A’s On Track To Finalize 10-Year Coliseum Lease

Various roadblocks slowed final approval of the Athletics’ 10-year lease agreement with the Oakland-Alameda County Colisum Authority. Now, an agreement has been reached that paves the way to a finalization of the deal, which is expected to keep the club in the O.Co Coliseum for the next decade, as Will Kane and Carolyn Jones of the San Francisco Chronicle report.

Oakland raised various issues after the deal had initially been struck, leading MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to give A’s owner Lew Wolff permission to look for a new home city for the club. But those issues were worked out this week, with Oakland’s City Council joining the Coliseum Authority in granting approval. The last apparent hurdles — approval by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and a potential re-approval by the Authority — are expected to pose no difficulties, according to the report.

The approximately $20MM deal still permits the A’s to leave the stadium as soon as December of 2017, though they would remain on the hook for the full rental term. Both Wolff and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan have expressed hope in finding a way to build a new ballpark in the relatively near future.

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  1. agureghian 12 months ago

    What happens with the Raiders who want to demolish the o.co?

    • not_brooks 12 months ago

      The Raiders (Al Davis specifically) ruined the Coliseum. Their punishment is to be stuck there forever.

      • disadvantage 12 months ago

        Indeed he did. Just removing Mount Davis would improve the stadium a tenfold from what it is right now.

        • letsgogiants 12 months ago

          If only it were that easy. Apparently, there are still payments that need to be made for when it was constructed.

          • disadvantage 12 months ago

            Ouch, I didn’t know the logistics of it. If I were rich, I would totally pay money to have it torn down anyways. This coming from a Giants fan who has no real inclination toward the A’s. That’s how much I hate Mount Davis.

  2. northsfbay 12 months ago

    It looks like the A’s are giving up on moving to San Jose. They could never change the owners minds. They want to build a new stadium in Oakland.

    • Karkat 12 months ago

      Such a shame. I got to visit San Jose earlier this year and it’s a really beautiful city.

      • Big Giant Head 12 months ago

        It must really be a good deal. Who would want to stay in Oakland?

        • Karkat 12 months ago

          Well part of it is the Giants throwing a big hissy fit whenever the A’s talk about moving to San Jose because the Giants have “claimed” San Jose

          • northsfbay 12 months ago

            All teams have territories. The other 2 team markets are shared territories. You need a 3/4 vote of the owners to move into another teams territory. It is bad for business for the Giants to give up San Jose.

          • Karkat 12 months ago

            Think of all the jaded Oakland fans the Giants could woo, though!

          • Big Giant Head 12 months ago

            OK, that makes sense. I have been to the Coliseum once; just not a place for baseball – but then I’m getting spoiled by the smaller, more intimate ballparks.

          • Karkat 12 months ago

            I’m pretty sure it’s a consensus that the Coliseum is the worst park in the majors, by a significant margin.

          • Chioakcisco 12 months ago

            Tropicana Field says hi.

  3. basemonkey 12 months ago

    It would be great to see the As get a new ballpark. It would be a great story. Such a good team shouldn’t be in such a weird place.

  4. Chioakcisco 12 months ago

    As a lifelong A’s fan and an Oakland native, it’s been so difficult to see this situation play out. Yes, the A’s are having their best season in a long time, but many in Oakland are absolutely appalled with Lew Wolff’s reluctance to stay in the city and Bud Selig’s continued procrastination in dealing with it all. Here’s hoping that this is the beginning of the end to this saga.

    • northsfbay 12 months ago

      Baseball is first and foremost a business. Lew Wolff thought is was best for his business to move to San Jose. The commissioner is elected by the owners. He is not going against the owners. The owners don’t want teams moving into their territories.

  5. SiladelphiaSillies 12 months ago

    O.co Coliseum reminds me of stadiums like the Vet and Three Rivers. That alone should be enough to allow the A’s to move!

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