Los Angeles Notes: Ellis, Lackey, Wells, Greinke

The Dodgers lead the NL West by the slimmest of margins (half a game) over the Giants, but their American League counterpart isn’t so well-positioned. The Angels are just two games above .500 after losing four games in a row and they’re now 4.5 games behind the Wild Card leaders. Here's the latest on Los Angeles' two teams…

  • Catcher A.J. Ellis explains how this year's trade deadline unfolded from the point of view of the Dodgers’ players in a guest column at Buster Olney's ESPN.com blog. Ellis acknowledges that players refresh MLBTR in search of news as the trade deadline approaches. "Few of us would admit to religiously checking websites like MLBTradeRumors and Twitter feeds looking for rumors, but we do," he writes.
  • Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times would not be surprised if the Angels try to engage the Red Sox in trade talks about a possible John Lackey for Vernon Wells deal this offseason (Twitter links). Wells, who has $42MM on his contract after 2012, could be a fit in Fenway Park,  DiGiovanna writes. Lackey, who pitched in Anaheim from 2002-09, has $30.5MM remaining on his contract after 2012.
  • The trade that sent Zack Greinke to Anaheim hasn't worked out as well as expected for the Angels, Tom Haudricourt of the Journal Sentinel writes. Greinke has a 6.19 ERA in five starts since being traded.

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  1. ChefR 3 years ago

    Heck, we’d be better off bringing JD Drew back than trading for Wells. Not that I’d want that. But seriously, Vernon Wells?! What’s one of our biggest criticisms? Overpaid acquisitions! Just cause we’d be trading one for the other does not mean we’re getting equal value.

    • ChefR 3 years ago

      And by value, I mean “value”

    • stuck_in_Romania 3 years ago

      assuming their price tag was the same… Would you rather have lackey or wells?

      • ChefR 3 years ago

        Lackey. I’d rather have a surplus of pitchers than a surplus of OFs

        • jmcbosox 3 years ago

          not only for that reason, but also because of the teams players love for lackey. according to a recent john tomase article he is the greatest teammate ever. this team doesnt need any more conflict/adversity. lets just play ball well in 2013 with the team we have (sans beckett)

    • Wells just needs a productive table setting, and he never had that last season with the Angels. That’s why Abreu and Hunter’s RBI’s fell. The top 2 spots in that lineup didn’t know how to get on base, and didn’t know how to move runners when they did. Wells still hit 25 HR in 130 games. I’d bet he’d be much more productive with the offense the Angels have this season. Everyone’s getting on base, and right now Wells is slowly reaping the benefits — he had 6 RBI in 3 games recently. A hitter friendly park like Fenway would be a bonus for him. He just needs to be fed baserunners, and that’s what the Angels are doing this season. Wells hsaen’t been able to join the party because was on the DL for 2 months, and because Trout and Tumbo started producing like crazy and even pushed Peter Bourjos to the bench. All Wells needs is a good table setting, and I’m sure he would always have that in Boston.

      • Lunchbox45 3 years ago

        RBIs ladies and gentlemen… RBIs

      • vtadave 3 years ago

        Wells is 4-for-32 since returning, and three of those six RBI came via either a groundout or flyout. He’s beyond bad.

      • Devon Henry 3 years ago

        Sorry bud i would love to support a fellow angel fan, but Wells is the absolute the trash of MLB. Right once Wells is back healthy again, Angels are seriously slumping he needs to be cut loose.

  2. Mike Boyer 3 years ago

    I think Lackey would do well in San Diego its a pitchers park trade him for anyone and trade Dice K to either Seattle or Dodgers.

    • start_wearing_purple
      start_wearing_purple 3 years ago

      Dice-K’s contract ends this season.

      • johnsilver 3 years ago

        Lackey has some upside. Am at a loss to Matsuzaka’s and even thought him with Valentine would motivate Matsuzaka to at least attempt a comeback in his walk year, but he seemed as though didn’t want that even which was probably best.

        Guess we will see him at LA (dodgers) san Diego, or maybe with the Mets next season if he ignores boras, is smart and doesn’t go chasing the biggest dollar (if there even is one).

        He had best find some NL park that is huge and hope for the best. Lackey should still be servicable at least as a back end at least AL SP, more than Matsuzaka.

