Details On Brett Myers’ Vesting Option

Brett Myers’ $10MM option for 2013 vests if he finishes 45 games and doesn’t end the season on the disabled list, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports. Myers, who has already completed 20 games, can also trigger the option with a points system based on other qualifications.

Myers has a 2.25 ERA with 6.8 K/9, 1.8 BB/9 and 14 saves this year. He'll earn $11MM in 2012 and his contract, which was restructured upon his return to the bullpen, includes a $10MM vesting option for 2013 with a $3MM buyout. 

If the Astros trade the 31-year-old to a team that uses him as a setup man, the option likely won’t vest. There’s a good chance Myers will finish 45 games if he continues closing, but one executive suggested to Morosi that the $10MM vesting option isn’t that scary to prospective trade partners. “I wouldn’t imagine it’s going to be a huge hindrance,” the person said.

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4 Comments on "Details On Brett Myers’ Vesting Option"

3 years 3 months ago

I see the Astros packaging some money with Myers, and that should make him one of the more attractive relief options at the deadline, despite his contract.

3 years 3 months ago

I had read earlier that the benchmark was 50 games finished, not 45. Myers, for his part, would like to stay in Houston but he has no clauses where he has any say in where he is traded to. I expect the Astros will give money if a good prospect is sent in return. However, the Astros do not seem desperate to trade any of their Big Three contracts since Wandy Rodriguez is the only one that would cost them anything in 2013 and all three are performing adequately.

Kevin Swords
3 years 3 months ago

As long as Myers continues to pitch well, I do not see his option being an issue.  All things considered, it could ultimately help his trade value.  Teams may show to be reluctant to trade for what are now true “rental players”, as they can no longer get draft pick compensation for them at the end of the season.  His option becoming guaranteed means that they will have an additional year of his services, thus making it easier to swallow for a team willing to surrender prospects while looking to add bullpen depth before the trade deadline.  With that being said, the Astros will certainly add some money in order to facilitate a deal and to get a better haul of prospects in return.  They are saying otherwise, since they started off playing pretty well (have fallen off since), but they will be open to trading Lee, Myers, Lyon, Wandy and pretty much anyone else for the right price.

3 years 3 months ago

I also wonder if teams with starting rotation issues/injuries would be willing to go after Myers and use him as starter. Definitely a bit of a stretch since Myers hasn’t stretched himself out at all this season to be a starter again, but you have to wonder how desperate someone might be. Just another thing to ponder and another reason why the Astros are in such a great position right now.