Padres Expected To Offer Street One-Year Deal

The Padres are trying to lock up Huston Street and are expected to offer him a one-year deal with an option for 2014, according to Jon Heyman of (via Twitter).  The right-hander is believed to want to stay in San Diego.

Late last week, it was reported that the Padres would make Street available in trades before the deadline if they are unable to sign him to an extension.  As it stands now, Street has a $9MM mutual option for the 2013 season. 

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  1. good luck with that

  2. Padres4lif3 3 years ago

    he has an option for 2013…Why dont they just accept the option?Or even better..if they want him for 2 years..give him a 2 year deal!

    • briankoke 3 years ago

      It’s a mutual option. They want to know now whether or not he’ll be here next year, so they can decide whether or not to trade him.

  3. Ferrariman 3 years ago

    well i guess Houston Street will be expected to reject a one year deal

  4. corey23 3 years ago

    I like SD’s moves so far, locking up some veterans to compliment all their young guys who are going to tear it up next season… maybe petco won’t be so empty when i go to games now

  5. Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

    Street has been putting up some purty numbers this year, and I wouldn’t mind to see him back for another year or two, depending on the damage. Would be interesting to see what he could bring back though with the work he’s been doing.

    • Beersy 3 years ago

      I’m sure Byrnes has checked into that as well. This could all just be posturing to get more out of another team or it could be genuine. It sounds weird, but I was almost looking forward to the firesale to see who Byrnes could bring into the fold. Now we’ve got to hope these veterans and the kids preform next year.

  6. Skin Blues 3 years ago

    Are mutual options ever mutually accepted? One side always wants a better deal. Street probably doesn’t want to sign a one-year contract. Relievers have to cash in as early as possible because they have a very short shelf life. The exception is if they have a poor season, and they want to up their value. Ask Ryan Madson or K-Rod if they’re happy with his decision to sign a one-year deal.

  7. letsgogiants 3 years ago

    If they were going to trade him, they would do it now rather than wait because of the All Star year he is having.

  8. ARod's Ring 3 years ago

    Watch another team other that your favorite team.

  9. Drew Tweedie 3 years ago

    That one store called, they’re fresh out, etc.

  10. Ivan Verastica 3 years ago

    please , hes putting GREAT numbers in any park, not only petco

  11. mcencinitas 3 years ago

    Huston is missing bats, and those he doesn’t miss end up in a fielders glove (the ball not the bat). Small park effect with him

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