Quick Hits: Boras, Cespedes, Cubs

Links for Wednesday, as we await news on the top free agent pitchers available: Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt

  • Ben Lindbergh of Baseball Prospectus responded to Scott Boras' comments about the importance of a closer in MLB. Though Lindbergh confirmed Boras' assertions on a factual level, he interprets them differently than the agent and doesn’t buy the implication that good teams are good because they have good closers.
  • Though MLB was supposed to send the players' association a proposed schedule for the 2012 postseason by today, fitting two extra Wild Cards in has been more challenging than anticipated, and the deadline may not be met, ESPN.com's Jayson Stark reports. Stark explains the challenges facing commissioner Bud Selig, who hopes to add a second Wild Card team to each league in 2012.
  • Kevin Goldstein asked MLB executives about Yoenis Cespedes' ability in relation to other MLB center fielders such as Drew Stubbs and Adam Jones for a piece at Baseball Prospectus and ESPN.com.
  • Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein said he's pleased to have added starting pitching depth in Chicago and explained how he's 'building' the Cubs into a contender at his recent Hot Stove Cool Music charity event, Evan Drellich of MLB.com writes. MLBTR’s Transaction Tracker offers a detailed look at Epstein’s offseason moves.

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  1. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    what were the results of the cespedes vs (insert CF name)

    i know rasmus was 6-2 which didn’t really surprise me

  2. OldStyle_NewCubs 3 years ago

    Poor Jed Hoyer – can’t even be the “Acq. GM” listed on MLBTR’s Transaction Tracker. Theo gets all the props. Someone please make a similar Transaction Tracker that just lists all the Starbucks offerings that Jed buys for Theo.  

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      because he was not acquired the padres let him out of his contract and he signed a new one with the cubs..where as theo was actually acquired by the cubs knowing they would work out compensation at a later date….which we are all still waiting on…..BUD!

  3. Popular_mechanics_for_pitchers 3 years ago

    The cubs are small market? Huh

  4. AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

    Adam Jones looks to be in line for a raise to around $7MM and if he keeps it up or gets any better he’s looking at FA years for at least $15MM per season. I think the Orioles might want to lock Jones up now to a 7 year/$102MM deal:

    2012: $7MM Age 27 season

    2013: $10MM Age 28 season

    2014: $13MM Age 29 season

    2015: $14MM Age 30 season

    2016: $15MM Age 31 season

    2017: $16MM Age 32 season

    2018: $17MM Age 33 season

    Of course, given the financial atmosphere he’s probably going to demand $17-23MM a year for his FA seasons meaning his eventual contract would probably approach $140MM over 7 years, which would look like this:

    2012: $17MM

    2013: $18MM

    2014: $19MM

    2015: $20MM

    2016: $21MM

    2017: $22MM

    2018: $23MM

    • Yea, take a cue from the Rockies (Tulo).

      • AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

        Or be wary of other Rockies contracts [CarGo (the jury is out on a possible overpay), Todd Helton (I know he looked like a stud once upon a time but the way he’s broken down people have analyzed him with kid gloves the past four years of that contract) and of course, Mike Hampton (need I say more?)]

    • Whoa! No flipping way Jones gets $140. Kemp got $160, and there’s no way Jones is that close to Kemp. If Adam Jones is ever getting paid 23 million a year, the GM was either tricked or threatened.

    • Ferrariman 3 years ago

      This is Adam freaking Jones here guys.  He’s a guy who on a good year will hit 20HR’s, steal 20 bases, and have an obp around .320.  Thats a solid ball player but not superstar.  he might look like a superstar since he’s the best player on a terrible team but that doesn’t mean he should get paid like one.

      • AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

        I was saying what he’d DEMAND, not what he’d get. From what I’ve seen the disparity between FA contracts of players with 20 HR/90 RBI expectations has been heavily skewed. When a guy like Jayson Werth can get $126MM over 7 years, all bets are off.

  5. JacksTigers 3 years ago

    I think whoever gets Cespedes will get a really good player. I predict that he will hit 20-25 homerun, hit .270-.280, drive in 85-95 runs, and steal 30-40 bases. He won’t be a superstar at any certain thing, but with his plus defense, he looks to me to be a 3.8-4.4 WAR right fielder.

    • Vegandork 3 years ago

       Those numbers would put him in the argument for best right fielder in the game.

