Phillies Notes: Burnett, Adams, Castillo, Papelbon

Phillies right-hander A.J. Burnett dominated the Nationals last night, and on the heels of his 12-strikeout gem, he softened his stance on retirement, writes’s Jim Salisbury“My decision will come down to how I feel and what my family and I decide,” said Burnett. “It’s just one start, but to be able to go out and do that tonight makes you wonder.” Burnett spent the majority of the previous offseason debating retirement before ultimately deciding that he would pitch again. However, he kept his choices limited, preferring only to pitch near his Maryland home, and eventually agreed to a one-year deal with the Phillies. GM Ruben Amaro Jr. says that starting pitching will be a priority for him this offseason — a statement that presumably will hold true regardless of the decision Burnett reaches on his player option.

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  • Right-hander Mike Adams told reporters Monday (including Salisbury) that he feels as though he has stolen money from the Phillies after spending the majority of his two-year, $12MM contract on the disabled list. “There probably isn’t anyone by the situation than myself,” Adams said. Adams’ injury troubles have become severe enough that he’s not sure whether or not he will try to pitch somewhere next season.
  • The Phillies did indeed place a bid on Rusney Castillo, writes Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer, but it was not close to Boston’s winning offer of seven years and $72.5MM. Amaro would not characterize whether or not he considered the Phillies to be a finalist — Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported that they had been, after Castillo signed — but the GM did say that the Phillies are aggressively scouting international free agents.
  • Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe wouldn’t be surprised if the Phils are getting some calls on Burnett following last night’s performance, and he also spoke with an AL scout regarding Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon (Twitter links). “He gets people out and does the job, but not much life in that arm like there used to be,” said the scout.

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  1. Dan Johnson 10 months ago

    “He gets people out and does the job…” Isn’t that the definition of a quality pitcher? I am still floored he isn’t on the Tigers now given their situation in the bullpen.

    • Klaus D. 10 months ago

      I whole-heartedly agree. Yes, he has lost a few MPH on his fastball. But didn’t the two all-time save leaders – Rivera and Hoffman both have long lasting success without an overwhelming fastball? Like you said, if he has learned how to pitch and get people out, then what difference does it make? You’d rather stick with guys who get knocked around but have a faster fastball? Makes perfect sense to me.

      • Doug Perusso 10 months ago

        Location, location, location. Paps has it.

      • Zak Arn 10 months ago

        They both had A Pitch that they perfectly and didn’t really require a set-up. The cutter for Rivera which he could just throw over and over again…and the changeup for Hoffman. Pap’s trademark is huffing & puffing. But yea he’s pitching very well this year but 2 years and 26 MM left on the deal for a guy that’s running out of gas that uses his fastballs as set-up pitches. I mean look at what happened to Lidge once he lost his fasatball. Mix in a little over compensation and you wind up with injuries and then dead weight salary. The scout’s comments are simply forward looking.

    • tune-in for baseball 10 months ago

      The glib answer would be 3 reasons 1) $13million 2015 2) $13 million option 2015 3) Big Mouth distraction . But if he can get outs, shut up, and Philly tosses in some $$$ maybe the Tigers will nibble. We need someone and my guess is, if a Qualls deal does not work out they may come calling.

      • Klaus D. 10 months ago

        Eh, I don’t think he’d be a distraction if he gets traded to a contender. He’s only unhappy when he’s on a bad team. If he’s on a winning team, I think he’d be fine. And to be honest, he’s already toned it down pretty much this year despite playing on our last place team. I think he might be learning. As for the money, I’m pretty sure the Phillies would be willing to pick up a chunk.

        • mstrchef13 10 months ago

          I disagree. He could go to the best team in baseball (argue amongst yourselves who that is), and if they asked him to pitch the 8th inning he’d whine and complain about not being the closer. He’s already made it clear several times that he’s a closer and that being a setup man is beneath his dignity.

          • Klaus D. 10 months ago

            True. You have a point. I guess I was assuming if he’d go to Detroit, then he’d become their closer. And he’d have to be assured of that before he would even accept the trade.

    • Should Detroit allocate 25 million to the closer position next year?

      • Dan Johnson 10 months ago

        Well the Phillies have said they will send money if the deal is right. So that should cover some of the costs. And it isn’t like Joe Nathan has been the answer. Unless Detroit has a young closer-in-waiting, I am not sure what other options they have. The window will start closing on this team soon as they get older.