  3. Eric Foley 3 years ago

    Lackey for Wells? I’m not going to waste another second on that moronic thought.

  4. Otis26 3 years ago

    I guess moving closer to his personal trainer – Dr. Phil – hasn’t worked out that great for Greinke so far.

  5. basemonkey 3 years ago

    Considering how many injuries have plagued the BoSox this season, is adding a new High-priced aging veteran the real solution to anything? That formula tends to be how ball clubs enter into down years, not rebound from them.

  6. TigerFan1968 3 years ago

    If the Angels would just stop behaving like the US government as far as spending is concerned here is what you do. Suck it up and let Tori Hunter go. Keep Wells and Bourjos . Spending on hitting is never going to do it. Try and build a pitching staff from within because the really good pitchers are too expensive. Finally you may just have to accept that you will not be in that one game wild card playoff this year unless two of Greinke, Wilson and Haren turn it around.

    • Robb Logan 3 years ago

      That is why you resign Hunter on the cheap and get a quality arm or 2 for the very overrated Bourjos. Angel fans cling to this false belief that Bourjos will amount to something with the stick. He won’t. He is a 250 hitter max. Hunter provides good D and a bat. Trading Bourjos while he has some value is the best possible move the Angels can make to get decent if not an above average arm for the pen.

  7. Either Lackey or Beckett will be gone this season, but probably not in exchange for another bad contract. The Sox will probably eat a big chunk of Lackey’s contract if it means getting even a bag of balls in return, but being stuck with two 20 million + per year underachieving OFers does not sound much better than being stuck with 2 unlikeable overpaid pitchers.

  8. cookmeister 3 years ago

    Lackey didn’t leave Anaheim on good terms from what i remember. But he still keeps in contact with Weaver from what I’ve heard. I wouldn’t mind it… saved Angels some $$, makes our outfield less crowded, and maybe Lackey can return to somewhat decent numbers

  9. Anaheim is not even in Los Angeles COUNTY. They will always just be the Anaheim Angels to Angelinos.

  10. 123Redsox 3 years ago

    How about Lackey for Bourjos and sox eat most of lackey’s contract?

  11. What we need to do is perhaps fire a coach or two…..and fine players for not performing up to expectations

  12. Jim McGrath 3 years ago

    Beckett for Wells and a pitching prospect. Beckett has a 5 + ERA and can step into Greinke ‘s spot-next turn. He performs well this time of year. Boston and Beckett need a permanent vacation from one another.

  13. Thank you on behalf of every other Angels fan in Southern California.

  14. Edgar Aranda 3 years ago

    They are originally from Los Angeles and could relocate back whenever they please.

  15. Orange County is part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. There is a reason the Dallas Cowboys are still named “Dallas” even though they play in Arlington. I’ve been around the country, and when I tell people I’m an Angels fan or from OC, they immediately point to LA, usually asking, “So you’re from LA?” The only people that really care about the difference between LA and Orange Counties are people from LA and Orange Counties.

  16. BurtisHB 3 years ago

    So for 15 years the LA Rams should have been the OC Rams?

  17. jwsox 3 years ago

    Considering that their name is The Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim its fine to call them the LA Angles…get off your high horse.

  18. jwsox 3 years ago

    Its like that with every major city in every state…In illinois most of us in the chicago land area say were from chicago, heck people from indiana say they are from chicago, my girlfriends family live in long island but all claim to be fom NY city etc, my aunt lives 45 minutes south of San Francisco on the out skirts of the bay area and she says she is from San Francisco just so people know the relative area they are from…

  19. and where exactly are they going to play lol

  20. Commander_Nate 3 years ago

    As an Angels fan who was raised primarily in Riverside County and has lived in San Diego for the past several years, none of this matters to me. Might as well go back to the California Angels days.

  21. Scott 3 years ago

    Depending on where on Long Island they are, they ARE from NYC, though.

  22. BruceP 3 years ago

    I’ve heard on the radio, and read that Arte Morino has met with AEG about possibly building a Downtown LA stadium. Their lease at the Big A is up in 2016.

  23. Devon Henry 3 years ago

    OC Rams does sound kinda bad ###.

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