      • JacksTigers 3 years ago

        And I truley think that he is capeable of that. I just have a feeling that he is capeable of doing that. I think with a little bit of coaching to shorten his swing, he will be one of the best right fielders in the game. He has both the skills and work ethic.

        • AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

          But see- it seems that there’s a consensus on his ceiling, but not on his realistic potential, which should be the real concern. If he underperforms, then suddenly $7MM per season or more is an overpay.

          • JacksTigers 3 years ago

            You have to take risks to be rewarded.

          • AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

            It’s all relative- MLBTR listed Adam Lind as being overpaid on 4 year/$18MM contract when he blasted 26 HR’s last year- which is almost equal to A-Gonz who’s making $21MM a year. Now, you have to take into account BA, OBP, Fielding Percentage, etc. but the bottom line is nobody mashing 26HR’s for $4.5MM a year is overpaid.

          • JacksTigers 3 years ago

            You have lost me to the fullest extent.

          • AmericanMovieFan 3 years ago

            I suppose my point was that overpaid, underpaid and appropriately paid are approached quite differently depending on the perceptions of an individual player.

    • jwsox 3 years ago

      hahha those numbers make him a superstar for sure…and im surprised you didnt say “I think when the tigers get Cespedes” have you stopped thinking that after little ceasers bought prince fielder?

      • JacksTigers 3 years ago

        He won’t be a superstar AT ANY CERTAIN THIN.

        And I think that the Tigers have a good shot at him, as they have still said that they have interest.

  6. Ry.the_Stunner 3 years ago

    I think any Cubs fan would gladly take that this year.  It’s one step up from last year, and all while they’ve been able to shed payroll, improve their farm system, and rid themselves of Zambrano.

  7. Frank Drebin 3 years ago

    Is this a Cubs or a Blue Jays article?

  8. Spectro 3 years ago

    If the Cubs land 20 games under next season, it will be an accomplishment as they will have done what they did in 2011 only with a trim salary. Clearly the core of this ball club is going to be youth and athleticism.  THAT is the post drug age model that wins baseball games.  This team will content in 2013.

  9. Tyler 3 years ago

    What is wrong with Soto? Who are you gonna have catch, Castillo? lol

  10. BlueCatuli 3 years ago

    Yeah, good defensive catchers who provide above average offense at below market value are awful.

  11. I don’t know who would take Soriano from y’all.

  12. jwsox 3 years ago

    soriano could and porbably will be a mid season thing. Unless the yankees get really worried going into spring training and theo agrees to eat 75% of his contract for even a mid level prospect would work well for both teams…Soriano in the #5 or #6 spot could be nice for the yankees…He still has some pop and speed left..and if the yankees are only paying 2-3 million a season its a nice buy low option for them.

    Soto I think would be a end of the season thing considering there are no catching options in the cubs system that could step in right now. And considering he clearly wont be around when the cubs are ready to truly contend in 3-5 years why not ship him out….

    And also call me crazy but in 3-5(realistically 5) years when the cubs are 100% ready to compete assuming they draft well, avoid injuries, develop players, and stay away from crippling Free Agent Contracts(Theo has bad history here) Castro will be at the end of his time as a cub and might be entering free agency. And if he develops like most think he will, he will price his way out of chicago. I say they trade him mid season. I know its crazy to think of but he could get the cubs some seriously good prospects.

  13. baseball52 3 years ago

     If we get Zunino, I’m ok with that.

  14. Snoochies8 3 years ago

    zunino wouldn’t be ready for another 2 or 3 years, you shouldn’t trade your starting catcher now with the hope that this year’s draft pick will a) sign soon enough to make it up to the majors and b) be ready to make it up to the majors if he does sign early enough

  15. JacksTigers 3 years ago


  16. The 2012 mid season? Because that’s too early. They should try for a long term extension (7-8 years) first. And if that doesn’t work for now, they hold on to him for 3-4 years to see if he becomes a top player or just above average. Either way they should try to lock him up again.

    Only THEN do you start fielding offers for him. Above-average short stops with 2-3 years left of team control can pull back a lot.

  17. baseball52 3 years ago

    I’m not inferring that Zunino will be playing in the majors this season. I could live with a defensive minded Castillo, who is MLB ready, for 2-3 years if we have Zunino waiting in the wings.

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