Braves Want Multiyear Extension For Prado

The Braves will attempt to re-sign infielder/outfielder Martin Prado to a multiyear extension, according to Buster Olney of (via Twitter). Atlanta views Prado as its heir apparent to Chipper Jones at third base, Olney explains. Jones, of course, is slated to retire at the conclusion of this season.

Prado, 29 in October, is due for another round of arbitration eligibility after this season and is scheduled to be a free agent after the 2013 campaign. The right-handed hitter owns a solid .297/.346/.437 career batting line, although with modest power (47 homers in 2,489 career plate appearances entering Tuesday night's action). Prado can also play several positions in the field, with most of his work this season coming in left field, although it sounds as if the Braves have designs on him becoming their full-time third baseman.

Because of his unique profile, it's tough to find a strong comparison for Prado in terms of contracts recently doled out to third basemen. Aramis Ramirez, older than Prado but boasting more power, got three years and $36MM from the Brewers last offseason, so Prado and his representatives at Peter E. Greenberg & Associates might seek something comparable to kick in after 2013.

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  1. AFCFAN06 3 years ago

    Im a huge Braves fan and love Prado very glad braves havent traded him but if they think a deal that Aramis Ramierz 3 y 36mill for prado wow let him walk but a 4 year say 20-25 mill deal sounds like a solid deal for Prado hope hes here for a long time.

    • Guest 3 years ago

      I HIGHLY doubt 4/25 gets the job done. I think he’ll be looking for something around 5/55 or maybe even a bit higher.

    • nm344 3 years ago

      Why would he ever accept that? 4 years are gonna cost about 45 million bucks.

    • he’s making $4.75 this year. Hard to imagine taking a paycut (plus like @facebook-1050459553:disqus said he’ll get more in arb)

    • I’ll take him with that contract.  Who will take his place?  Joey Turd?  Juan Francisco?  He will be perennial all star at third.  

  2. WisBrave 3 years ago

    Definitely be nice to see it happen.

  3. Prado has said before that he was glad the Braves gave him a chance and would really like to stay with them, it might not take as much as you think.

    • if he’d take 4/40 i’d do that in a heartbeat.

      • I bet he will take a 4/30 deal to be honest, if he can just focus on 3B, and nothing else. He might give the braves a discount…than again it could be me just having crazy talk. 

        • Jeff 3 years ago

           If he wants 4/30, give him 6/45 and a free home for his Mom next to the ballpark.

  4. tomymogo 3 years ago

    I was thinking more like 4×40 like Renteria in Boston

  5. Andrew Bowling 3 years ago

    This is great and all, but who is gonna play LF?  Braves should entertain the option of trading him while his stock is so high along with some prospects for a good LF. I.E. Justin Upton. When you have a chance to trade a decent 29 year old for a proven young stud that the team is so willing to get rid of, you got to at least think about it…

    • Not even close enough to get Upton. A good start but add one of your top pitching prospects and another high upside player, maybe even more.

      • If we even go after Upton ( I say see what it takes for Stanton and move Heyward to LF), than it will take Prado, delgado, and Bethancourt to even began talks. 

      • If we even go after Upton ( I say see what it takes for us to get Stanton and move Heyward to LF), than it will take Prado, delgado, and Bethancourt to even began talks.

    • it’s a lot easier to find a LF than it is a good 3B (one who can play D and hit).

    •  The OF has much better options in FA compared to 3B.  Assuming that Youkilis and Wright have their options picked up, there is no one that would even come close to being an upgrade over Prado.  Keeping Prado at 3B for around 4 years and going after a LF, locking up a SP (if we were to trade for a Garza/Grienke type), and re-signing Bourn are the best options with all the money that will be freed up after this year.

    • Jeff 3 years ago

       LF is the easiest position to fill-in, that’s the problem I’d want to have instead of 3B/2B.  Another idea would be move Uggla to LF.

  6. NYBravosFan10 3 years ago

    There is noone…i repeat, NOONE on this team that deserves an extension more than he does. I think 4/45 gets it done easily.

  7. prado do anything the braves ask him to do , why the braves don’t give him what ever he want? we need him .

  8. I could see ATL making a move for Swisher in the offseason and giving him a shot in LF.

  9. 14 Rocks 3 years ago

    I’m glad the Braves are wanting to extend Martin’s contract rather than trade him, like they did last winter.  Aren’t we all glad that we didn’t trade him for Seth Smith and a prospect?

  10. I would love to see McCann and Prado both locked up. Bourn is testing the free agent market for sure since he said he’s not listening to offers until after the season.

    With McCann being a local boy and a new father I just can’t see him wanting to play anywhere else but Atlanta. I think he follows Chipper’s foot steps and takes a little less money to continue in Atlanta for the forseeable future instead of going after the big money.

    Hopefully Liberty Media will sell the team in the near future and get a real owner in here that will spend the money.

  11. roberty 3 years ago

    I am predicting 4 years, $36 million with vesting options for ’17 and ’18 that bring that deal up to $60 million. 

  12. Jeff 3 years ago

    5/45.  Try to make Prado a lifer.

  13. blueagleace1 3 years ago

    Here’s my opinion… Offer 4yr/40m with a club option for a 5th year. He plays as good of third as anybody. Then try to go and sign someone like Carlos Quentin to play left. Or even someone like a Cody Ross. 

  14. wayn-o 3 years ago

    Give Prado what ever the hell he wants. I’d give him a 20 year contract, guy could be Player, Manager, GM, Marketing Specialist, Event Coordinator & Hotdog Vender too.

  15. thekidfromyesterday 3 years ago

    If I could pay him whatever I wanted 6/70m but for the team 5/50 seems fair

  16. stank aaron 3 years ago

    3 years / $300MM

  17. seems too high for a team with a payroll that won’t ever top 100M

  18. drumzalicious 3 years ago

     none of the guys you listed should ever be playing in LF full-time

  19. CT 3 years ago

     Hinske is nothing more than a fill-in/ bench player, and would be a disaster as an everyday LF. 

  20. Mike Query 3 years ago

     HAHA that was a joke right?

  21. CT 3 years ago

    No chance the Braves give Swisher a 4 year deal, and certainly not $12 mill per

  22. kray1000 3 years ago

    He also has a cousin named Midnighte.

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