Poll: Trading Carlos Gonzalez

The Rockies have baseball’s third worst record at 27-44 because they have the game’s least effective pitching staff, a crew that has allowed an average of 5.7 runs per game. Offseason pickup Jeremy Guthrie (6.34 ERA) has been both hurt and ineffective, ditto both Jhoulys Chacin (7.30 ERA) and Juan Nicasio (5.28 ERA). Jamie Moyer‘s feel-good story came to an unceremonious end when he was released after pitching to a 5.70 ERA.

Last weekend, Joel Sherman of The New York Post opined that Colorado should consider trading outfielder Carlos Gonzalez for prospects while noting there is no indication that he is actually available. Troy Renck of The Denver Post countered today by saying CarGo is simply too young, too good, and too affordable to trade. The 26-year-old has hit .328/.385/.604 this season and is under contract for approximately $73.5MM through 2017.

Players like Gonzalez don’t getting traded very often, but it’s safe to say he would command a monster package. The number of teams that both have a need in the outfield as well as the young players to swing a deal is limited, but the Rockies will surely find suitors if they put one of their two superstar hitters on the market.

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  1. BoSoxCurseBreaker 3 years ago

    I see the Nationals as an excellent fit. They have the pieces to swing a deal — and an absolute need for a top-notch CF.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      They don’t have the pieces to swing this deal. Assuming Harper and Strass are obviously untouchable, Rendon will not interest the Rockies (since they have an even better 3B prospect), and they traded their next best pitchers in AJ Cole and Brad Peacock. Not to mention Purke has about zero value because he can’t stay healthy.

      What do they have that would interest the Rockies?

      • Jason Richards 3 years ago

        Zimmerman plus some low A prospects…..

        • BoSoxCurseBreaker 3 years ago

          Yes, Zimmerman (or Zimmermann — either one) would be a start. Maybe, Storen? And then some prospects. Call me crazy, but I see Washington having the resources, the potential need, and the desire to make a splash (the pitching is an obvious strength). They keep being tied to BJ Upton, for example, but Gonzalez is a much bigger catch.

          • imachainsaw 3 years ago

            you are crazy, that’s for sure.
            “hey let’s trade for a worse and way more injury prone player

            if you think that’s the conversation going on in colorado….

          • LazerTown 3 years ago

            LOL, zimmermann is a stud.  Go look at car-goz road splits.  Washington would be crazy to swing that deal.

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          Why in the world would the Nats trade CarGo and accept anything less than someone like Strass or Gio Gonzalez? He’s young, super talented and signed thru 2017 at an average of $12.6 per. The idea is NOT that they are rebuilding but that inorder for them to compete they need to get better pitching and I would imagine that they would want bonafide proven mlb pitching and not prospects as someone else further down suggested.

          • Dylan 3 years ago

            Nats wouldn’t be trading CarGo

      • Matt_P102 3 years ago

        Certainly building a deal around JZimm would work but I can’t imagine the Nats doing that.

        Maybe they could trade one of Desmond/Espy, one of Goodwin/Meyer, Detwiler, Clippard and Morse?

        • Natsfan89 3 years ago


          As a Nats fan I’d be more interested in Dexter Fowler

          • Matt_P102 3 years ago

            Fowler has only had one good year(this one). Without more offensive talent, the Nats may well waste a world series caliber rotation and bullpen.

          • Natsfan89 3 years ago

            Well for one the world series caliber bullpen and rotation (with the exception of Edwin Jackson) is locked up for a few years.

            One guy isn’t going to fix the Nats offensive woes and that trade you proposed hurts them more than helps

  2. His numbers away from Denver are okay but not that great. So no team expect him to keep up what he is doing. So that might make the package not as good as people think.

    • LazerTown 3 years ago

      He is not good on the road, .320 obp and 1/2 # hr

      Easy to find a player that can produce that level.

  3. Ryan Cothran 3 years ago

    CarGo is an awesome player, but I would be terrified of this:

    Splits: Home- 1.015 OPS  Away-.753 OPS

    There’s no denying a .250 point difference in OPS.  He’s a product of Coors field and would be an extreme risk for any ballclub to sell their farm for his service.

  4. PClark91 3 years ago

    Phillies will get him.

    • Steelslayer 3 years ago

      I guess they will use the prospects from their highly vaunted minor league system.  Any suggestions….?

    •  The only thing the Phillies will be getting at this trading deadline will be prospects for hamels and others.

    •  He’s too young.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      How could the Phillies manage this? I’m sure we can offer Blanton, Kendrick, Polanco, and Thome…but for some reason, I don’t think that will be enough. Darn.

