C.J. Wilson Decision Expected Soon

1:01am: Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports echoes Bowden's sentiment (via Twitter), while Scott Miller of CBS Sports tweets that sources tell him the Marlins think they may be fighting a losing battle.

12:28am: Bowden has a source who expects Wilson to sign with the Angels tomorrow morning, though the terms of the supposedly upcoming agreement aren't available (Twitter link).

11:58pm: A decision isn't expected until the morning, a source tells Morosi (Twitter link). Of course, technically, "morning" officially arrives in two minutes in Dallas, but Morosi isn't interpreting it literally. MLBTR's 24-hour coverage will continue through the night, just in case Wilson's decision comes before dawn.

10:24pm: Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports hears from a source close to the Wilson negotiations that he expects the lefty to sign with the Angels for five years. The Marlins are offering an extra year, but Wilson is being swayed by the chance to pitch near his California home (Twitter links).

9:55pm: C.J. Wilson has meetings with the Marlins and Angels tonight, and is expected to make a decision tonight or tomorrow, tweets Jim Bowden of ESPN.com and MLB Network Radio.

Earlier today, we heard that the Marlins' offer to Wilson is for six years, while the Angels probably aren't willing to go higher than five. The Rangers haven't been told they're out of the running, but are thought to have offered just four years and are resigned to the possiblity that Wilson will sign elsewhere.

For the full recap of today's Wilson rumors, click here.

Steve Adams contributed to this post.

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  1. 12DenoEbel12 4 years ago

    the angels are now “focused” on Pujols

    c.j. is taking his talents to south beach

  2. Daniel Perez 4 years ago

    Good, then I hope I can get some sleep. 

  3. vtadave 4 years ago

    By all accounts he prefers the Angels, but this could be a $15 million decision. I think we’re looking at this:

    Josh Johnson
    C.J. Wilson
    Anibal Sanchez
    Mark Buehrle
    Ricky Nolasco

    Not bad, particularly if Johnson can actually throw 200+ innings.

    • If the Marlins don’t win, can you imagine how quickly they will have blow this team up?

      • They are going to have to blow the team up anyway. I just don’t see them filling the stadium.

        • njjb jhbjb 4 years ago

          Yea, ’cause “psychics” like yourself are always correct.

    • If the Marlins don’t win, can you imagine how quickly they will have blow this team up?

    • johnsilver 4 years ago

      They had better save up some of this $$$ on an extension for Sanchez, or having planned on moving Ramirez anyway.

    • johnsilver 4 years ago

      They had better save up some of this $$$ on an extension for Sanchez, or having planned on moving Ramirez anyway.

  4. Joseph Jonathan Herrera 4 years ago

    I hope he goes to the NL, he always killed the Red Sox.  The Rangers are certainly playing with fire if they don’t add a starter.  Holland and Ogando had very good years as full timers, but can they hit again with Feliz in the rotation?

  5. E Scalez 4 years ago

    Angels get nothing. Not even the fee for the gaming license.

    • They get a lot more angry fans. Me being one of them but I love this team and will still be at every home game. Texas, enjoy the A.L. West title. 2013 Winter meetings will be our year, ohhh sigh.

      • E Scalez 4 years ago

        enjoy the cheap beer while they lose another crotchload of 1-0 games.

  6. tbell11 4 years ago

    The Angels offered CJ Wilson a 5yr/70 million plus according to the LA Times.

  7. tbell11 4 years ago

    The Angels offered CJ Wilson a 5yr/70 million plus according to the LA Times.

  8. baseballa11 4 years ago

    If they sign him and move Hanley + gaby sanchez for maybe Gio gonzalez or Ervin Santana and have (Ricky Nolasco and Anibal to maybe add more to that bullpen) it would be crazy but i think they would go out and get prince after that haha fantasy crapp

  9. Jeremy Johnson 4 years ago

    Hope Wilson signs in the NL just so I can laugh at the Angels more.

    • IMmessingWITHyou 4 years ago

      sports wise, you seem a little confused 

  10. 12DenoEbel12 4 years ago

    Will c.j. be like weaver and play at home for less money? or will he go for money and be in the same town as the “dream team”? no vince young not you

    • baseballa11 4 years ago

      when he comes to my yanks and asks for 120 million i think he wants the money interesting to see what he’ll do though

  11. tbell11 4 years ago

    Hope that FOX Sports guy has credible sources

  12. Angels sign CJ, trade away Santana for 3B, and sign Pujols.

    We can all dream…

  13. PushDown 4 years ago

    As an Angel fan, I’m definitely going to be dissapointed about losing Wilson. He seemed perfect for this Angels rotation. But unlike last year, I’m not going to be pissed at the Angels. I mean can you really blame them? They clearly actively pursued Wilson and in my opinion gave the best contract they could. The ball is really in Wilson’s court, play in your hometown, or go to Miami for an additional year. If Wilson ends up in Miami, its not because the Angels didn’t pursue him, its cuz he wanted an additional guaranteed year. 

