Nationals Pushing Hard For Gio Gonzalez

4:48pm: The Nationals are believed to be willing to include multiple top prospects for Gonzalez, according to Jon Heyman of Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg are obviously off-limits, but prospects such as Brad Peacock, Derek Norris, Destin Hood, Eury Perez and A.J. Cole could be available. 

WEDNESDAY, 11:57am: Trying to trade for Gonzalez is the Nationals' top priority, says's Bill Ladson. According to Ladson, Brad Peacock and Derek Norris are two of the players the Athletics are looking at in a possible four-for-one deal. Nothing is imminent yet, as the Blue Jays and Red Sox are also "heavily in the mix."

MONDAY, 7:22pm: The Nationals are pushing hard for Gio Gonzalez, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. The A's and Nationals are discussing a possible four-for-one deal involving the left-hander. The Marlins, Red Sox and Rangers are also showing strong interest in Gonzalez, according to Rosenthal.

The Nationals, who have Stephen Strasburg, Jordan Zimmermann, John Lannan and Chien-Ming Wang in their projected 2012 rotation, are poised to contend before long. The addition of Gonzalez would give manager Davey Johnson someone who has reached the 200 inning plateau in each of the past two season without posting an ERA over 3.23 in that time. However, obtaining him from the A's won't be easy. Gonzalez has many suitors and Oakland's asking price remains high.

MLBTR projects a $4.2MM salary for Gonzalez in 2012, the first of his four seasons as an arbitration eligible player. While most teams –the Nationals included — can stomach a $4.2MM salary for an established, young left-handed starter, the penny-pinching A's won't necessarily be able to afford Gonzalez through 2015 unless they resolve their stadium situation soon.

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  1. I have seen both play and i did see Milone pitch against my Mets twice.He is at best a number 5 starter and the Athletics want players with high upside like Peacock and Cole.Lombardozzi is a 2B and the Athletics are set at that position.The person who says Gonzalez would be a number three starter outside of Oakland knows very little about baseball.Gio would be the ace of the Nats staff from day when if they get him

    • jdr70 4 years ago

      I’d say look at his stats outside of Oakland.  His FIP, xFIP and a 4.25 RA outside of Oakland.  Walk rate and command and control issues.  To say he’d be in front of Zimmermann & Strasburg is silly.  I’d say you don’t know stats.  

    • MB923 4 years ago

      “Gio would be the ace of the Nats staff from day when if they get him”

      Replace Nats with Mets, and your point would be valid. Otherwise, that’s just laughable.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      lol strasburg?

  2. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

    We all know the Nats will not move Strasburg, Espinosa or Harper. The problem is at least one of those guys must be included
    I get that from this.

    • yep especially if they demanded Stanton from Miami

      • FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

        And miami said no right? So that means the A’s probably won’t get a Stanton like player from the trade.

  3. nats2012 4 years ago

    You can have Brown, we will keep our players, let me know how that turns out.

    • Stoibs 4 years ago

      I’m not even an A’s fan. Why are you getting pissy about this? I’m just saying it would be a bad trade for Oakland without a centerpiece player. They are better off going 1 for 1 like the Jays did with Marcum and Lawrie than what people are proposing here. 

  4. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

    I read the whole comment to man.

  5. I agree with your analysis, but Dom Brown is literally the only player in the Phillies org the A’s might want. You’d have to get a 3rd team involved. Plus Brown’s value isn’t that high because if it was, why don’t the Phils just name him their everyday RF?

    • nats2012 4 years ago


    • Stoibs 4 years ago

      Agreed. There are questions about Brown, but there are questions about every player. It will be tough for the Phils to come up with a package that fills all the needs for the A’s. I just think Brown, Biddle, Aumont and another piece would be very interesting for the A’s. Still maybe a little light, but better than some of the junk being floated around here. 

      • People are acting like Beane is trying to move Gonzalez, he isn’t. He merely said he wanted to hear offers. He can keep him, watch him have another all-star and breakout to the next level type season, and do this again this time next year with better offers.

        • padresfuture 4 years ago

          Thats what the Padres said about Latos. Byrnes was just answering the phones, then after the trade we find out he basically had created a bidding war for Latos over the last several weeks. The Latos haul should help the A’s.

        • rangersfan32 4 years ago

          Maybe he’ll hit a whole new level on walks too! Maybe 100 this year. Is there a record for most walks in a season that this guy wants to break? Can’t believe teams aren’t scrambling to give up top talent for a guy who’s going for such a record.

      • that other piece may have to be Trever May

  6. nats2012 4 years ago

    Who Buerhle, lol. You can have him at 4/$58 mil.

  7. Stoibs 4 years ago

    Rendon can’t be traded yet. Zimmerman and Zimmermann are not going anywhere. Strasburg, Ramos, Harper will most certainly not be traded. You’re using Peacock, Detwiller, Bernadina, and Lombarrdozzi as examples? Bernadina? Is this for real? Naming every player in an organization doesn’t make any sense. I can just start naming players on the Phillies also. The point is which players are these organizations willing to move, what are the needs of the A’s and who will offer the better package. Gosh! I also never said they were a better fit with younger players!!!!! I said they have a centerpiece they are willing to offer! ”
    The Phillies will at least let Brown go.” The Nats do not have a player that can headline this package that they will be willing to trade. Read what I said!

  8. nats2012 4 years ago

    Not to say the Phils didnt have good minor league players but they used them to get alot of their players they have now. And Brown is looked at now as a project.

  9. SarumanTheChef 4 years ago

    Rendon could be done as a player to be named later, and he seems like he’d be the prime target—A’s want guys a little farther out (so they’re under control in the stadium years), and really want a future 3B. 

    • Stoibs 4 years ago

      This could be possible. It would be hard to resist a package built around Rendon. 

      • nats2012 4 years ago

        Yeah Stoibs, you can always put PTNL and Rendon, Goodwin, Meyer, or Purke can be included.

        • Rendon, peacock and goodwin are 3 of the 4 the A’s must have in the deal.  The 4th player is the question.  The A’s need a 3b prospect and will not trade Gio without getting one. n

          • jdr70 4 years ago

            Any player signed in August at the deadline can’t be traded as a PTBNL until six months from the deadline IIRC.  Rendon, Purke, Goodwin or Meyer couldn’t be included in a trade until February. 

          • Stoibs 4 years ago

            That’s what I was kind of getting at by saying they are not available. If this can happen in February, then all the better. 

          • elbeisbol 4 years ago


        • Stoibs 4 years ago

          I agree. This makes a lot more sense. If I was Oakland I would find this group of players much more appealing than what others were offering before. I just question whether the Nationals are willing to give up some of these guys. If they are, then this becomes a whole different conversation. 

