Orioles Notes: Chen, Roberts, Peterson

Luke Scott hit 84 home runs with the Orioles from 2008-11, but his next homer will come as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays. The 33-year-old agreed to terms with the Rays earlier today. Here's the latest on his former team… 

  • Left-hander Wei-Yin Chen has “a good fastball and very good control and a good breaking ball,” GM Dan Duquette told Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun. Chen is a polished pitcher with the physical skills to become a frontline starter, Duquette said. The GM is looking to add durable arms to his rotation, since Jeremy Guthrie was the lone Baltimore pitcher to reach the 200-inning threshold in 2011.
  • The Orioles remain concerned about Brian Roberts’ health and are looking for a leadoff hitter, Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com tweets. He suggests Endy Chavez projects as the team’s leadoff hitter at this point.
  • The Orioles have been negotiating with former Mets, Brewers and Athletics pitching coach Rick Peterson for more than a week about a pitching role within the organization, Connolly tweets. Duquette remains hopeful that the sides will agree to a deal.

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  1. I’m pretty excited about Chen.

    Anyway, this will inevitably become this so here’s my best guess at the rotation:


    Wada, Bergeson, Simon, Hunter in the ‘pen, Tillman in AAA

    • Bleed_Orange 3 years ago

      Wada starts the season in the rotation, Matusz in AAA.  The season ends with Wada in the pen and Matusz in the rotation.

    • Rangersfan32 3 years ago

      Hunter would be very good out of the pen. Always liked Big Game. Wish we could’ve sent Lowe over instead of Hunter.

    • You forgot about the white elephant in the room…Kevin Gregg.

    • Guest 3 years ago

      orioles go through 10 starters per year. odds are they all end up starting in 2012

      • Howard 3 years ago

         Yeah I think that’s accurate, maybe 8 if they’re lucky. They have some decent arms just need to mix it up more and keep control of their pitches.

  2. There is no guarantee that Luke Scott will hit a home run the rays. He could injured in spring training or badly suck and not hit any. 

    • Seanb1223 3 years ago

      And the world could come to and end tonight. Who knows? Maybe the Mayans were on to something? I guess only time will tell.

    • Howard 3 years ago

       That’s why I think it’s better to go with Pena in Tampa or both if they can squeeze it but Indians may be even better for Pena. Hitters ball park kinda and the Cleveland team is going to do great things in the future or be close to contending again maybe in the Central.

  3. Rick Peterson?? I don’t understand this move at all. Rick Kranitz had no idea as to what he was doing when with the O’s. Now Rick Peterson is coming to the Orioles a full after he got canned by the Brewers and replaced by Kranitz. This should be very exciting! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Also, I was reading more of the Sun’s tweets and found this one interesting.
    Dan Duquette hopeful Roberts changes mind: “I don’t really know any reason he can’t show up to sign autographs for 10-year-old kids.”

    I hope those same 10 year olds come down to the Q & A session and after getting Kevin Gregg’s autograph during FanFest and ask Duquette and Showalter why they haven’t gone out and signed any of the top free agents?  The could even play the game Are you smarter than a 5th grader? I am not sure if Duquette comes out on top!

    PS While it’s good that the O’s signed Chen, just one thing though:
    Chen is a polished pitcher with the physical skills to become a frontline starter, Duquette stated. Well then why isn’t he being paid like one?

    • OhthePossibilities 3 years ago

      Mike Gonzalez got paid like a top dollar reliever.

      $$$ has nothing to do with it.

  4. joeybw 3 years ago

    Orioles have a lot of questions marks, A LOT. Going from Roberts heath, to how Reynolds responds at 1B and the big one, how Matusz recovers from disaster and how Arrieta responds from injury. I like Luke Scott, I’m happy we made that move and I think it will basically be a trade and Damon will be the Orioles 2012 DH.

  5. Bleed_Orange 3 years ago

    Looking like Roberts concusion is going to keep him sidelined for the foreseeable future.  One of my favoirte players the last few years.  Hope we can see him sometime in 2012.

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      You don’t see much written about him anymore and it is a shame.. Career derailed and man.. he should have been headed to a HOF career and now it is probably getting a little late now to get back on track with the injuries and concussions.

      • Bleed_Orange 3 years ago

        He never would have gotten a HOF nod because of the PEDs but yeah I hope he can make a comeback

  6. Mikeschoolerforever 3 years ago

    If the Orioles are looking for a lead off hitter then take Chone figgins…..please!

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

      That is too funny.. Why take on that albatross salary when they can get the same for the MLB minimum with Joey “Gaspipe” Gaithright?

      • Mikeschoolerforever 3 years ago

        yeah I understand……but just think about it, we’d pay his salary and airfare!

  7. djones83 3 years ago

    Endy Chavez isn’t a starter. I’m not sure how he will be the everyday leadoff hitter from the bench.

    • Bleed_Orange 3 years ago

      I was thinking the same thing, only way Chavez leads off is if he starts and that means Jones has been traded.

      • Bogart Butler 3 years ago

        Endy Chavez can play left field. I wouldn’t recommend starting him but it looks like he could right now. Him or Reimold.

        • yeah, I remember Duq or Buck talking about using him in a platoon with Reimold when they signed him. Inexplicable.

  8. myzk0919 3 years ago

    I live in Japan,and I have seen him pitch many times. Well, he certainty has good fastball, it’s true. But it’s wrong, he doesn’t have excellent control. Especially, he always struggle the control of breaking ball and has tendency to be depend on fastball. Perhaps he is a big prospect in O’s, but he has to improve command. If he can’t, he will be failure.

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