Cubs Could Still Deal Samardzija Before Opening Day

With extension talks still at a stalemate, the Cubs could still potentially deal top starter Jeff Samardzija before the start of the season, reports Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times. Two sources said that was a strong possibility, while another rejected the idea that trade talks were in progress.

It has been nearly a month since the 29-year-old's name has seen the pages of MLBTR in reference to trade chatter. While he avoided arbitration with Chicago in the interim, both player and club have given recent indication that the sides are somewhat entrenched in terms of a longer deal. 

With only one premium starter (Ervin Santana) still on the market, the Rays seemingly likely to open the year with David Price in their rotation, and Homer Bailey now not even a theoretical trade candidate, an opportunity could conceivably arise to get solid value for Samardzija. Surely, the likelihood of a deal would rise if the team does not believe it can get him to sign a new deal at a palatable price, though a mid-season move might still be a preferable strategy. Fueling the sense that a trade could still be in the works, says Wittenmyer, is the fact that manager Rick Renteria has declined to name Samardzija the Opening Day starter, saying that "so many things can happen over the course of the spring that I'm not going to lock myself in[]."

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  1. GonzoBlogger 1 year ago

    The M’s Nick Franklin for the Cubbies’ Jeff Samardzija.


    • Steve 1 year ago

      And the Cubs hang up right when they hear that offer

      • Kyle Smith 1 year ago

        with Barney at 2b and no MLB ready options behind him? Franklin is a great start. Switch-hitting gamer with a lot of power and an unyielding dedication.

        • Mike Query 1 year ago

          Key word there is start.

        • Steve 1 year ago

          Baez will be up right when his service time gets him another year, Alcantara pretty much the same thing

        • Carl 1 year ago

          Alcantara is probably going to be on the big club by July or August and he’s just as good if not better of a prospect than Franklin. If Alcantara doesn’t work out Baez could play there or Starlin could get moved there is Baez plays SS.

          • Kyle Smith 1 year ago

            Alcantara hasn’t played AAA yet!

          • Jordan 1 year ago

            I don’t know if he’s going to be up this year or not, but there’s not much ahead of him… He improved a lot last year and I wouldn’t be surprised if they gave him a shot.

          • JasonPen 1 year ago

            So. Neither did Jose Fernandez. I didn’t know it was a requirement…

          • DagGummit 1 year ago

            Alcantara doesn’t even come close to approaching Franklin’s offensive potential. Franklin outhit him in AA while 2 years younger.

          • CapnFatback 1 year ago

            I don’t discount Franklin as a prospect, nor do I think the Cubs would necessarily refuse him as part of a return in a deal (and let’s not even mention possible third-party candidates), but you oughtta check your math, Professor Tolson: both Franklin and Alcantara did the bulk of their time at AA at age 21.

          • Jeff 1 year ago

            No offense, but if your conclusion on a player is based on one minor league season at a young age, you have no future in scouting/front office, etc. From seeing both of these guys personally play for multiple seasons, I can assure you that Alcantara is the prospect with the higher upside. For one, Alcantara has game changing speed, and probably a little more pop than Franklin. They are pretty even in the contact department but the havoc Alcantara can cause on the base paths is weapon that Franklin lacks. Defensively they are pretty even but I will say Alcantara has a little more upside due to his speed/range capabilities. You also can’t discount that last season at AA was Alcantara’s first full season of professional ball and his stats wouild have been higher had fatigue not set in during the latter portion of the season when his numbers fell off slightly.

          • Jason Powers 1 year ago

            Not a better prospect by Baseball America. And if we get Jack Z. to come off his prospects, then does it hurt to have more talent??? (As you mention if Alcantara doesn’t work if Franklin comes with others, why not? Not gonna hurt 2014 Cubs chances of WS is it?)

          • Carl 1 year ago

            Shark is the Cubs main trade chip that will bring in top pitching prospects first and foremost. You don’t target depth infield prospects with a guy like Samardzija especially when the Cubs are stacked with solid infield prospects. If they all don’t work out then you cross that bridge but as the Cubs player with the most value Shark won’t be given up for Franklin.

