Mets Designate Bobby Abreu For Assignment

The Mets have designated veteran outfielder Bobby Abreu for assignment, the club announced. Kirk Nieuwenhuis will take spot on the active roster, according to the Mets.

Abreu, 40, has a .238/.331/.336 triple slash through 142 plate appearances on the year, which rates just below league average. After a hot start to the year (.913 OPS in May), Abreu has cooled considerably and seen his playing time dissipate. Though his final production fell just below replacement level, that is no mean feat for a man of Abreu’s age.

It remains to be seen whether Abreu will seek to continue his playing career, but it would not be surprising to see a club add him on a minor league deal to provide some depth. Indeed, he tells Anthony DiComo of (Twitter link) that he is not yet ready to retire and will keep his options open for the time being.

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  1. rct 12 months ago

    Not much of a surprise, he’s had five hits in his last 44 ABs, all singles. Good luck to him, wherever he ends up.

  2. Espn or MLBtv will be his next signing

  3. Cabro Epico 12 months ago

    I didn’t know Rico Suave was still playing

  4. Mike is Focused 12 months ago

    Yes he and Chris Young should b out! Thanks Bobby for the class and professionalism! He will be Phillies Hitting Coach next year!

    • GameMusic3 12 months ago

      Abreu deserves a better organization that the Phillies. He is like the Greg Maddux of hitting.

    • Ray Ray 12 months ago

      Knowing Ruben Amaro, he may just be a starting corner outfielder for the Phillies next year.

  5. GetToTheChoppa 12 months ago

    Yankees! Just their type.

  6. IUO 12 months ago

    About time the Mets aren’t going anywhere. Play the young guys and see what you’ve got for next year. Chris Young should be next we know what he is. Tejada is young but we know what he is too (bench player – late inn defense) Just play Flores give him everyday playing time, we need to see what he is, if your worried about his glove (which has been good enough so far range wise)then sub in Tejada in 8th or 9th inn. You can’t hit when you get in the game every 3-4 or even every other game (what they’re doing now) It has to be every game or it’s not fair to each player. Play Nieuwenhuis or Eric Young in LF for the rest of the year. If next year is the “year” as they say it’s going to be then we need to know who can start and which ones are good enough to be on the bench! If Flores hits and is an above average at SS then your priority will be to trade or sign an OF. Or by Flores hitting all you do is increase his trade value and maybe include him in a trade for a SS or OF.

  7. dave 12 months ago

    Cardinals should sign him to come off the bench..

  8. Grizzy 12 months ago

    I think Abreu was overused during his hot stretch, which came during a time when the Mets really weren’t getting a lot out of their offense in general, let alone from their outfield. I don’t really blame TC for doing that, but I would say that that’s likely why he declined so badly after May. Regardless of why he declined, it was nice to see him swing the bat well again, if only for a limited time.

  9. Rodney 12 months ago

    Nieuwy/Campbell platoon should replace CY ASAP.

  10. David E Wexler 12 months ago

    Wishing Bobby Abreu all the best. Wonderful, long career. Will always remember him as a player who always had a smile on his face!

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