Maicer Izturis Likely Out 4-6 Months

The Blue Jays have announced that infielder Maicer Izturis' MRI revealed a "complete tear" of the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) in his left knee that will require surgery to repair. Izturis wil seek a second opinion before scheduling the surgery, which typically has a recovery time of four to six months, per the Jays' release.

Izturis, 33, got off to a respectable start this season, batting .286/.324/.314 in his first 38 plate appearances. However, as the National Post's John Lott tweets, the veteran infielder felt two "pops" in his leg after slipping down the dugout steps in Baltimore this weekend.

Izturis is in the second season of a three-year, $10MM contract signed with the Jays prior to the 2013 campaign. He struggled in his first year with Toronto, batting .236/.288/.310 despite owning a vastly superior .274/.336/.381 triple-slash line in the four-year span that preceded his free agency. The loss of Izturis further exposes the Jays' need for infield help, as Ryan Goins has little offensive upside, Jose Reyes is on the disabled list and Brett Lawrie has struggled at the plate in the early-going.

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  1. edwing 1 year ago

    Wow terrible luck for this guy and the club

  2. WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

    Queue Boras remarks about how the Jays need to sign Drew now!

  3. nelson_c 1 year ago

    Pop Pop

  4. pastlives 1 year ago

    ya that stinks for him but the Jays should be okay if they stay healthy…he looked better than a .638 OPS but at the end of the day, that’s a .638 OPS. Reyes is back on Friday.

    • pastlives 1 year ago

      I should also note that I’m aware that “if the rest of them stay healthy” only lasts til Reyes goes down again, then you’re back with a serious issue.

    • Guest 1 year ago

      I remember in 2007 when he was hitting #3 or #4 for the Angels most of the year…… ya the offense was that bad once upon a time

      • jimmybell 1 year ago

        Izturis AB’s per lineup slot, 2007:
        1st – 0
        2nd – 3
        3rd – 4
        4th – 0
        5th – 18
        6th – 12
        7th – 37
        8th – 7
        9th – 10

        Angels rank in runs scored- 4th in the AL.

  5. Seamaholic 1 year ago

    I realize accidents happen, but tearing a knee ligament slipping on dugout steps? I mean, does that seem really odd to anyone else? I swear, some of these “amazing athletes” are made out of paper towel.

    • WindsorJaysFan 1 year ago

      I dislocated my elbow this past summer closing a van door. Not closing a van door on it, just the act of closing the door.

      Freak injuries happen.

  6. theUpdate23 1 year ago

    Last year this would have improved the Jays. funny how things change in baseball…

  7. mmiller54 1 year ago

    Gregorius anybody?

  8. gr8testsoxfan 1 year ago

    Beckham for Stroman, Rasmus

  9. Scott Berlin 1 year ago

    Season ending injury.

  10. fatdaddy 1 year ago


  11. FamousGrouse 1 year ago

    Terrible news. I wish him a speedy and safe recovery.

  12. jays4life77 1 year ago

    I have an out there suggestion, with the Indians having lindor in the minors and cabrerra at short in his walk year, what about trying to land him to play 2nd? this way he shouldnt cost an arma nd a leg as he hasnt been hitting great for a bit now, but maybe a change of scenery does the trick. He is great with the glove, has a bit of speed and can fill in if reyes goes down again. He also has experience as a 2nd baseman something we could use. Dont get me wrong i like goins but i just dont see him being the 2nd base answer at all, dude is all glove no bat at all through the minors and now in the mlb.

    This trade could make sense as he would audition for the 2nd base role is still young (28 i think) and has some hitting potential as well. If he works out sign him to an extension if not then if the cost was small no big loss.

    Ideas and thoughts?

    • BubblegumBorders 1 year ago

      Not a bad idea, but what would the Clevelands expect in return this early in the season? Have a feeling they’d be clamoring for more young pitching which the Jays should continue to protect after last year’s giant trades really depleted the AAA/AA pipeline.

      If an IF like Cabrera were available for something reasonable I imagine that a team like the Yankees or Mets would push that price up rather quickly, as they have similar question marks up the middle.

      Plus at this time it seems as if the Jays may not be able to afford Cabrera and would have to trade dollar for dollar, unless they go back to their players for a loan.

      If the price is a RP and a middling prospect of two, I say go for it, but I doubt that would get it done.

  13. Conquerbeard 1 year ago

    Who was it that injured himself falling UP stairs a few years back? Clint Barmes?

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