        • JasonPen 1 year ago

          Barney won a gold glove.
          The Cubs aren’t going anywhere soon, he’ll do.
          The Cubs have Baez (SS is blocked at the MLB level)
          The Cubs also have Alcantara who has been compared to a young Jose Reyes.

          Unless the Mariners start the conversation with the words “Taijuan Walker is available, let’s talk.” Jed Hoyer will hang up the phone and take one of the 28 other teams that can put up a better offer than “Nick Franklin.”

          There’s one thing in common about all Mariner’s fans… They sure can dream with the best of ’em. How’s Tanaka looking in Mariner blue? lol.

      • GonzoBlogger 1 year ago

        Ok, then, Felix and Cano for Samardzija with the M’s picking up $400MM in salary difference. Dang you Cubbies strike a hard bargain. (Pleeeeze stay on the phone…)

        • Steve 1 year ago

          Ironically that has just as much of a chance as happening as your first proposal. Not trying to hate on Franklin but the Cubs aren’t going to trade Shark for another middle infielder, it will be pitching or you aren’t getting him

          • GonzoBlogger 1 year ago

            We once did an M’s/Cubs Carlos “El Bufalo” Silva for Milton “Have-I-Beat-My-Wife-Today” Bradley. So let’s get jump the Shark with Jesus Montero going to the Windy City! It’s not like the Cubbies expect to break tradition and win this year or next…

    • Kyle Smith 1 year ago

      I think it would take Franklin + Paxton and a couple lower level players for Smardzija. Cubs fans who are hating, remember that Paxton and Franklin are MLB ready players and Shark only has 2 years of control. Paxton and Franklin have 10-12 years of control. Franklin is instantly better than Barney too

      • Steve 1 year ago

        The M’s aren’t giving up Paxton and the Cubs don’t want Franklin. Better than Barney, yes. Better than Alcantara or Baez, no

        • Kyle Smith 1 year ago

          The Cubs have lots of infield holes: 3b, SS, 2b

          • Steve 1 year ago

            SS Starlin Castro. 3b Kris Bryant or Mike Olt 2b Alcantara or Baez. Holes this year yes, in the future doubtful

          • JSapp11 1 year ago

            Bryant will be a LF

          • Jordan 1 year ago

            Their farm system is loaded at those positions though… Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Arismedy Alcantara… Cubs need pitching, young quality pitching

          • Kyle Smith 1 year ago

            I.E. Paxton and one of the lower SP starters we have who are Org top 5 guys. Olt can’t be counted on to be a 3b and after last year I would imagine Castro is no sure bet either.

        • GonzoBlogger 1 year ago

          I don’t get why Paxton’s name comes up as a trade candidate. He is the only lefty pencilled into the rotation. Unless 37 year-old, rehab project Randy Wolf greatly exceeds expectations or the M’s shock us all and decide to stretch out Furbush, then southpaw Paxton isn’t going anywhere.

          • Jason Powers 1 year ago

            Probably because Walker is much more untouchable. If the Mariners want to get Shark (in a park friendly to his weakness HRs) then Paxton is at least one part of the deal. I’d add C Montero, LHP Hultzen, LHP Luis Gohara and Franklin and will kick them back Lake too. (He hits lefties well – and the Mariners have a slew of lefty hitters that can’t hit lefties…including Franklin, so far.)

          • The_Unnatural 1 year ago

            Because people don’t realize that Paxton made adjustments to his mechanics and is about to destroy the league. He has probably the best stuff of any lefty starter in baseball. It wouldn’t surprise me if Paxton outperforms Samardazzdja this season.

          • Jason Powers 1 year ago

            Looking at his starts in September…good stuff…hit above 95MPH. Sure, I want to steal him before the Mariners know what hit them. Shark will be pretty good in Safeco..but a fireballer lefty. BET!

          • The_Unnatural 1 year ago

            Jack is very high on Paxton, there’s little chance he goes anywhere without something major coming back in return.