          • padresfuture 4 years ago

            And if I was Oakland I would be a city.

    • Snoochies8 4 years ago

      that means a trade wouldn’t be completed until Feb. 15, since a player can’t be traded until a year after he’s signed

  10. brett 4 years ago

    I would imagine that Detweiler is part of the deal. Ill guess Detweiler, Cole, Norris and Moore . Hopefully we wont have to give up both Detwieler and Peacock but we may have to. 

  11. Guest 4 years ago

    Yeah, we’reused to him. We kinda think of him as our little brother that has no clue what he is talking about

  12. brett 4 years ago

    That would tell me you are not familiar with the Nationals farm system. Are farm system is full of impact talent. Read any evaluation from BA OR BP and it speaks glowingly, 

    • Stoibs 4 years ago

      I am familiar with the Nationals system. There are several very good prospects. I am not bashing the system. I am stating that for a trade like this you need to have a top 50 guy anchoring it. That would be someone like Rendon or Harper. Rendon could be a player to be named later. It has to be one of those guys to start the package or the deal would be bad for the A’s.

      • brett 4 years ago

        It wouldnt be a complete shock to see Rendon as the centerpiece. However, I consider Peacock as an impact type of guy though. 

    • They do have impact talent just not the talent the As are looking for, they want a Pence or Latos type deal.They want blue chips , remeber Beane demanded Stanton from the Marlins so they are definitley demandin one of the big guys from the Nats and maybe Harper

  13. Guest 4 years ago

    Purke can be player to be named later

  14. Guest 4 years ago

    Ryan Zimmerman (as long as he is here) will always be the nearest and dearest to our hearts, especially being a hometown boy.

    • letsgogiants 4 years ago

      Wow, you are right. My bad, I’ve just been buying into all of the media speculation lately about Harper and Strasberg and how they were considered the cornerstones of the franchise. I’m surprised Zimmerman has been overlooked in this sense. I think its because both Strasberg and Harper’s potential are through the roof and that they are expected to become something that has not been seen in baseball in a long time. Though unlike those two, Zimmerman has been able to actually produce in the majors on a consistent basis. If Zimmerman becomes healthy again, its going to be tough to not consider him the true face of the franchise. 

      • Guest 4 years ago

        Haha its okay you’re ceretainly not the only one.  Zimmerman has been here through all the hard times.  I agree that nationally Strasburg/Harper might be considered the face of the franchise, and maybe that eventually happens.  But I think among nats fans Zimmerman will always be viewed as it as long as he is here and healthy, considering he was the only bright spot for about 5 years there haha.

  15. FamousGrouse 4 years ago

    Oliver Perez was a guy that would go out and have 2 bad seasons and then a really good season in a contract year. Gonzalez has been consistent in his 2 full-time seasons.

  16. oJoey 4 years ago

    How about Gonzalez For Rendon 3b (player to be named later),Peacock P, and Norris C. The A’s are looking to get a 3b and Sp.

  17. nats2012 4 years ago

    I just hope we dont do anything crazy because we know Phillies are top dogs right now and its hard to imagine 1 deal pushing us over the top but we finally have the right young players on the field and the right ones coming in the system to compete year after year when everything comes together.

  18. But that’s the idea; someone with his terrific strikeout rates doesn’t need to have pinpoint control to be successful.

    If he can even begin to approach a BB/9 of 3.5, he’ll probably hover around being a 4-5 WAR pitcher, which is certainly nothing to scoff at given his age and price.

    Lester, Jimenez, Romero, Dempster, etc. have all been successful with higher-ish walk rates.  I’m not super high on Gonzalez, but I can certainly see the appeal if you think there’s reason that his walk rate will continue to improve.

    • He should be really good in spite of the walks, but the walks do prevent him from being an ace-tier pitcher and he shouldn’t get an ace type return if he’s traded.

      I’m basically trying to say he’s good, but he’s not THAT (ace) good.

  19. TheGrtBambino 4 years ago

    He is still very young and has not hit his ceiling.  The guys you stated may have a higher WAR but they also did not even close to any of the other stats that Gio put up.  Oswalt could pitched 40 less innings and 10 less games with 100 less strike outs than Gio all the while putting up a higher ERA.  Danks pitched 30 less innings and had a 4.00+ ERA.  He also could not win a game to save his life.  Jackson is the closest in comparison to Gio in terms of innings pitched but he still had 50 less strike outs and a high WHIP.  I understand the power of the WAR stat but I really think it is more applicable to hitters and their prediction.  Pitching is a whole new monster because you have to add in consistency and durability and Gio exercises those traits fairly well.  Just watching him pitch in comparison to those guys, I have watch the guys you stated multiple time, it is evident that those guys are just playing chips in the big picture of their team.  Gio is a main guy for the A’s and that is why he getting so much attention.  Imagine an Oswalt in the 2004-2007, pre-injuries and trade to phils, and thats what you get in Gio, a guy that will throw 200+ innings keep the ERA around 3 and strike out 160+ a year.  Study that trade and tell me it doesn’t make sense, there is no way he is overprojected

    • Daniel Lee 4 years ago

      ill agree that gio was better last year than guys like danks and jackson. but you def cant compare gio to oswalt. oswalt was one of the best and most consistent pitchers in baseball for nearly a decade. no way you can compare gio to oswalt when he has done it for a grand total of 2 years. he’s a nice pitcher but his stats are also skewed because he pitches in oakland and in the al west where only the rangers have an offense. sure he is an ace on that team in that ballpark and in that division but hes not an ace on a winning team. but billy beane is asking to be paid like he is a top tier pitcher and i dont blame him. hes just doing his job. but any team that gives into that would be extremely dumb.

  20. TheGrtBambino 4 years ago

    BB has drafted two closers in the last 6 years, both of which came at a bargain, and ROY, and (pending bailey trade) could net a good comeback for the A’s.  BB has a knack for closers in the draft and signing unwanted closers so i doubt he receives a closer type in a trade involving a power player.  plus De Los Santos is next in line.

  21. FS54 4 years ago

    I am afraid of the risk we will have to take to sign this guy. Well, that’s why I am not the GM. The idea of Gio-SS-Jordan in one rotation for at least four more years is exciting, but I am not sure I want to part with any of our prospects yet. Besides our bigger need is that speedy OF bat.

  22. I’d do it strait up……….For Clayton Kershaw…….maybe

  23. Carter Semple 4 years ago

    no thank you

  24. kräftig. entschieden 4 years ago

    I can feel my IQ slipping reading two pages of these comments.

