Central Notes: Polanco, Wada, Twins, Sox, Rodon

The Pirates will send top prospect Gregory Polanco back to the minor leagues today, reports Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports (Twitter link). However, Polanco’s demotion is likely to be relatively short-lived, as the 22-year-old could rejoin the team as soon as next Monday, when rosters expand. Polanco got off to a blazing start to his MLB career, but he’s cooled significantly since that time. He’s hitting .241/.308/.349 on the season as a whole, but he batted just .219/.276/.337 from July 1 through present day. Rosenthal tweets that Jose Tabata is expected to get the call to replace Polanco for the time being.

Here’s more from the game’s Central divisions…

  • Though the Cubs have been making headlines by stockpiling high-upside young talent, the success of 33-year-old left-hander Tsuyoshi Wada is making the organization consider him as an option beyond the 2014 season, writes the Chicago Tribune’s Fred Mitchell“He is pitching very, very well. There are decisions that have to be made. He certainly has put himself in a good position,” manager Rick Renteria tells Mitchell. Wada, who signed a minor league deal this offseason, pitched to a 2.77 ERA in 113 2/3 Triple-A innings this season, and he’s continued his success in the Majors. Since being promoted, Wada has turned in an outstanding 2.56 ERA with 8.1 K/9, 2.2 BB/9 and a 37.8 percent ground-ball rate in 45 2/3 innings. Sabermetric ERA estimators FIP (3.55), xFIP (3.61) and SIERA (3.50) all feel that while he’s been a bit fortunate, he’s still been highly effective.
  • Speaking with Phil Miller of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Twins GM Terry Ryan clarified a comment that he made last week in which he suggested that manager Ron Gardenhire would return in 2015. Ryan explained that his comment was made off the cuff, without any consultation, and that no one’s job — including his own — was guaranteed in 2015. Twins owner Jim Pohlad did state last fall that Ryan’s job as GM was his for as long as he wanted to remain GM, but “everybody’s got a breaking point,” Ryan said to Miller. “I would never hold Jim Pohlad to that statement, because it wouldn’t be fair to him. We’re losing way too many games here for anybody to put that kind of faith in anyone.”
  • White Sox general manager Rick Hahn appeared on the Mully and Hanley show last Friday and said that his staff is pleased with the results of the 2013-14 offseason, and he expects to be active in free agency this offseason. Hahn also sang the praises of top pick Carlos Rodon, saying that he’s even more advanced than the team had anticipated, and his transition to pro ball has been nearly seamless. Hahn did downplay, to an extent, the rumors surrounding a potential September callup for Rodon: “…ultimately the decision to bring him up or not bring him up is going to be about what’s best for his long-term development. We’re going to have to be real cautious before we decide just to bring him up and run him out there in big league games this year.”

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  1. DippityDoo 10 months ago

    I believe the Cubs hold an option on Wada for ’15 and I hope they exercise it. They need all the pitching they can get, can’t afford to let someone who’s dealing like Wada just walk away.

    • gaius marius 10 months ago

      if he had signed a minor league contract with the Cubs, it would (iirc) gives the team the right to renew the contract unilaterally until Wada has been in the minor leagues for six years, whereupon he would have to be added to the 40-man roster or be eligible for Rule 5.

      however, as Wada had previously been contracted to the Orioles, the standard minor league contract doesn’t pertain to him. when the Cubs released and resigned him back in March, it was specifically to add a 2015 option.

      Wada’s new contract further contained a side letter that allowed him to opt out of the contract earlier this season if he was not added to the 40-man, but the Cubs did add him and then called him up.

  2. Jerry Mandering 10 months ago

    Active during free agency, I like the sound of that. Don’t overpay for Lester or Scherzer, rather have McCarthy at half the price. Also, a competant left fielder and of course, a bullpen revamp. Hahn has his work cut out for him.

    • brian310 10 months ago

      Would like to see them sign Shields and Melky and make Viciedo the dh and acquire a left handed hitting catcher. Eaton Melky Abreu Gillaspie Garcia Viciedo Ramirez Left handed catcher/Flowers then whoever win ST battle at 2B

      • Ryan Ward 10 months ago

        I’ll take Rasmus over Melky. Need some left-handed power in the lineup, and I don’t necessarily like the baggage Melky brings with the steroid krap. A few relievers and a middle of the order rotation guy. And you’ll absolutely see a tandem of Flowers/Phegley

        • Ralph Esposito 10 months ago

          Just throwing this out there. How about John Danks whose owed $31.5 over the next two years to the Mets for Curtis Granderson whose owed $47 million for the next three plus cash to offset the difference?