      • JSapp11 1 year ago

        So is Alcantara. Why on earth would they do that when they have more infield depth than any other team in the minor leagues? Baez Bryant Alcantata and Vogelbach is better than some MLB infields

        • Jason Powers 1 year ago

          Alcantara has been mentioned as a CF option at least until Almora gets on the scene. (Like a Eric Young Sr. type.) If you got Franklin at 2B (with power) with LHP 95MPH+ James Paxton, and C Montero (like Olt in the Garza trade) + Danny Hultzen (Vizcaino comp) I think you can be happy enough. Shark is valued at about 10 WAR – his 2-year production plus his undervalued arb contracts. So 2 guys that can put up 1.5 WAR per season min for 3 seasons is about the value back. get lucky, and we gain more if Montero or Hultzen bounce back… Shark teases as a #1 starter, but is at best a #2, but that $15-18M for 4-5 years? Past 30? And well… in Paxton – the Cubs don’t have a 95MPH lefty that can start and learn for 2 years. If Arrieta’s tease on potential turns, you then got 2 young arms that can pump gas, and might be your #2 and #3.

      • The_Unnatural 1 year ago

        So the M’s trade their best chip and Paxton, making another hole in the rotation, so they can fill one with a guy who has less upside than Paxton and 4 fewer years of control? Get out of here. Trading one of their starting pitchers for another doesn’t make sense unless it was for a major improvement, not some generic #3/4.

        • Trock 1 year ago

          I agree it sounds like too much but cubs seem completely content with keeping him if they don’t receive the right package. They just gotta find a team dumb enough to overpay for him!

    • Steve 1 year ago

      Like the Cubs need another SS

      • GonzoBlogger 1 year ago

        Last season I’m almost certain Nick Franklin was a Second Baseman, unless of course I was watching TV through the mirror. And, of course, the Cubbies would never think of parting with 2B Darwin Barney and his .628 OPS.

        • Carl 1 year ago

          The Cubs have Starlin Castro, Javier Baez and Arismendy Alcantara who can all play SS & 2B…an MLB ready guy like Franklin would last maybe 1 year then be displaced by Baez or Alcantara. It makes no sense. Cubs want young pitching in return for Shark.

          • GonzoBlogger 1 year ago

            The M’s need a Centerfielder as well as a #3 starter (who may well turn out to be a recovered Scott Baker). Now wouldn’t that make the game’s most longsuffering fan base happy to see Baker succeed with the game’s second most longsuffering fan base??

      • Spit Ball 1 year ago

        Yeah these two clubs just don’t really match up on a trade. They are both deep in young cost controlled middle infield types. The Mariners have young pitching and the Cubs have the Shark. I can’t think of a trade that will work in the real world.

    • Jason Powers 1 year ago

      Will take Paxton…too.

      • The_Unnatural 1 year ago

        Doesn’t make sense for the M’s to give up pitching to get pitching. That would just create another soft spot in the rotation. Samasrasfja isn’t even that much better than Erasmo Ramirez.

        • JCurrie39 1 year ago

          Ya gotta give to get, I think people are being to aggressive in their trade proposals, but Jeff in your rotation helps make a playoff push for the next 2 years. The cubs would pull the trigger for Paxton plus Hultzen and Franklin, I can see not wanting to give up your prospects but as I said at the top, ya gotta give to get.

          • docmilo5 1 year ago

            Mr. Zduriencik walks away from those talks politely. Hultzen is recovering from surgery and won’t pass any physical. Paxton is a part of the rotation. Franklin isn’t going to the Cubs. I think the Marlins are a better fit.

          • schaddy24 1 year ago

            The Cubs could still take on Hultzen if they agreed to the potential injury baggage. They did this 2 years ago with Arodys Vizcanio. That being said, I think the M’s would walk away from that.

  2. John Wiszezur 1 year ago

    I don’t think Ricky’s blanket statement of not wanting to name a starter before the ST games even begin is reason enough for speculation. If this was his 4th season at the helm, maybe. But the guy hasn’t seen ANYONE pitch yet…give him a couple runs thru the rotation.

    That said, since club and player are so far away in terms of figures I am in favor of a trade. I just think we roll the dice closer to the deadline. You’re more apt to land some good young arms when a contending team is more desperate. IMHO.

    • Jeff_Todd_MLBTR 1 year ago

      I agree, and wouldn’t have run this with just that to go on. But Wittenmyer cited sources, and really added that as a side point, so I mentioned it at the end.

