Alex Rios Clears Revocable Waivers

Rangers outfielder Alex Rios has cleared revocable waivers, reports Calvin Watkins of (Twitter link). That makes the 33-year-old Rios eligible to be traded to any team, though any deal would have to be finalized before Sept. 1 in order for Rios to be eligible for an acquiring team’s postseason roster.

Rios is hitting .293/.323/.412 with 22 doubles and eight triples, but he’s gone deep just four times this season despite playing at the hitter friendly Globe Life Park in Arlington. He’s owed $3.62MM through season’s end, plus a $1MM buyout on next year’s $13.5MM option (though the Rangers or another team could obviously elect to exercise that option). Rios drew interest from the Giants, Mariners, Royals, Reds and Indians prior to the deadline, and it stands to reason that those teams could have continued interest now that the financial commitment is even lower than it was during those talks.

ESPN’s Buster Olney tweets that teams are wary of Rios’ declining power, however, so the Rangers may have to kick in more salary than one would originally expect in order to facilitate a deal (that last part is just my speculation). Still, as a serviceable corner outfield bat, Rios should garner some interest on the trade market. Rios will now be added to MLBTR’s running list of players that have cleared revocable waivers.

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  1. GrilledCheese39 11 months ago


  2. Nick Claghorn 11 months ago


  3. JMO 11 months ago


  4. Dynasty22 11 months ago

    Nippon Ham Fighters.

  5. Daniel Morairity 11 months ago

    Rios needs to go to the giants

  6. Ace2095 11 months ago

    Royals/Mariners just to be different

  7. Lefty_Orioles_Fan 11 months ago

    Well, he still has some speed! The man has 8 triples.
    He’s better then Lough.
    I mean the Orioles could have Rios/Cruz/and Young.
    That could have been a starting OF at one time.

  8. TigerFan1968 11 months ago

    Rios is not Grande any more. Jays should take a flyer on him. If Texas would just pick up half the cost.

    • Ted 11 months ago

      To play where? Bautista is not long for the infield when Lawrie, EE, and Lind return. Melky and Bats will hold down the corner positions. You going to play Rios in center? Rasmus and Gose are far superior defensively — Rasmus is the power option and Gose the OBP/speed option. Rios would just be a waste of $4MM and a lot of bad memories.

      • TigerFan1968 11 months ago

        I assume Toronto would be the only bidder and then the price may be very low. Alex is hitting 300 has some speed. Not sure if a great move but it would be interesting. Also now that Lawrie is out again makes more sense. And he is a right handed bat.

  9. Gary Jason Good 11 months ago

    Rios next to Hamilton in Cincy could be pretty impressive.

  10. Scott Berlin 11 months ago


  11. Steven Russell 11 months ago

    I wouldn’t mind Texas throwing in some salary if it means better prospects.

  12. Douglas Rau 11 months ago

    Wow, this is shocking. Yeah, he may not hit homers but he still has good overall numbers and can run. I imagine he’s pretty good in the field, as well. Is $4.62 million really that much to be “stuck” with? I mean, that’s essentially the same amount the Yankees just dumped on the Nationals for the next season plus 2 months of Matt Thornton.

    • Douglas Rau 11 months ago

      Actually, now that I think of it, maybe that’s WHY the Yankees cleared Thornton’s salary.

    • Ted 11 months ago

      Who needs a corner outfielder with below average defense, no power and a .323 OBP? He’s a great option as a 4th OF, sure, but for $4MM?

      • Douglas Rau 11 months ago

        I didn’t know his defense graded as “below average”. I know defensive metrics aren’t perfect but how does he grade? The Yankees have Martin Prado out in right field right now who has a .315 OBP and has hardly played the position at all. Plus, right field in Yankee Stadium is small so they may be able to “hide” him out there. Plus, it would free up Prado to play second base against lefties and spot start at first when Teixeira needs a day off.

  13. Joe 11 months ago

    He will be traded to the Giants for no reason pretty soon. They seriously don’t need him but Sabean will get him and try to justify it.

    • Nathaniel Brownson 11 months ago

      They don’t need him? You’re thinking short-term, my friend. We won’t have Morse next year, and Pagan won’t play every game with the way he’s been getting injured. Rios will provide relief, and with the way Belt’s been playing, we can put Morse there occasionally as well.

      • Joe 11 months ago

        I am thinking short term, next season Rios would be awesome. I would rather get a 2B short term unless Panik continues his hot streak.

      • hartvig 11 months ago

        Do you really want to spend $13.5 million for that kind of production next year?
        My guess is that unless he suddenly returns to his 2012 form he’ll be available in the free agent pool for about half that price if the Giants want him.

  14. Boom 11 months ago

    Rios for Susac and Clayton Blackburn

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