    If Wilson does end up with the Marlins, which I’m hoping he doesn’t, I hope Dipoto doesn’t pull a Reagins and make a panic move. For example, don’t overpay Ramirez. Dipoto needs to continue to add to the bullpen, and shore up some starting pitching aka get Kuroda. Fact of the matter is, with the salary restrictions, the Angels can’t afford an overhaul of the offense, and adding little pieces for huge prices won’t help that much. They need to focus on their style of baseball, pitching and defense. Bottom line, the Angels need to focus on how to win 3-2 games, not 10-9 games.

    • PushDown 4 years ago

      YESSS CJ MIGHT HAVE CHOSEN THE RIGHT DECISION !!!!(depending on the credibility of morosi)

    • Can they even score 3 runs with that offense?

      (its a joke so dont get upset:))

      • PushDown 4 years ago

        HAHA but you do have a point. Angels didn’t exactly help their case last year did they?

  14. If Wilson signs with the Angels, does that mean that the Angels would be out of the Pujols negotiations?

    • They were never in it. Angels always use that tactic to appease Angels fans for not landing and Big free agent like Wilson.

    • 12DenoEbel12 4 years ago

      who knows they seem to be in on everyone even though arte doesn’t want to raise the payroll.  soon enough they will also be in on fielder.

    • tbell11 4 years ago

      Honestly they were never really in the Pujols negotiations but they were interested, every team was interested.

  15. Alright, I might have to write Dipoto a formal apology if this last rumor is true.

  16. Five years is the right amount of time…the question is the pay. All in all though I’m pleased with the acquisition. 

  17. vtadave 4 years ago

    So Wilson will choose something in the range of 5/75 from the Angels over 6/90 or so from the Marlins? Guess I wouldn’t blame him. I’m from So. Cal and I’d be okay playing baseball for $75 million and being close to my family.

  18. nats2012 4 years ago

    I would be impressed if CJ takes less money to go to the Angels. Plus its annoying with the Marlins signing everyone.

  19. Justanotherfantoo 4 years ago

    I think C.J. is way, way, way underrated.  If they stay healthy, Jered and C.J. are going to be one helluva one/two punch at the head of their rotation for years to come.  Hopefully for everybody else, he never gets it together in the postseason.

    • ilikeike29 4 years ago

      Don’t forget Dan Haren.

    • GriffeyandSizemore 4 years ago

      He’d be 3rd behind Haren.

    • Dan Haren would like to take offense to that one two punch, truth is its not hard to imagine that even Santana could have a better year than CJ next year

  20. Thurman8er 4 years ago

    Not getting my hopes up.  Not getting my hopes up.  Not getting my hopes up….

  21. I hope CJ has fun not having Beltre, Andrus, and Kinsler to get him out of the jams he puts the team in by all of his walks.

    • Much less Nelson Cruz and his fear of the padded wall

      • thebigbangdito 4 years ago

        you mean the world series feet away from the wall and lets it hit and they eventually lose? lol

        • Haha you’re right. It’s almost as comical as the Angels not even coming close to the playoffs…even after we gift wrapped you three games.

          • Joesebastian6 4 years ago

            I didn’t know you were on the Rangers last year! :0

    • PushDown 4 years ago

      Only real downgrade would be Callaspo and Beltre. And he’ll bid adieu to the launchpad the Rangers play in.

      And can’t really bag on a guy whose taking less money to be close to his family. It’s not like the Rangers were aggressively pursuing him. 

    • Right, because Golden Glove Aybar, Golden Glove Wells, 9x Golden Glove Hunter, future 10x Golden Glove Borjous and future Golden Glove Kendrick are really going to be a step behind Rangers. Get real, Angels probably have the best defense in baseball.

      • I like how you talk about Gold Gloves like they mean something, and are suggesting that a player will eventually have 10 lol. Your defense is not better than the Rangers.

        • When debating about defense, gold gloves do mean something.  Are you new to baseball like most Ranger fans?

          • You mean like Jeter winning GGs when his defense is aweful? and lol nope, i’ve been raised a baseball fan and a Ranger fan since I was a young.