  25. Norris has a really good bat and should be playing 1b. Though it would lower his value, he would be in the bigs this season.

  26. As a Nats fan, I would have preferred Mat Latos, but if they give up the farm for Gio..they should subsequently go ahead and sign Fielder…and then World Series 2012 at Natstown USA.

  27. As a Nats fan, I would have preferred Mat Latos, but if they give up the farm for Gio..they should subsequently go ahead and sign Fielder…and then World Series 2012 at Natstown USA.

  28. BeisbolJunkie 4 years ago

    National League? Heck yeah! I’d like to see more of Gio Gonzalez demonstating his excellent batting skills at the plate. LOL.

  29. BeisbolJunkie 4 years ago

    National League? Heck yeah! I’d like to see more of Gio Gonzalez demonstating his excellent batting skills at the plate. LOL.

  30. comebackkid814 4 years ago

    Ideally A’s should be looking at trying to pry away two higher ranking SP prospects to replace Gio and than add a impact hitting prospect and some sort of high upside, lower minor league hitter. A fair package of four players would be:

    RHP Brad Peacock
    C/1B Derek Norris
    OF Destin Hood
    LHP Sammy Solis

    With the exception of Hood, all the players involved have a great chance to be impact ML contributors. Peacock is ML-ready with a high #3, low #2 ceiling, Norris is a year away or maybe less if Oakland just bite the bullet and makes him a 1B or OF so that he can focus on his swing and become ML-ready. Solis is projected to be a typical #4 ML southpaw and Hood is still raw with great upside.

    • muskyfish 4 years ago

      Haha, Had mine typed out before I saw yours…. I forgot to mention a fourth player, and I don’t think they would land Solis too, just because Beane will probably just go ahead and take Milone or a young RP.

    • Im going to tell you this after seeing what the Padres got in the deal for Latos, I doubt Beane will settle with that. The moment he asks for Harper the Nats will run away

    • Replace Hood with Rendon and Beane says yes.

      Rendon simply must be in this deal or else WSN will win the trade easily. 

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        and Rendon moving to the A’s would be a catastrophic loss for the Nats

        • Yeah it would, they have a massive black hole at 3B.

          Oh wait.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            so much wrong with this given that Rendon was just drafted. give it a break seriously

            nats draft him and trade him the same year because of Zimmerman? C’mon, some of your posts are soo good, but anything to do with the A’s you become an illogical homer.

          • FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

            Your right in your black hole analogy. Cuz Zim gobbles things up like a black hole.

            You do that on purpose?

      • FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

        Please get off of Rendon’s nuts.
        Thank you

  31. muskyfish 4 years ago

    My guesses
    – Beane wouldn’t waste much of the value on a proven closer in return, so no Storen. Fautino De Los Santos will be the next big arm closer to own the job and then get dealt for prospects…. a couple years and an Andrew Bailey trade down the line of course.
    – Norris makes too much sense to not be in the trade, and I really like Norris, but I think the case can be made that if he doesn’t capitalize on the potential soon, he could end up as a slightly better, slightly younger Josh Donaldson…. and despite that craptacular offense, Josh hasn’t been given much of a chance. 
    – Marrero makes a lot of sense, but might be in the middle where he is too good to just be a throw in, but not good enough to definitely be an upgrade over the current plethora of 1B options (plus Beane will have Lars in a trade with Boston some how, some way).
    – I think Peacock will be the pitcher involved. Fits the profile. Has a nice ceiling, but putting a lot of stock into a breakout year. Seems to be a win-win. Beane gets an arm with upside to join Parker in their first years of service, and the Nats sell high…. especially since they have like 5 arms that could lap Peacock within a year or two.
    – Given the fact that Beane wasn’t able to pull any high risk/high rewards bats from Arizona, which was very odd due to the fact that they have a nice system and many of the hitters weren’t even drafted by the current regime, I don’t really know what to expect here…. but I’ll go with either Destin Hood or Eury Perez.

    • If Beane does not get Rendon in this deal he has failed.

      • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

        how can Rendon be traded?

        • Player tyo be named later.  I agree Rendon is the only key player to make the deal happen.  Without him there is no deal.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            timeline doesn’t fit, 6 month window on a ptbnl. can’t be traded until 6 months after they signed.

          • not_brooks 4 years ago

            Rendon signed on August 15th, so he could be traded on February 15th.

            If a trade happened today, the A’s and Nats would have until June 21st to name a PTBNL.

            How does that not fit?

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            no no he can’t be traded february 15th, he can be a ptbnl february 15, because he can’t be traded from the nats until August 15th 2012.

            So in order to include rendon, the trade would have to wait until mid February.

          • not_brooks = correct
            lunchbox45 = incorrect 

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            players have to be with their home club for 1 year.

            so explain to me how i’m incorrect?

  32. johnnycomelately9 4 years ago

    He’s the best known pitching commodity left on the markert.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      Matt Garza, Edwin Jackson.

      • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

        The market for EJax seems so underwhelming and I think he makes a ton of sense for a lot of teams. His peripherals have improved consistently. 

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          I seriously don’t get it .. Jackson by all accounts has been the better pitcher than Gio the last few years..

          Even if Gio out does him over the next 4, it won’t be significant enough to justify the prospects you sent to oakland.

          I’d gladly take Jackson on a 3 year deal on the Jays. Especially when the alternative is comparable and cost prospects.

          • YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

            He’s a Boras client so that could be an issue but I would feel comfortable with the Yanks giving him a 3/$36 deal.

            He’s not the #2 they need but he makes the staff a lot more solid #2-#4.

            He, Hughes and Nova have the ability to be 3.75-4.00 FIP types but Jax should be a lock for a solid 200 IP.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            3/36 seems about right..

            I think he could be one of the better bargains/values of the FA market.

          • I agree that E-Jax is much wiser alternative to Gio. Oswalt is a heckuva lot better than people recognize as well. Adding either or both to any rotation makes a ton of teams better. A team like Pittsburgh could sign them both and be contenders. KC too. 

      • rikersbeard 4 years ago

        much rather have Gio than Ejax. 

        • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

          so would I, but Ejax doesn’t cost top prospects

  33. The As wouldnt want peacock to be the centerpiece that like ncluding Jon Niese as the centerpiece of the As deal.The as would want

    Harper or Rendon
    Espinosa or Morse

    which in no way would the Nationals do.

