NL East Notes: Beachy, Santana, Braves, Mets

As the Braves await the results of today's MRI on Kris Medlen's right forearm, many have speculated that the team could turn to Ervin Santana in the event that Medlen is out for a significant period of time. However, David O'Brien of the Atlanta Journal Constitution writes that he doesn't expect Atlanta to make a panicked move in the event of a serious injury to Medlen. If Medlen is on the DL, O'Brien expects Atlanta to open the season with Julio Teheran, Brandon Beachy, Alex Wood, Freddy Garcia and David Hale, with Mike Minor stepping into one spot once he's ready to go in mid-April, and Gavin Floyd eventually taking another. He adds that Josh Beckett's name "does nothing" for any member of the Braves organization to whom O'Brien has mentioned it. Here's more on their rotation and the NL East…

  • As if Medlen's injury wasn't enough, Beachy left his start for the Braves today due to tightness in his right biceps, writes O'Brien. Beachy described the injury as "dull tightness" and has experienced it in his other two Spring Training starts. However, it got better as he threw harder in his last start, and today he says it worsened. Braves doctors told Beachy before the game that it was ok to try to pitch through the tightness. He wouldn't commit to being ready for Opening Day when asked by O'Brien, but said he thought the tightness was normal following a pair of surgeries. Following the rough start, Beachy told FOX Sports' Jon Morosi that he tried to throw harder again today but wasn't able to increase his velocity (Twitter link).

Earlier Notes

  • ESPN's Buster Olney covers the Braves' rotation in the intro to his daily blog post (ESPN Insider required and recommended). Olney spoke to one evaluator who said, "It's just impossible to see Atlanta taking on significant money, and they seem to be reluctant to give up any prospects of value…" suggesting that a major acquisition isn't likely. That evaluator wondered if they might be interested in out-of-options hurlers like Zach Britton (Orioles), Vance Worley (Twins), Sam Deduno (Twins) or Franklin Morales (Rockies) should they pursue outside help.
  • The Mariners are again doubling down on the number of scouts they have at today's Mets game, tweets Adam Rubin of Rubin adds that Seattle's scouts have "been religiously attending Mets games." New York has been said to have interest in displaced Seattle infielder Nick Franklin, so Mariners scouts could be trying to determine a fair asking price.
  • Jeff Manship has impressed the Phillies thus far in Spring Training, writes Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer. Philadelphia was the only club to call Manship prior to his agreement to a minor league deal in early September, the right-hander told Gelb. Manship says he's enjoying the competition this spring and is excited to have a shot at earning a rotation spot for the first time in his five trips through a big league camp. Manship has allowed one run with six punchouts and one walk through seven Spring Training innings to date.

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  1. John Kreese 1 year ago

    No Lagares in the Mets lineup today. Could the Mariners be scouting pitchers?

    • Lefebvre Believer 1 year ago

      Not sure… Bartolo Colon started… Maybe they are looking for immediate bullpen help, with some prospects to complete the deal?

    • Drew 1 year ago

      Yep, b/c we’re gonna take Lagares and Montero…for Franklin.

      • paqza 1 year ago

        Lagares and Montero for Franklin is a proposal that will never get done because Sandy won’t agree to it. Look at Sandy’s trade history – for Lagares and Montero, he’d probably get Miller and Gohara, or something along those lines. If the Mets make a trade with the Mariners, judging by recent history (Dickey trade, Byrd/Buck trade, Beltrán trade), the Mariners will “lose” it.

  2. Nellybellyman 1 year ago

    Nick Franklin for Jacob DeGrom, and a pltbnl

    • CrustyJuggler 1 year ago

      Every time I hear Mariners and Mets trade rumors, visions of Syndergaard dance through my head… Then I shake myself out of the stupor and am sad.

      • JacobyWanKenobi 1 year ago

        No chance they move Syndergaard IMO. He will likely start in AAA and be promoted this summer after the Super 2 deadline.

        • Ruben_Tomorrow 1 year ago

          I think Syndergaard has entered that “untouchable” level for the Mets. Figure though that Montero and/or Mejia is going to be moved at some point. They have so much young talented starting pitching, that they need to move at least one in order to fill some of their holes.

    • Captain America 1 year ago

      It’s gonna be Franklin for Rafael Montero

      • Loody 1 year ago


        • paqza 1 year ago

          That seems the most likely, and quite reasonable, but I don’t think Sandy will accept that. If that were the trade on the table, Zduriencik would have accepted already. Sandy’s asking for more. This is the same guy who got Wheeler for a few weeks of Beltrán and Black/Herrera for Buck/Byrd, not to even speak of the Dickey trade.

          I know Mariners fans are going to be unhappy, but in all likelihood, Sandy will get Franklin for a lesser piece like deGrom or he’ll surprise everyone and snag Brad Miller for Montero, which would be a bad move by Zduriencik but not one out of the realm of possibility.

    • CrustyJuggler 1 year ago

      No way I would deal Franklin for deGrom. deGrom looks like a back end rotation guy, at best. A ML ready middle infielder with 20/20 potential is worth quite a bit more.

