Heyman On Myers, Lee, Wright, Rangers

The latest notes and rumors from Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com:

  • Astros people say they aren't thinking about trading their veteran players at this point, according to Heyman. One non-Astros executive likes Wandy Rodriguez and Brett Myers as midsummer trade candidates. 
  • However, the executive said it won't be easy to move Carlos Lee and his $18MM salary. Lee can block trades to 14 teams and badly wants to stay in Houston. A possible trade to the Brewers fell through months ago, Heyman reports.
  • High-level Mets people such as COO Jeff Wilpon generally support David Wright, Heyman reports. The Mets won't trade Wright this summer and will try to lock him up before long, Heyman writes. It would take something "extraordinary'' for Wright to be traded this year, GM Sandy Alderson confirmed to Heyman. If the Mets were to trade Wright this summer, he would obtain the right to void a $16MM club option for 2013 and become a free agent this offseason. Mets people view Wright as a more reliable player than Jose Reyes, Heyman writes.
  • Heyman also points out that Josh Hamilton's performance is going to make re-signing him that much more complex for the Rangers.

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  1. anyone know anything about the Carlos Lee to Brewers trade that fell through a couple of months ago? Link?

  2. CreativeMace 3 years ago

    I’m sure it won’t happen, but what kind of package could Hamilton pull in at the deadline?

    • JDW_ATX 3 years ago

      Why even ponder this? The Rangers are making yet another run at the World Series with Hamilton leading the way. Unless they switch spots with the Angels before the trade deadline, this is hilarious.

  3. chico65 3 years ago

    I don’t know about more complex.  Certainly more expensive for Hamilton, though.

  4. Wek 3 years ago

    Resigning Hamilton is not complex at all. The Rangers just want Hamilton to give them a discount by using his past as an excuse, which is not going to happen. Hamilton has expressed he wants to get paid like an elite player, which he is. The Rangers had no problem extending Ron Washington twice after he failed his drug test. He’s just as likely as Hamilton to relapse yet they had no problem extending him. The difference between the two is how much each cost/will cost, so it is all about the money.

    Drugs are part of MLB’s banned substances so even if Hamilton has a relapse MLB can suspend him without pay and possibly banned for life after numerous offenses. Highly unlikely any player wants to not get paid, especially when their salary is 10mil+. 

    Hamilton has been clean since 2005 anyway. A relapse would have been more likely 5 years ago, not after 7 years.

    Bottom line is Hamilton will get a big fat contract (200mil+), regardless of what team signs him.

    • stl_cards16 3 years ago

      He’s relapsed twice in the last 5 years.  I’m not saying it is likely for him to have a serious relapse that causes trouble, but there is certainly still that chance.

      • Wek 3 years ago

        Did not know about the relapses. When I said a relapse I meant a serious relapse hat would causes major problems for the club or his performance.

        Those relapses were alcohol related though right? I haven’t heard of a drug related relapse.

    • Tko11 3 years ago

      Its not even about the relapse, he has quite an extensive injury history as well…if he gets 200mil+ then that team is overpaying badly. I can see 6 years 120mil and I would say giving him 6 years is generous.  

      • Wek 3 years ago

        Base on his performance so far (and if he can keep it) he will probably be in line for $22-23mil per year. Teams will overpay for that kind of production not to mention Crawford and Werth’s deals wont make it easy for teams to offer anything less. Hamilton would be able to ask for the moon if he keeps his current production. 

        $200mil was an overstatement. I was thinking along the lines of a 10 year contract but I doubt Hamilton will get 10 years. If anything it would be more like Mark Teixeira’s contract, as long as he keeps this kind of production until he hits free agency. 

        • Tko11 3 years ago

          Well yea 22-23 is more reasonable…I could see 130 for 6 years which would be just over 21mil per year. 

      • Rangersfan32 3 years ago

        I’d go 5/110-120 with an option for a 6th year on him. Cause he does deserve to be paid like an elite player. Hopefully he’d understand why going over 5 guaranteed years would be too risky

  5. Kempshaw88 3 years ago

    Loney for Lee and Houston pays 90% if their salary combined

  6. nhjim1 3 years ago

    The Mets MUST re-sign David Wright if they want to be taken seriously, particularly with our fan base!!!

  7. ADFranzFerdinand 3 years ago

    I’m pretty sure the Brewers would take Carlos Lee now with Gamel out for the year.

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