        • Nathan’s failures are exactly why they shouldn’t trade for Papelbon. They don’t need relievers on the decline. I highly doubt the Phillies would eat more than 20% of his contract, which isn’t really enough for Detroit.

          • Dan Johnson 10 months ago

            I wouldn’t exactly say Papelbon is in decline yet. Sure his fastball isn’t what it used to be but he is having one of his best seasons while playing for a truly awful team. Detroit needs to lock down their bullpen or they will not make the playoffs this year. And I am pretty sure Qualls isn’t the answer for that either.

      • Phillyfan425 10 months ago

        Personally, if I was in the Phillies FO, I’d offer Pap and money for Nathan and a prospect (the money sent along would be enough to offset the difference between Pap/Nathan for the next year and a month). That way, Detroit gets to unload an awful contract and bad player – and if they are really worried about Papelbon vesting for 2016, they can use Soria (sporadically) as a closer next year.

        • I doubt Soria’s option is picked up, especially now that he’s on the DL, but I think your proposal could work.

          I’m not sure why the Phillies would do it. Detroit doesn’t have a great farm system and Papelbon is significantly better than Nathan.

          • Phillyfan425 10 months ago

            Soria would be dependent on health. Not that it’s ever the reason to do such things, but I think a GM would have a hard time justifying that trade (for Soria) for all of 5 weeks – considering what he gave up.
            Trading Pap for Nathan gets the Phils out from under Pap’s vesting option in 2016 (without the possible sticky situation of “demoting” him to avoid it). Nathan is pure salary dump – and maybe garners a “future favor” with Dombroski down the line (to the point where the Phils are higher up on his list when he looks to move a piece – a la Fister). IMO, Phils are still going to be bad next year, so Nathan would serve the purpose of pitching in lower leverage situations. If he rebounds, and you can flip him for anything next trade deadline, great! If not, you have a $1 M buyout for 2016 – saves them $12 M that year. And as far as prospects go, I’d start with asking for Devon Travis. “Settle” for Domingo Leyba and an arm – if they couldn’t get Travis.

  2. LayerCake 10 months ago

    Does that mean you’re going to give the money back Mike? Cause that would be a first….

    • Phillies_Aces35 10 months ago

      Why would he?

      • LayerCake 10 months ago

        It was a joke. I just don’t like when people make comments like that. If you truly feel bad then give it back or donate it. Otherwise keep it to yourself if you’re just going to spend it.

    • Zak Arn 10 months ago

      Why give it back? If he feels really bad, maybe donate some money to a cause that actually matters.

    • bigbadjohnny 10 months ago

      Adam’s wife will not let that happen!

    • Ryan 10 months ago

      He won’t and he shouldn’t. He did not show up at Citizen’s Bank Park with a mask and a gun and force Amaro to give a 34 year old relief pitcher a two year deal. When will we stop blaming the players, like Howard or Kendrick, for not living up to their deals when the contract should have never been offered by the GM in the first place?

  3. rundmc1981 10 months ago

    Interesting that Mike Adams was looking at Ryan Howard while speaking to reporters.

  4. bigbadjohnny 10 months ago

    Phillies FO are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic at this point.

  5. connfyoozed . 10 months ago

    “A.J. retirement drama, take 2!”
    *snaps that black and white thing they use on movie sets*

  6. Zak Arn 10 months ago

    Never going to happen b/c they don’t give up money… but Pap to A’s for and Hammel + an PTBNL.

  7. Ryan 10 months ago

    So to summarize:

    1). Burnett is still on this team, even though at this point, games like last night are simply moving the Phillies down the draft board.
    2). Even Mike Adams thinks a two year deal for Mike Adams was a bad signing.
    3). The Phillies made an offer on Castillo, just to be able to say they did.
    4). Papelbon’s velocity is declining, and for the time being he is pitching around this. Inevitably the other shoe will drop here, and the Phillies will be holding the bag because Amaro can not broker a deal if his kids lives depended on it.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2014 Philadelphia Phillies…..

  8. raltongo 10 months ago

    Phillies now a top-3 favorite to sign Yasmani Tomas, after missing out on Castillo?

  9. stl_cards16 10 months ago

    Gil Meche left $12MM on the table when he retired from the Royals a few years ago.

  10. Red_Line_9 10 months ago

    Yep, $12M back in David Glass’s pocket. I’d have rather Meche played an inning, retired and given the money to charity.

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