Tigers, Giants, Braves Interested In Scott Hairston

7:43pm: The Braves and Giants have also asked about Hairston, tweets Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger.

3:45pm: The Tigers have already completed one major trade this summer, but they may not be done dealing yet. They're interested in Mets outfielder Scott Hairston, Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports reports (on Twitter). Though the teams discussed Hairston, it's unlikely a deal materializes, Adam Rubin of ESPN.com reports (on Twitter).

The Mets would listen to offers for Hairston if rival teams are willing to surrender players who can help in the near future, Joel Sherman reported two days ago. Hairston, 32, has a history of hitting left-handed pitching that no doubt appeals to the Tigers (career .279/.330/.506 line against southpaws). He earns just $1.1MM in 2012 and is enjoying a strong season, with 12 home runs and a .259/.300/.514 batting line.

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  1. CheckYourFacts79 3 years ago

    How is that a strong season?? He’s mediocre at best. Quit selling the farm for mediocre players.

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      Thank you…
      If we’re gonna further deplete the system, id rather make a play for Hart or Cuddyer(tho the Rox say he’s not available)

      • Haha come on man. No room for a regular OF player like those two guys. We’re looking for a situational outfielder to help against lefties which he will do. Not going to “further deplete the system” for Hairston. He has some value but not that much.

    • Mets17 3 years ago

      He is hitting really well off of lefties though .308/.341/.617 with 9 HRs and 24 RBIs in 120 ABs. So, it he just plays against lefties than he is valuable.

      • calamityfrancis 3 years ago

        i think that qualifies better than hitting well against lefties. that is straight up mashing…

    • Novito 3 years ago

      Hairston may not be a over the top addition but he is a beassst against lefties, not to mention how the OF market is looking, you just might be better off sending mets a good prospect for scotty than your best prospects for someone else. Tigers have a good enough offense to win, but you NEED a RH OF.

    • calamityfrancis 3 years ago

      i am a biased mets fan, but he’s a great platoon outfielders against lefties and a pretty damn clutch pinch hitter. not sure how much the mets will get for him, but he has value and will be a free agent after the year, so they might as well try to get a piece for next season if they can.

    • Dude look at his numbers against left handers which the Tiger’s have struggled against. They are huge. Slugging over .600 and OPS over .900 We wouldn’t be “selling the farm” for him either.

  2. Raburn for Hairston?

  3. mgsports 3 years ago

    How about Ryan Raburn and so on for him?

    • Guest 3 years ago

      Ryan Raburn would never be anything more than a PH for the Mets and they have lots of those. A minor league bullpen arm is more even

    • Ky 3 years ago

      We don’t want that bum just prospects

      • You’re not going to get a prospect for Hairston. Decent player but not prospect worthy. Raburn honestly makes sense in this deal.

  4. Michael James Herbst Jr. 3 years ago

    Trade for Raburn and three Double A.

  5. Novito 3 years ago

    Yes send us a good piece please lol

  6. JP27 3 years ago


  7. Hairston, Byrdak, and Murphy for Scherzer and Austin Jackson – Valdespin can play 2nd then the mets pick up Ankiel to replace hairston

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      This deal isn’t excessively favorable to one team at all… Nope, seems totally fair.

      On that note, I’ll take my chances with Ajax and Scherzer

      • Novito 3 years ago

        Lol as a Mets fan thats lopsided towards the Mets. Ajax? Is there a prospect ready for cf? Or is he declining?

    • clemma 3 years ago

      we’ll throw in Verlander and Cabby, too.

    • If you think the Tigers would give up AJax and Scherzer for ANYONE right now then you are crazy, let alone some garbage from the Mets.

  8. Jeremy Sparkman 3 years ago

    Crowded outfield and we still want to add another outfielder? Must be nice..

  9. Guest 3 years ago

    lets not overuse the term ‘deplete the system’ here guys !

  10. Hariston, Byrdak and Murphy for Scherzer and Austin Jackson – Valdespin plays 2nd, mets pick up Ankiel – Mets lose one outfielder gain 2, lose 1 infielder use a quality backup, get rid of a worthless southpaw and gain an ace while the tigers get their southpaw and southpaw killer they need and also get murphy over ryan raburn

    • YanksFanSince78 3 years ago

      and the Tigers do that why? They want to ADD Hairston to HELP with a playoff run. Trading away a SP and starting CF is sort of counter productive.

