Magglio Ordonez To Retire

Magglio Ordonez - Tigers (PW)

Magglio Ordonez will announce his retirement this Sunday at Comerica Park, the site of the defining moment of his 15-year career. Ordonez, who hit a walk-off home run to end the 2006 ALCS and send the Tigers to the World Series, spent the last seven seasons of his career playing in Detroit.

Ordonez suffered a fractured ankle during last year's ALCS, his second such injury in as many seasons. The 38-year-old expressed interest in playing in 2012 and the Athletics appeared to have some interest, but he never signed a deal.

Ordonez retires with 294 home runs and a .309/.369/.502 batting line in 1848 games over the course of 15 seasons with the White Sox and Tigers. The six-time All-Star won the 2007 American League batting title and three Silver Slugger awards. Ordonez, a longtime Scott Boras client, earned more than $133MM in his career, according to Baseball-Reference.

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  1. Huperetes1 3 years ago

    Maggs was a class act in Detroit and I am glad he chose there to retire..  If he ever gets into the hall, I hope he goes in as a Tiger.

    • GDane 3 years ago

      I certainly dont see him in the HOF, but had he been a shoe-in, anything other than a White Sox cap on his head would be a travesty.

      • LazerTown 3 years ago

        Yea, I really don’t see him as a hof player, he was a good player, but definetely doesn’t make the cut, especially as a rf.  If he was ss/2b/c with those numbers then he would get in.

        I always seem him as a white sox, that is where he had his best years.

  2. Stuartsmith1988 3 years ago

    I’m surprised Oakland didn’t sign him

  3. Matt K 3 years ago

    Take the PEDs away from ARoid, and Maggs might’ve won the MVP in 07.  Outside of 2011 and despite some nasty injuries the past couple seasons, Magglio was a force.  Glad he chose the Tigers over the Mets in ’05 because he was as big a part as any to the Tigers turnaround.

    • LouisDoench 3 years ago

       Arod tested positive in 2003. Stricter testing regimens were in place by 2005. If Arod had been using in 2007 he would have been caught the same way Manny was in 2009.  But if it makes you feel better to believe that one of the great players of our time owes it all to magic beans then I can’t dissuade you. You people are almost as bad as 9-11 truthers. Please don’t sully discussion of one of my favorite players, I had Maggs on my first ever fantasy team 15 years ago, with your paranoid nonsense. 

      • Matt K 3 years ago

        I don’t know if I should be more insulted that you used the “you people” line, compared me to a truther, or that you think Aroid is anything more than a 5-win player.

        • Alex Rodriguez was the best shortstop you will see play in your life.

          • Infield Fly 3 years ago

            Gotta love fortune tellers!

            Got some lottery numbers for us too?


    •  what if you take away Maggs PEDs?

    • Maggs also took PED if you haven’t done your research.

  4. ChicagoIrishman 3 years ago

    Hey Paul, I hate to say, but if he wasn’t on ‘roids, I don’t know who was.

    • Paul Shailor 3 years ago

      I can still be thankful for what he contributed to the Tigers after testing was  more stringent in 2006 cant I? 

      • ChicagoIrishman 3 years ago

        Sure. As a CWS fan, he gets props, but I won’t be a hater. 

  5. Paul Shailor 3 years ago

    If he could have stayed health maybe he could have made the Hall, however he was still a good player and a GREAT Tiger. What he did was beyond the numbers, him and pudge were huge in the Tigers turning it around. Congrats on a great career, and I will never forget the massive amounts of cheering that happened when he hit that homer over the A’s. 

    • windycitywarrior 3 years ago

      Ill never forget that as long as I live. I just got finished roofing a house for the first and last time and was in so much pain. When he hit that HR I very sorely and tenderly jumped off the couch. As a White Sox fan always loved Maggs. Wish he could have been on the ’05 team though.

  6. I do love Mags. However, Canseco did say he injected him with steroids…

    • Pawsdeep 3 years ago

      Conseco has said many things, true and untrue.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      although I obviously respect him as a player, canseco, overexaggerations and lies go together way too well.

    • Jason_F 3 years ago

      Canseco also said he would fight in a celebrity boxing match and sent his twin brother instead and then still thought he deserved to be paid.

  7. Pawsdeep 3 years ago

    Maglios 2007 season was one of the greatest I have ever seen from a hitter. Slash line of .363/.434/1.029 with 54 doubles, 28 HR, and 139 RBI’s. 354 total bases and a .595 slg. It was amazing–all after the year where He hit the biggest homerun in Tigers history in my lifetime. Class on an off the field. Love him.

    There is a reason he is retiring with Detroit. He may have ha a bigger body of work with Chicago, but what he did with his time in Detroit was magic. He will always be a Tiger.

  8. If he had 3 more full seasons under his belt he’d definitely be getting his share of HOF votes. Too many injuries really took their toll. Great player though, really enjoyed when I got to watch him.

  9. Twins fan here, loved the way he played the game. Not sad to see him retire, he always hit against them….

  10. wsox2624 3 years ago

    The late 90’s is when I started taking the train to games
    and it is also when I started a true and obsessive love/hate relationship
    (every true baseball fan knows what I’m talking about) with the White Sox.  It was a thrill watching Mags, Paul
    Konerko, Mark Buehrle, and Carlos Lee play during that time period. All of
    those guys have had incredible careers. 
    It’s fun still watching PK playing great at 36 year old….but my favorite
    part of those games as teenager was yelling, “ O-E-O-Magglio!” for the 24 year
    old kid from Venezuela. I know M.O. had his WS run with the Tigers but this bro
    got his start with us and will always be a Chicago White Sox to me!

  11. Ozzie Guilen of the white Sox screwed Maggs:  He was happiest being a Detroit Tiger and played his best here. He was one of my favorite Tigers most of his time here.

  12. Patrick Oliver 3 years ago

    Congratulations Magglio! Shame you could not get 300 HR’s.

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