect compliment to that ballpark and pitching staff. 

          4) Trumbo would be an absolute nightmare out in right field.

          5) You’re going out on quite a limb assuming Morales will be healthy. The Angels shouldn’t be putting ANY of their eggs in the Kendrys basket. He’s an overweight Cuban, for all we know he’s 4 years older than what he claims to be.

          Angels need offense, not starting pitching. The new CBA will create a more active trade market. Prospects will become even more of a currency than ever before. I have confidence that DiPoto will replenish the farm system, but it won’t be happening overnight.

    • You obviously haven’t watched enough Angels games over the last decade if you’re seriously asking that question…

  22. loadtimes 4 years ago

     The third team is the Yankees. Why? Because Cashmoney likes messing with you guys and we love him for it

    • Tko11 4 years ago

      Just like you loved him in the beginning of last season.

  23. Its gotta be the Cubs assuming the Mystery team is real. No one else can afford him and would be willing to spend that type of money. Yankees make no sense because it would be to much of a pain to trade Tex. Phils might because they could move Pujols to 3rd when Howard is back, but they dont have the money. Angles never spend, so we can rule them out.

    • AP is not a third baseman. Unless your trying to shave 3-4 years off his career bad idea.

    • So just assuming the Phillies signed Pujols at 22 million, they’d have no problem paying Halladay, Howard, Pujols and Lee a combined 83.5 million dollars in 2012? Just assume Pujols gets 20 million in 2014, that’s 70 million between Lee, Pujols and Howard with another 20 million for Halladay’s option if its picked up… The Phillies were 2 runs away from winning the division series… they clearly have the pitching they need, but do you seriously think they are in need of a 20 million dollar upgrade to their lineup?

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      “Angels never spend”…

      They make a significant move every offseason.

  24. I went from super excited for almost having the 2nd best rotation in MLB to having the 10th best.

    Dipoto you bum! Go get Joe Saunders because if Bell or Williams are in the 4th spot, we are screwed!

    • Dipoto is not a problem here at all bro, he is looking more like a savior than a goat

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      Angels were going to acquire the Giants rotation?

  25. Breaking News- Dipoto signs Kazmir! Oh shoot me now!

  26. ^^^hahahaha

  27. ^^^hahahaha

  28. Will McLaren 4 years ago

    Even though I’m an Angels fan, this makes total sense. There was a rumor that Pujols wasn’t signing with Miami, for various reasons, but the one of the biggest being that they were refusing to put a no-trade clause in his contract. If St. Louis is really offering 10 yrs./220 mil. and he’s still no taking it, then it might be because they’re no offering a no-trade clause either.

    The Angels, on the other hand, are in the American League. Yes, Pujols plays a pretty good first base but he’s bound to get worse. The Angels may feel comfortable giving him a no-trade clause because, worst case scenario, they can still bat him at DH.

    Hopefully, Trumbo can learn to play average defense at third base, because I would love to have his bat in there with Pujols, Morales, Hunter, and Wells.

    • I’m sure the Cardinals have a no trade clause… Either way, don’t be so sold on the idea that once the guy hits 36 he won’t be able to play first base anymore, there is a long history of baseball players playing positions in the field past the age of 36… Secondly, at the rate the game is changing the National League could very well have a DH by the time we get into the tail end of this contract, I don’t like it, but there’s been lots of talk about it recently that we are headed down that road.

      • BlueSkyLA
        BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

        The DH in the NL is heresy. You will burn in Baseball Hell for even making that suggestion. Do you seriously believe that any NL team would be willing to bet something like $100m on such a thing? Otherwise we are talking about trotting a position player out there not just beyond 36 but all the way to 42. Very, very few have played baseball effectively beyond 40, and most of them were pitchers.

        • He will retire by that point if he can’t play a position, if he’s at the point in which he can no longer field, he’s not going to still be producing .300 / 30HR / and 100 RBI, I don’t like the DH either, but it seems more and more inevitable, who thought we’d have 2 extra wild cards and the Astros would move to the American League?

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 4 years ago

            It’s a moot point now that Pujols has gone to an AL team (nobody was going to pay Albert $25m a year to be retired). That seemed a lot more inevitable to me than the DH in NL. Changes to alignments in the leagues aren’t uncommon. Major rule changes are.

      • This makes alot of sense. What will the Cards do when Pujols hits 37 (1/2 way through the contract) and can no longer play the field. No one is going to take on that contract, which will probably be back loaded. hmmm, I’m really surprised that the Cards are considering that long of a contract.

