New York Notes: Reynolds, Baker, Murphy, Tejada

Earlier today, the Yankees reached agreements with both Brian Roberts and Matt Thornton.They're likely to continue adding pieces, however. A source confirmed to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News (Twitter link) that the Yanks have spoken to Mark Reynolds' agent, though nothing is close on that front. Here's the latest on Reynolds, the Yankees and the Mets…

  • The Yankees are in on Reynolds, tweets Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, but they'll face competition from the TwinsAngels and others in their attempt to land him.
  • Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that the Yankees have also expressed interest in Jeff Baker as a potential right-handed bat to get some time at second base and third base (Twitter link). Baker mashed against lefties in 2013, posting a .314/.407/.667 batting line with 10 homers.
  • Daniel Murphy has seen his name in trade rumors this offseason, but he says his agents came away from the Winter Meetings with the impression that he'll be with the Mets in 2014, writes Adam Rubin of  Sources tell Rubin that the Mets continue to listen on Murphy, but the asking price is high.
  • Mets GM Sandy Alderson says that two to three teams are potential trade partners at shortstop, although the chances of Ruben Tejada starting Opening Day at the position are much better than at the end of the season, Rubin writes.  "Well, I think it is more likely certainly than it was a couple of months ago, let's say," the GM said. "But we've improved the team at other positions. And so giving Ruben a chance to reestablish himself as an everyday player isn't such a bad thing. But we'll continue to monitor what's there from the trade market and conceivably free agency, although there really isn't much left there. There are two or three teams that are possibilities."
  • Alderson also suggested he would be looking for an equivalent return to what others have received for trading first basemen. The Marlins got 23-year-old Carter Capps from the Mariners for Logan Morrison last week.
  • The Mets GM expects a fifth-starter candidate to be signed on a minor-league deal.  That would allow Jenrry Mejia, Jacob deGrom, and Rafael Montero to compete for a spot out of spring training and help ensure that top prospect Noah Syndergaard would not be blocked from a summer promotion.
  • While it's not a huge surprise, Alderson downplayed the Mets' odds of landing Masahiro Tanaka.

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  1. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

    Why are the Angels going after Mark Reynolds, are they trying to make up to K’s they lost when they traded Trumbo?

  2. Carlos Menjivar 2 years ago

    Yankees will sign every free agent that can either play third or second.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

      Except all the good ones… see Cano, Peralta, Infante, Ellis.

    • Sam 2 years ago

      It’s the whole, throw as many options at those spots and see what sticks strategy.

  3. jeff 2 years ago

    This is the first Mets update all winter that didn’t mention Davis/Duda. Is Ike starting for us in 14?

    • paqza 2 years ago

      If they can’t trade one, Duda starts 2014 in Vegas. He’s still got an option.

  4. HaloeD 2 years ago

    oh please no mark reynolds!!!

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 2 years ago

      But the team wont strikeout nearly enough now that Trumbo is gone. LAA has to make up for his loss.

      • BRigney61 2 years ago

        Perhaps Don Baylor can work with Reynolds to decrease the number of strikeouts; additionally he’s a decent backup to Pujols at 1st.

  5. jjs91 2 years ago

    I’d prefer baker to reynolds, he really does well with lefties, and can play in the OF. Don’t want reynolds unless arod is suspended the year.

  6. ceraunograph 2 years ago

    The fact that Tejada is even in the discussion for a spot on the 25-man roster shows just how inept the Mets truly are, at every level. He was never good to begin with and dogged it all of last season. He should have been non-tendered, not handed a starting gig.

    • GriffeyandSizemore 2 years ago

      He is a 24 year old shortstop coming off 2 previous seasons of .280 avg ball (800+ at bats). You don’t just non-tender people like that. Should he start the beginning of the year as the starting short stop? Probably not, but when you have no better options and the player is dirt cheap it would be ridiculous to just let him walk.

    • jho 2 years ago

      I’m glad you’re not the GM.

    • BeisbolJunkie 2 years ago

      I’m surprised Sandy did not mention how Tejada’s leg is doing, I would think his health would be something to consider when he is talking about what his role will be with the team for next year. Will his leg be healed enough for him in ST to compete for a job, what affect is it having on his offseason workouts?
      No mention at all….

  7. ac0814 2 years ago

    The Mets need a SS who is offensive-oriented, plays solid defense, and bats lead-off. If they weren’t broke and had Jose Reyes still, they would be in much better position, possibly being only one big bat away from serious contention instead of two.


    With that being said, the Mets need to call up Arizona NOW and inquire on Chris Owings or Didi Gregorious.

    There are trade partners out there. Arizona (my number one choice), both Chicago teams, Texas, Cleveland, etc.

    Not to mention Drew is still out there, albeit he is overrated and will be over paid.

    • Thunda Pig 2 years ago

      Drew is not overrated. His glove is very good and his bat is above average for a shortstop. He was top 5 in ops for shortstops last year! I’d say his injury history is more of a concern. He is just looking for market value. Mets fans don’t really understand the market because of the lack of spending on fa over the last couple years. I do like the idea of getting a ss from AZ but are the mets willing to give up some young pitching. They are also realistically a year away at least because of the nl east strength at the top and Harvey out. It wouldn’t be bad to play tejada and reevaluate next year. Just the truth

  8. Tommets 2 years ago

    Montero and Plawecki for Gregorius/Owings. Get it done. We need a SS way more than Montero.

    • ac0814 2 years ago

      Montero + another lower level pitcher. I’m not sure I’d be willing to part with Plawecki. He is primed to break out this season. I know the Mets have d’Arnaud, but either he or Plawecki could head a package next season for a power bat.

      • Tommets 2 years ago

        I just thought it would take more to bring back one of those two players. If Montero and a guy like Fulmer or Mateo could get it done, then so be it.

        • ac0814 2 years ago

          You may be right. If it takes Plawecki and Montero, I would pull the trigger. This has to be done. I do trust Sandy to get one of them for lesser though, we will see.

  9. Lefty_Orioles_Fan
    Lefty_Orioles_Fan 2 years ago

    Multiple teams fighting over Mark Reynolds?
    Not even Count Dooku could have forseen this! =P

    I wish him well though.

  10. Sam 2 years ago

    Reynolds played pretty well before going into a half season slump.

  11. cookmeister 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind Reynolds on the angels, can play some 1st, still good power. I think it will cost too much, though. Lessens their chances if adding another starter

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