      • chrismichael 3 years ago

        you never really know. Phillies have a couple of pieces that some teams might be interested in (Vance Worley, Galvis, Cliff Lee if the team could afford him, or Cole Hamels if they could extend/sign him).

        You also never know how a three team deal could work out…Phils still have some prospects that are attractive as main pieces in a deal (May, Biddle, DeFratus, Valle), some pieces that are middle of the road, “tools” players (Dom Brown, Philipe Aumont, Tyson Gillies, Freddy Galvis) and some others that are little more than throw ins to complete the deal (Cody Overbeck, Darin Ruf, Harold Martinez).

        • Dylan 3 years ago

          May and Biddle are the only two pieces… And they aren’t centerpieces. The Rockies need a top 15 prospect for sure for him.

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          A Hamels for CarGo deal w/ an extension signed by Hamels prior to a trade is the most logical suggestion I’ve heard today. I don’t think Hamels would sign but it would make sense for the teams to discuss and put it in front of him.

    • phillyphan26 3 years ago

      The only package that would even come close would have to include at least two of May, Pettibone, Biddle,Cloyd and would probably have to include Brown to simply replace CarGo in the outfield and maybe he figures it out in CO.  As much as I’d love for that to happen it won’t.  Too far out, too much risk and system is already pretty much bare at least at the higher levels.  nice to dream though. 

    • The Phillies will not get him. Prospects? No, they don’t have any real blue chip prospects that would make the Rockies excited. The closest thing is Biddle, and he’s still a few years away. Victorino/Galvis/Worley are not good enough either to swing a deal. The only piece they could trade is Hamels, and the Rockies would probably not want him because they wouldn’t be able to sign him after the year. CarGo to the Phils is simply a dream, :(.

  5. GoRav114 3 years ago

    Orioles have Machado, Tillman, and Avery they could give up for him.  High rated prospect, major league ready pitcher, and a triple A prospect. 

    • 1st CarGo is a “Boras” Type, so that is strike one
      2nd CarGo is a “Boras” Type, so that is strike two
      3rd CarGo is a “Boras” Type, so that is strike three

      I don’t care if he has a long-term contract, he is a Boras type.
      Plus, I don’t think the Rockies are going to trade anyone anytime soon.
      O’Dowd’s job probable is on the firing line and if he traded CarGo, the remaining Rockie fans would be a bit upset!

      • Jason_F 3 years ago

        You do realize that CarGo is signed through 2017 and they likely wouldn’t have to even speak a word to Boras until then, right?  Getting maximum value for him right now might be the thing that Colorado needs to get back to the contender ranks quicker than they would otherwise.  That pitching staff is a train wreck.  That said, I’m not sure Tillman is nearly enough in the way of pitching to get back in a deal for CarGo.

        • I would rather do a deal with the Royals for Francoeur.
          I think that would be a better gamble and the O’s wouldn’t be gambling away their future.

      • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

        swing and a miss

    • Jason Richards 3 years ago

      Machado is not going anywhere, Tillman and Avery for Carlos Gonzalez? Nope.

  6. Rangersalchamps 3 years ago

    I hope the Rockies keep him, a 3-4 of him and Tulo is great.

    IF they do decide to trade him I could see the Rangers being in on him. Much cheaper replacement for Hamiliton when Hamiliton walks after this season. Something like a Profar, Olt, Harrison, package would intrigue the Rockies. If they want more pitching replace Olt with someone Perez.

    • Patrick Beliveau 3 years ago

      why would Profar intrigue them when they have Tulo locked up, and have Story in the minors. Olt is most likely sticking at 3rd, but he’s not as good as Arenado and Harrison… really? he’s no better than what they have now… 

      • Rangersalchamps 3 years ago

        Profar is the #1 prospect in baseball.. Dude super talented
        A. Move him to 2nd
        B. Flip him to someone else, elite SS talents are highly coveted

        Olt can play 1st base.. Replacement for Helton?
        Harrison is a good #2/3, rocks could use his type of arm
        We have plenty of high talent arms in the minors that the Rockies can choose from.

        Overall that’s a good package maybe add a couple pieces.

  7. TheLastPirateFan 3 years ago

    I did see a Rockies scout a Gerrit Cole’s debut

  8. Dylan 3 years ago

    I think they shoud listen if someone offers a top 15 prospect, a top 50 prospect (that are AA or higher) and a couple other top prospects (51-150).