        • I highly doubt the Cardinals back load the salary, I would suspect it be front loaded, and by the end of it, its more manageable so that if in the event that he’s completely incapable of playing first base, he can wave his no trade clause and move to the American League, at 14 to 16 million dollars a season, and considering that’s still 6 to 8 years from now, that 16 million or so might look a little different, especially to a big market team.

    • I’m sure the Cardinals have a no trade clause… Either way, don’t be so sold on the idea that once the guy hits 36 he won’t be able to play first base anymore, there is a long history of baseball players playing positions in the field past the age of 36… Secondly, at the rate the game is changing the National League could very well have a DH by the time we get into the tail end of this contract, I don’t like it, but there’s been lots of talk about it recently that we are headed down that road.

    • jhfdssdaf 4 years ago

      If he stays with the Cardinals, he has 10/5 vesting rights, and cannot be traded.  It works exactly the same as a no-trade clause.

  29. I bet 1,000 dollars the Angels sign Albert tomorrow.  nyone want to take this bet?

    • vtadave 4 years ago

      Yes, I’ll take it.  I’ll send you my Paypal email tomorrow once he signs with the Cardinals.

  30. Eric Champion 4 years ago

    I am not buying any of this 3 team stuff, Its just Lozano trying to nickle and dime the cards by using the threat of another offer. The only other team that has been in on this is Marlins and they are now out and suddenly Lozano rushes to tell writers that there are 2 more teams in on Albert other then STL. Mo won’t fall for it the man has Ice water running through his veins. Best GM in baseball

    • The Hiroshima Toyo Carp are the mystery team, You heard it here first before Rosenthal could report it.

    • mickblue66 4 years ago

      Best GM in baseball????? Quite a stretch, I’m not even sure he’s in the top half

      • He completely re tooled the Cardinals Bullpen mid season, got rid of Rasmus and won a world series. He signed Lance Berkman, traded for Holliday, re-signed Holliday, and has seemed to have kept cool during this entire game that Dan Lozano is playing right now with the Marlins, and a handful of imaginary baseball teams.

    • jhfdssdaf 4 years ago

      He outbid himself for Holliday, so he may do the same for Pujols.

      I doubt there is a mystery team as well, and I don’t think the Angels are serious, but to call Mo the best GM is beyond a stretch.

      • Eric Champion 4 years ago

        He didnt outbid for Holliday if anything look at the deals for Werth, Crawford, and you can say he got him on a Discount.

        He waited till there was a real team bidding on AP before ever beginning to think about revamping the deal that they offered Albert last season. And may get him without the 10th year, other then a 10th year option. 

        He just renegotiated Carp’s contract which was huge this year.

        He continues to make trades getting deadbeats out of STL in a hurry Colby and Ryan for example.

        He makes trades that Make the Major League Team better without destroying the Minor league System. 

        He doesnt let Deals and real information get out until the deals are done, Holliday, Lugo and Derosa in 2009 for example no one even knew about Holliday till it happened (btw that got rid of a dud Brett Wallace) The Information writers do have is always speculation and they never know facts which i know kills people like Rosenthal. 

        He got rid of Ludwick who has not been good since leaving STL

        The only thing he has done wrong is Resign Loshe and Westbrook 

        He has a World Series Championship in his first 4 seasons using a Payroll under 100 million. 

        Who is better? with out spending a ton of money and giving up your minor league system to win Now?

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          just because it holliday didn’t flop doesnt mean he didnt outbid himself

    • Why would Lozano make up a lesser offer to get the Cardinals to do anything?

    • Why would Lozano make up a lesser offer to get the Cardinals to do anything?

      • Eric Champion 4 years ago

        Nobody even knows what the offers even are everyone is just speculating. And Lozano lied about the Cubs too saying they had an offer on the table and they didn’t. Apparently he used the Marlins to get every penny he could out of the Cardinals as well 

        • This things getting absurd “Why would I want to go any place else” Albert Pujols, “I want to play my entire career here” Albert Pujols, “St. Louis has the best fans in baseball” Albert Pujols, yet you’ve unleashed your agent to squeeze every last dime out of them. This is really starting to agitate me, either you want to be here or not, sign the stupid contract so we can focus on other things, Rafael Frucal has been waiting for 2 months.

  31. Rosenthal is just horribly upset Pujols isn’t in a Marlins Uniform, he down right insulted the Cardinals all night on MLB.TV and all but had this deal locked up and finished, at this point he just wants to see Pujols moved somewhere just to not have to report he’s staying in St. Louis.

