Latest On Possible Extensions For Wright, Cano

David Wright is more than a year away from hitting free agency, but the Mets hope to sign him to an extension sooner, rather than later, Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports. The Mets don’t want to experience the tension that would occur if Wright enters the 2013 without a long-term deal, and the team’s officials sound confident they’ll find common ground with the ACES client this offseason.  

Wright earns $15MM this season and his contract includes a $16MM club option for 2013 ($1MM buyout) that will definitely be exercised. The 29-year-old is playing at an MVP level this year, which means the Mets probably can’t expect to lock him up for a deal similar to Ryan Zimmerman’s six-year, $100MM contract.

Cano's contract status is similar to Wright's. The second baseman earns $14MM this year and his contract includes a $15MM club option ($2MM buyout for 2013). Like Wright, Cano is playing at an MVP level and his contract option is sure to be picked up. The Yankees have a club policy of waiting for players to hit free agency before negotiating contracts, but Cano says he’d listen if the Yankees have a proposal. 

“I am always open to hearing anything,” he said, according to Sherman. “If it works for both sides, that is great. But I have to hear an offer.”

The Yankees aim to avoid the luxury tax by 2014, so GM Brian Cashman might have to get creative to retain Cano and Curtis Granderson (Granderson is also under team control through 2013). Cano, 29, felt underpaid on the contract he signed with his previous representatives and wants to make a score on his next contract, Sherman reports. 

Agent Scott Boras, who represents Cano, said it costs elite prices to buy elite players out of free agent years. Boras pointed out that the Yankees generate far more revenue than most teams and said clubs sometimes have to commit to ten-year deals for the privilege of locking up an elite player for his prime years.

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  1. East Coast Bias 3 years ago

    I hope both players get locked up long term. But LOL @ Boras’ 10 year comment.

    • chris hines 3 years ago

      I’d almost prefer both to leave for what they’re going to be paid. However I know Cano is getting locked up, so we either need to trade Curtis in the offseason or let him go once he reaches the market. There is no way we sign Granderson long term and don’t regret the contract half way through.

  2. Yankee_Baal 3 years ago

    Good bye Robinson :(

    • Novito 3 years ago

      The whole world knows yanks will pay him no matter the cost. He aint going no where.

      • captainjeter 3 years ago

        not so sure of that. Hal is cheap. If Boras aslks for a 10 year , even 9, it is bye bye Robbie. He rather pay him more money and less years. Robbie needs to stop being so greedy. He neds to take a page from Jeter and Rivera. More likely he gets offer a 7 year deal @ 175 milion, than 9-10 years. We are already saddled with an aging ARod until he is 42. Yankees are NOT going to saddle themselves with an aging second baseman till he is 42. Btw the writer is wrong about Cano’s age. He will be 32 in October 2013 . No way he gets a Pujolis 10 year deal at 32 after the 2013 season. Otherwise he finishes his career in another uniform. And how is getting paid 14 million this year and 15 next year being underpaid? What does he think he is , a Pujolis type of contract ?

        • “What does he think he is , a Pujolis type of contract ?”

          Cano is better than Pujols right now, so yes he’s underpaid when you compare his contract to Pujols’

          • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

            Whooooo… I love Cano but that’s going a bit too far. Pujols got off to a slow start but he’s still one of the best overall players in baseball. Would it shock you to see him pull a .330/.400/.550 line with 40 hrs next year? I will say that Cano isn’t that far behind him though.

          • considering he hasn’t had a season like that since 2006, yes I would be shocked. Pujols is still a great player, but I don’t see him reaching those numbers again in his career.

        • Vmmercan 3 years ago

          Jeter and Rivera’s book? Jeter’s agent asked for 25 million a year and a six year contract at first for a guy with inferior numbers in the twilight of his career. The only reason the Yankees even got him at the price they did is because Cashman had to release a statement telling him to test free agency fully knowing no team was going to offer even half.

          Rivera is a one inning reliever in his 40’s, what length was he going to demand? They’re not even close to comparable.

          Cano has an agent and wants to get paid until his retirement age, there’s nothing greedy about it.

        • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

          Wow…I can’t believe you’re calling Cano “greedy”. So far he hasn’t spoken to anyone about what he wants. Boras is simply trying to set the market for him and even though he is an “employee” of Cano’s he’s doing the job the way he is suppose to.

          Also, how is he not taking a page from Jeter if he demanded a 10 year deal? Isn’t that EXACTLY what Jeter signed for? While his contract was dwarfed by Arod’s 10/$250 mil he was still one of the top 3 or 4 highest paid players at the time w/o really being one of the top 3 or 4 players in baseball at that time.

