Dodgers Interested In Adding Reliever, Bench Bat

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti says that he is still interested in adding a bullpen arm and power bench bat to the roster, Ken Gurnick of reports. The club has already added two right-handed starters this month, acquiring Roberto Hernandez and Kevin Correia.

Los Angeles surprised some by essentially holding firm at the July 31 non-waiver deadline, picking up only DFA’d second baseman Darwin Barney. Despite being tied to major names like David Price, the club declined to part with its top prospects to add a top player. Instead, Colletti elected to bide his time and see if any needs arose in August. “We don’t stop scouting after July 31, there’s just fewer choices,” said Colletti.

The Dodger bullpen, like its rotation, has seen its ranked thinned by injury. Chris Perez, Paco Rodriguez, and Paul Maholm (among others) are currently on the DL. As for the idea of a big bat, the current roster composition (with Juan Uribe and Hanley Ramirez out) includes the .497-slugging Scott Van Slyke but little else in the way of power options. (While Andre Ethier has shown plenty of pop at times in his career, he has slugged a meager .366 with only 4 home runs this year.) Of course, well-regarded youngster Joc Pederson is knocking on the door at Triple-A, where he owns a .301/.424/.572 line with 29 long balls.

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  1. Leon Barry 12 months ago

    Adrian Beltre and cotts? Swing for the fences Colletti!

  2. AC JOHNSON 12 months ago

    Colletti is a double agent.

  3. FromDuke2Joc
    Sean Casey 12 months ago

    Joc hit HR # 30 tonight, 2 SB short of the first 30-30 season in the PCL in over 50 years. Where will the Dodgers find a power bench bat? In all seriousness depth, if available, is great.

    • Jaysfan1994 12 months ago

      J.P Arencbia hit .306/.359/.626 while playing in the PCL back in 2010. PCL numbers are largely inflated.

      • Eli 12 months ago

        Yes, they are inflated, but Joc was already becoming well-regarded before he entered AAA this year. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities to expect, if all goes well with his adaptation to ML pitching, that he could put up around a 250.-260./325.-350./400.-430. slash line.

        • BlueSkyLA
          BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

          And has problems hitting lefties. So what problem does Pederson solve in a lineup already vulnerable to LHP? Besides, he’ll be up in less than two weeks anyway.

          • Eli 12 months ago

            Pederson doesnt’t really have splits anymore… but honestly what I would be more worried about is his strikeout rate, but his ability to walk is quite impressive and that would definitely help the lineup.

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

            I see his splits are much improved now. I think he’s coming up in September for sure, but in the meantime I don’t think the Dodgers want him to ride the pine when he could be playing every day.

          • Jesus Gutierrez 12 months ago

            yea hes definitely getting called up when rosters expand aswell as Guerrero

          • FromDuke2Joc
            Sean Casey 12 months ago

            He strikes out a lot but sees a ton of pitches over 4 per plate appearance. His OSWNG% is less than half the league average 4.5% to 9.6%. He has a great eye even if he has a bit of swing and miss.

          • Eli 12 months ago

            I did notice he does see a lot of pitches but I didn’t really know what to make of it terms if it was an anomaly or whether he could actually improve his strikeout rate. Hopefully that bodes well for him and he makes adjustments.

      • FromDuke2Joc
        Sean Casey 12 months ago

        Joc leads all of the inflated PCL in homers and BB at 4.6 years younger than league average. He lead the pitcher friendly Southern league in homers last year. I’m not saying Joc will be great but he’s outperformed the whole PCL from start to finish he deserves the call up on Sept 1 based purely on performance. If his numbers are inflated so are everyone else’s stats and he leads them all. He’s been great at every level and one of the 10 youngest in his league since A ball. The last guy to go 30-30 in the PCL was on the original Los Angeles Angels who were the Cubs affiliate in 1934. Inflated league or not he is putting up historic inflated numbers.

  4. Johnny Valz 12 months ago

    Bench bat would be a luxury. Another reliever is a NECESSITY for this team. The bullpen is a horror show that gets routinely abused by even weak lineups. They need someone who can consistently shut the 8th inning down. Don’t know what SD is asking for Benoit, but someone like that. If they acquire just another arm, it wouldn’t help. They need someone drastically better, not another barely mediocre arm to add to the others.

    • GetToTheChoppa 12 months ago

      If they’re trading Beniot to the dodgers it will be a pretty piece considering he’s under team control for 2 more years at a reasonable price given his numbers. Padres would have to be overwhelmed with someone in their top 15 to trade within the division. Assuming he makes it to the dodgers or through waivers.