  9. Matty 3 years ago

    Cargo in left with Rasmus and Bautista.  Jays have tons of pitching prospects and most of the A ball guys have huge upside to get a deal done.  Jays then can trade Snider etc. to replenish some of what they gave up in pitching prospects.

    • Dylan 3 years ago

      That’d be awesome. Could you imagine Gose, Rasmus, and Cargo with Bautista at 1B, Lawrie at 3B, EE at DH. That line-up would be crazy!

      They could trade D’Arnaud for him too, which would def. interest the Rockies.

      • Jacob Viets 3 years ago

        No, he wouldn’t they already have a potentially great Catcher at the Major League level in Wilin Rosario.

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      trade pitching for  offense??pretty sure jays need to keep whatever pitching they have and need to trade offense for more help.

      On a list of priorities to make the Jays better, a new outfielder is probably dead last.

    • hurley55 3 years ago

      I’d rather put Snider in LF for league minimum and save our pitching prospects.  One of Nicolino/Sanchez/Syndergaard is going to be an absolute beast, but no one is sure who it is yet.

    • dasox313 3 years ago

      Scary outfield and lineup, even more than now. The Blue Jays are going to make a monster splash one of these days and I don’t think the league will be ready for them when they do.

  10. Matty 3 years ago

    Nicolino, Syndergarrd, Mcguire and Jenkins

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      3 starting pitchers go down in a week and jays fans want to trade 4 minor league starters for an outfielder with suspect splits.

      o dear

    • raffish 3 years ago

      Those are the wrong pitchers.  Think better ones.

  11. Tabata, Taillon, Marte, and Heredia

    • Greatone1210 3 years ago

      Like this trade except for Heredia. Send them Locke or Owens and I’d be okay. Not worth two top pitching prospects.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      I think they would prefer as close to a sure thing (COle) as possible.

    • raffish 3 years ago

      some nice prospects but a lot of risk for Colorado.

  12. How about the Indians? They need outfield help and have a gold mine in Columbus. Maybe a deal sending David Huff, Scott Barnes, Trevor Crowe, and Chris Perez.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      …..cricket…cricket….cricket…the sound is scary.

  13. chris_synan1 3 years ago

    I’d see a team like the Orioles get him…who want to still contend come September/October…I’m a Red Sox fan, no chance at all after the Gonzo trade

  14. Jeff 3 years ago

    Who knows how bad their pitching really is, or how effective CarGo really is?  The ballpark severely distorts statistics, resulting in Colorado’s batters being consistently overrated and their pitchers being consistently underrated.

  15. chrismichael 3 years ago

    Sherman did suggest that the monster deal would have to be similar to the way that the early 90’s Dallas Cowboys built their franchise after trading Herschel Walker to the Vikings.  Maybe Hextall, Huffman, Forsberg, Duschene and others for the rights to Eric Lindros.  You get the picture.

  16. ChefR 3 years ago

    What happened to all those pitchers Ubaldo was shipped away for?

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      Still on the fringe. Pomeranz, Alex White and 2 others.

  17. RBIBaseball 3 years ago

    They should trade him and get max value in return. This franchise was once promising but the likes of Jim Tracey and Dan O’Dowd have ruined it. Time to rebuild.

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      the players havent lived up to their end of the bargain either.

      • RBIBaseball 3 years ago

        True, they’ve had a lot of busts in terms of prospects. However, when you have a manager as bad as Jim Tracey, you are going to lose more games. If the rockies have a different manager, they would have a better record right now. Look at the Orioles and Buck Showalter for an example or Joe Maddon and the Rays for teams that have limited talent but still manage to win.

  18. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    Nationals make the most sense

  19. I’m sure many people voted yes only because they saw how sweet it would be for CarGo to be playing with their team. But, in reality, it’s a stupid idea for the Rockies to entertain the thought of trading Gonzalez. You still have stands to fill at Coors and trading your best player is sure to cause revenue to dry up. The Rockies are a fragile team but they are one that can turn it around at a moments notice.

    Now if some team wants to wave four can’t miss pitching studs at the Rockies, they might do that deal but, otherwise, it’s not going to happen.

  20. Jason Richards 3 years ago

    If im the Yankees i do this in a second. Nova plus mason williams and a project like jose ramirez would be a good deal. Or Maybe San francisco with a package headlined by bumgarner. Either way the rockies need pitching bad.

    • raffish 3 years ago

      wow.  are you sure the yankees would give up that much?

      • fuster 3 years ago

        the Yankees could and would trade Williams, two or three solid pitching prospects and more. maybe even Nova….or without Nova, they might well be willing to send Gardner rather than Williams.