      • John Wiszezur 1 year ago

        Not knocking your piece, it’s ol’ Gordon Wittenmyer that I shake my head at constantly.

  3. Steve 1 year ago

    The Cubs are asking for a kings ransom but where else are teams going to get a solid starter from right now. The Cubs will settle for less than what they are asking for and Shark is gone by July

    • JSapp11 1 year ago

      Doubt it, they were able to get Olt, Edwards and Ramirez for 2 months of garza why can’t get more for 2 of shark, who has no injury history like garza does. Don’t underestimate Thoyer. Also rougned odor was supposed to be in the deal instead of Ramirez before elbow issues came up in talks

      • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

        Cubs would get 2 top 50 prospects plus 2-3 other players for Shark

        • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

          HAHA!!!!! Zack Greinke didn’t get that and he is 100x better. They will get one tops.

          • JasonPen 1 year ago

            Zack Greinke pulled in alot. I don’t know what trade you were looking at.
            Ever hear of Jean Segura? I think he was an all-star his first year as a starter. ( Zack Greinke has been an All-Star once in 10 years…)

          • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

            Well first of all I’m talking about the original Greinke trade when he had 2 years left.

            •Odorrizi was I think somewhere around #75 on top 100 lists.
            •Escobar was ranked pretty high the year prior to the deal at #20ish, but had a pretty awful rookie season…so after that he probably had the value of a fringe Top #50.
            •Lorenzo Cain was a sell high type throw in. Really only rated as a 3-4 outfielder
            •Jeremy Jeffress was a thrown in after the Brewers were tired of him and his substance abuse.

            The Royals didn’t get a true Top 50 prospect for a guy a year removed from one of the best seasons we have seen in the last decade. While the Cubs might get a Top 50 prospect that’s about it….he isn’t that good. To expect 2 is just crazy, if I was a Cubs fan I’d be thrilled with one.

    • juneswoon 1 year ago

      Cubs = pathetic.

      As a cubs fan this regime is hard to watch operate. They preach that they are trying to build a young nucleus of players. You have the shark here who is young and a great 2 or 3 type pitcher with very few quality pitching prospects in the organization and now they are trying to deal him. Sad, sad state.

      • Steve 1 year ago

        Except the fact that he wants ace money and he isn’t an ace. Trade him and get something of value or keep him for two years in which the team will be bad and let him walk for nothing? Obvious choice

        • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

          Also he is not that young. If he was 26 or younger then that would be one thing, but he’s not. Its a no brainer that you trade him if you get 2 top prospects for him

          • Carl 1 year ago

            Innings-wise is he very young considering he’s only been a starter for 3 years. I don’t count age for pitchers based on actual age until they get up to around 35. It’s all about innings and Shark hasn’t thrown as many as his age suggests.

          • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

            Ok, but you still trade him if he’s still asking for Ace money.

          • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

            any GM that trades 2 top prospects for him should be fired.

        • JasonPen 1 year ago

          And he’s not “young”…

      • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

        I agree it would be a bad move to trade him. Their minors lack pitching badly and they won’t get any rotation worthy prospect in a deal for Samar….

        I really think they should at least hold on to him.

        • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

          Really? They got C.J. Edwards for 2 months of Garza and Edwards as 1-2 SP abilities. They should even get a better deal for Samardzija

          • Mil8Ball 1 year ago

            Texas was desperate so totally different situation…Aldo Garza is much better and a bigger impact.

            You also have to realize a team may give you one good pitching prospect in a deal and that’s it. They are too valuable and you need that depth…or else you look like the Cubs.

            These days the value of 2 years and a half a year isn’t very much. A lot of teams are ending up with very similar value. I think a trade right now isn’t very wise.

            Also if C.J. Edwards had #1 stuff I’m pretty sure he would at least be a Top 100 prospect only 2 years away from the MLB…I think you are a little too hopeful

          • Mike Query 1 year ago

            CJ Edwards is 28th in Baseball America’s Top 100…

          • AsHeR 1 year ago

            C.J. Edwards is number 28 on BA’s Top 100

        • Aramis Ramirez' Basement 1 year ago

          Yup. we would be trading Samardzija for guys we HOPE TO BE SAMARDZIJA (somewhat) some day. we have him now, just keep him at least until his current deal’s done. or just extend him. (I do not want him getting paid #1 money obviously though)

          • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

            That’s what he wants though, number 1 money. Why just let him go to free agency? That’s dumb, You get prospects for him

      • Revery 1 year ago

        Actively downvoted.