  34. Jay I would agree with you except that would only work if they could unload Bailey somewhere, and assuming that Madson is still on the market there maybe not a lot of teams that would dump a lot for Bailey immediatley.They may want Harper or Strasburg who are untradeable although Strasburg is interesting b/c he just came off of TJ surgery although I think still untradable

  35. O I guess you tottally forgot we have 3 pitchers in top 100 prospects and maybe a 4th and 5th on the way so clearly we do not suck and we fell a little short of you so maybe you miight wan to hush up.The Mets are ust about as good as the Nats are right now

  36. Ollie Perez 2? anyone anyone?

  37. Gio is oveerrated but if you want to play that game looka t what the Mets got for Beltran or the Padres got for Latos

  38. elbeisbol 4 years ago

    Easy, first the Nats invest in a Ponzi scheme, then they start paying Bobby Bonilla money for several decades. I guess we’d have to dump all the young talent off our roster as well. 

  39. Red_Line_9 4 years ago

    I’m wondering where the Royals are at on  Gio Gonzalez.  I know they had interest in Ubaldo Jimenez in 2011 before Cleveland’s run sabotaged any plans to make a deal with Colorado.  Gonzalez seems to be the team controlled SP the Royals would be seeking.

    • They do not want to give the A’s Will Myers in a deal, so Beane told them not to bother.

      • Red_Line_9 4 years ago

        I’ve yet to see that Dayton Moore can manage an MLB roster.  I’m concerned that he overvalues his prospects to the point that he won’t part with them to build the big league team.  He’s obviously a talented at scouting and player development.  I just see the Royals having the real potential to have a perenial strong farm system and not adding the outside pieces for a winner.  The offense is there now to compete in the AL Central.  Acquiring front end pitching is easier said than done, but I feel that it would be easier to sign and develop another Will Myers than it would be to develop a Gio Gonzalez within the system.  It’s not a vaccum though.  But the jury is still out on whether Moore can turn the corner from player development to big league roster management.

        • You are totally right, but left out the fact that Moore is perhaps the worst free agent signer in recent memory.

          • Red_Line_9 4 years ago

            I don’t particularly have a problem with playing outside the free agent market, because it only seems smart in most cases.  What worries me isn’t paying for talent, it’s overpaying for mediocre replacable talent like Betancourt.  I’m not sure of the logic there, unless it’s part of a larger plan.  I can’t grasp what that “plan” would be though.  The idea of “team chemistry” guys is interesting, but those guys also tend to contribute to the team in a meaningful way on the field.  I’m all for great clubhouse guys…especially ones with talent :)

  40. NatsTown 4 years ago

    Norris is such a Billy Bean guy it’s not even funny

    • So many walks…..

      Buying low in major deals for experienced talent really stinks though. Norris hit .210 last year, that’s not cool to target him in a Gio deal….he could probably be had for Josh Outman straight up.

      • muskyfish 4 years ago

        Not even close…. but I do agree that bringing him to Oakland as a major piece to this deal would result in Beane selling low on a good starter twice in the same off-season. 

  41. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    Cole, Solis, Hood, Lombardozzi for Gio

    Strasburg, Gio, Zimmermann is a solid Top three and you still have some great young arms in the system with Peacock, Meyer, Purke, Ray and Milone

    • How does that make Oakland better? 

      • J.j. Miller 4 years ago

        it doesnt, solis has an injured elbow, lombardozzi is a 2b/utility type

      • jhfdssdaf 4 years ago

        You mean BOTH teams want to get better with trades?  Since when?

        • The A’s trade Gio Gonzalez for Bryce Harper & Stephen Strasburg. The A’s get an oft-injured high upside SP and an unproven A-ball guy with makeup issues (figuratively and literally). WSN get a surefire sub-3.50 ERA and 200 innings from an all star. FAIR DEAL FOR BOTH SIDES!!!

          /takes off homer hat
          /finishes bottle of Jameson
          /goes back to bed

  42. J.j. Miller 4 years ago

    no rendon, no thanks

    norris/peacock as deal headliners, maybe with 3 or 4 additional prospects

    • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

      They just drafted Rendon, they can’t trade him until the 2012 draft.

      • J.j. Miller 4 years ago


        • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

          I think there’s some sort of time limit on that, not sure though. But it’s also a bad idea. The A’s would never agree to let a top prospect develop under a different organization’s philosophy for a couple of months and they certainly wouldn’t want him on the bench for a couple of months.

          • FS54 4 years ago

            what are you trying to say again?
            “The A’s would never agree to let a top prospect develop under a different organization’s philosophy for a couple of months and they certainly wouldn’t want him on the bench for a couple of months.”

          • start_wearing_purple 4 years ago

            If Rendon was a ptbnl he still couldn’t join the Athletics until after the draft. During the interim o you really think the Athletics would be ok with the Nats training him.

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

             theres a 6 month time limit for Ptbnl so this is all moot..

            it depends on when he signed, if he waited until the deadline, he cant be a ptbnl in any trade until february

          • elbeisbol 4 years ago

            He waited until the deadline, and I doubt we’d package him for Gio anyway. 

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            I agree..  you don’t move a top 1st rounder so quickly after you just spent months drafting him and trying to get him to sign..

            maybe in a deal for felix hernandez, but not gio

          • elbeisbol 4 years ago

            Honestly, if the Nats tried to move him at first opportunity, I’d be wary if I was another team given his injury history and agreement to flip him so soon. 

          • FS54 4 years ago

            man, please don’t make me start day-dreaming again.

            *ichiro in of and felix in rotation…*

          • Has that actually ever happened before? 

            Why don’t the A’s just keep Gio then go to the Nats after Rendon becomes eligible and trade him then?

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            that would be february…and the nats would be silly for trading rendon to begin with.

            if the talks are heating up now, it means rendon is not in the deal.

          • Youre so negative. Why do you hate the A’s so much? You never say anything positive about them. 

          • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

            I never say anything bad about the A’s I don’t hate the A’s, I loved moneyball (the book) and during the hay day i loved watching the A’s because of their sick pitching staff..

            I even like gio gonzalez.. but you mistake my realism, for being negative..
            Gio isn’t worth rendon, I’m sorry..

            Just like Brandon Morrow isn’t worth Rendon. see I’m fair

          • FS54 4 years ago

            the guy has the makeup of Beane type players, I mean he even gets injured at the same rate as A’s players. I think he would be a suitable PTBNL. Nats training him will hardly be an issue if A’s get a top prospect.

          • FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

            Nats should just not play him if this happens, lol.

  43. Norris and Peacock? That’s underwhelming, the other two better be Rendon and either Cole or Purke

    • i agree or danny espinosa

      • FS54 4 years ago

        I love how everyone overvalues our Danny boy. Don’t get me wrong. He is awesome 2B, with some power and mad defense. But you did watch that second half last season, right?