          • Ryan Ward 10 months ago

            So give away your say 4th starting pitcher for a guy who’s owed more money and a longer commitment, but is hitting only .219 and had a huge decrease in power? Absolutely not.

  3. bucsws2014 10 months ago

    Funny to think that Polanco going down so Barmes can come back up from DL might actually be an offensive upgrade. Polanco will be great someday, but needs to learn how to hit junk – as that’s about all he’s seeing these days.

    • WhoKilledTheRallyMonkey 10 months ago

      Or better yet he could learn not to swing at junk.

      • bucsws2014 10 months ago

        If he didn’t swing at junk, he’d be called out on strikes every time up.

    • Jaysfan1994 10 months ago

      I remember telling you a lot of things, saying it was too early to judge if Polanco was ready and you ridiculed me.

  4. Ron Loreski 10 months ago

    Why do the Pirates refuse to bring up Lambo? Seriously.

    • Henduck 10 months ago

      I think the decision to bring up Tabata over Lambo was due to the need for another RH bat on the bench. Lambo will surely be up on 9/1.

  5. TL 10 months ago

    Travis Snider has been a revelation over the past few months, both on offense and defense (really solid with a great, accurate arm). He’s made Polanco somewhat irrelevant. I wonder how Snider will fit into the future plans for the Bucs.

    • Nathan Boley 10 months ago

      He won’t. Polanco will get every chance to prove themselves in the majors. The only reason they even sat Polanco was because they’re in a wildcard race and they had to win a game after losing seven in a row with Cutch out. Polanco was cold, Snider was hot, thus Snider got the call. The Pirates aren’t dumb though, Snider has way too long a record of mediocrity for him to replace any of their excellent outfielders in the longterm.

      Between Cutch’s return, Snider and Marte’s recent surges and Harrison (who can player corner OF on rest days) there’s no spot for Polanco right now, but I imagine it to be a blip rather than the rule.

      • Hurdled Again 10 months ago

        I don’t know. Some guys just don’t happen to “find it” until their late twenties, and Snider may be such a case of finally realizing his potential. I don’t think it’s the case, either, but it’s possible.

    • Smrtbusnisman04 10 months ago

      Really? The guy has one good month and you think he’s a full time starter? He was terrible for the first 3 months of the season.

  6. Ralph Esposito 10 months ago

    No need to rush a stud pitcher like Carlos. As a matter of fact, we need to see more of Belasario closing and maybe we can pick up Lucas Harrell and Carlos Marmol. We are only I believe 8 games from the #1 pick in next Junes draft. I wonder where Andy Gonzalez and Dewon Day are?

    • Ralph Esposito 10 months ago

      I would love to have another 12 month period like July 2013 to 2014. Signing the top power hitter in the international pool last year in Micker Adolfo, making the Jake Peavy trade with Boston picking up all his salary and getting Avi Garcia, Frank Months and 2 other players, unloading Rios on Texas, Thornton on Boston and Crain on Tampa Bay. Besides the players acquired, saving all that money that was spent on MVP candidate Jose Abreu. Trading for Adam Eaton and Matt Davidson. Then having picks like Carlos Rodon, Spencer Adams and Jace Fry plus third largest int’l spending pool. I’ll take another year of that to become a title contender.

  7. tony kowalski 10 months ago

    hes coming up im excited

    • Ralph Esposito 10 months ago

      Unconfirmed rumor that Chris Bassitt will make his major league debut starting one of the games Saturday vs. Detroit. Im looking forward to that.

  8. Ray Koenig 10 months ago

    There’s still a week to trade.

  9. Cosmo3 10 months ago

    The Cubs could be decent by as early as next year. They’re likely to sign one of the legit #1 pitchers this offseason, in which case the rest of their rotation will slide into place nicely. Bryant and Soler are ready to come up any time. Just shore up the bullpen a little, and they could actually have a shot at contending if the young offensive pieces perform as they’re expected.

    Granted that’s an optimistic scenario-it may take till 2016 for everything to come together- but we’re definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and at the very least their days of being among the worst MLB teams are about over.

    • Curt Green 10 months ago

      You may be right, but these are the Cubs. “at the very least their days of being among the worst MLB teams are about over.” This has been said for decades.

  10. Curt Green 10 months ago

    “Twins owner Jim Pohlad did state last fall that Ryan’s job as GM was his for as long as he wanted to remain GM”
    That statement shows how disconnected Pohlad is from winning.

  11. Smrtbusnisman04 10 months ago

    Polanco was good; he just needs to adjust to major league lefthanders.

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