  5. Richamamia 12 months ago

    If it’s Workd Series or bust, Beltre and Darvish passed through. With worries of Greinke’s elbow creeping in a reliever won’t help.

  6. brian310 12 months ago

    Dunn as a pinch hitter in September? Dunn plus remaining salary for fringe 40 man roster guy

    • Ralph Esposito 12 months ago

      I want Peterson for Dunn. Peterson as in Scott Peterson. I would take 2 Dodger Dogs for Dunn, Beliserio, Lindstrom and Cleto.

      • JordanMantor 12 months ago

        As a Dodgers fan, I feel confident speaking for all of us when I say that we REALLY don’t want Belisario back.

        • BlueSkyLA
          BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

          Or Dunn. At all.

          • brian310 12 months ago

            It would be a move identical to when the Dodgers traded for Thome like 5 years ago

          • BlueSkyLA
            BlueSkyLA 12 months ago

            And remember how well that worked out.

        • Ralph Esposito 12 months ago

          Alright already! Three Dodger Dogs. I hear they are lousy.

  7. sportsnut969 12 months ago

    How about Nick Hagadone & David Murphy form Cleveland for Tom Windle & Matt Magill

    • PittsburghPirates0022 12 months ago

      Murphy would make 6 outfielders including Van Slyke.

  8. Jaysfan1994 12 months ago

    Ask for Jose Bautista, chances are the Jays are out of the races because we give up 8-9 runs a game with Detroit-esque defense and he’s not getting any younger.

    • Justin Case 12 months ago

      Yeah, cause they sure do need another outfielder.

      • Jaysfan1994 12 months ago

        They don’t obviously, it’s merely a suggestion since Bautista has made it clear he doesn’t want to go his entire career as the guy who’s never made it to the playoffs. Eating Kemp’s salary and sending him to Toronto wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. Jays get payroll flexibility and the Dodgers get Jose Bautista for the playoffs.

        • Dustin Smith 12 months ago

          If Joey is willing to move back to third, it would make sense for the dodgers, but I don’t think he clears waivers and I don’t think the dodgers would part with the prospects required for him.

  9. kirkdavenport 12 months ago

    The 40 man roster is a big factor right now. Only a few minor leaguers are left on it because of all the guys on the DL. Promoting Joc Pederson knocks another guy off the 40 man roster, so does trading for an outsider. Bumping guys off the 40 man roster means you may lose them for good. A tough decision. Yimi Garcia brought up from the minors may be all they can do for the moment

    • vtadave 12 months ago

      DFA Triunfel. Problem solved.

      • kirkdavenport 12 months ago

        definitely Triunfel is the weakest player on the 40 man roster but since the team is short on infielders it may have to be someone like Magill that they will DFA – or include him in a trade

        • Richamamia 12 months ago

          I’d designate him and callup Guerrero. Not losing anything as far as infielders plus you gain a bat.

    • Richamamia 12 months ago

      That’s because the roster is handled by amateurs. The way Colletti and Mattingly manage the club is horrifying. They already have two other Triunfel on the team (Barney/Rojas) what good does bringing another up? It should have been Guerrero. Everyone else knows it. Dumb moves now cause tons of second-guessing later.

  10. Matt 12 months ago

    I know this is probably a long shot but it would be great to pick up someone like Rollins and have Hanley move to third. I know he’s old and costly but he’s a great veteran to have down the stretch and I’m sure Phili would unload him for a few middle tier prospects like Zach Lee and we eat most of the salary. Have him play his years out here and let Hanley walk next year, although I would rather have him stay but he’ll be asking for big time money and his defense is suspect and to top it off we would get a high draft choice if he goes.

  11. Vin Smith 12 months ago

    Bring up Joc Pederson. He might light a fire offensively.

  12. budman3 12 months ago

    Trade Yimi Garcia to the Rays for Grant Balfour. Balfour finds the going much easier going to the NL and Rays get a younger, cheaper, controllable bullpen arm

    • Baseball oldie 12 months ago

      I agree to sign balfour is a chance but the upside is good. It appears he needs an audience to perform. Who can forget that run by Oakland 2012 his antics and performances got Oakland fans to the game. Change od scenery can do wonders. He iz experienced and has playoff time. Yes he has a contract for 2015 of around 6 million but if the upside comes that is cheap. On the downside his walks total is terrible but teams arent really hitting him with around low 200’s for both righties and lefties. We need to gain experience in our bullpen. Balfour moving to the NL will I belive give him an advantage just what we need down the stret c h.

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