    • Rosenthal is a little imp that has some vendetta against the Cards. Can’t stand listening to him talk. Seriously, what is his deal?

      • he’s probably one of those guys that get really upset when things don’t go according to plan, and his post season predictions are wrong, I’m certain he picked Philadelphia in the division series, Milwaukee in the NLCS and then Texas in the World Series, and then Miami in the Pujols Drama… making him 0-4 and filled with rage towards St. Louis.

  32. DrHMD 4 years ago

    On the no trade clause. would Pujols not already 5/10 status with St Louis. If so, he can veto any trade

  33. HolaAmigas 4 years ago

    And then watch the Pirates come out of no where to sign Pujols while the rest of the world sits in shock.


  34. Adam R 4 years ago

    MLB offseason is the effing best.

  35. MarinersFan24 4 years ago

    The A.L. West hopes the Angels prefer C.J. Wilson to Pujols.

  36. thebigbangdito 4 years ago

    oops double post

    • E Scalez 4 years ago

      they’d only have to move two of those guys and I’m sure they could get a back end starter in a package.  That said I still think the Angels have no shot.

  37. thebigbangdito 4 years ago

    There is no way the angels sign pujols… they were never really in it.
    (and im a big angel fan)

     a) they would have to move so many players.. trumbo to third, trade callaspo/abreu/morales/others for that other pitcher we need
     b) no way angels sign someone to 10 years.. unless its 7/8 years with incentives/vesting options for 9/10… which even if true.. im sure he would just sign for 10 years with cards

  38. Jeff Mitchell 4 years ago

    40 Mil more to leave St. Louis?  Then just sign with the cards already!

    • I know its getting stupid at this point, what happens when the Angels drop out of this? More Imaginary Teams? Lazano is going to stretch this thing until Pitchers and Catchers report if there’s a dime left in Bill DeWitts Bank Account, he’s going to try and squeeze it out of him…

  39. E Scalez 4 years ago

    ^don’t forget the $40MM “St. Louis will TP my statue tax.”

  40. Angels will finish in 2nd place on this race like usual

  41. Arte should sign BOTH Fielder/Pujols  and Wilson.. 19mil GONE! next year (Hunter FA) and the money he can cash in from having the best team in baseball FK YEAH!

  42. Good lord. Can the Cardinals and Pujols just screw and get it over with already…

    • jayrig5 4 years ago

      I’m sure Dan Lozano’s down for that, based on that Deadspin story.

  43. Mariners are the third team!

  44. Mariners are the third team!

  45. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    The Braves are the third team. They’ll be able to sign Pujols because they are gonna trade Freddie Freeman, JJ Hoover, Sum Dum Gai and the entirety of the minors system from Danville down to the Mariners for King Felix and a years supply of Ichi-rolls.

  46. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    The Braves are the third team. They’ll be able to sign Pujols because they are gonna trade Freddie Freeman, JJ Hoover, Sum Dum Gai and the entirety of the minors system from Danville down to the Mariners for King Felix and a years supply of Ichi-rolls.

  47. Why even waste his time? 210? Go home Angels.

  48. Why even waste his time? 210? Go home Angels.

  49. Rob 4 years ago

    Wtf!!! Where is this coming from I mean I know it’s not going to happen but if we signed pujols we could trade either k mo or trumbo and a prospect for a solid pitcher and let k mo or trumbo play 1st and pujols at 3rd

  50. mistermonkey 4 years ago

    Bored now.

  51. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    How funny would it be if ended up in Japan?

  52. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    How funny would it be if ended up in Japan?

  53. mmwatkin 4 years ago


    – Pujols to Cardinals
    – Wilson to Angels
    – Dotel to Tigers

    Goodnight, everybody!

  54. Mark my words the Angels will sign Both!!! Pujols and Wilson just like
    the yankess signed Tex and CC. We are here to win it all suckers!!!

    • thebigbangdito 4 years ago

      as an angel fan i like this… but as a realist i dont see it.. i dont see pujols at all in our lineup in 2012

    • lol and then you’ll wake up

    • I really don’t understand why the Angels are even in this, you play in a division where you only have to beat 3 teams, Texas just lost another ace pitcher for the second year in a row, the Angels have offense and need pitching, is Albert Pujols really worth 15 million more than Kendry Morales?

  55. tacko 4 years ago

    So we have a baseball reference page or Tim Brown now?

  56. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    why hasn’t Pujols signed with the cards yet

    I’d with drawl my offer.

  57. sportsnut969 4 years ago

    Go get um Depoto Show the Cleveland Indians how it is done. 

