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Jim Bowden Resigns

7:52pm: According to Ladson, the Nationals were shocked by Bowden’s resignation.  Manager Manny Acta and several players made complimentary remarks Sunday evening.

"The news caught me by surprise," Acta said. "It takes a lot of courage for him to do that. As a manager, I appreciate what he did if he felt that he was being a distraction here. I will always be grateful and have a soft spot for Jim."

9:48am: The Washington Post has provided a link to Bowden’s official statement.

9:04am: According to Chico Harlan of the Washington Post, Nationals GM Jim Bowden has resigned. has more, including quotes from Bowden. Most notably, Bowden says, "I’ve become a distraction," and, "my ability to properly represent the Washington Nationals has been compromised."

Finally, Bill Ladson of captures a classic quote from the GM: "I have become a distraction. Unless you are Manny Ramirez, there is no place for distraction in baseball."

Manny, Dodgers Not Far Apart

7:01pm: Just a reminder: These current proposals still contain the original second year opt-out clause.  Check out MLBTR’s Manny Ramirez archive if you need a refresher on the entire saga.

6:27pm:’s Jon Heyman notes that "the sides are now about $1.5 million apart in their offers."

6:19pm: According to Diamond Leung of the The Press-Enterprise, Manny directed Boras to make the Dodgers a third two-year contract proposal on Saturday "with some deferred compensation."

"Our most recent offer Saturday morning covered two years with some deferred compensation ($43.5 millon net present value)," Boras wrote in an e-mail to reporters.  "Manny directed me to compromise between the Dodgers last offer of $42 million net present value ($45 million with differed compensation) and our $45 million dollar without differed money. However, we have yet to hear from them on our last three offers."

3:16pm: According to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will not consider Boras’s counter-offer of two years and $45MM in non-deferred payments with an opt-out clause. The Dodgers have pulled their most recent offer according to the AP (via ESPN), so the two sides are back where they started.

Hernandez has a source who says Boras values $45MM in deferred payments at about $42MM in present value. Negotiations are set to resume Monday at the earliest.

12:57pm: Tim Brown at Yahoo! Sports thinks the Dodgers may have made their best offer to Manny.

12:53pm: According to Tony Jackson of the Daily News, the Dodgers might suspect Scott Boras of failing to report every offer to his client, Manny Ramirez.

12:30pm: Barry M. Bloom of has a Sunday report on the progress of negotiations between the Dodgers and Manny Ramirez.

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt says, "No new news." The Dodgers are not giving consideration to the most recent proposal offered by Scott Boras, and are in a bit of a lull at this point.

Says McCourt, "At some point, and you’ll all know when, we will resume discussions, because we do want Manny. We do want Manny to be a Dodger this year."

Toronto Eyeing Orlando Cabrera?

SUNDAY, 5:15pm: According to Blair, the Blue Jays have discussed the possibility of swinging a "sign-and-trade" deal with the White Sox for Cabrera.

If you’re looking for a refresher on what exactly a "sign-and-trade" deal is, check out Ken Rosenthal and La Velle E. Neal III’s explanations.

SATURDAY, 4:45pm: In a post for The Globe and Mail, Jeff Blair writes about the Blue Jays’ rumored interest in Orlando Cabrera. According to Blair, "The Blue Jays interest in Cabrera extends back for a few seasons."

Blair says the Jays would need to clear some payroll before signing Cabrera. He expects the Jays to trade both Scott Rolen and Lyle Overbay, and depending on how things go this spring, perhaps include a young arm like Brandon League‘s to "sweeten" the deal. Certainly, freeing up payroll would be an incredible achievement in this economy.

Whether it’s Orlando Cabrera or someone else, Blair says, "there is a sense among some baseball people that the Blue Jays quiet off-season has ended."

No Elbow Tests For Santana

3:06pm: Marty Noble of reports that Santana won’t have his elbow tested. He felt fine after a bullpen session and told the Mets there is no need for tests.

1:44pm: Lennon reports that Santana’s elbow tests have been delayed because winter storms are expected in New York.

10:29am: An encouraging update from Lennon at Newsday. Johan Santana completed a bullpen session this morning without pause, and did not report any elbow discomfort. Santana will still go to New York for tests.

10:01am: Marty Noble of confirms that the exam of Johan Santana‘s elbow will take place, but says that Minaya did not specify that an MRI would be part of the procedure.

Noble also puts the potential injury into perspective: "Though the tightness is not considered serious, it has delayed Santana’s conditioning and made it unlikely he will be the Mets’ Opening day starter April 6."

9:42am: We don’t always report every injury here at MLBTR, but sometimes the news is so big that it can’t really be ignored.

According to David Lennon of, Johan Santana is expected to be sent to New York for some precautionary tests, including an MRI, and an examination by team physician David Altchek.