          • poppaflan 4 years ago

            Are you new to this site? When debating about defense Gold Gloves don’t mean anything… It’s all about outfield assists

        • Angels defense was better than the Rangers last year.
          Although the Rangers have a better infield than the Angels, the difference is not as great as the difference between the Angels outfield defense compared to the Rangers.

      • Maybe 3rd best behind the Rays and Phillies.

  22. he’ll have alot of fun not pitching in the bandbox arlington, the scorching heat and enjoy pitching in front of his family

    Also not to mention Bourjos, Hunter/Trout running down his flyballs

    • But Cruz was paying tribute to Bobby Abreu in the bottom of the 9th inning in game 6 of the World Series.

  23. Madman2TX 4 years ago

    Since its the Angels, I’ll guess 5 yrs at $200/mil. The bigger the contract, the better the player, right?

    • Since you’re a TX fan, I’ll guess sour grapes/jealousy.

      • Chewtoy123 4 years ago

        Jealousy over what? Losing CJ? The Rangers could have kept him if they’d wanted to. Maybe you should ask yourself why they didn’t want to.

    • OaklandFan22 4 years ago

      hes not pujols haha

    • OCAngels 4 years ago

      Haters gonna hate, the Halos don’t like giving huge contracts.  Check yourself

    • Scott C. Worden 4 years ago

      Yes it sucks to not have a World Series trophy.

  24. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    If the Angels sign CJ Wilson that is a SICK rotation.
    Sounds good to me

    • Kirby Faraone 4 years ago

      it definitely looks good on paper

      • Looked good in reality last year, too.

      • OCAngels 4 years ago

        best era in baseball.  And this year we’ll be without the talents of Rodney(LOl) and Wilson replacing Piniero is definitely an upgrade.  Walden’s number are actually good even though he blew those 10 saves. I have faith he’ll be OK.  So once we sign Wilson, all we’ll need to do is beef up this BP and it’s on and crackin.  

  25. FamousGrouse 4 years ago

    I would sign with the Marlins just to avoid a little bit of crushing California state income tax.

    • Shu13 4 years ago

      I learned something this week I hadn’t heard before….players actually pay state tax in what ever state their road games are played in also…so he will pay Ca State tax on all games played in Ca and Washington state tax for the games played in Seattle etc…

  26. NYBravosFan10 4 years ago

    I would assume he’s already made a decision and is simply sleeping on it just to make sure that’s really what he wants.

  27. HolaAmigas 4 years ago


  28. The Marlins must be crushed by this, they’ve only managed to sign 3 All Stars in the span of about a week, while offering 49 contracts to everybody from Albert Pujols to Brett Farve.

  29. tbell11 4 years ago

    If CJ Wilson does sign with the Angels then they could trade Ervin Santana, Izturis, and prospect for Ryan Zimmermann or David Wright.

    • Dude, I was reading your comment and I was like, “Hmmm this sounds a lot like what Thomas just texted me” and it turns out to be you XD lol I hadn’t read your name haha that’s why I guessed that it was you and it was lmfao

    • Zimmermann yes, but Nats say hes not available. Pass on Wright

  30. Where does this put the Rangers, losing their ace pitchers in back to back off seasons, I know they’ve been a sort of a dark horse candidate for Pujols and Fielder but it now seems that they need another pitcher or 2. The Washington Nationals have yet to make much noise either…

  31. PushDown 4 years ago

    Now Dipoto’s next move is to get some more bullpen arms and just sit tight. Trading Ervin is gona be a popular notion, but isn’t Dipoto trying to fill a hole in the bullpen by getting Wilson? It makes no sense to immediately come back and trade Ervin, creating ANOTHER hole. The Angels need to focus on their strengths, Weav, Haren, CJ, Santana give this team a really good chance of winning, even with their offense.

  32. Chewtoy123 4 years ago

    Why am I not surprised that CJ is dragging this out as long as possible?

  33. No kidding, because now teams look at CJ Wilson as someone who doesn’t have a ton of mileage on his arm either. I just cannot fathom giving this guy 100 million dollars.

  34. It’s stupid and short sighted. A couple good years, and he’s rollin in the dough… dumb to give six years. Surest bust if I’ve ever seem one.

  35. The Angels actually scare the crap out me, more than the Marlins, I thought Miami needed Pujols to try and sell that team, the Cardinals needed him because he’s always been a Cardinal, the Angels, just jumped right into this and as you point out, have loads of money. I’ve given up on believing Pujols ever really meant half the things he said about the Cardinals, and the fans here, I can see him going to the Angels, they can out bid the Cardinals with 10 years 230 million

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