        • Beane is not interested in players with big league experience, so Espinosa is not on his list.

          • FS54 4 years ago

            I think it was said, little to no experience. Danny has only one season under his belt. But Billy might be looking for more control I guess. Besides I doubt he would actually want Danny.

          • Beane said Weeks was the only untouchable player in his system…Weeks plays 2B. Espinosa also plays 2B so….its a no go there.

          • FS54 4 years ago

            actually danny was SS in minors. I can see it work out for A’s.

    • elbeisbol 4 years ago

      Cole maybe, doubt we’d part with the others. 

      I’m high on Cole. 

  44. grownice 4 years ago

    A Blue Jay rumors? Good , now i know we’re not getting him. Bullet dodged. ( Ok i don’t dislike the kid that much, but there is better options for the price he would cost IMO)

  45. vtadave 4 years ago

    So Lannan and B-level prospects? Yeah that won’t work.

  46. vtadave 4 years ago

    He’s another one:

    If the sun goes down, it gets colder.

  47. FelixFan 4 years ago

    Gio Gonzalez to Red Sox for Anthony Ranaudo, Josh Reddick and Will Middlebrooks.

  48. Phillies_Aces35 4 years ago

    No it’s just ONE of the reasons it makes sense to target a left handed starter. The Braves are left handed heavy, the Phillies 2/3 biggest bats are left handed heavy and those are the two teams crucial for the nats to beat.

    The other reason I stated was because he’s simply not an ace and going to Washington, he doesn’t have to be one because Strasburg is developing into that guy.

    • Guest 4 years ago

      I agree with both of your posts.  Gio wouldn’t have the pressure to be
      “the guy” as the #1 ace, and would thus have less pressure as he tries
      to harness his control.  If he does, we all know he has the stuff to be
      an ace.

      But hey, its all hypothetical.  And with Rizzo this
      off-season, I surely am not going to expect anything more than a few
      minor league contracts for washed up veterans the rest of the

  49. The market for Gio is ripe right now. Beane is in a great place. I wouldn’t expect anything less than a huge haul.

  50. Dan Gallagher 4 years ago

    Above someone said that maybe Marrero would be included in a deal, however the A’s already have Brandon Allen, Daric Barton and Chris Carter (to name a few). They would have no use for Marrero. Lombardozzi is probably a good fit and maybe a guy like Alex Meyer. Potentially someone like Desmond could replace Lombardozzi. That would be a good deal for both teams.

  51. slider32 4 years ago

    Gio for Norris, Perez, Peacock, and Milone.

  52. TheHotCorner 4 years ago

    This is were he tells us all that he is 10 years old and using his brothers account.

  53. TheHotCorner 4 years ago

    If Canseco can pitch I think we all can be converted.

  54. wickedkevin 4 years ago

    I wonder if Wang is helping with their hard push.

  55. Beane has specifically stated that, many times, so I have no idea why people keep bringing up established big leaguers in deals for Gio or Bailey. He wants strict prospects with very little service time, like he got for Cahill.

  56. Guest 4 years ago

    I think he’s having a wet dream

  57. Gumby65 4 years ago

    Did they push hard for Wang?

  58. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    Last night on the Fanatic I suggested Peacock, Cole, Desmond, and Norris for Gio.. Looks like I was right about two of them.

  59. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    By all accounts the package that landed Latos was an overpay on the Reds part, yet most of these packages from A’s fans are superior to the Latos package… for a lesser pitcher..

    Latos couldn’t get Mesoraco (#1) or Hamilton (#2) from the reds system… no way gio brings back a bigger name, no rendon, no harper, no soup for you

    • grownice 4 years ago

       No soup for the A’s but Boxberger’s all around for the Pads!

    • not_brooks 4 years ago

      That Soup guy sounds like a player though. 

      I say, no deal unless Soup is included!

    • I don’t feel the Reds overpaid for Latos. As a Reds fan the only prospect I hated to see go was Boxberger. Grandal was stuck behind Mesoraco, Alonso’s a younger verison of Dunn with better contact, and Volquez is I need to say anything about him?

    • I don’t feel the Reds overpaid for Latos. As a Reds fan the only prospect I hated to see go was Boxberger. Grandal was stuck behind Mesoraco, Alonso’s a younger verison of Dunn with better contact, and Volquez is I need to say anything about him?

  60. Guest 4 years ago

    (Comment Removed due to broken reply button)

  61. Scott Jeglum 4 years ago

    Think of it like this… I have a ticket to a show. Is it the best ticket? No, Is it a good ticket? yes, better than a lot. This ticket is only worth X, however I list my ticket online and it sells for X+Y+Z.  If I have one nice ticket, and not only do I want it, but 10 other people want it. and the fact is I still like my ticket. Youre going to not only give me something I like a lot, youre also going to have to beat the other 10 guys who want my ticket. So its simply, Supply and Demand. The Demand is fairly high which drives the price up. This is why us A’s fan want a Kings Ransom…If nobody wanted Gio, then teams wouldn’t have to offer so many “top tier” prospect.

    • Lunchbox45 4 years ago

      That analogy doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when it comes to baseball.. sure if you have concert tickets, and someone really wants to go, they also have the money to overpay, its fine..

      but for TRADES it has to make sense for both sides, so no team is going to substantially mortgage their future for a player, any player, unless it makes sense to do so, which is seldom does. The market can induce an overpay but only to a certain point.

  62. Guest 4 years ago

    (Comment Removed due to broken reply button)

  63. Guest 4 years ago

    I agree with both of your posts.  Gio wouldn’t have the pressure to be
    “the guy” as the #1 ace, and would thus have less pressure as he tries
    to harness his control.  If he does, we all know he has the stuff to be
    an ace.

    But hey, its all hypothetical.  And with Rizzo this
    off-season, I surely am not going to expect anything more than a few
    minor league contracts for washed up veterans the rest of the

  64. YanksFanSince78 4 years ago

    Doesn’t set the bar. It sets the ceiling, meaning expectations should be a lot lower.

  65. Guest 4 years ago

    (Comment Removed due to broken reply button)

  66. lairdd 4 years ago

    billy’s master plan is working. this latos deal never would have been right for the a’s with alonso as the center piece, they already have a boatload of okay firstbase men/dh. and now with darvish out teams are getting desperate. oswalt has too much risk with his age. and after edwin jackson signs his price for gio will go up even more. the best thing is he doesnt have to trade him. let him have another all star year to bumb up his price more. then teams will buy into his haren analogy. maybe he will trade gio at the deadline to the nats or blue jays if they are still contending. it doesnt matter, bb has all the time in the world to decide when gio’s stock cannot rise up any hire and he will deal and get a haul for it. there are untouchables like harper, but if you are that deseperate for a guy that will help you now and not in 2-3 years, and that is very cheap, especially for the nats, then there may be a deal to make.