Lennon quotes Mets GM Omar Minaya himself as referring to these tests as "precautionary." But this is certainly something to keep an eye on.

Schilling Would Pitch For Cubs, Rays

SUNDAY, 2:05pm: Schilling clarifies his thoughts about the Cubs on his blog. He reminds us that he hasn’t decided whether to return, but if he does he says he’d consider pitching for the Cubs. Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune heard from a Cubs official who wasn’t surprised to hear Schilling’s interested. Sullivan thinks the Cubs would take a flier on Schilling at the right price.

8:25pm: The St. Petersburg Times’ Joe Smith recalls Schilling’s comments about the Rays from 2007:

"It’s one of those situations you’d certainly have to look at," said the 42-year-old right-hander.  "Knowing that I’m probably going to spend one more year playing, if circumstances happen and things happen and they made some moves that were positive, I’d love nothing more than to finish my career working on a pitching staff where I know that there are young guys that are going to be positively impacted by me being around (after) I was gone. I enjoy that. I love working and talking and being around young pitchers."

SATURDAY, 1:34pm: David Whitley of the Orlando Sentinel reports that Curt Schilling would be interested in coming back to baseball to pitch for either the Chicago Cubs or the Tampa Bay Rays. Writes Whitley:

Schilling, who has a career mark of 216-146, said money would not be a major issue. He’s looking for a team that has championship potential and has never won a title. "The challenge would be in a place like Tampa Bay or Chicago," he said.

Schilling is not aiming to be on an Opening Day roster, and furthermore has yet to decide whether to come back next season at all. "I’m hemming and hawing right now," Schilling said; "I’ll make a decision in the next couple of weeks."

Royals Sign Juan Cruz

3:16pm: Buster Olney with information on each year’s value: "He receives $2.25 million for 2009, $3.25 million for 2010, and a $4 million option for 2011, with a $500,000 buyout. " Royals beat writer Dick Kaegel of confirms it.

2:25pm: According to a press release from the team, the Kansas City Royals have signed Juan Cruz to a two-year deal, with a club option for a third year.

While it is Royals policy to keep contract terms under wraps, Ken Rosenthal has contract details. The first two years of the deal are worth $6MM, while the option year would pay Cruz $3.5MM if exercised.

Rosenthal also has details on the Royals’ ability to complete the deal without negotiating a sign-and-trade with the Diamondbacks:

In the end, no sign-and-trade solution was necessary. The Royals preferred to lose their second rounder rather than give up prospects to the Diamondbacks. The team’s first-round pick is protected because it finished with one of the 15 worst records in the majors last season.

Today’s Signings: Sanchez, Weaver, Galarraga

MLBTR has an update on major league signings for today based on e-mail communication with Sports Illustrated’s Jon Heyman. His article is here.

Florida Marlins – Anibal Sanchez, $400,000
L.A. Angels – Jered Weaver, $465,000
Arizona Diamondbacks – Tony Pena, $430,000
Detroit Tigers – Armando Galarraga, $430,000
San Francisco Giants – Jonathan Sanchez, $455,000

Cardinals Sign Mitch Harris

According to of Derrick Goold of the  St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Cardinals have signed pitcher Mitch Harris to a minor-league deal.

Harris was selected in the 13th round of the most recent draft. His contract will take affect after Harris serves the required five years of active duty for the Navy.

Harris averaged 11.78 strikeouts per nine innings in his four-year pitching career at Navy, while posting a 2.51 ERA.

Miles On Koskie, Schilling

After speaking with Jim Hendry, Bruce Miles has more on a couple of today’s Cubs rumors: the Cubs’ signing of Corey Koskie, and their possible connection to Curt Schilling.

According to Miles, Hendry "seems excited" about adding Koskie. The Cubs could use Koskie as a backup third baseman, Miles writes, despite Hendry’s assertion that the team is "very happy with [Mike] Fontenot and [Aaron] Miles and what they’re doing in getting looks at third base."

As for the Schilling rumor, Miles says the Cubs have not heard directly from the pitcher, but are open to the idea of potentially adding him. Says Miles’ source within the Cubs’ organization: "Why not?"

Juan Cruz To Royals?

Juan Cruz may be close to a deal with the Kansas City Royals, according to Buster Olney at

The Royals’ signing Cruz may entitle the Arizona Diamondbacks to two compensatory draft picks, since Cruz was a Type A free agent offered arbitration. However, a potential sign-and-trade deal with the Diamondbacks may affect those circumstances. Writes Olney:

It was not immediately clear on Saturday afternoon whether Cruz would just sign with the Royals, or if a sign-and-trade with the Diamondbacks would be part of the process.

We’ll keep an eye on this one.