    Talk about a new GM making a Impact if Depoto pulls off Albert and C.J WOW is all I could say.

    Give your old Cleveland Indians fans something to Cheer about I will be watching your team on the MLB package this season.

  58. Tko11 4 years ago

    Now hes just getting annoying…just sign with the Cards already and cripple their franchise, no one is giving you $40 million more than their offer!!!

  59. nestleraisinets 4 years ago

    tried it with mlb the show and it turns out he will sign with the pirates

  60. NYYANKEES 4 years ago

    Stark said that the mystery team would have to trade their current 1st baseman. Any guesses?

    • Phillies, Yankees? Nats have LaRoche. Does Gaby Sanchez count as established?

      • JP 4 years ago

        Yankees would be interesting, but would anyone take on Tex’s big contract at this point?

        Pardon my ignorance, but who do the Cubs have at 1st?  Could be there?

  61. cbcbcb 4 years ago

    An established, big name 1st baseman.  Phillies, Yankees?

  62. d32123 4 years ago

    Rumor has it the Yankees are the third team now.  No idea how they’d trade Teixeira though.  Maybe they’d just make Pujols DH or move him to the outfield?

    • JP 4 years ago

      Wow…Id be surprised if even the Yankees would want to be stuck with the Pujols, ARod and Tex contracts in a couple years.  All great players, but the last years of those contracts will be terrible… and there will be nowhere to unload them.

  63. cbcbcb 4 years ago

    I guess it could be the Tigers too, but Cabrera is still really young.  It doesn’t seem like a rational move

    • mickblue66 4 years ago

      Heck if it’s the Tigers than trade Cabrera to the Cards, we’ll take him. He basically is identical to Pujols offensively and doesn’t come with a commitment til he’s 42

    • Can Cabrera play 3rd???

  64. ChrisV 4 years ago

    The Angels must have “magic” money, it just appears when they need it…I feel bad for the guy(s) that get traded. How to Angels go from only really having around 20 mill to play with this offseason to having over 50 mill is beyond me, other than they have trades in the works such as one involving Santana. 

  65. So to recap the mystery team is either a) the Yankees or b) the Imaginary Yankees.

  66. HARRISON ROSE 4 years ago

    There are only a handful of teams that could be the mystery team with an established first baseman that would need to be traded. They are:

    1) Yankees: Tex
    2) Red Sox: Adrian
    3) White Sox: Dunn/Konerko
    4) Phillies: Ryan Howard
    5) Tigers: Cabrera

    You can never rule anything out with the Yankees or Red Sox as they have more money than god.
     (1) However, with a surplus of aging players and guys who will need to DH, not to mention the already laundry list of hefty contracts…I think we can rule out the yankees. 
    (2) Boston needs an outfielder and third basemen, not a DH/1st base type. They already had to move Youkilis to accommodate Adrian. Ortiz also accepted arbitration. Too many lateral moves.
    (3)…we’ll get back to the white sox later
    (4) Anything is possible with the Phillies. They’ve been talking to Lozano…we assume about Rollins…but maybe they are secretly trying to get pujols and think they can then flip Ryan Howard (who appears to be overpaid) to a number of teams. Due to the Phillies already being close to their payroll limit, I’m gonna say it’s not them.
    (5) Cabrera has been an MVP like candidate for the Tigers almost every year they have had him. However, the Tigers also have Victor Martinez as their DH. I dunno why the Tigers would want Pujols when they have Cabrera, who is younger and just as good.

    This brings us back to the good ole White Sox, who are GM’ed by Kenny Williams, the man notorious for making questionable trades and signings. A man who would trade for A-Rod now, just because he couldn’t sign him in 2001. For those of you that watched MLB TV’s The Club in 2010, you may remember a scene where Kenny, Ozzie, and owner Jerry Reinsdorf were looking over a list of potential DHs. Reinsdorf asked “are any of the names on that list Pujols?”. Now you’re all probably thinking why would the Sox sign Pujols, they are supposedly “rebuilding” and want to cut payroll. Well the Truth of the matter is that the Sox have no long term first baseman…Konerko is signed through 2013. Not to mention Konerko’s contract remaining 2 years/$25 would be relatively easy to move given his very strong performance the past 3 years. A reunion with Beuhrle and Ozzie in Florida…? A trip over to the North Side? Arizona? Anaheim?

