Trade Candidate: Brett Myers

The Brett Myers trade rumors have been circulating for a while, and there’s no reason to expect them to slow down between now and the July 31st trade deadline. Myers, a capable pitcher nearing free agency on a team not expected to contend, should draw some trade interest this summer.

Brett Myers - Astros (PW)

Myers' name surfaced at the 2011 Winter Meetings and the right-hander still seemed to be available in January, when Jayson Stark reported that the Astros were willing to take on at least $7MM of his 2012 salary in a trade. Houston GM Jeff Luhnow said this month that he’s not presently shopping Myers, and while that’s entirely believable, the team's stance could very well change within the next 95 days.

Myers, 31, probably won’t be on the next contending Astros team. He’s earning $12MM in 2012 and has a club/vesting option valued at $10MM for 2013 ($3MM buyout). Like most players on the Astros’ roster, Myers is a product of the Ed Wade regime. I doubt Luhnow will have reservations about trading Myers when the time is right.

Unfortunately for the Astros, Myers earns a starting pitcher’s salary. Other trade candidates such as Huston Street ($7.5MM) and Grant Balfour ($4MM) will be more appealing to contenders since they earn considerably less than Myers. I expect the Astros will have to take on millions to move Myers.

For the Astros to convince a rival team to take on more than a couple million of Myers’ salary, he’ll have to continue pitching well. So far — and it’s admittedly quite early — Myers has pitched five innings with a 4K/1BB ratio and three saves. It’s worth noting that his fastball velocity has climbed by nearly 4 mph this year to 92.2 mph from 88.4 mph (source: FanGraphs). He's just 74 pitches into the season — not even a full start’s worth — but the uptick in velocity isn’t surprising given Myers’ new role.

Should the 7-12 Astros fall out of contention early, Luhnow might have the chance to start selling before other trade candidates become available. This could enable him to send more of Myers' salary to a team looking to acquire relief help before the trade market heats up in July. Still, it seems more likely that the Astros will postpone most serious trade talk until after they select first overall in the upcoming June draft. There's also a good chance Myers' salary would clear waivers, so he might be available in August.

Myers should draw interest from contenders, especially if his strong April portends a successful first half. But it seems likely that the Astros will have to take on millions to complete a deal. Depending on Myers' performance, the evolution of the trade market and Luhnow's willingness to absorb salary, the Astros could acquire anything from a marginal minor leaguer to a legitimate prospect for their closer.

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  1. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Nothing like a NL team having another overpaid pitcher that they cannot move and losing (lost) velocity who is of use in one league only as it is.. The NL. The Astros probably will have an easier time moving Wandy, even with more money owed.

    • There are overpaid pitchers in both leagues.  The Red Sox have several that come to mind.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         For sure.. Lackey (DL) Matsuzaka (DL, almost ready) They are not looking to move them really and could dearly use either *if* they were healthy however and neither has (had) lost velocity and both were not pitiful in the AL. Meyers was a journeyman in the NL even.

        Now.. Should Matsuzaka move to the NL after this season, when he becomes a FA? I think he would be a much better pitcher where his “stuff” would play out and he would also get the luxury of facing a pitcher rather than a DH. Lackey will also (hopefully) be healthy next year for the 1st time in a Sox uniform after finally getting his elbow fixed.

        • A good pitcher is good in either league.  
          His stuff doesn’t play any better, he just has to face one less hitter and there are good lineup in the NL all the same.  The AL rules are such a joke.

          • East Coast Bias 3 years ago

            Yes and no. If you have an easy out (pitcher) your pitching strategy changes, and are maybe not as aggressive to the hitter or two before the pitcher comes to bat. 

            Second, I think generally speaking, NL parks are more pitching friendly than AL parks. 

        • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

          Zito sure dominated when he went to the NL….

          The reason why NL teams cant move the pitchers is because they cant afford to eat the money necessary. The yankees could move burnett because they ate a ton of money, the astros cant afford that.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            ” Zito sure dominated when he went to the NL….”

