West Notes: Rangers, Padres, Giants

The Rangers head into their Sunday night matchup against the Angels with an ailing starting rotation. The Rangers have scratched Roy Oswalt from his start tomorrow and Colby Lewis is scheduled to have his forearm examined tomorrow before he's given the green light to make his scheduled start on Tuesday. The Rangers don't believe Oswalt's injury is serious, but he and Lewis can both wind up on the disabled list, according to Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Elsewhere from the AL and NL West:

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  1. Gothapotamus 3 years ago

    How about the Rangers “deep rotation”? Ironic that the rotation that was too deep to sign Oswalt to start the season, now has an injured Oswalt.

  2. Who could the Athletics offer for Headley? Choice?

    • They have a plethora of pitchers

      • countregular 3 years ago

        would you say they have a “plethora”…of pitchers?

        • Ohhhplease 3 years ago

          I dunno, I don’t have your superior intellect…..

    • briankoke 3 years ago

      They have that powerful corner outfielder and pitching that might interest the Padres. They seem to match up better than most teams IMO.

      • I know they have Michael Choice, My brother actually played with him at UTA. He has raked at every level he has played. Think he would be off the table in any trade talks?

        • briankoke 3 years ago

          I don’t think he’s even a top 50 prospect in baseball. He’s having a good, not great year. He shouldn’t be off the table if they’re serious about Headley.

        • OaklandFan22 3 years ago

          They would not give up choice for headley

          • briankoke 3 years ago

            Says random fan. The fact is, we have no idea what the Padres would want from the A’s and who the A’s are willing to give. You’re undervaluing Headley or overvaluing Choice if you don’t think he’s worth it.

          • OaklandFan22 3 years ago

            I dont think you understand bro, hes our top prospect and we are only getting headley for half year until he his arbitration eligible. We could get a much better player with choice then headley. Choice is #48 in the prospect list and the 9th best outfielder. So we arent going to give up our best prospect for a rental. We need a shortstop much more then we need a third baseman.

          • Ohhhplease 3 years ago

            I don’t think you understand “bro”, you get one of the top 7-8 3b in baseball for a year and a half. You get defense, offense and a good guy. You have to give up a lot to get such a valuable player for the playoffs and the future. So, “bro” you might not want to overvalue your prospects in relation to a proven big league ball player.

          • briankoke 3 years ago

            He’ll be under control for 2 years after this season.

          • briankoke 3 years ago

            Who’s prospect list are you talking about? He’s not on Baseball America’s top 50, or top 58 after they updated it with the recently signed draftees. Being your top prospect is supposed to mean what? I don’t think you get it, bro. I’m not pretending to know what the A’s are or aren’t willing to give up, like you. I’m simply suggesting that they better be willing to give him up if they are serious about acquiring Headley. Headley is worth more than Choice alone, easy. He’s not a rental. He’s under control through 2014.

          • briankoke 3 years ago

            He’s not on Keith Law’s updated top 50 list either.

          • melonis_rex 3 years ago

            i would rather target a SS (its the bigger sinkhole of nonproduction both short and long term) than headley, but the a’s should absolutely give up choice for headley if the overall deal makes sense.

    • Sd_brain 3 years ago

      Michael Choice, Sonny Gray, A.J. Cole, Grant Green and Daniel Straily should all be of interest to the padres. A deal could definitely be done and the A’s would be the most likely team to pay what the Padres are asking for him.

      • briankoke 3 years ago

        Why Green?

        • Sd_brain 3 years ago

          plays the outfield and has infield experience, has comparable numbers to that of choice but at AAA. He could be called up fairly quickly, probably wouldn’t be the padres first choice but would draw interest nonetheless.

          • briankoke 3 years ago

            He moved to the outfield because he’s not going to stick in the infield defensively. Now they are wondering if he can stick in CF. If he ends up on a corner, his bat wont play there. No thanks.

          • Sd_brain 3 years ago

            the whole point was they would be interested maybe not very much but interested, and like you said “The fact is, we have no idea what the Padres would want from the A’s and who the A’s are willing to give.” …right?

          • briankoke 3 years ago

            And I’m failing to see why we would have any interest whatsoever.

          • Sd_brain 3 years ago

            your failing to see your own quote as well which i agreed with. honestly i want a choice or straily package from the A’s if it came down to it.

          • briankoke 3 years ago

            I’m not failing to see my quote. Obviously we have no idea what they are interested in. All I’m saying is I don’t see why they would have interest in Green.

    • Choice is 22. A’s aren’t trading him. But I can see the A’s trading Grant Green (24) or Michael Taylor (26). Maybe Taylor, Straily, and a AA-level pitcher for Headley The Padres are going to want MLB-ready players in return for Headley, and the A’s might be more willing this time to give up something.

      • briankoke 3 years ago

        Why do people act like Choice is an elite prospect and untouchable?

        • I didn’t say he’s elite. I said he’s 22. With the A’s pattern, he can come up in a few years, when the A’s need to replace one of their outfielders.

  3. Randolph_Knackstedt 3 years ago

    “Baggarly says the Giants crave a right-handed bat at both corner infield spots.”

    So they’re looking to trade Pablo? He’s a switch hitter and they gave him a 3 year extension. I know they’re not that enthused with him though.

  4. Since when Rick Ankiel a power bat?

  5. MadmanTX 3 years ago

    In spite of statements otherwise, I entirely expect the Rangers to trade for a starter, in addition to adding a bat.

  6. greengrove 3 years ago

    Almost every time a closer is signed, mlbtr readers disparage the contract and say that closers are overpaid.

    So, before a contract is actually signed and disparaged, I would like to know what people think a fair contract would be for Huston Street. How many years and how many millions?

  7. NYPOTENCE 3 years ago

    Ogando will be in the pen there is no question about it. Plus Oswalt has not been as effective as you might think so even if he is in the rotation he’s been pitching like a #4 or 5

  8. Gothapotamus 3 years ago

    going on record that they’ll be lucky to get out of the AL as their rotation currently stands, and there definitely won’t be a parade in arlington in early November.

    but, i’m not even sure if an arm that would help them is even available at this point which Hamels and the Phillies making progress and Greinke’s recent struggles.

  9. sdsuphilip 3 years ago

    Harrison will regress, don’t worry.

  10. What was expected of Oswalt? Did anyone actually think he was going to re-live his glory years? Rangers fans sure didn’t think that. He’s been effective, with only 1 bad start and 1 terrible start. Stealing an over-used but appropriate line: he is who we thought he was.

  11. 1980CHAMPS 3 years ago

    Besides one start Oswalt has been good this season.

  12. Noted

  13. rangers1030 3 years ago

    rangers could go and get cliff lee back

  14. sdsuphilip 3 years ago

    Actually it is worse

  15. Gothapotamus 3 years ago

    but that’s not addressing the other teams who’ve improved, as well.

    I’m not sure how you can contend their rotation is better than last year. the only pitcher in the rangers’ staff who has been solid all year is Harrison. Darvish has had an ERA over 5.00 from May forward, Lewis, Holland, Ugando and Feliz have missed time. Oswalt hasn’t pitched well against any team who has a formidable offense.

  16. Gothapotamus 3 years ago

    I guess that having an ERA over 5.00 for most of the season is fantastic for you. He’s had 6 quality starts in his last 13.

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