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      Yes, SF needs offense, but giving an affordable arm like Bumgarner to a divisional foe? That’s awfully risky for a team not 2 years removed from a championship and having to decide on Lincecum soon. CarGo isn’t a sure-thing in that ballpark – who is?

    • NOT KIDDING 3 years ago

       Do the Yankees really need another outfielder that badly?  Who replaces Nova in this scenario?  Given how cheap Nova is, I think they’ll probably stick with what they have on the field. 

      • fuster 3 years ago

        Nova would be replaced by Pineda and Banuelos next year, with Phelps and Freddy Garcia filling in the short term….though I wouldn’t be all that surprised if the Brewers make Greinke available for rent at the deadline

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      Yankees need pitching a lot more than they need hitting so….no. As for the Giants, I don’t see either team trading with each other for such a high profile deal in their own division.

  21. Braves seem to be a team that would be a logic fit. A couple good young pitchers and a couple good young hitters and then you have Prado at 3rd next year and CarGo in left. Teheran and Betancourt maybe to start off talks?

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      You replace Bethancourt with McCann’s name and you got it (plus adding some names, of course). I’m a Braves fan. 

      • Jay212033 3 years ago

        And to be honest i’d do Teheran and McCann for Cargo and Brothers.

  22. kevinfoley46 3 years ago

    O’dowd’s gone unless he gets an Ace IMO. Maybe try for Felix.

    • Hey, that’s actually a pretty good idea.
      An outfield of CarGo, Gutierrez and Ichiro would be interesting.
      Although, how much does Ichiro have left in the tank?
      The leftfielder for the M’s yesterday against the Padres had no clue.

      • raffish 3 years ago

        I have serious doubts that Cargo would thrive at Safeco Field, and I certainly wouldn’t trade Felix for him.

        That clueless left fielder is Casper Wells.  He is a good defender and swings a decent stick.  Maybe he had a bad game?

  23. “Players like Gonzalez don’t getting traded very often”.

    Mike Axisa, CarGo has already been traded twice.

    • melonis_rex 3 years ago

      …before he had his first good MLB season. 

      players with cargo’s current production don’t get traded very often.

      •  Matt Holliday, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Curtis Granderson, Manny, Nomar Garciaparra, Alfonso Soriano, A-Rod, Johnny Damon ……..

        • PhillyT 3 years ago

          26 year olds with low salary and high production….

          •  …. and more excuses. 

            Where were you guys on the original post?

        • roberty 3 years ago

          In almost every one of those situations the player traded was nearing free agency on a team that wasn’t going to resign them. 

  24. Theron Ireland 3 years ago


    Nick Castellanos(3B)
    Jacob Turner(SP)
    Delmon Young(LF)
    Andy Oliver(SP)
    Casey Crosby(SP)



    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      I’d love to see how CarGo would do in that ballpark. Don’t think he would be trending up. But, I said the same thing about Prince.

      • Theron Ireland 3 years ago

        From what i seen when he was in detroit he definetly would do well his power numbers would drop a little bit but his doubles and average would definetly go up and left field is preety easy to play defensively the only problem i see is that boesch berry and dirks would have to fight for the right field position because when victor comes back dh is locked down so idk whats going to happen there personally i hate boesch so its between dirks and berry 

        • Pawsdeep 3 years ago

          home: 336/389/626
          away: 267/319/434

          Don’t get me wrong, I like cargo and thinks he is an amazing player. But a team who plays is a nuetral or pitcher friendly park wouldn’t be getting the superstar he is in Colorado

    • raffish 3 years ago

      So basically Detroits farm system?  Heck, throw Austin Jackson in there.

      • Theron Ireland 3 years ago

        not even close and austin jackson isnt a prospect anymore and is not going to be traded. what you said makes no sense

        • I am not saying you suggested it would literally take the entire farm system to get Cargo, but you named four of the top seven or eight prospects in Detroit’s system, which is way too much to ask, IMO.  Sarcastically I suggested you toss AJ in to add to the absurdity.  Does that make sense?

  25. Eric Wright 3 years ago

    Lets not talk about trading Cargo. Bad Idea. Dan O’Dowd may be one of the worst GM’s but he isn’t that dumb enough to trade a franchise player

  26. Joe D'Alimonte 3 years ago

    Jays could do it and you cannot compare what they have now to Cargo- he is a perrenial MVP canidate. HE would be an upgrade.

    Deck McGuire RHP
    Justin Nicolino LHP
    Anthony Gose OF
    JP Arencibia C



    Gose and JPA give them immediate impact players and McGuire should be ready next season followed a year or two later by a potential #2 starter in Nicolino.

