Mariners, Braves Most Active Teams For Denorfia

4:11pm: The Mariners and Braves are the two teams pursuing Denorfia most heavily right now, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

11:04am: The Padres have received a lot of interest in outfielder Chris Denorfia and a trade is likely to happen “sooner rather than later,” sources tell Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish.  The Giants, Mariners and Blue Jays are all interested, and the Royals have also talked to the Padres about a possible move, and could get in on Denorfia if they can’t acquire Alex Rios or Marlon Byrd.

San Francisco and Seattle are new names connected to the Denorfia sweepstakes, and like the Jays and Royals, both teams would be helped by a right-handed hitting outfield bat.  Denorfia could form a platoon with Gregor Blanco in center for the Giants, as Angel Pagan‘s injury status is still up in the air, or Denorfia could potentially platoon in left field with Tyler Colvin with Michael Morse seeing more time at first (if Brandon Belt‘s concussion continues to linger).  The Mariners have also been linked to Byrd, though since the M’s are one of the four teams on Byrd’s no-trade list, Denorfia could be easier to obtain.

Denorfia is a free agent this winter, and the 34-year-old hasn’t helped his value by hitting only .244/.295/.321 over 266 PA this season.  That total includes a .644 OPS against left-handed pitching, though Denorfia has an .810 career OPS against southpaws.

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  1. Travis2014 1 year ago

    Yes! The move I have been waiting all month for!

  2. Petcopadre 1 year ago

    Goodbye Denorfia. I wish you could have played more so we all could have your true potential. Well, I guess that could be said about many Padres players. Good Luck at your next destination. I hope we (the Padres) get a player(s) who can and will contribute to this team.

  3. Glenn O'Brien 1 year ago

    What would it take to get him from the Padres if your the Giants?

    • cjmsd 1 year ago

      34 year old platoon hitting rental player? Next to nothing. A single A pitcher or position player and career minor leaguer for depth purposes should get him.

      • Youjustgotpetcoed 1 year ago

        Then there’s no point in trading him

        • cjmsd 1 year ago

          Why do you say that? A guy playing A ball can still turn out to be a contributor at the major league level some day. There is no point in keeping Deno on this team though. I’d rather give his roster spot to a younger player to give them the experience for next year.

          • ballybunion 1 year ago

            Why start a young player’s clock in August when rosters expand in September, and kids who could get their feet wet without trading Denorfia? He’s a fan favorite because he hustles. That’s a good role model for the kids called up in September.

          • cjmsd 1 year ago

            I like Deno, seems like a good guy and as you mentioned he plays the right way. However, this season is lost and ultimately Deno is a commodity. If you can get value for him, you move him. As far as starting some ones clock, we already have guys like Golbert and Peterson whose clocks have been started, might as well see if they can cut it at the big league level and get them more at bats. None of these guys are going to get super 2 status or break the bank in arbitration so it really doesn’t matter. We aren’t calling up any superstars.

      • GetToTheChoppa 1 year ago

        Trading him within the division will cost more than outside the division. Giants will have to give up someone w more upside than the braves mariners would

        • cjmsd 1 year ago

          The season is gone for the Padres and as much as I like Deno, hes not an elite player by any means and is a free agent at the end of the season. He shouldn’t demand a premium just because its in the division. The Padres should just try to get the most upside they can.

          • GetToTheChoppa 1 year ago

            If the giants braves mariners offered similar prospects they’d trade him to the braves mariners way before the giants. Ie an a ball pitcher who’s struggling. If the giants want him they’ll have to up the offer to beat the mariners/braves. Never said it’d have to be premium but they’d have to give up someone a bit better rated than their initial offer that tied the braves/mariners.

        • Glenn O'Brien 1 year ago

          How you figure the Giants would have to give up someone with w more upside, D Law can get the job done, going by that, that’s not really much.

          • GetToTheChoppa 1 year ago

            If the mariners braves match the type of prospect the giants offer for Denorfia they’ll have to up their offer cause if it’s equal value between giants mariners braves it’s not toss names in a hat and see where it goes. They’ll trade him outside the division.

    • i'm me .. 1 year ago

      Derek Law.

  4. GoldenBoy 1 year ago

    This has been a brutal year. Please don’t trade the Norf to the Giants. Peavy’s already over there. Seeing Deno over there would be a bit painful.