  4. Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

    If the Cubs get the offer they are looking for, they will be trading him. If some team out there has a big time injury in their rotation, the first guy they are going to be looking at on the trade market most likely would be Jeff Samardzija. So I wouldn’t totally say there’s no chance it will happen.

  5. Aramis Ramirez' Basement 1 year ago

    Mariners could be strong possibility as could Blue Jays. not saying those teams would give them up, but they do have James Paxton, Marcus Stroman, and Aaron Sanchez. Jays get desperate enough midseason with Samardzija doing well, maybe they cough up one of the two. if so, Cubs better do it. Samardzija is s good #3 starter and that’s it. (not that a team doesnt need that)

  6. Segal27 1 year ago

    I really, really hope that Shark is extended, they need more pitchers like him, not less. They would most likely trade him for pitching prospects which in my mind does not make much sense when you have Shark who is a young 29. I just hope they pay him and give him an extension.

    • Jordan 1 year ago

      This is just my opinion but I feel like Shark’s potential far outweighs his production. If we can trade him for a future number 1 and another starter then you have to make that deal.

      • Segal27 1 year ago

        I would much rather take a guaranteed 2/3 than a hopeful 1. Samardzija is a safer bet than a prospect. Plus keep in mind he is somewhat of a hometown guy so fans love him. So if he was traded fans would be very upset.

        • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

          Real, Smart fans who actually care about the team and don’t get emotional for individual players will understand that a trade helps the overall team.

          • Segal27 1 year ago

            I agree, but that does not stop fans from getting more upset at the front office than they already are. I would just rather have Samardzija over another package of prospects, even if is a bigger haul then the Garza deal.

          • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

            I have no clue why fans are upset with this front office. They are doing exactly what they said they would do and by keep players like Samardzija and letting them walk is why Cubs have been the Cubs in past years

          • Nick Hyde 1 year ago

            The fans that are upset are the ones that think this organization hasn’t gained anything since 2011. Which we have tremendously

          • Couldn’t agree more. As a jays fan, watching the club sign no one other than Dioner Navarro this offseason, I feel it’s the beginning of a great time to be a Cubs fan.

    • Aramis Ramirez' Basement 1 year ago

      This. We’d be trading Samardzija for guys we HOPE to be like him someday. We need to start improving MLB team. Not diminishing it further

  7. Bill Smith 1 year ago

    A top flight starter on a contender goes down with injury between now and opening day, and the likelihood he’s traded goes up dramatically IMO. It seems to happen a lot these days.

    • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

      And that one team that it could happen to thinks they can win the World Series this year will way over pay most likely for Samardzija also. Everyone is acting like the Cubs are just trying to get rid of him. They aren’t, but if a team blows them away with a deal, they will trade him then for that. Not just trying to dump him

    • Jordan 1 year ago

      I agree with everything you said. I love the way Theo & Company are running the organization. It’s amazing how some fans still complain about being inept when the franchise hasn’t won a World Series in over 100 years.

    • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

      And that one team that it could happen to thinks they can win the World Series this year will way over pay most likely for Samardzija also. Everyone is acting like the Cubs are just trying to get rid of him. They aren’t, but if a team blows them away with a deal, they will trade him then for that.

      • Jordan 1 year ago


      • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

        They won’t get blown away with a deal from any smart team. Now i could see the Ray’s getting blown away from a Price offer….but we’re talking a clear Ace vs. a #3.

  8. Lau10 1 year ago

    It’s odd that the Cubs value him like an ace in trade talks but are unwilling to extend him like they think he’s an ace.

    • GD 1 year ago


    • I think teams tend to pay for past performance while they may be more willing to trade for future potential. I like Samardzija, but he hasn’t earned ace money yet. Personally, I think waiting on the extension is a good idea for both sides. I’m sure Samardzija expects to have a good first half, which should translate into a bigger payday. I think Theo & Co. would be happy to pay him for that performance, but if he struggles, they can cut bait and move on.