    Makes Sense.

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      He’s a perennial candidate playing all of his games in Denver, sure. 

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      How does that make sense for the Jays.

      Unless the jays convert Cargo to a starting pitcher.

      The offense being marginally better isn’t going to matter when you’re giving up 6 runs a game.

      I’d rather trade Gose, Arencibia and Nicolino for a good starting pitcher and start Snider in LF.

    • raffish 3 years ago

      Yeah, that’s a lot of young, mediocre, or flawed players for a supposed MVP candidate.  The package needs a better headliner:  D’Arnaud, Nicolino, Gose.

      Calling Gose and JPA immediate impact players is a bit generous.  Gose is hitting okay in Vegas and JP is flailing in Toronto.

  27. TheAmazingCiderMan 3 years ago

    The Rangers make sense here:

    With the pending Hamilton FA and one of the best farms in baseball I can see Jon Daniels (GM of the year 2 years running) swinging this especially since the Rangers just showcased some young talent against Colorado this past weekend. 

    • OF – David Murphy
    • RP/Closer – Tanner Scheppers
    • Maybe 3B prospect Mike Olt or SS prospect Jurikson Profar

    for Carlos Gonzales could get that done, but Leonys Martin is the future CF of this team so Craig Gentry could be made available too.  All depending, of course, what the plan is for Hamilton…

    • rundmc1981 3 years ago

      Sorry, don’t think that’s enough.

    • NOT KIDDING 3 years ago

       Texas isn’t trading Profar and the Rockies already have a shortstop.  The other pieces (including Olt) don’t come close.

    • Shikikazu 3 years ago

       It would take at least 3 blue chippers to obtain CarGo and they don’t need Olt or Profar which lessens their value in a trade.

      A deal would probably look like Martin and Perez + Holland or 2 B+ prospects

    • wlubake 3 years ago

      No way Profar is included. I was thinking more in the line of:

      Martin Perez (LHP)
      Leonys Martin (OF)
      Justin Grimm (RHP)
      Neil Ramierez (RHP)

      Perez is the name that could get it done. Martin beat up the Rockies yesterday. Grimm makes a start tonight. Daniels is showing off his trade pieces, and they’ve been performing.

      • Fan_in_the_Cliff 3 years ago

        I wouldn’t want to do that deal as a Rangers fan.  Martin has huge upside as the long term CF.  Perez still has plus stuff although his ceiling is looking more like a #2.  Grimm and Ramirez are both top 5 arms in the system right now and giving them up is far more than I would be willing to do.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      How does that address the Rox most pressing need which is starting pitching?

  28. Mariners could do it, they are desperate for offense and need to make a splash to get the fan base back in the seats.
    James Paxton SP
    Vinnie Catricala 3B
    Brad Miller SS
    Andrew Carraway SP
    The can maybe sub out Carlos Triunfel for someone

    • Bob9988 3 years ago

      Not even close.  That deal would start with T Walker and probably include N Franklin and M Saunders.  But his home road splits scare the crap out of me.  Going from Coors to Safeco?  Yeah, so worth it.

  29. J.j. Miller 3 years ago

     cargo to oakland


    jarrod parker
    brad peacock
    grant green
    michael choice
    sean doolittle
    sonny gray

    • Snoochies8 3 years ago

      No, please please please no.

      That would be even worse than the Holliday trade. I certainly hope that Billy isn’t insane enough to do anything close to that…

  30. Eric Wright 3 years ago

    I hope Rockies don’t trade Cargo but if they do this is what I would do if this would ever to have happen.. Im a Rockies fan so hope not

    Reds: Cozart, Leake, Bruce, Top 2 Pitching Prospects to Rockies
    Rockies: Cargo and Scutaro to Reds

    Nationals: Alex Meyer, Michael Taylor, Ryan Zimmerman, Jordan Zimmerman
    Rockies: Cargo

    Tigers:  Jacob Turner, Bruce Rondon, Brandon Boesch, Max Scherzer
    Rockies: Cargo

    • Theron Ireland 3 years ago

      The tigers wouldnt trade scherzer because there already short handed in the rotation and the tigers would part with delmon long before brennan

      • Eric Wright 3 years ago

        This is Cargo were talking about here. I wouldn’t trade Cargo. he is untouchable but I was talking about scenarios so…

    • TophersReds 3 years ago

      WOW what a rip off for the Reds. We’re still short an outfielder if we trade Bruce, along with all that pitching and our SS. That package will NEVER happen. 

