NL East Links: Collins, d’Arnaud, Asdrubal, Furcal

Despite reports that Terry Collins is likely to reprise his role as Mets manager in 2015, Joel Sherman of the New York Post gets the sense that a change of skipper is a definite possibility in Queens. Sherman writes that the final six weeks are critical to determining whether or not Collins will return. He explains that the Mets’ upper management believe that plate discipline and power are the key to scoring runs, but the Mets rank 26th in walks in the second half and dead last in the Majors in walks this month. Those trends will have to change, writes Sherman, in order for Collins to remain. As it stands, there is a slight lean toward bringing Collins back, he states, but Sherman feels that Collins needs to demonstrate to his bosses that he is able to consistently emphasize the organizational philosophy.

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  • The Mets face several questions around the diamond, but one area that previously looked like a question mark has been resolved,’s Tim Healy writes. Travis d’Arnaud‘s play since returning from Triple-A has been more than enough to solidify him at the position going forward, and Collins offered high praise for the 25-year-old backstop, stating that over the course of a full season, the numbers will dictate that d’Arnaud “is the real deal.” Collins adds that the Mets have gone from batting d’Arnaud eighth and regularly pinch-hitting for him to making him their everyday five-hole hitter, and they’re comfortable with him in that role.
  • Nationals second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera is happy in his new setting, but he tells’s Bill Ladson that his preference in the long run is to play shortstop. Says Cabrera: “…I just have to see after the season and wait. I like to play short. That’s the position I like to play more. I’m just going to see who wants me to play short, who wants me to play second, and figure it out from there.”
  • It’s safe to say that the MarlinsRafael Furcal experiment didn’t work out. Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald reports that the veteran infielder, signed this offseason to a one-year deal that guaranteed him $3MM, will undergo hamstring surgery and miss the remainder of the season. The 36-year-old appeared in just nine games for the Fish and batted a paltry .171/.216/.229 in 37 plate appearances.

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  1. chicothekid 12 months ago

    I can live with Terry Collins in 2015 if I know that’s where it ends, but what did Mets fans ever do to deserve HIM? Enough is enough, can the man and move on.

  2. OriginalHitman 12 months ago

    After back to back 74 win seasons and a team that has underachieved this year, I don’t know how anyone in that organization can consider bringing back Terry Collins next season to manage this team. They need a new voice in that clubhouse in light of the comments he has made this past season (I.E. “We don’t have time to develop young players”) when they’ve been trying to build a farm & a ML team on the backs of young guys for some form of long term success. It’s also time for them to do some adding & subtracting this offseason among position players.

  3. JordanSwingman 12 months ago

    I can understand the frustration from Met fans about the moves Collins makes (or doesn’t make). What I’m trying to figure out is if he cannot motivate his players good enough, especially threw this stretch of the season. Every year he has managed other than last year, they were at least staying afloat until August when the team can’t seem to put wins together. I know that at the least the Mets need a new bench coach. I’m sorry but Bob Gerens resume is pretty much “75 wins”.

    So what the Mets need is a core managerial combo that is more “relaxed”, especially under pressure, but also get that can also get the most out of the players, most importantly the young ones. I doubt there will ever be a coaching staff as good as the one from almost a decade ago.

    • OriginalHitman 12 months ago

      It’s not just the coaching staff. They need to do some adding & subtracting this offseason as well among position players. It’s time for them to make subtle but effective moves via FA. Among their needs is an OF power bat, a SS and a defensive catcher who can help d’Arnaud sharpen his defensive game. If possible, try to find someone to take Granderson.

    • yclept 12 months ago

      The problem with the “they burn out at the end” line of thinking is that most teams are on the fringes of the playoff chase in August. It really is fool’s gold when people talk about being one hot streak away, etc. because that is true of every team. Look at the Padres..having their hot streak, perhaps even dreaming of a miracle run. It isn’t likely to happen.

      d’Arnaud has played better, no doubt. But to say he is now the #5 hitter going into 2015 and his current streak is how he will hit over a full season going forward is premature, to put it lightly.

      • Jack Strawb 12 months ago

        Really? There are at most four hitters on the team who might be better than TDA. In any case, lineup order scarcely matters.

  4. Hy Lowe 12 months ago

    Its time for a change. Who has nurtured and grown the young talent on the team. Wally Backman is a spark plug. He will get the players to play with enthusiasm. He will change the overall Wilponesque hold on the team. They will win with Wally. There you go WWWW (Will Win With Wally)

    • Jack Strawb 12 months ago

      You mean the complete lack of young, successful position players that came up through the system while Backman’s been there? Yeah. That’s what we need.

    • Gland1 12 months ago

      He’s going to change the hold the owners have on their team?

  5. Smrtbusnisman04 12 months ago

    The one thing I don’t like about Terry Collins is I feel he’s tiring out his starting pitchers. It seems like he always makes Zack Wheeler throw 100 pitches per start even if he is only in the 5th inning. You’d think after the injuries to Johan and Harvey, and the abundance of TJ surgeries this year, he’d be a little more careful.

  6. Karl Larson 12 months ago

    Ron Gardenhire could be an option for the Mets. He won’t be with the Twins next year.

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