      Franklin has looked great at SS so far this spring, btw.

      • Opti-Mets-tic 1 year ago

        So has deGrom (looked great so far this spring). I doubt you could do deGrom for Franklin straight up, but a package built around that, I believe is a very strong possibility. Maybe deGrom and Walters, plus a minor leager or two for Franklin and a minor leager or two, that type of thing.

      • paqza 1 year ago

        I know you wouldn’t, but you’re also not Zduriencik. And he’s been known to make some head-scratching moves.

    • jephdood 1 year ago

      Lagares please.

      • Brian Waterman 1 year ago

        Why would we want Lagares when we have Endy Chavez? His top side looks like Stan Javier to me, and you don’t give up Franklin for that.

        • paqza 1 year ago

          Lagares was the best fielding CF in the NL on a per-inning basis last year and only second to Carlos Gómez overall. Even if he never improves at all on offense, he’s a 3-4 WAR player. Considering what the Mariners want to put in the OF this year, it would be in their interest to have a strong defensive CF.

          Moreover, Lagares actually does seem to have a bit of room to improve offensively. He got better as the year went on last year, and not everyone takes Cliff Lee deep as a rookie.

          That’s strictly about you underrating Juan Lagares. I’m not saying he’s the perfect trade chip for Franklin, though.

    • rct 1 year ago

      That ptnbl would have to be as good or better than DeGrom, who imo has been seriously overvalued by my fellow Mets fans. I hope I’m wrong, but he’s a mid-to back-end rotation guy at best.

      • paqza 1 year ago

        On the contrary – DeGrom pitched to a 3.56 FIP in Las Vegas in his first go-around there, while also climbing from A+ to AAA ball over the course of a single season. He’s got a pitcher’s build, easy velocity, a strong sinker, and an improving curve.

        Moreover, the issue isn’t that Mets fans overvalue deGrom – it’s that we don’t think Zduriencik is capable of winning a trade with Sandy Alderson, the master of fleecing.

        • rct 1 year ago

          Fair point about Sandy vs. Zduriencik, I’d expect Sandy to win that, too. I just think that DeGrom’s ceiling is something like Dillon Gee, which would be valuable in its own right. I would be ecstatic if Sandy pulled off a trade like the OP suggested (DeGrom + ptbnl).

          • paqza 1 year ago

            Of course, Dillon Gee is still an unknown quantity. He just gets better and better. If he puts up the numbers he put up including and after that start against the Yankees in 2013, he’d be a legitimate #2. I do agree with you there that it’s a good comp on performance if not pitcher-type or stuff – DeGrom throws a tick harder than Gee but doesn’t have as many average to above-average pitches as Gee does. Of course, that makes sense, though, as Gee is clearly more polished.

            On that same note, if Gee continues the success he had much of last year, that changes the complexion of our rotation’s ceiling.

  3. BG921 1 year ago

    The Braves really should avoid any panic moves and they have plenty of options in house for the rotation. The more pressing news is that Beachy has been experiencing pain all spring and left his start today feeling sore. Having depth is great, but there’s a chance it could be tested early and often this season.

    • Seamaholic 1 year ago

      They do not have “plenty of options.” I might say that if they were a no-hope rebuilding team. But for a team with championship ambitions they have very little depth. Freddy Garcia and (maybe) Gavin Floyd? That’s Astros territory.

      • -C 1 year ago

        That’s entirely false. They have a ton of borderline MLB-ready talent waiting in the wings. Would they be rushed?? Sure, but they could fill in if needed.

        David Hale, Cody Martin, Ian Thomas, J.R. Graham, Aaron Northcraft…all have at least AA experience and can possibly come in if necessary. They won’t have to go that deep, obviously, but to say the Braves don’t have depth in the rotation simply isn’t true.


        • paqza 1 year ago

          Bro, let’s be clear here. If Freddy García has a spot locked down in your rotation, you need more depth. I definitely think Cody Martin could hold his own in the Majors, though, especially considering all the games the Braves will have against the Mets, Phils, and Marlins.

    • NL_East_Rivalry 1 year ago

      Beachy has been feeling better each time as he throws harder. I don’t for see an issue with him, although a DL stint could arise from it.

      • erg 1 year ago

        he’s had two procedures on his elbow and still isnt right. he might end up being fine, but i think if we’re going to be realistic, we have to view whatever we get from beachy as a bonus.

  4. asovermann 1 year ago

    Now Beachy is dealing with a bicep issue, velocity was down a ton today and he only threw 14 strikes in 37 pitches. Scary time for the Braves roto especially after losing Hudson.

  5. 0vercast 1 year ago

    Deduno would be a good option for them. He’s relatively untested, but he’s quite solid, and he could start the season in the rotation. I bet the Twins will basically give him away at this point.

    • paqza 1 year ago

      Should be able to reduce the walk rate a bit facing pitchers twice a game, too. He’s always had great stuff but has never put it together. Maybe the Braves’ coaching staff could harness his stuff?

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