  67. Guest 4 years ago

    (Comment Removed)

  68. hallwagner 4 years ago

    basically billy beane’s MO is to acquire players and develop them in the minor leagues and as soon as they become even remotely good at the major league level, trade them for more minor leaguers. i’m sorry, but that’s a hilariously horrible way to run a baseball team and i think i could do a better job as gm of the a’s

    • yeah you could say you could do better than Billy Beane? Well, I’d love to see how you fail with a $60M payroll budget

      • hallwagner 4 years ago

        rays made it to the playoffs the last few years with less than 60 mm payroll. it can be done, if they had signed gonzalez to an extension after his 1st good season for a relatively low amount of money, they wouldnt need to be worried about arbitration and free agency as much.

        • FS54 4 years ago

          Before that how many years they were picking high in first round and so on?

          • hallwagner 4 years ago

            a lot and that’s what i’m talking about, the a’s have had a pretty good amount of talent over the last decade or so, but they just piss it all away before it actually means anything.

          • FS54 4 years ago

            You remember Oakland winning 100 games to in early 2000? Seriously Beane has done a great job. The whole situation with ownership, stadium, etc is making A’s not keep their talented players around longer. Rays also sucked for ten years, some of them having worst records in the league. All that finally made them contenders for last four seasons. 

        • jpshark 4 years ago

          Yes, due to the fact that they were horrible for several seasons which led to them netting very high draft choices. 

          Rebuilding is part of a small market teams/fans lifeline. They must do this to try to stay competitive. The A’s are nowhere near contention due to poor offensive production, so instead of waiting on a hope and dream for the next 3 years while the young pitching gets more expensive (and the offense continues to hold the team back from contending), Beane must start from the ground up by collecting as much young talent as possible. It’s been more then obvious for years that the A’s are incapable of attracting major free agents so there is no other way to put together an offense capable of supporting the great pitching they have. Had guys like Michael Taylor, Chris Carter and Daric Barton turned out to be the players they were supposed to be, you wouldn’t be seeing this process yet again.

  69. Guest 4 years ago

    (Comment Removed)

  70. Guest 4 years ago

    Can i get what your smoking?

    • grownice 4 years ago

      Your reply button is failing you , clearly.

      • Guest 4 years ago

        Yes my reply button is not working…sorry haha

        • Guest 4 years ago

          Oh it did there..great. Now I have made a fool of myself with random comments..

  71. Guest 4 years ago

    (Comment Removed due to broken reply button)

  72. tomymogo 4 years ago

    Brad Peacock, Derek Norris, Danny Espinosa, and Roger Bernadina for Gio Gonzalez.

    Seems like a realistic offer. Espinosa could play SS for A’s, and they can trade Cliff Pennington to Atlanta or something like that.

    • osfan3000 4 years ago

      That would work except ur not getting espinosa, maybe desmond or another SS prospect.

    • FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

      Id rather have espinosa than bio

      • Fifty_Five 4 years ago

        Don’t know who Bio is but Espinosa is overrated. He pretty much just stuck his head in the sand after ML pitching adjusted to him. And those K’s are gonna haunt him his whole career. 

        • FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

          If you have any common sense, you OBVIOUSLY would know that Bio, is a typo for GIO. 
          Are you serious?

  73. lairdd 4 years ago

    its all about the money. if bb had more money the a’s would not be having to do this. what seems more realistic. keeping your pitcher for the next 3 years while they are trying to rebuild and get that stadium in oak or sj or let them leave as fa’s. this has been going on since 04 they have just been constantly rebuilding and developing their players and instead of signing them long term, which they cant because they have no money due to a horrid stadium. he ends up selling them before they become fa’s so he can get some value out of the prospects in the next 2-3 years intead of compensation picks that have a better chance at not panning out and longer to develop.

    • I wouldnt say 04, I mean they are hardly the first team to trade a guy about to hit free agency in a year (Hudson), and the Mulder deal was because he was starting to suck and Beane got an F’n A package for him. Beane’s only been trying to rebuild since 08 but was interrupted by his owner in 09 who thought the West was winnable if they got Matt Holliday. He was wrong, and if they dont trade Cargo they’d be in a LOT healthier shape now and probably would have been close to 90 wins in 2010. 

      Its a game of luck, and the A’s have been terribly unlucky since 2007.  

  74. OaklandFan22 4 years ago

    Beane better want a lot more then just peacock and norris

    • Other than Rendon, the Nats don’t really have anything the A’s need.

      • OaklandFan22 4 years ago

        exactly norris hit .210 last year thats terrible

        • Guess you arent a very in depth fan, you must look past just average, power numbers and on base percentage are great, plus his Arizona Fall League numbers were great

        • FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

          LOLOLOLOLOLOL at your ignorance. .210 batting average. .370 on base

  75. jeez have you read these threads? most posters think gio is basically dana eveland and a steaming pile of crud. they think a’s fans think he’s the second coming of pedro martinez, which isnt true. hes just the #1 or #2 starter on the vast amount of mlb teams, which is valuable. hes made all star teams, he has a high strike out rate and a really great curveball. the issue here is that posters think untried prospects are better than actual MLB achievers, which I by and large disagree with. thats where we are at with this convo.

  76. Jamespfunk 4 years ago

    From the newest info I’d be happy to give up Norris, Perez, Cole, and Hood for Gio.  I really want to keep Peacock, but i know he is the main piece that would make this deal work.  Peacock is gonna be sick.

    • AJ Cole has more potential then Peacock

      • FS54 4 years ago

        yeah I was gonna say that if A’s interested we could switch peacock for cole.

      • Jamespfunk 4 years ago

        I know they say Cole has more potential but he is still pretty far away so I would have to say that right now Peacock is more of a sure thing.  I sure don’t want to give both of them up.

  77. Carter2Taylor2Cardenas2Weeks 4 years ago

    keep Gio Billy..the guy is a beast and is on the cusp of being a true #1…people that do not watch him on a daily don’t understand that he scatters his walks and has dramatically improved his command from 2 years ago….it’s a joke hearing people on here calling him a #3…show me a #3 that goes 8 scoreless and strikes out 11 like Gio’s last start (most likely last game ever as an Oakland A)…the Nationals package is underwhelming….if you are going to trade Gio right now, you got to get an A- positional player at the minimum…The Nats have too many untouchables to make this work..