      • just throwing it out there, who’s gonna move out of the rotation to make room for Anibal?

        • ASod75 3 years ago

          Well technically Turner, the guy they traded, did. Or Drew Smyly, the other rookie who is hurt right now. I’m a Mets fan and that is just a ridiculous trade offer. Hairston goes for a prospect and that’s about it. And not Castellanos or anybody like that either.

        • EightMileCats 3 years ago

          Drew Smyly is a rookie and is likely to have an inning limit

    • Scott Harkema 3 years ago

      This is the most ridiculous comment i have ever seen on this website? Trade the best leadoff hitter in the league and the #2 SP for WHO? a guy the tigers released a year ago, some sucky utility player, and Daniel Murphy. Mmm… sounds like a deal for the tigers lol

    • MetsEventually 3 years ago

      So basically you’re saying a LOOGY, Lefty hitter only and average second basemen for a No.2-3 starter and every day center field is worth it? You’re giving Mets fans a terrible name.

    • wrestlingcritic 3 years ago

      You literally could not be any more delusional

    • Tommet 3 years ago

      This is “Tom”. Hairston, Byrdak, and Murphy for Scherzer and Jackson. That is a horrible trade. That wasn’t me who posted it. Sorry for confusion

  11. Ky 3 years ago

    We can throw bay in there for they worst minor league player

    • forkball27 3 years ago

      I wouldn’t mind that actually, maybe a change of scenery could change how he plays…. never know

  12. MetsEventually 3 years ago

    Tigers fans: Would Hairston for Andrew Oliver be a stretch? Mets fans: He’s struggled through the minors and majors so far but scouts still like him. Can’t get anything for Hairston.

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      *sorry if this double post… Stupid phone*

      I’d like to see Oliver get a change of scenery. He could use it.
      I don’t know if it flies straight up, but I’d do it

    • As much as Oliver has struggled yes that would still be a stretch. Oliver is still a pretty highly ranked prospect although he’s coming up on an age where he won’t be a prospect much longer.

    • $5553954 3 years ago

      Okay, I will give you Oliver, Jose Ortega and Santiago for Daniel Murphy and Hairston. Deal?

  13. $5553954 3 years ago

    I would love to get rid of Raburn, Kelly and Santiago asap!

    Replace with Dirks, Reed Johnson of the Cubs or Hairston of the Mets and either Chris Getz of the Royals or Jeff Baker of the Cubs.

    These Utility players would all be serious upgrades over the trio we have now.

  14. Rob Lucci 3 years ago

    maybe the Giants will trade the Mets Gary Brown this year….fingers crossed

    • From your lips to Brian Sabean’s “Hey, That’s a Good Idea” area.

    • mike7896 3 years ago

      Byrdak, Murphy and Hairston to the Giants for Brown? As a Mets fan, I would hope for that.

  15. geecee8 3 years ago

    VILLAREAL for Hairston

    • EightMileCats 3 years ago

      Oh no… Please no

      I think he has the potential to pitch late in close games

  16. Tired_OF_FakeRumors 3 years ago

    How about byrdak, Hairston and Murphy for Gary brown?

    • mike7896 3 years ago

      YES!!! Sign me up

    • Wouldn’t mind that deal quite honestly my only gripe is that they don’t get on base enough but they do have good power numbers which is something the Mets could really use in the lineup. Mets could really use a reliever though maybe replace RaBurn with a pitcher instead.

  17. forkball27 3 years ago

    If the Tigers could get Murphy and Hairston for Young, Rayburn, and Boesch do it!

    • Wouldn’t mind that deal quite honestly my only gripe is that they don’t get on base enough but they do have good power numbers which is something the Mets could really use in the lineup. Mets could really use a reliever though maybe replace RaBurn with a pitcher instead.

      • forkball27 3 years ago

        Ok well we could also send Andrew Oliver as well but Raburn stays in the trade. The Tigers would also need to receive a bullpen arm back though too like Tim Byrdak.

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