    • bandits33 1 year ago

      I think it makes perfect sense. It’s like your car. It’s a cheap small car, but it gets you around, so you don’t really want to sell it. If someone offers you the cost of a Ferrari, you’d damn well take it. But you also wouldn’t drop thousands into your beat up car to rebuild the engine just to have to deal with the other junk failing over the next 10 years.

  9. Shark isn’t going anywhere unless it’s for two top pitching prospects. The Cubs are open to signing him, but he wants to be paid like a number #1, and still hasn’t shown it. Cubs would like to lock him up now, Shark would like to see what he can bring. No reason to be mad at either party. Cubs are going to listen and do their due diligence and they are waiting for a team that believes they are one piece away. Could be now, could be in July, probably doesn’t matter much to Theo and Jed.

    • Jason Powers 1 year ago

      1. New York Mets – Syndergaard (no way), Montero(way), Matz(way), Plawecki(way) – if the Mets could work if a 3-way deal gives them Franklin and the Cubs land Montero, Paxton and 2 once-hurt prospects from the Mariners. But this is totally a DREAM for the Cubs. Not likely at all the Mets want to give too much for Franklin. Mets stand pat…

      2. Toronto – Sanchez, Stroman – they have too much else to worry about to think of giving up their best prospects for 3rd place (at best) finish

      3. Baltimore – Gausman and Bundy (TJ). They will wait until July…

      4. Seattle – ripe for the picking solo. Hisashi Iwakuma is hurt for a bit…need too a RH OF. Cubs don’t need Shark to lose 85-95 games. Mariners will be on the block (sale) by 2015, I bet. Need to WIN in 2014 to improve the valuation of the franchise…

      5.Pittsburgh – inter-division. Nope. They want to succeed.

      • Matt Galvin 1 year ago

        Blue Jays also need a 2B so maybe Barney is deal and Romero coming back.

  10. Jonathan Barlock 1 year ago

    I hope the Mariners checked in on Samardzija.

    • The_Unnatural 1 year ago

      I hope they didn’t after all I’ve been hearing about how much it will take to get him.

      • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

        Dang skippy. Who would trade a potential #1 for a guy that has a career 4.19 ERA???

      • Jonathan Barlock 1 year ago

        If thats the case, we should pass. Just wish we had more available starter options with exp.

        • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

          give these guys a year….you saw what the Cardinals did with their top pitching prospects this past season….The dudes threw great. I got a feeling Seattle will have a stout rotation this year! The offense might be the issue.

  11. Nick Hyde 1 year ago

    I don’t think the Cubs and Mariners match up well as trade partners because the Cubs will surely ask for a deal including something along the lines of Walker (whether he’s worth it or not) and if the mariners were going to deal him they could package to get Price (Younger, better, lefty)

    Wherever Samardzija goes, the deal is going to be for pitching prospects and more pitching prospects. A position player will probably be in the deal somewhere, but won’t be the center of it

    • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

      For Walker????If they trade a high ceiling controllable for 5+ years Walker for a guy that would be a #3-4 on most teams….and controllable for what, 2 years? No thanks.

      • Nick Hyde 1 year ago

        Samardzija for Package lead by walker is a bad deal for mariners.
        Mariners will walk when cubs ask for it, and if they say no to it cubs will walk. That’s why i’m saying they’re bad trade partners when talking Samardzija

        • Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

          No i agree, i just can’t believe people think he’s worth a top prospect. But someone will be desperate enough i’m sure.

    • Nick Hyde 8 months ago

      “A position player won’t be the center of it” I think i was wrong haha

  12. raymondrobertkoenig 1 year ago

    Have to believe the difference between the 2 sides is too much to resolve. Samardzija’s a goner.

  13. Mikel Grady 1 year ago

    Cubs stocked at minors at position players. They need pitching. Trading pitching for a 2b other than the next jackie Robinson makes no sense. Cubs may even draft trae turner out of nc state so multiple pitchers for shark is only option for theo/Jed

  14. Maxxx Depth 1 year ago

    You can count on Texas being out….The last 2 studs we got from the Cubs have looked like #5’s.