    • Wick Terrell 3 years ago


    • Odawg8 3 years ago

      Okay. That Nats trade is about as ridiculous as possible. First of all, despite cargo’s great overall stats, he has somewhat struggled outside of Coors (not playing really bad, but nowhere near his Coors numbers). Second, J Zimmermann would be enough on his own to bring back CarGo, and R Zimmerman, despite his struggles this year, might also be enough on his own. So both of them plus prospects? Sorry, never going to happen. I don’t think that there is any one player in all of the major leagues that could warrant that deal.

      And by the way, I’m not even a Nats fan, it just struck me how ridiculous that trade was.

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      With no mention of Castellanos… It’d be tempting, but CarGo’s splis worry me

  31. rundmc1981 3 years ago

    Now HE would be the guy I wanted ATL to trade the Mark Teixeira-package for (Matt Harrison, Beau Jones, Elvis Andrus, Neftali Feliz, Jared Saltalamacchia). Unfortunately, ATL would have to move to the high-altitude of DEN to fully benefit from CarGo. And that’s not happening.

  32. Bob9988 3 years ago

     Holy Crap!  I might give you Felix for that!

  33. Wick Terrell 3 years ago

    to the Reds for Aroldis and Daniel Corcino…?

  34. tstarr17 3 years ago

    These articles are getting worse every day. Cargo is signed through 2017, and would be EXTREMELY difficult to replace.

    Dan O’Dowd is a horrible GM, but not even he is stupid enough to trade someone while he’s young, in his prime, and has a huge contract.

    Also, to the person who suggested the Phillies trade for him, Blanton sucks, Kendrick is ok, Polanco is old, and Thome is very close to retirement. Besides, the Rockies already have an old veteran 1st baseman on the bench. Jason Giambi. If Cargo was going to be traded to Philly, we start off with Cole Hamels.

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      Pretty sure the poster was being REALLY sarcastic when he mentioned Blanton, kendrick, etc. Wooosssshhhhh.

    • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

      you would start with a pitcher who’s going to be a free agent in 3 months?

  35. M’s SHOULD do this deal.. Need an impact bat.

    I wouldn’t move Walker. Start a deal with Paxton and Franklin + Capps/Pryor and a Saunders. Sub in Hultzen if neccessary. Heck. Trade Paxton and Ackley for C Gon. Move Seager to Second. Gives you a 3/4/5 hitter (C Gon/Montero/Smoak) and a 1/2/3 (Felix/Walker/Hultzen).

    • NYPOTENCE 3 years ago

      The M’s need to build from within not trade the farm for a bat which will not put them over the Rangers or Angels.

      • They’re rebuilt. The players just aren’t up yet. Felix/Hultze/Walker/Paxton is a very good rotation. With Ackley/Seager/Motero/Smoak/Saunders/Franklin and Zunino, they’ve got enough bats in the system. They just need that impact bat or two to get them over the top.

        There’s enough depth on the team to get THAT impact bat. The key is not trading a player with huge upside to do it.

        Paxton/Ackley gets rid of a 4 on their team and a #2 hitter for a #3 hitter, and a LH CF, who’d fit well in their park (Safeco’s built for LHs).

        I trade anyone not named Walker/Montero and maybe Smoak to do this deal. Frankly think both teams could win. Ackley would play well in CO, and Paxton would give them a cheap TOR guy.

    • macdice 3 years ago

      I think that Seattle could put together a decent package consisting of two of their young starting pitchers (including Walker), one of their young closers and at least one hitter (Saunders, Franklin). Franklin does not a lot if sense since he is a SS and the Rockies are set at that position. Bottom line IF Cargo is going to move its not going to be cheap just like a deal for King Felix you’re not making that move unless you get a ton in return.

  36. drumzalicious 3 years ago

    As has been said here before I don’t think any team should give up as big of a package that people have been suggesting. The guy is basically a .800 OPS player away from Coors and hes about to be making the money of a super star and super stars aren’t .800 OPS hitters.

    I’m a Braves fan and would love to have him but Colorado would have to kick in about 10-15 mil to get a decent package IMO.  I’d trade basically any pitcher not named Beachy or Teheran and basically any of our prospects to get it done. The amount of prospects depends on how much they kick in. If they kicked in 15 mil I’d start off with

    Zeke Spruill
    Adam Milligan

    • 14 Rocks 3 years ago

      CarGo would likely cost Beachy AND Teheran plus more.

  37. vinnieg 3 years ago

     I hope the Yankees get involved. Im a die hard fan who knows the system and their 2014 budget hopes.

