Astros Looking To Move Chris Carter

3:11pm: Though Seattle is in need of offense, the Mariners don’t have interest in Carter, a source tells Evan Drellich of the Houston Chronicle (Twitter link).

3:08pm: The Astros are looking to trade first baseman/DH Chris Carter, reports Joel Sherman of the New York Post (Twitter link).

The 27-year-old Carter has plenty of power, as evidenced by the 50 homers he’s mashed since Opening Day 2013 (21 this season). However, the righty slugger is hitting just .212 with a .291 OBP despite a .474 slugging percentage that is huge, considering his paltry batting average.

Carter also comes with limited defensive value. He has some experience in left field, but the results haven’t been pretty (-29.6 UZR/150, -7 DRS in 509 innings). He’s also highly strikeout prone, having whiffed in 31.7 percent of his PAs this season and 33.9 percent in his career. Carter will be eligible for arbitration for the first time this offseason and is under team control through 2018.

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  1. chalk1973 1 year ago

    Sounds like another good first base candidate for the Mariners. LOL

  2. Connor 1 year ago

    Mariners could always use another nonathletic 1B/DH, thats hitting near the mendosa line.

    • bbxxj 1 year ago

      Carter is a good hitter. I’d take that kind of bat on my team any day.

      • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

        HR are even less meaningful. Carter has sub .300 OBP and loves to strike out. Home run Power is about all Carter has to offer.

        • bbxxj 1 year ago

          He had rough first half but his major league numbers are solid.
          11.3% BB
          .232 ISO
          .309 OBP
          I know he isn’t an elite hitter but being able to hit 30+HR with an above .300 OBP is a fairly rare skill anymore. I mean he does have a 109 OPS+ for his career.

          • $21621694 1 year ago

            Rare is to hit 30+HR with a .300 obp

      • Thomas Erie 1 year ago

        I bet you the astros could get a low level good prospect for Carter too because he can drive in runs

  3. Jason 1 year ago

    I remember suspecting the Carter/Lowrie trade was influenced by Kevin Goldstein, who voiced his admiration for Carter on his podcast on several occasions prior to being hired by the Astros. He had a victorious-sounding tweet when the deal went through, if memory serves. Judging by fWAR this does not look to have been a victory. 2013-present Lowrie 5.0 fWAR, Carter 1.0 fWAR.

    • letsgogiants 1 year ago

      It looked like a good package for the Astros at first, given Lowrie at the time was just a buy low candidate a year prior and still had injury woes. But now that he is healthy, he has been very valuable in a market where quality middle infielders have been hard to come by.

    • Hal_Jordan77 1 year ago

      This doesn’t take into account the potential future WAR of Max Stassi or Brad Peacock.

  4. Arencibia or Carter? They remind me of each other so much…lol

  5. $48467825 1 year ago

    New York could use a right handed power bat to cover for Tex. Of course, they could use a lot of things. Three years of team control for a ~1 WAR guy, I can’t see Houston getting much beyond a prospect ranking 11-15th in the organization.

  6. AstrosWS20 1 year ago

    Would be a smart move by the Astros. He also has one of the best OPSs in the majors in July or something. His value will never be higher and he will forever be a strikeout machine with holes in his swing. It might actually be a beneficial trade for both sides. Astros get something of value for him and if Carter can keep it going this season at least then it’ll be worth it to the team he goes to.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

      Carter’s value was a lot higher in the off season when his OBP was above .300.

  7. letsgogiants 1 year ago

    I think a team who needs a first base compliment that can mash against lefties would be wise to pick up Carter. This season he has a .872 OPS against lefties. Oakland really used him the best back in 2012, serving as part of a platoon at first base against left handed pitching. I could see a team like the Brewers or Blue Jays take a shot with Carter. He would at least make for a good bench option. Guys who hit for good power are valuable off the bench late in the game.

    • Sage 1 year ago

      But the Brewers already have a Mark Reynolds. Why would we want another one?

      In seriousness, though, I think he could be a good pickup if someone is looking for the RHH half of a 1B or DH platoon. But the Brewers are looking for the LHH half of a 1B platoon.

      • letsgogiants 1 year ago

        Melvin apparently loves Reynolds, haha.

        Though against left handers, Carter has been significantly better than Reynolds:

        Reynolds: .192/.300/.333

        Carter: .240/.333/.538

        In fact, Reynolds actually has better stats against right handers than he does against left handers; having a .748 OPS against right handers versus just a .633 OPS against left handers. Plus in recent years, Reynolds usually crash and burns around this time of year.

        • Sage 1 year ago

          No kidding? Huh. Reynolds is the one guy on this team I figured I didn’t need to check his stats since it would be obvious what he’s done. Well, thanks for the stats there! A RHH/RHH platoon would be a bit unconventional, but if Reynolds is significantly better versus RHP and Carter versus LHP, it would make sense. Interesting.

          Yeah, Reynolds usually does, but he’s actually gotten hot again as of the last several games. I’m much more worried about his platoon partner Lyle Overbay.

  8. meep 1 year ago

    he would be a good DH/ 1st baseman. but after that he just all power with a adam dun like batting avg

  9. Jonathan Barlock 1 year ago

    Glad the Mariners dont want Carter. They need a player that can get on base instead of K

    • heferito 1 year ago

      The Mariners need a player who is capable of hitting the ball out of the infield, lol. I’ve never seen a team with so little power and ability to drive in runs.

    • Danielle Rennifer 1 year ago

      Johnny Gomes or Shane Victorino w/ Lackey or Lester is another option for the Seattle Mariners after passing on Marlon Byrd. Red Sox can use a first baseman like Corey Hart/Justin Smoak/Logan Morrison in addition few other players as DJ Peterson is untouchable. Third team as the Dodgers can also be in play should Matt Kemp goes to the Red Sox.

    • Travis 1 year ago

      Carter is a WAAAAAAAAAAY better option then Kendry Morales haha

      • Jonathan Barlock 1 year ago

        Maybe at the time being but not overall. Morales owns a career batting avg of .278

  10. tmengd 1 year ago

    Carter is leading the AL in both slugging and HR in July and has over a .300 Average in that span to. He changed the hitting approach from batting practice late June so he could be on a huge upswing. (never know though)

  11. Hal_Jordan77 1 year ago

    Carter was reportedly a late scratch from today’s game because he was sick. Astros announcers are wondering if he’s really sick or if he was kept out of the game because a trade is in the works.

  12. slasher016 1 year ago

    If the cost isn’t too high, like to see the Reds in on this. Power plays well in GABP, and first base is a hole with Votto out for a while. Flip him in the offseason when you’re convinced Votto is healthy.

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