    Gio is under control for 4 more years, if the A’s  move into the new stadium in 3 years, you will have enough money to give him a contract and make him the face of the franchise/staff ace and he will only be 29.  He’s also such a good kid and fan favorite…he wants to be an Oakland A, something very rare in baseball today.  Please don’t trade him unless you get a true star positional prospect coming back + a couple B’s.

    • OaklandFan22 4 years ago

      i say we move him but we need to have the right prospects in return if not then keep him

      • Carter2Taylor2Cardenas2Weeks 4 years ago

        i agree we move him for the RIGHT prospects…Billy Beane’s  best talent is developing/finding pitching…the problem with the rumored proposals are that they are all pitching heavy….the franchise needs positional talent…Gio is the last really big chip the A’s have (Bailey is a reliever so his value is depressed) and if they are going to trade him, they need to bring back an elite offensive talent….I like Cole and Peacock but we need offensive talent…I trust Billy will be able to put together a rotation…he has shown this ability for over a decade…the one thing he has not proven is his ability to put together an offense/find positional talent…..he must use Gio to get offense if he ends up dealing him.

        • OaklandFan22 4 years ago

          exactly i feel the same way we got sonny gray coming too we need a solid young third basemen and some solid young outfield prospects

          • Carter2Taylor2Cardenas2Weeks 4 years ago

            yup, I think other than second base and the current hodge podge at 1b, we can use a talent upgrade at every position around the diamond…pennington has been serviceable and some are ok with suzuki, but they would not hold me back from acquiring a good ss or catching prospect if the opportunity arose.  Doubt either has much trade value but I wouldn’t mind dealing them.  Boston seemed to always have some love for Suzuki.  That might have left with Theo and Kurt’s recent performance, but I would call Cherington and see if there is still a deal to be made.

    • OaklandFan22 4 years ago

      i say we move him but we need to have the right prospects in return if not then keep him

  78. Detwiler, Milone, Perez, Norris, Lombardozzi

    • FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

      to much

    • i would say peacock,espinosa,norris and a outfilder would get gio but im not bean or rizzo so i dont know but peacock would take gio spot danny gives the A’s a young power bat andthe team needs a outfilder dont realy know if we need norris or not

  79. LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

    I would prefer not to give up Peacock and Cole, but any combination of 4 with Peacock, Norris, Hood, Cole, and Perez I would be happy with trading to get Gio.. Not really sold on Norris or Perez to be completely honest

    • nats2012 4 years ago

      Me too plus Gio has a career ERA just under 4 pitching for Oakland which is a huge ball park. People dont realize how good these 4 prospects are gonna be. The only thing with Norris and Hood is they have Ramos and Harper in front of them. And Peacock can pitch for Oakland next year and put up monster numbers. And Cole is a futher 1 or 2 in any rotation.

      • LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

        Don’t forget about Goodwin who the Nationals just got in the 2011 draft as well who is ahead of Hood in terms of potential

        Even if the Nationals lose Peacock and Cole they still have Meyer, Purke, Solis, Ray, and Milone in the system while having a rotation set around Strasburg, Gio, and Zimm

        • nats2012 4 years ago

          Yep, and Detwiller could still surpise some people. Plus remember the name Michael Taylor, big upside.

          • LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

            Taylor, Goodwin, Harper, Hood, all outfielders with great upside

  80. OaklandFan22 4 years ago

    I hope the red sox jump in here because i think they have more to offer

    • your expectations are to much, you wont get any of the Nationals 2011 draft picks, and you’ll be lucky to even get Peacock, Red Sox wont offer much more then Nats

      • OaklandFan22 4 years ago

        they have the positions we need more like middlebrooks we need a third basemen and outfield that have potential

        • LUWahooNatFan 4 years ago

          Hood and Taylor both have pretty good potential, Nationals don’t really have any 3b prospects besides Rendon and well, you aren’t getting Rendon, plain and simple. 

    • CAXCAN06 4 years ago

      I’m an A’s fan too,and I don’t think the Red Sox have the prospects the A’s need other then Middlebrooks…The nats have better prospects that would help the A’s rebuild,but if the Nats are not willing to give Peacock,Rendon as a PTBNL and Norris then walk away from this one BB…Go after the tigers and see if you can get Turner,Castellanos and another prospect if not then just stick with Gio let he’s value increase and get a better package in return next year.

  81. slider32 4 years ago

    Bogaerts, Wilson, Jacobs and Ranaudo should be a fair offer.

  82. DickHarden 4 years ago

    Nationals vigorously thrusting for Gio Gonzalez.

    • Fifty_Five 4 years ago

      I would have never expected such an inappropriate remark from you, Mr. Dick Harden. 

  83. CommissionerBart 4 years ago

    I am afraid Mr.-Big-Splash-Loves-the-Publicity-Spotlight Rizzo will grossly overpay for Gio (Mr. Walks-aplenty). I’d say Peacock and Rendon should be off the table and why would the Nats trade Norris when he had an off year in the minors and his value is currently at a low?   The Nats farm system was barren about 4 years ago. Now it is ripening for harvest in a year or two. Don’t waste the potential  opportunity of waiting and then selling some of those talented youngsters high, Rizzo. You do have some superfulous “junque” on the MLB roster–peddle it to contenders.

  84. haha pushing hard

  85. OptimisticMarlinsFan 4 years ago

    As a Marlins fan, I would much rather the team sign Joe Saunders than trade the farm for Gio. Obviously I would love to have Gio in the rotation but ultimately I think it will take LoMo and some big pieces of an already depleted farm system. LoMo needs to stay because he will be a star in this league in the very near future, and that’s a fact.

  86. green_and_gold 4 years ago

    One less pitcher to be traded for since John Danks signed an extension with the White Sox….

  87. lairdd 4 years ago

    Beane will be asking for your top prospect, like he did with the marlin’s in stanton if you dont like it leave it like they did. im sure every pitching staff could improve from a great lefty like gio. eventually a team will get desperate (blue jays, nats, maybe yanks) and trade their best prospects for a great pitcher. as an a’s fan i would like him to go to the jays due to their immense depth in prospects. but he would most excel, in my opinion in ny. yeah its the al east. but the yanks are the best team in it so it doesnt look so bad in that view.

    • lairdd 4 years ago

      plus danks is out of trade rumors due to his extension.

  88. NatsTown 4 years ago

    For that package, add Storen and offer it to the Mariners for Felix

  89. Joveoak 4 years ago

    I wouldn’t be pissed.  I would probably be extremely happy since the last time the Mets faced Gio, the Mets defeated him.