            You sure picked the WRONG example there.. Zito had lost 3-5mph from his FB BEFORE the SFG even signed him.. From 91-92 to 87-88, that was the Giants fault for lavishing that deal. The Ted Lilly’s of the world are the type who flourish in the NL and can’t win in the AL any longer, or Javiar Vazquez who can’t win period in the AL, but float over to the NL and dominate.

          • Dc21892 3 years ago

            You cannot possibly blame his loss of velocity for it. Even at 88 mph, his curve was low 70s. Look at Pedro when he came back, throwing 88-90 with the Phils and having success. Also, Jamie Moyer and Gregg Maddux have shown velocity certainly isn’t everything.

    • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

      Didnt the NL win the last 2 WS?

      The astros have a better chance of moving wandy and myers than the Sox do of moving lackey(even if he was healthy).

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

         “Didnt the NL win the last 2 WS?”

        That’ tells as much as who wins the AS game, or even sometimes a GG nowdays… Many teams can go on a 7 game hot streak.. It tells little….

        The NYY and Philly were world class last season, not the 2 snoozers who made for the boring TV series.

        • You are joking right?  This was probably one of the most exciting series in a long time.  Game 6 was an all-time classic. You sound bitter cause your team didn’t make it.

        • East Coast Bias 3 years ago

          hahaha what are you talking about? That world series was exciting! Cardinals coming back being down to their last strike multiple times? I enjoyed it!

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

             As far as the networks were concerned it was a poor choice may have been horrible..

            Who would they have preferred.. Think about it.. NYY-Philly, or 2 midwest teams as in Texas-St. Louie? You know I am not fans of neither and yes.. I watched and enjoyed it. Was saying from a network prospective and what they could have charged for advertisement pre order perspective.

          • Wow so your saying market size should have a bearing on who goes to the WS.  This is the kind of thinking that is exactly what is wrong with baseball.  Football has it right with revenue sharing and the league working together.  The football model probably wouldn’t work with baseball but there is surely a way to advertise the league better.

          • East Coast Bias 3 years ago

            Oh yeah, well sure from a ratings standpoint, the networks would want New York, Boston, Philly, LA, etc… 

            I thought you were talking from a fan perspective. My bad. 

            Although, Texas has a pretty large following, no?

        • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

          7 game hot streak….Dang Cardinals must have had a wonky schedule to only play 7 games from september to the end of the WS.

          NYY and philly were good but had old holes. In a 7 game series the Cardinals would beat either of those teams.

    • this article literally said he has gained velocity

  2. East Coast Bias 3 years ago

    Wow, did not realize he was getting 12m this year. Anyone know how many games finished he needs for the option to vest? If it does vest, looking at 15m for one year. That’s ridiculous!

  3. Brett Myers and Chris Johnson to the Red Sox for Brandon Jacobs and Will Middlebrooks

    • johnsilver 3 years ago

       You cannot be serious there. Middlebrooks is the 3b next year (maybe later on this season) and Boston already has another guy just like Meyers in Aaron Cook at Pawtucket with an opt out date of 5/1 who has been doing really well. They are not going to trade their TOP prospect who has hit 9 HR in his 1st 80AB .429OBP 1.221OPS .792SLG for an over priced commodity they already have..

      It’s time to get away from this thread.. It’s gotten to deep here all around.

      • Paul Ryan Stivender 3 years ago

        Will Middlebrooks is going nowhere. Also Chris Johnson is AAAA to Backup 3B on any team except the Astros. 

  4. rockfordone 3 years ago

    Love to see the White Sox grab Myers after yesterdays mess. Say Jarret Mitchell

    • mistgl 3 years ago

       Why? Isn’t Reed the best closing prospect in baseball?

  5. Paul Ryan Stivender 3 years ago

    See if we can send Myers (and with HOU eating 4 to 5 milly) to Frisco for  one of Surkamp (probably a stretch),Kyle Crick, Josh Osich or Adam Duvall and a ptbnl 

  6. Infield Fly 3 years ago

    He is an eleat closer!!

    * elite

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