    They could send;

    Colorado; M. Williams, Nova, G. Sanchez, Banuelos, Cervelli

    Yankees- CarGo, Wilin Rosario, Bedard

    Pittsburg- Nunez, A. Warren

      ( i know they are in contention but they get a young ml ready 4th/5th starter and  young offense that they need)

    Ha- I know its ridiculous but thats a sick overall package

    This helps the Yankees save money because they do not extend Granderson,
    Swisher, Kuroda, or Martin and COULD allocate that money to Hamels.

    2014 – likely meets budget

    c- rosario



    3-bichette / t austin

    dh- arod

    of- gardner

    of- cargo

    of- ravel santana / slade

    1 cc

    2 hamels

    3 pineda

    4 phelps

    5 betances or tba — OR PETTITTE lol….

    and we still have campos and hensley in the system…

    • NYPOTENCE 3 years ago

      No!!! Giving up 7 players for CarGo and No one else in terms of value. Rosario would just block the way for guys like O’Brien, Romine, Murphy, and/or Bird.

      Rockies Get: Williams, Hughes, Betances, Nunez and Warren
      Yankees Get: CarGo and Scutaro

      Rockies get a future star in Williams, 2 serviceable arms in the rotation, a good-hitting infielder alongside a power-pitching reliever.

      • 7kjmiller 3 years ago

        Do you think the Yankees can’t replace people on the MLB roster, due to something like budget constraints or something?

      • bleedrockiepurple 3 years ago

        You probably haven’t seen the Rockies play if your thinking they would trade a 5 tool superstar under team control for 5 years without getting 2 premier prospects. And it HAVE to involve a pitching prospect. The package would have to start at Williams/Banuelos or you can keep dreaming.

  38. Greatone1210 3 years ago

    Pirates can get him for Taillon and Marte plus another mid-level prospect.

  39. Orioles trade?  Schoop, Avery, Tillman, and Hoes?

  40. progmatinee 3 years ago

    Still think the Rockies trade Tulo before Cargo

    Here’s a fun trade idea that of course for divisional reasons would never happen. But if it did, not this off season but next after Helton retires.

    Cargo=Buster Posey straight up. Rox move him to 1B permanetly.

    • Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

      I doubt they’d trade Tulo. It’s easier to replace a LFer, especially in Coors, than it is an elite player at a prime position.

  41. bevothephenom 3 years ago

    i can see the phillies hopping in on this one. they still have enough talent in the minors to work with something. i can see possibly Victorino/mayberry, Gillies, Valle, and either Colvin/May/or Pettibone

    • NYPOTENCE 3 years ago

      If the Phillies keep playing the way they are they will be trading their big name players not looking to add more.

  42. Encarnacion's Parrot 3 years ago

    If the Jays still had Drabek and Morrow healthy, I’d like to see them take a stab at it. But at this juncture, trading pieces from a position your awfully thin at is asinine.

    Maybe in the off-season if he’s still a Rockie, and available.

  43. When you trade a guy like Carlos Gonzalez your best bet is to get back a guy that can become… Carlos Gonzalez. Being under team control at a reasonable salary for the next five years means that they really can’t get value for him. You roll the dice hoping that of the three to four prospects you get back that one or two of them become superstars. That’s the price for a guy like Teixeira or Santana that are at the end of their contract. For a guy who is going to be around for five years means you’d want more than that. I don’t see anyone willing to pay that. I think there’s an upper bound on what you can get for a player. CarGo’s value exceeds that upper bound by quite a lot. 

  44. Devon Henry 3 years ago

    Bourjos, J.Segura, CJ Cron, Conger

    • Robb Logan 3 years ago

      I am an Angels fan and say NO to this deal. That is basically our top tier minor guys. No selling the future. Plus getting CarGo moves trumbo back to the bench. The Angels need arms in the bullpen not bats.

  45. This is just silly to discuss anyways, Tulo has been out much of the year, as usual. And the Rockies are notorious for second half come backs. It would make more sense for them to find a place to move Scutaro, who is in demand. And an AL team to buy Giambi Helton or Cuddyer for a pitching prospect who is close. With Pacheco able to man 1b and Arenado sure to be up at 3b before all to long. Even if they werent to make their typical 2nd half come back they would be in much better shape for next season. Especially if Pomeranz and Alex White can figure it out.

  46. Cargo (LF)

    To Indians for:

    Huff (LHP)
    LaPorta (1B)
    Crowe (LF)

  47. Dylan 3 years ago

    The thing is, Tulo has had trouble playing 150 games in a season the last 3 years and only once since 2008 has he played 150 or more. I’m not sure anyone wants to pay him over 130 million until 2020 for injury concerns.

