National League Notes: Braves, Jackson, Cabrera

A pivotal battle between two division rivals in the midst of a playoff race took 19 innings to complete as the Pirates beat the Cardinals by the score of 6-3. Pedro Alvarez gave Pittsburgh the lead in the top of 19th when he hit a solo shot against Barret Browning. The Pirates took the three-game series with the win and would be headed to the playoffs if the season ended today as the second Wild Card.

Here's the latest news and headlines from around the National League…

  • With the Braves set to play one more series against the Nationals after this week's showdown, Atlanta realizes the importance of making up ground in D.C. starting on Monday, writes Andrew Simon of The Braves have a comfortable hold on the top Wild Card spot but have played well enough to make a run at the division only to be matched win-for-win by Washington. "We have the opportunity to take advantage because it seems like every time we win, they win and they don't lose very often," said Freddie Freeman. "So this is our time to try to take control of things and get a little closer."
  • Nationals right-hander Edwin Jackson, a free agent after the season, would like to remain in D.C. on a deal longer than the one-year contract he signed in February, according to's Bill Ladson. "Anything more than one year," Jackson said. "It would be nice to settle down for more than one year, for sure. I would like to [stay]. I could see myself being a part of [the Nationals], but at the end of the day, it's up to ownership."
  • The battle against performance-enhancing drugs remains an uphill struggle for Major League Baseball, opines Ken Rosenthal of Rosenthal suggests Melky Cabrera's actions reflect a desperate person willing to resort to desperate actions as he may have viewed PEDs as the lone way to salvage his career. While there may be less users in baseball as compared to a decade ago, players are still abusing the system and reaping the benefits that Cabrera enjoyed for almost a full season, if not longer.

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  1. MetsMagic 3 years ago

    Not saying it’s impossible, but I’d be extremely surprised if the Braves were able to catch the Nats in the division chase.

    I think Edwin Jackson will have many more suitors this offseason willing to give him multiple years than he did last year, if Washington doesn’t keep him. I could see him landing in Baltimore easily.

    • Jeff 3 years ago

      I’d be surprised, unless the Braves can make a sweep here. 2 of 3 may not be enough.

      I just hope the Braves don’t end up with 95 wins, playing a 86-87 win team in that stupid WC game and losing. It’s such a dumb idea, and would have been dumb last year also. (Braves and Red Sox didn’t deserve it last year, and they could have gotten in over more deserving teams that didn’t tailspin)

  2. FacelessGeneralManager 3 years ago

    The Nationals should re-sign Jackson without a second thought. He just fits with this team and he is a quality pitcher as well. Nothing would make me happier than an edwin extension, well maybe a few things would.

  3. Giorgi Almonte 3 years ago

    But what its Rosenthal talking about, Melky is a talented player, he proved it with the Yanks and the Royals, the suspension was this year…

    • CT 3 years ago

      I agree completely with Rosenthal’s take on Melky. I see Melky as an average MLB OFer at best. I watched him for a year with the Braves and he was a disappointment. If you take out his last two years which both could be tainted, his numbers are not great.

      • Giorgi Almonte 3 years ago

        that doesnt mean anything, its only one year, it happens even to greatest and cleanest players, this is like you telling me you watched Dunn with the White Sox(first year) and he was a disappointment, but what about the others seasons??? Melky played well for the Yanks, and everyone knew he is very talented…he played great for the Royals and no suspensions those years…

        • CT 3 years ago

          Look at his stats and I think you’ll see he’s an average MLB player. This year should be completely thrown out, and you could make a case for last year as well. The last two years just aren’t in line with his previous 5 years in the Bigs.

          • Giorgi Almonte 3 years ago

            you can get better each season, thats the meaning of “break out season” , its not a new term…

  4. I hope Edwin Jackson can get a 3-year deal for just some stability. As for Melky Cabrera, this can be an argument in the offseason for not making the All-Star Game count anymore—a the ASG result is now officially tainted. That is something else that should not only give teams pause in signing Cabrera this offseason (who knows if he used it in Kansas City as well?), but it should cause MLB to change World Series home-field advantage to regular-season record of the teams in the World Series (as the NBA and NHL do).

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