  15. This guy has not put up numbers that warrant the kind of money and extension he wants. He wants everyone to just have faith in his upside. Ummmm no. Put up some numbers for a full season. If your team drinks the Kool-Aid, then make an offer the Cubs cannot refuse. The guy is a number 4 starter at best. Knock yourself out.

    • sourbob 1 year ago

      Samardzjia was 45th in WAR among starters last year, right between Greinke and Sabathia. Calling him a #4 at best is just as ridiculous an exaggeration as calling him an ace.

      • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

        He is a solid number 3 starter on a playoff team

  16. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    Shark could be dealt before opening day if the Cubs asking price comes down to a reasonable level. Shark has a career FIP of 3.94, playing exclusively in the NL, and most of his stats (FIP, ERA, LOB%, HR/9, HR/FB) have not improved over the last 3 years. He is not worth 2+ solid pitching prospects.

  17. Phil Merkel 1 year ago

    I would think that one team that might be a possible trade partner, if it comes to that, would be the Rangers. They have a good relationship with the Cubs and definitely have the chips that could be good trade bait.

    • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

      Neftali Feliz, Jorge Alfaro, Luke Jackson

  18. Zak Arn 1 year ago

    If you’re contemplating giving up a draft pick for Santana, Samardzija makes sense since he’s under control for 2 seasons at very reasonable rates relatively. He’s not worth any team’s top prospect, but a package of a few players should get it done.

    • Shane Flannagan 1 year ago

      If Garza got C.J. Edwards and Mike Olt, of course the Cubs are going to get a better deal. Samardzija has no injury history, 2 years of control, and he’s better then Garza

      • Zak Arn 1 year ago

        3.81 and 4.34 ERAs in his 2 full seasons… he’s a 3 SP with upside. Garza is like a solid 2-3. I think they’re both worth around the same. Olt had fallen slightly out of favor, he wasn’t their top prospect, but he wasn’t garbage that’s for sure. Like I said a package… I mean I remember what the Phillies gave up for Cliff Lee & that seemed like a good package at the time, and I believe they’re all in the Minors for life. It’s a crapshoot.

  19. The_Unnatural 1 year ago

    And making a hole to fill a hole helps with those issues? That’s if the rotation even has a hole. Ramirez or Baker should be able to handle the last spot in the rotation.

  20. The_Unnatural 1 year ago

    I don’t believe in FIP. There’s more to pitching than striking guys out and avoiding homers.

  21. Jason Powers 1 year ago

    It’s not a cult – and yes, there is more to pitching. But if you get more outs by K’s and less balls leaving the yard, then logically less outs for the defense to get per game and less indefensible balls to hurt the score (as with runners on ahead of them.)

    I’ll end it with: no Jack shouldn’t trade Paxton plus for Shark. Even though Paxton is not predicted to get significant WAR in his career….but he looks like an outlier.

    Jack Z. has Franklin and C Montero and that 16 LHP in Rookie ball to shop around. But I don’t think Jack knows what he’s doing anyways. But his window to win is 2 years..with Cano getting older.

  22. Jason Powers 1 year ago

    No, Franklin is your best extraneous piece. But if I am the GM, I aint taking less than Paxton and Franklin…so you’ll go shop iaround instead to the Mets or wait until the DL of a 2B/SS that is key to a team contending…

  23. The_Unnatural 1 year ago

    That sounds better since the M’s need an OF and not a #3 starter with just 2 years of control left.

  24. The_Unnatural 1 year ago

    Cano is expected to age better than just about any player. He’s in great shape, has a flawless swing with insane hand speed, and his approach is getting better as he ages. The M’s window isn’t 2 years.

  25. Mil8Ball 1 year ago

    My bad I went to the MLBs Top 100 list as it was late and quicker to find vs. BAs list….usually they are comparable, but I guess not. Though I Dont like BAs mid season list. Simple mistake.

    It doesn’t change the rightness of the rest of the post though.

  26. Ron Loreski 1 year ago

    Throw in Machado and Edwin Jackson, and you got a deal!

  27. Bleed_Orange 1 year ago

    I thought the same thing. Rodriguez and Shoop would be a possibility IMO

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