Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Ethier, Hamilton, Quentin

On this date in 2003, Reed Johnson became the fourth player in history to hit a lead-off homer and a walk-off homer in the same game. The then-26-year-old rookie opened the bottom of the first with a solo homer off Shawn Estes and ended the game by opening the bottom of the tenth with a solo homer off Mark Guthrie. Here's the latest from around the web…

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3 Comments on "Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Ethier, Hamilton, Quentin"

3 years 2 months ago

Kalish probably does get the call very soon. he has been rocking the ball over the last 2 weeks in his rehab stint. Had he not been LH, probably already been called up in fact and IMO should be on the 25 man roster already, but not taking Pods place, but McDonald’s. Kalish can play any OF position and play them well. They can still have Nava in a few days as the token RH bat for the next few days, or until the 19th when Ross is projected to return from the DL and McDonald is DFA’d anyway.

3 years 2 months ago

why would ethiers deal impact the yankees? Swisher will prob not get a new contract with them unless he takes a team friendly contract. not with cano who has to be signed and is due atleast 80 million. and resign russell martin. AND their trying to get under the 189 million dollar threshold by 2014.

3 years 2 months ago

Tigers don’t have the secondary prospects to get Quentin and I am sure they aren’t going to be dumb and offer either turner or Castellonas. Padres don’t need another catcher in their system, and Brantly isnt good enough to be the lead piece for quentin.