          Also, Cano will be 31 in October 2013 as he was born in Oct 1982.

          How is getting paid $14 mil in 2012 and $15 mil in 2013 underpaid? Answer: Jeter just signed for 3/$51 at age 37 last year. That averages out to $17 mil per. Now…Cano signed it early in his career and it was a risk for both sides. I have never heard him complain about it publicly so I don’t think he’s “too” mad about it as much as he just wants to be paid fair market value, and if you look at the the 7 players that have amassed more WAR than him from 2009-present and have hit the open market or been signed to major extensions then you see how he IS underpaid. He is a legit $20 mil a year guy. I think an extension of 7/$140 is a fair deal. You can’t offer him less than whatever Matt Holliday, Jason Werth or Carl Crawford signed for.

          • chris hines 3 years ago

            If Cano is going to get 7/140 I’d just prefer someone else to give it to him. There is no way he is worth 20 million a season.

        • Shawn Baublitz 3 years ago

          Take a page from Jeter and Rivera? Really? The highest paid per year Closer and the SS that made an average of about $19 mil for a decade. Cano should take the most money that he can get. Its not like the Yanks will pay to keep him when he loses his value.

          Yanks aren’t as bad as Boston when it comes to getting a discount and then trading the player a couple years later. But its dumb for any player to take less money. Its business.

          • johnsilver 3 years ago

            “Yanks aren’t as bad as Boston when it comes to getting a discount and then trading the player a couple years later.”

            Just curious who these examples are since hard to recall any NYY ever signing for a discount (Rivera just took 1 year over 2 at same salary Boston offered) and Boston only traded 1 of the people they signed to team friendly deals on the last year (Youk) when they had a 23YO kid to more than replace him and no others.

            Might go and find something factual on multiple fronts the next time.

      • Where’s he going then?

  3. hardcoreforhardcore 3 years ago

    The Yanks will pay Cano, but I sure hope it doesn’t take a 10 year deal to get it done.

    • nictonjr 3 years ago

      If the Yankees don’t want to go 10/300 I’m sure Boras will take 8/300. He’s not a monster…

  4. johnsilver 3 years ago

    Only NY would give Cano a 10 year deal, for a key defensive position that age will erode the ability of.

    Of course Cashman will have no part of any of that, but wait until Hank and Hal grow impatient with the progress of the Boras “negotiations” and give Boras whatever he wants.

  5. withpower 3 years ago

    The Yankees had Cano on the team from his age 24 through 29 seasons, so they’ve already had his prime years.

  6. NiceBatter 3 years ago

    Great that the mets financial house is in order, so they can lock up wright to a long term career deal. And then next a big OF bat.

  7. InvalidUserID 3 years ago

    How exactly does the luxury tax and the whole “clock reset” work? Is it if the Yankees get below the the threshold by 2014, then the penalty goes “resets” and then the penalty is less than what it currently is for them?

    • chris hines 3 years ago

      If they don’t get under the 189 million dollar threshold they fall into a repeat offenders bracket and their luxury tax goes up to 50%. If they get under it falls to something like 5% and if they stay under for 2 or so years I believe it falls to 0%. I’m not exactly sure about that part but I’m positive on the tax rising to 50% of they don’t get under for at least one year, Hal won’t allow that to happen.

      • InvalidUserID 3 years ago

        Thanks, just wanted to see if I understood it properly. So the Yankees are showing financial restraint temporarily to lessen the penalty.

        • chris hines 3 years ago

          Pretty much. If they wanted to they could right back over 200 million in 2015 or 2016, but they really need to get under that threshold for at least 1 year.

  8. If they resign Granderson, i will lol cuz that got sucks… He is good for striking out twice a game and hitting a meaningless solo homer also he is the worst CF in baseball

  9. withpower 3 years ago

    If his power doesn’t decline, though, he’ll be really useful. I wouldn’t mind a 4 year deal, but he’ll probably want more than that.

  10. chris hines 3 years ago

    Even if he keeps a reasonable amount of power he isn’t worth a long term deal. His defense has always been overrated and he should be moved to LF next season, and he’s on a 5 year increase in K’s. He’s up to a career high 27.1 % strikeout percentage this year. He’s an all or nothing player and that won’t get any better at this point.

  11. chris hines 3 years ago

    The history of 2nd basemen maintaining their elite ability into their mid 30’s isn’t in his favor. He’s likely going to have to move off 2nd at some point as well if you sign him to a 7+ year deal.

  12. chris hines 3 years ago

    They really can’t afford not to get under 189 million by 2014. Even if they have to miss the playoffs for a year or two they need to do it from a tax perspective.