    Also, if the Nats send Harper for Gio, Nats fans would probably start rioting.

  90. comebackkid814 4 years ago

    Young team who is on the rise. Check. Strong farm system (even if you don’t count Harper). Check. Great manager. Check. Yeah, the Nats are a huge joke… I don’t blame Rizzo for being skittish after the Lerners forced him to make a statement with Werth and the high price tag for some of these pitcher. Just the face that they could be within a game of .500 last year with half a season of Zimmerman, a no-show in Werth, and almost no consistent run production to speak of was very impressive in the NL’s toughest division. But, yeah, they are a joke.  

  91. comebackkid814 4 years ago

    Young team who is on the rise. Check. Strong farm system (even if you don’t count Harper). Check. Great manager. Check. Yeah, the Nats are a huge joke… I don’t blame Rizzo for being skittish after the Lerners forced him to make a statement with Werth and the high price tag for some of these pitcher. Just the face that they could be within a game of .500 last year with half a season of Zimmerman, a no-show in Werth, and almost no consistent run production to speak of was very impressive in the NL’s toughest division. But, yeah, they are a joke.  

  92. FS54 4 years ago

    name the player Nats turned away from and I will give you a legitimate reason for Nats not signing him.

  93. elbeisbol 4 years ago

    When have we been in position to make a deal of consequence? Our farm was devoid for years, and we haven’t studs to trade at the deadline. 

    We’re just now to the point where we have prospects to trade and a reason to trade for major pieces. Otherwise, they’ve been building through the draft… nothing wrong with that. Our best trade recently was Capps for Ramos. 

  94. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

    You would be wise to wait, considering that Gio will not be a Nat until the Nats trade for him. Makes perfect sense right?

    And the Nats aren’t all talk, the media is all talk about nationals RUMORS.

  95. Whilst your analogy is very much quid pro quo, your own arbitrary analyses leave a lot to be desired. 

  96. Just think waht it would be like if A’s fans offered Chris Carter, Scott Sizemore and Tyler Ross for Ryan Zimmerman.  That is basicly what you national think that Gio would come cheap.  No kings ransom = no Gio.  Simple Beane does not need to trade Gio so you must over pay.

  97. chico65 4 years ago

    Here you go

  98. Why would Beane let Gio go without him in the deal? He’d be shooting himself in the foot. He’d be infinitely better off just keeping Gio for this season, as Gio is about to blow the roof off the dump.

  99. hallwagner 4 years ago

    also no strasburg and only 3/4 a season of jzimm

  100. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    Rendon was drafted 6th overall and signed a 6 million dollar signing bonus and a 7.2 major league contract..

    you can’t honestly think that the nats would include him in a trade to for gio, even if they could.. which they cant

  101. Lunchbox45 4 years ago


  102. No, most of my deals come from Billy Beane saying that’s what he wants. Most of the things I say are based off articles I read on this site and from pro journalists twitters, so don’t look at me, I rarely pull things out of thin air, and usually say so if I do, which isn’t illegal to do, last time I checked.

    Meanwhile you still have not cottoned onto the fact that internet law clearly states that using all caps all the time means that the poster is yelling. Google it….and then turn your caps lock off, as no one takes you seriously here because of it, when they probably would if you typed like a regular person.

  103. grownice 4 years ago

    Reaching wayyyy back for that reference i see lol

  104. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    lol. u live in a dream world.

    overpay yes, but no one is giving the A’s more than the Padres got for Latos. 

  105. Then the Nats have nothing to offer, and this entire post is worthless.

  106. awww somebodys crying again becuz theyre wrong all the time….boo hoo.

  107. For free???? Its 10 years too late but I’m sure Beane would take him in a deal for one of his lesser pitchers or a prospect. Want Chris Carter for him?

  108. Was there a sale on crystal balls at Target? 

    You seem pretty sure of yourself when you have absolutely no basis for anything you say. 

  109. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    according to pete

  110. He never wanted anything specific for anyone, other than prospects with little to no MLB experience for Gio or Cahill.

    He never asked for Stanton. That rumor has no truth behind it. 

    He never has put any offers for his players on the table. 

    He is NOT shopping anyone. 

    Teams are coming to him and putting deals on the table. 

    I don’t know how much more wrong you can be about this situation…

  111. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    yes, thats it.

  112. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    A trade that happened last week, for a comparable (better) pitcher, with the same control is considered no basis now?

    lol okay. you’re comebacks reak of being defensive and juvenile..

    you’re seriously so much better than this.

  113. FacelessGeneralManager 4 years ago

    If they could just buy Gio, they already would have.

  114. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    So every NL pitcher is inferior to AL pitchers based on your claim?

    you probably haven’t bothered to look at their stats

    Latos.     24 Y/O, 72 GS, 8.65 k/9, 2.83 bb/9, 42.8 GB%, 3.28 FIP, 7.3 WAR
    Gonzalez 26 Y/O, 89 GS, 8.59 k/9, 4.44 bb/9, 47.5 GB%, 4.06 FIP, 7.3 WAR

    like I said, pretty comparable in terms of stats and years of control.. but based on age and control (bb/9), Latos has him beat in terms of value.

    Gonzalez should bring back a comparable package to what the Padres got.
    Organizational #3, 4, 10 prospects and a back end starter to eat innings. (if beane even wants that)

    of course which 3 prospects are sent depends highly on which team is landing gonzalez.. reds farm club was 7/8th, if a farm club is significantly better, lets say the royals for instance than this alters a bit.

  115. thekoshow 4 years ago

    LOL. Epic fail.

  116. thekoshow 4 years ago

    LOL. Epic fail.

  117. Lunchbox45 4 years ago

    rays still have a top farm system, their model of success is completely sustainable.

  118. slider32 4 years ago

    Latos is better than Gio, and the NL won the world series the last 2 years, so their pitching is compareable. Sabermetrically Latos is a better pitcher, but if you put either one of them into the AL East they wouldn’t look as good. Why do you think Lee and Halladay went to the NL.

  119. I don’t think the Reds overpaid. Being a Reds fan, I think the only player that will “haunt” the Reds is Boxberger. The other three, don’t hurt me. Volquez is nothing now that he’s off the roids and I’m thrilled he’s gone. Alonso is a young Dunn with better contact, and Grandal would never be a starter here anyway.

  120. hallwagner 4 years ago

    wrong. moore and longoria were locked up long term early for relatively cheap contracts. that’s how it should be done, not trading them away/letting them hit FA when you realize how good they are (obviously not the reason they do it, but it seems like it)

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