Duquette On Guthrie, Bullpen, Manny

With starter Jeremy Guthrie entering his contract year, Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette felt compelled to send him to the Rockies for pitchers Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom, who can both be controlled for 2013.  Duquette praised the strikeout-to-walk ratios of his new additions.  Other notes from Duquette's conference call today:

  • Duquette feels Hammel essentially replaces Guthrie's innings in the rotation, and Lindstrom represents a power arm at the back of the Orioles' bullpen.  By the way, for the latest bullpen depth charts check out RotoAuthority, and for breaking news about stoppers follow @closernews on Twitter.
  • Duquette didn't care to speculate on whether the Orioles would have retained Guthrie had he settled a month ago on a figure closer to the team's $7.25MM submission.  He did note that he didn't think that salary was possible unless they won a hearing.  Upon the trade Guthrie ended up settling below the midpoint, at $8.2MM.
  • "We didn't have any offers of young prospects for Jeremy," Duquette told reporters.
  • The Orioles top exec wouldn't comment on the Rangers' Koji Uehara, but he did say, "We would still like to strengthen our bullpen between now and Spring Training."
  • Duquette admitted he's had exploratory talks with Manny Ramirez's agent and the Orioles have seen him work out, but added, "We are still considering the composition of this club, and some of the challenges of integrating a player like Manny into our ballclub and market."

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