  13. withpower 3 years ago

    We don’t really have anyone to replace him with. If Gardner comes back, he can play CF — but I’m not a huge fan of Gardner, either. What’s your suggestion to the problem? Who is a good trade target?

  14. chris hines 3 years ago

    Gardner is who should be playing CF. He’s one of the best defenders in the league and his bat plays much better in CF over left. Granderson has always had troubles reading the ball off the bat and he takes poor routes to balls, he’s just covered it up with his speed. I expect the same problems in LF but at least we’ll have a more competent defensive player in center with Gardner and it should cover up Granderson some more.

  15. LazerTown 3 years ago

    Gardner is a good player if used correctly. He doesn’t have the best average, but he gets on base, sees alot of pitches, and has great speed, which is exactly what you want from your leadoff hitter. They do not need him to drive the ball, he can steal 50 bases a year, and get on base at a .350 rate.
    I think that it is a bit far off to have a trade target to fill for granderson at this point. He is still signed through 2013. So in that 1.5 years they may get a breakout prospect, etc. They may or may not resign swish for rf depending on what he wants. 2014 you can always move gardner over to center and get someone cheap for left.

  16. chris hines 3 years ago

    First baseman also tend to last longer as they move into their prime. Between the history of 2nd baseman and Cano’s skill set I really worry about what he’ll be come 35 or 36. Once he starts hitting .270 instead of .300, with his lack of base on balls, you lose a ton of value with his bat.

  17. chris hines 3 years ago

    If they don’t their luxury tax will climb to 50%, they’d be playing something like 50+ million in luxury tax at that point. Hal and Hank aren’t their father, they don’t care about winning at all costs. They want to make money while winning, but they treat the team as a business and they need to make money to stay in business.

  18. withpower 3 years ago

    You didn’t answer my question. Brett Gardner isn’t coming back this year, so he’s out for now. Coming back next year, who knows how he’ll hit.

    Who replaces Granderson if you don’t resign him? You want him moved to LF, well, okay, so he moves to LF. But if you don’t resign him, you’ve got to replace a 35-40 HR bat. How do you do it?

  19. LazerTown 3 years ago

    But if you think they will fall apart halfway through you need to think logically and not offer the deal. Look at Utley who is only 4 years older than Cano, and who was putting up better stats than cano was.

  20. chris hines 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t expect him to sign a team friendly deal, I would expect him to leave and become an albatross on someone elses team.

  21. chris hines 3 years ago

    They have to stay under more than 1 year to get the full benefits but 1 year would be the minimum to prevent the 50% luxury tax.

  22. chris hines 3 years ago

    Granderson isn’t moving from CF this year so you don’t have to have Gardner come back this year. Next season Gardner will be back and his career .355 OBP and 11.0 BB% will more than be enough to justify having him start in CF. Granderson is undr contract next season so if you keep him he moves to LF and you’re lineup is fine.

    As for who replaces him long term there’s no way to have that answer
    right now, however you don’t re-sign someone just because the answer
    for replacing them isn’t right there. You also don’t have to replace him
    with a 30-40 HR bat. You’d be much better off getting someone who
    makes more contact, thus having a higher OBP. Personally I’d try and swing a trade for Justin Upton and move him to LF.

  23. chris hines 3 years ago

    If you can’t pay the luxury tax and still make money then you aren’t able to properly run your business. Sure anyone could spend money until they go broke, doesn’t mean it make it’s something they should be able to do.

  24. withpower 3 years ago

    Yeah.. I’d probably prefer to resign Granderson and hold onto Mason Williams and Tyler Austin.

  25. chris hines 3 years ago

    Maybe for a year or two, until his power regresses and you’re left with a .240/.345 BA/OBP Left Fielder who hits 25 HRs a year with average defense, who still has 4 years to go on his contract. I’d rather have the 25 year old potential superstar who will be a middle of the lineup hitter for another 5-8 years, over the 31 year old who will be that for maybe 2-3 more years.

  26. chris hines 3 years ago

    You could possibly even trade Granderson in a 3 team deal, in which a contender gives up the pieces necessary to facilitate an Upton trade. Which would be the best move possible. If not I’d much rather give up Mason Williams and get Justin Upton than extend Granderson and pray Williams actually turns into something.

  27. withpower 3 years ago

    I just don’t think his power is going to regress as much as you feel it will. We’re losing Swisher, too [who I also think will age well]. Look, If Curtis wants a 6 year deal he can go elsewhere, but I think he’s going to keep racking up the homers.

    If they can get a guy like Upton, or like a Jay Bruce, I mean who’s to argue. What’s that package going to look like?

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