    Additionally, after 2012…the White Sox will have A LOT off the books between Peavy(~$20 MM), Danks (~$8 MM), Quentin (~$7MM), Frasor ($3.5MM) Pierzynski (~$6MM), Ohman ($2.5 MM). That is $47 MM!!!!! Not to mention if they were to trade Konerko or Dunn, to open up the spot for Pujols…thats another $13MM! 

    The more I think about it, the more I think Kenny Williams whole “we’re rebuilding” is a ploy to stay under the radar on Pujols.

    • mickblue66 4 years ago

      While I could see crazy Kenny trying it, there’s no way Pujols would go to the White Sox. I could see him going to Philly, Bos, or NY since they are ready to win now and will spend to keep winning throughout his contract.

      I really think this is just a bunch of BS and Stark even said he has no source and that it’s just a possibility and that no one said this was true rather just a thought floating around the meetings. He did his job and got hits on his column and that’s all it is.

  67. what would considered “established”? the Marlins have had Gaby Sanchez at 1B, isn’t he “established”? I didn’t read elite or star quality player, just established. I would think established means he has been a starter for at least 2 seasons.

    NYY: Teixeira- NTC. can they really trade him?
    BOS: Gonzalez- is the ink dry yet on the Gonzalez contract? he has partial NTC.
    TB: no one established
    TOR: no one established
    BAL: no one established
    DET: Cabrera- does not have NTC. signed through 2015. (next 4 years 21/21/22/22)
    CHX: Konerko- only signed 2 more years. (12-12/13-13.5)
    MIN: Morneau- does Minnesota even spend that type of money?
    CLE: no one established
    KC-:Butler/Hosmer- yeah right, good one, it’s KC.
    TEX: no one established.
    LAA: no one established
    OAK: no one established
    SEA: no one established
    PHL: Howard- huge contract himself, and injured. is he even tradable?
    ATL: Freeman. not what I would call established, yet.
    WAS: Morse/LaRoche. established?
    NYM: no one established.
    MIA: they’re out.
    MIL: rather have Fielder.
    STL: in
    CIN: Votto. only signed until the end of 13 (12-9.5/13-17).  does not have NTC.
    PIT: no one established
    CHC: no one established
    HOU: no one established
    ARZ: no one established
    SF: Huff- doubt he would prevent a Pujols signing
    LAD: Loney. can LAD even spend money?
    COL: Helton- do they have money?
    SD: no one established.

    that’s it. who could it be?
    narrowed down. maybe one of.. BOS, DET, CHX, CIN. maybe NYY, PHL, WAS, but for now I don’t think it’s them.

    there was a writer on NBC sports that wrote an article breaking down each team and he says maybe Boston. they could possibly trade Gonzalez to Miami for Hanely.
    Detroit could trade Cabrera?
    Chicago could trade Konerko?
    Cincinnati could trade Votto?

  68. chee1rs 4 years ago

    really ??????

  69. CARDS2011champs 4 years ago


  70. Chris Vinson 4 years ago

    Because the Yankees have money and Pujols is the best FA on the market.

  71. This doesn’t make sense for the Angels, I think whatever offer they have out there comes off the table if they land Wilson.

  72. Joesebastian6 4 years ago

    sheeeeeeeeit you caught them! The jig is up how’d you know they just wanted to smokescreen the m’s?!!! Now what are they supposed to do? :(

  73. vtadave 4 years ago

    How does the new CBA restrict the Yankees?

  74. cookmeister 4 years ago

    Richards is more ready than Shoemaker

  75. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    fact: mark teixera has a NTC

    he also is rapidly declining and is still owed a ton

    he is untradable

  76. It Doesnt hurt to get involved. Dont be mad your team aint in the running. We doin it big at the BIGA!

  77. If you scratched the name “Pujols” off that offer and wrote in “Fielder” you’d probably have him,

  78. thebigbangdito 4 years ago

    no were not… doin it big means actually getting one of the big FA

  79. It’s all PR work for the Angels FO.  Once Pujols stays with Cards, the FO will say they were never really that interested anyways..

  80. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    thanks for the info

    im sure they will give a dh 20 million a year for 8 years.

    solid analysis

  81. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Teix is better than Pujols defensively.

    and you’re the one who dives in with ‘your point NY is in the AL’

    no need for that post, everyone knows, and no one cares. sounds like you’re the arrogant one.

    Yanks arent in on Pujols. period. the end. goodbye

  82. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    good one bro.

    super. hilarious. 

    seriously funny

  83. Joesebastian6 4 years ago

    When was the last time you him?

  84. Joesebastian6 4 years ago

    I know its called aging

  85. KINGMOJO 4 years ago

    ill give my left nut for the angels to sign both

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