    I love Tulo, and think he is the best SS when healthy, but injuries are always a concern.

  48. Zico 3 years ago

     I think the point is he isn’t worth what the Rockies will want in return. No one doubts CarGo being a solid MLB player, but take Coors away and his numbers drop a good bit. Holliday has put up decent numbers, but not amazing like his Colorado days.

  49. alphabet_soup5 3 years ago

    Albert Pujols career: .325/.416/.609/1.025
    Matt Holliday career: .314/.387/.539/.926
    Matt Holliday career at Coors: .357/.423/.648/1.072

    Over 100 points added to OPS, and a better hitter than Albert Pujols. Yeah, Coors didn’t help Holliday hit at all.

  50. letsgogiants 3 years ago

    Garrett Atkins, Brad Hawpe, Jay Payton, Jeffrey Hammonds, and Vinny Castilla beg to differ…

  51. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    minor league depth?

    you mean how like chavez and laffey are our 4/5 starters currently?

    No team just needs 5 starters and to trade depth from you weakest point for something that isn’t a pressing issue, just doesn’t seem wise.

    for 2013, you have Bautista, Gose, Rasmus, Snider,  for 3 outfield spots, there is no need at all to add cargo to the mix at the expense of pitching prospects.

  52. Matt_P102 3 years ago

    You can’t compare 2012 numbers to 2007 numbers that simply because offense is so much harder to come across these days than it was back then.

    In his two full years in St Louis, he’s put up a .915 OPS. I’m not so sure that a .915 OPS in 2012 is worse than a 1.072 OPS in 2004-2008.

  53. Speaking of Holliday, A’s fans must rue the day that Holliday was traded for Carlos Gonzalez.  That has to go down as one of the worst trades in baseball history.

  54. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    you might want to check his splits away from coors field before you make a claim like that.

    but regardless, gose, rasmus and snider are already your property. So when you compare what you are giving up, it actually makes no sense to even consider trading for, not just Cargo, but for any outfielder.

  55. LazerTown 3 years ago

    I really can’t envision a team trading for him.  His season stats always look phenomenal but his splits are awful every year.  He has never been good away from coors.  Over a full season on the road he would average ~.310 obp and ~10 hr

    I don’t see a gm ponying up for this, and I don’t see the rockies trading him for nothing.

  56. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    Why is trading for a pitcher a win now move?
    They could trade for someone who still has team control correct?

    That is allowed right?

  57. Lunchbox45 3 years ago

    Well Cargo isn’t available either, so I could pretty much name any pitcher I would like the jays to trade for and it wouldhave as much validity to the rumour as this story.

  58. Dylan 3 years ago

    Def, couple that with trading Ethier and trading Cruz.

  59.  A’s have been making bad trades since 2005

  60. progmatinee 3 years ago

    sorry dupe post

  61. progmatinee 3 years ago

    Yeah, except the Rockies do a crappy job determining when to call up players and when to hold onto mediocre major leaguers.
    Look how long they held onto Hawpe and Atkins, blocking Smith and Stewart. Brought in Olivo to block Iannetta. Brought in Scutaro to block Nelson/Rutledge. Brought in Cuddyer to block Colvin/Wheeler/Blackmon. Tried to block Wilin Rosario by bringing in Hernandez. Last year blocked Nelson and Pacheco with Wigginton, Lopez and Kousmanoff. Giambi effectively blocks Colvin from time at 1st as well.
    I wonder how they’ll block Arenado next year…maybe sign Casey Blake…oh they already tried that one.

  62. Zico 3 years ago

     take away the binge he went on the season he was moved to St.L for 63 games, and his numbers are “less” than what he did in Coors for 5 years.  Plus, he was batting around Pujols the entire time. I never said Holliday wasn’t a good player. I’d love to have him on my team. I just don’t think CarGo is equal to Holliday in any fashion for a package. 

  63. It’s weird because they are incredible at picking pitchers (Gio, Danny Haren) and just awful at picking offensive players.

  64. I am a Texas Rangers fan as well and as much as I love Carlos Gonzalez, he’s not worth giving up good pitching in Neftali Feliz AND a good backup outfielder like Craig Gentry or David Murphy. Also, there is a good chance the Rangers will resign Hamilton because the contract he desires is not much more than the one Carlos Gonzalez owns. Plus you don’t just trade young talent like Carlos Gonzalez unless you’re trying to trim you’re budget. He is a franchise player alongside Troy Tulowitzky.

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