    • Glenn O'Brien 1 year ago

      They do need OF help with the struggles they been going through, would be a great pick up

    • rizdak 1 year ago

      Yesterday’s ESPN game featured Peavy pitching against Adrian Gonzalez. Sad.

  5. Jaxxon1973 1 year ago

    oh come on…sweepstakes?!

  6. Lefebvre Believer 1 year ago

    Chris Denorfia? If I were Jack Z I’d offer the Mariner Moose for up to three birthday parties, but if they asked for four I’d say no.

    • Nazara 1 year ago

      Id give the fourth, but only on condition that it was a Tuesday or Wednesday birthday. The moment Friday or Saturday is mentioned he better slam the phone in disgust.

    • Tyler Jedrzejak 1 year ago

      Let’s be real. Jack is asking if Denorfia can play first so he can have more 1st base corner OFs..

  7. TheReturnOfMrBlanks 1 year ago

    When I think of OF’s that can help a team I think, Rios then I think Bryd and then Deno? lol ya he’s right up there with those 2 guys neck an neck.

  8. Thizzie 1 year ago

    Denorfia hits the ball hard and he plays all out every game. You could do worse than adding him to your squad..,

  9. Paul Andrew Mawdsley 1 year ago

    I would love the Jays to add Denorfia. He shouldn’t cost much prospect wise and having a guy with some speed who can play all 3 outfield spots coming off the bench would be nice. He’s also an improvement over the likes of Nolan Reimold. Should he be able to revert to career norms with regards to hitting lefties, he would be a very valuable player for the Jays.

  10. Wooltron 1 year ago

    This goes right along with Sabean’s apparent line of thinking this trade deadline. Get an old guy who is having the worst season of their career and pray they turn it around. I know the Giants don’t have much in the way of prospects but you gotta be kidding me if the best they can come up with is Peavy, Uggla, and Denorfia. Look out Dodgers, here we come.

    • Glenn O'Brien 1 year ago

      He’ll get a 2B, but Denorfia and very cheap fits there OF situation, cant be playing Blanco every day.

  11. coreybishop 1 year ago

    The Braves need another player batting .240 with an OBP under .300 like Bill Gates needs more money.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

      Donorfia is hitting .273/.329/.379 away from Petco this year.

  12. laracco 1 year ago

    THIS is the right handed bat we M’s fans have been waiting for. Woohoo Jack Z!!!

  13. i'm me .. 1 year ago

    Deno is a true ball player. that guy plays hard. i hope the Padres deal him to the M’s over the Braves. Ask for Ketal Marte!! Go Padres.

  14. OUTFOXEM 1 year ago

    Denorfia? The M’s need to get Tulowitzki already. And before you say anything about his home/road splits, look at Brad Miller’s.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

      Be prepared to offer Walker, Paxton and every other prospect you think is untouchable.

      • Jonathan Barlock 1 year ago

        For Tulo Id do it

      • OUTFOXEM 1 year ago

        Nah, they wouldn’t have to gut the farm entirely. I would say:

        One of Walker/Paxton
        One of Miller/Taylor
        Two of Franklin/Ackley/Smoak/Saunders

        • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 1 year ago

          Try Walker, Paxton, Miller, Franklin and some lottery types. FYI no one wants Smoak.

          • OUTFOXEM 1 year ago

            Walker + Paxton is a stretch, but the rest sounds good. Maybe Walker/Paxton + Hultzen if anything.

  15. Tyler Jedrzejak 1 year ago

    If the braves get him I guess Schafer is gone?

    • Lennie Briscoe 1 year ago

      Schafer more than likely will be gone regardless if the Braves get Denorfia or not. He has a season slash line of .158/.247/.211 and is pretty much useless unless the Braves need a late inning stolen base. At this point, Schafer’s basically dead weight and a wasted roster spot.

    • Mike Query 1 year ago

      Schafer should have followed Uggla out the door, but in May, not July. Bench has been and remains an utter joke.

  16. Sam Cro 1 year ago

    Chris is so under used in SD. They run Venerable out there with his 200 BA while Chris is a solid 250+ hitter who plays D.

  17. Matt Talbert 1 year ago

    Though our bench is bleh, I don’t really want Denorfia that much unless something else is coming our way too. I mean it would upgrade Schafer I suppose, but how is he with the glove? If we pick up a SD OF I’d like to chance and buy low on Maybin. he’s been hurt a lot and hasn’t done much but he’s basically the same as Schafer only a little better hitter.

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