New York Notes: Yanks, Byrd, Murphy, Colon

With the trade deadline less than three hours away, here are some notes out of the Big Apple…

Earlier Updates

  • The Yankees aren’t focusing on any major trades, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post. They’re looking for an upgrade over Ichiro Suzuki in right field — Marlon Byrd is still possible, he notes — as well as some help for the bullpen.
  • The Nationals have called the Mets to express interest in Daniel Murphy, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, but a trade between the division rivals is unlikely. Rosenthal noted earlier today that Washington also has interest in Asdrubal Cabrera.
  • The Orioles have checked in on Bartolo Colon, reports Jon Heyman of CBS Sports. However, the Mets aren’t sure whether or not they’ll trade him at this time yet. The Mets have signaled a definite willingness to move Colon, though GM Sandy Alderson isn’t one to simply dump salary in trades, so based on Heyman’s writing, it seems that the O’s probably haven’t made any form of significant offer.
  • There’s no traction between the Royals and the Mets for Colon, tweets Andy Martino of the New York Daily News. Martino adds that barring a change, the Mets don’t seem likely to be active today, but he’d be surprised if Colon were with the Mets in 2015.
  • Sherman also hears that the Mets are likely to stand pat today (Twitter link). The Mets feel that a better market will develop for Colon in the offseason, when he’ll have just one year and $11MM remaining on his contract.

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  1. nicknowsky 12 months ago

    Just wrote the same thing about the Yankees NO big moves expected

    • Douglas Rau 12 months ago

      The only saving grace here is none of the other A.L. East teams have made significant up-grades either. They’re truly earning the nickname “A.L. Least”.

  2. MB923 12 months ago

    Not a shock the Yankees don’t want to make a big trade really. I think this is Cashman’s last year (and I think it should be. Yankees need to move on). It’s his last year anyway.

    • d-blaqueqq 12 months ago

      Unless he gets resigned…

      • MB923 12 months ago

        I assume you mean re-signed, and I don’t see the Yankees re-signing him if they miss the playoffs for their 2nd consecutive year for the first time in like 23 years

        • Douglas Rau 12 months ago

          I wonder what happens to Girardi if they don’t make the post season. I think, for all the fan hate he gets (every Yankee manager does unless the team goes 162-0), he’s gotten 2 really underwhelming teams in last year’s and this year’s to perform above and beyond the sum of their parts. They had no business being in the play-off race 2 weeks into September last year, resorting to Options C and D at multiple positions day-to-day for weeks and they were. This season, when was the last time they were out of a game–like, more than 2 or 3 runs down in the late innings of a game? I can’t remember it. For a team that’s without 4/5 of their starting rotation, that’s impressive.

          If they don’t make a deal today, they really need to see what they have in Zoilo Almonte in right field. He’s a better day-to-day option than Ichiro right now, whether they’re trying to make it to the post season this year or just trying to see what options they have for next season.

          • MB923 12 months ago

            Can’t fault this on Girardi. He had the oldest team last year and one of the oldest teams this year and he’s managed a winning record for a medicore ball club.

            4/5ths of their rotation is on the DL, 2 of them out for the year, possibly 3. Beltran and McCann have played better but certainly haven’t lived up to what the Yankees were expecting.

            And the IF defense for the season (outside of Tex maybe when he has played 1B) has been downright Awful.

    • InvalidUserID 12 months ago

      Agreed. Someone will need to go if they miss the playoffs again and that clearly would be Cash. I just hope Eppler doesn’t get the job in SD.

      • JacobyWanKenobi 12 months ago

        The last two teams have overachieved a great deal. You could have Goku and Batman playing for and running your team, but nobody can win with those injuries.

  3. rct 12 months ago

    I feel like Sandy is putting out his reluctance to trade Colon in order to potentially drive up the price for him. There’s a chance he might actually believe it, though. He could be waiting until later on like last year with Byrd.

  4. Tommy Sohn 12 months ago

    Trade ichiro to the pirates for jose tabata I just wanna see ichiro on the bucs

  5. bfonville 12 months ago

    Murphy to the Nats would be blasphemy, how is that even a rumor?

    • OriginalHitman 12 months ago

      If you can pry someone like Taylor back, you listen. It’s all moot tho.

    • paqza 12 months ago

      Agreed. It’s one thing to trade Murphy but another entirely to see him in a Nats uni.

  6. Anthony Bikowski 12 months ago

    Need to stop blaming Cashman for Yankees troubles. His job is simple get guys who can hit and be effective. He did he got a all star catcher a guy who was a force in Boston a guy who had a good year last year in Beltran a rookie Japanese kid everyone wanted and it’s his fault they’re all hurt it’s his fault cc is old it’s his fault nova is hurt it’s his fault Pineda is a cheater and can’t wear his cap the right way Stop blaming Cashman start with the hitting coach who can’t seem to train his players how to hit with RISP!!

    • MB923 12 months ago

      “Need to stop blaming Cashman for Yankees troubles.”

      Then who do you blame? Can’t blame Girardi. He managed a team with a winning record that’s been outscored the past 2 seasons.

    • sdsny 12 months ago

      I think you can absolutely blame Cashman. You can anticipate older players breaking down and being hurt. The bad luck with the rotation notwithstanding, signing Carlos Beltran at 36 to a 3-year deal, signing Ellsbury for $150 some-odd million, and missing out on guys like Nelson Cruz are definitely questionable moves.

      • Douglas Rau 12 months ago

        Nelson Cruz had underwhelming against right-handed pitching for his career numbers prior to this season and isn’t a good defensive option (hence, his being a DH). Plus, he would have required giving up another draft pick which means the Yankees wouldn’t have drafted on Day One, having to wait until the 3rd Round to draft. Ellsbury was a reactionary move to knowing that they weren’t going to be able to sign Cano. Yeah, maybe they should have walked away when the demands for Beltran reached 3 years but they lost Cano and had only added Brian McCann as a power hitter. They had to find power from somewhere.

    • nicknowsky 12 months ago

      Cashman will be resigned I have it on good authority that a new contract is coming. Hal and Hank like him cause he does what they want. Blame some…blame ownership

  7. JacobyWanKenobi 12 months ago

    As long as we make it through the next few hours with Judge and co. still in the farm I’ll be fine. Even with no moves really. I just wanna use my “I am the Law” poster at some point in the future.

  8. driftcat28 12 months ago

    Very disappointing on the Yankees part. may as well sell

    • Since_77 12 months ago

      I am disappoint too but sell what or who?

      • driftcat28 12 months ago

        Kuroda, McCarthy, Ichiro, Beltran, Tex, etc… Anyone who can bring in help for 2015. That way we call up Refsnyder & O’ brien or other prospects and give them a chance

  9. sdsny 12 months ago

    I’d like a starter, but it’s clear we need a bat in the middle of that order. The dream scenario is we put together some massive package to acquire Utley and Hamels in a package, but that’s not gonna happen. It’s possible Tanaka and Pineda come back, which would be like acquiring starters.

  10. Mike1L 12 months ago

    Unless something falls into their lap, the smartest thing the Yankees can do is nothing. The moves they made in the off-season were mostly good ones, and they had bad luck with them. Beltran should be better, McCann should be better, Tanaka was fantastic until he got hurt. There’s no trade they could make in the next couple of hours that is going to fundamentally change the team for the better. Time to stand pat

    • sdsny 12 months ago

      The team doesn’t need to get extremely better. They need to not lose these 1-run games. The AL East is a very winnable division, so a bat would greatly help.

      • Mike1L 12 months ago

        Beltran and McCann were supposed to be those bats. If they do get a bat, and don’t overpay, and Beltran and McCann hit, maybe.

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